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Why Are We Still Friends

By Rachel

Copyright 2014


Chapter 36

“What do you want to do today?” Nick asked walking into my bedroom. He fell onto the bed beside me.

“Absolutely nothing.” I yawned and closed my eyes. Maybe Nick would take the hint.

“Lexi, wakey, wakey rise and shine, ring a ding ding, it’s party time.” He sang loudly. I grabbed a pillow and hit him in the face. “Ouch! What was that for?”

I turned onto my side facing opposite of Nick. “For being annoying.”

“You know you love me. How are you feeling?” His hand moved gently up my arm.

“I’m feeling fine.” I lied. There was no reason to dwell on things I couldn’t change.

“That sounds convincing.” Nick laid his head against mine. “You know you can talk to me.”

I took a deep breath; then let it out. “It stings knowing what kind of man Brian really is. I never thought he would be like that. He’s fooling everyone with his southern gentleman ways.”

“He’s a douche. At least you found out sooner rather than later.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek. “Lexi you are the last person that deserves to be treated like that. You’re a beautiful, kind, intelligent, giving woman. You always see the best in people. Any man would be lucky to have you”

His words melted my heart. I turned over facing Nick. He stared affectionately at me. Our lips inched closer together. I wetted mine with my tongue before he kissed me. Nick’s lips were smooth against mine. I forgot about everything and just let myself feel loved. There was comfort in his kiss. He made me feel special, something that hasn’t happened in a few days. My arms wrapped around his neck, pushing our bodies closer together. Nick’s hand moved to the edge of my camisole. Knowing I couldn’t take it any further, I jumped up.

“Nick…we…can’t do this.” I stated tensely. I slipped from under the covers, looking for a pair of shorts.

“Lexi, I care about you. I want to see you happy.” Nick lounged on the bed.

“Nick, I…I…I’m just not ready. My heart is shattered. I love you dearly, but right now what I need is a best friend.” I pulled on a pair of running shorts.

“Alexia, I promise not to hurt you. I’m not like Brian. I’m sorry if I was being forward.” He sat up. “It was never my intention.”

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me on purpose. It’s just….that….right now I need your friendship…more than anything. I don’t want to give you mixed messages.” Being vulnerable sucked. I didn’t know how I felt about anything. Misleading Nick was something I couldn’t do. I needed him in my life.

“You got it Lexi. I promise to be on my best behavior at all times.” Nick smiled at me. How could I say no to that? He knew he could win me over with smile. “If I do anything to freak you out just tell me.”

I wrapped Nick up in a hug. “You got a deal. Enough with the serious shit, let’s get something to eat. I’m starving.”

Once in the kitchen, Nick and I settled in to make lunch. He was cutting up fruit, while I checked on the pizza. I’m glad to have my best friend back. I thought I had lost him to Anna. Nick walked over and placed a piece of watermelon in my mouth. “MMM. That tastes delicious.” I sucked the juice off his fingers.

“Ouch. Watch the fingers.” He scoffed.

“Shut up! You don’t need your fingers to sing.” I teased with a smile. The first one I had in a couple of days.

“I do play guitar, you know.” He went back to cutting up fruit.

“You not playing the gitfiddle won’t make a difference in your career.”  I joked in a southern accent. “Your looks are what sell those damn tickets.”

Nick grabbed my arms and jerked me to him. “Just you wait Lexi. Payback is a bitch.”  We were practically standing nose to nose. Sexual tension filled the room. Nick’s head tilted downward towards mine. We were going to kiss again. Nick lips were approaching mine as the timer went off.

I backed away from Nick. “Pizza’s ready.” I got the pizza out of the oven.

Sitting down at the table, both of us started to eat. My appetite had always been large, but I could have eaten the whole pizza myself. Nick kept a watchful eye on me the whole time.

“You can stop staring at any time.” I took a sip of milk. Nick continued gawking at me.

“I just worry about you. I don’t like see those beautiful brown eyes so sad.” Nick scooted his chair closer to me. “I’m on your side. Things are going to be rough for you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

I wiped my eyes, so the tears wouldn’t fall down my face. I was grateful to have Nick in my life. He supported me no matter what. I knew the next several months were going to be hard. With Nick by my side it was going to be easier.

“I have something for you.” Nick ran into the living room. He came back with a gift bag.

“Nick, you didn’t have to get me anything.” I said shyly. When had I ever been shy around Nick? Never. The first time we met, I talked his leg off.

“I wanted to. Now open it.” He relaxed in his chair, as I stuck my hand in the bag.

The first thing I pulled out was a Fit Pregnancy magazine. Then there were a few gifts cards to the spa and maternity clothing shops. I set it on the table and found myself hugging Nick. “Thank you. You didn’t have to do this.” My voice wavered as I talked.

“I wanted to. There’s one more gift inside.” He said while grabbing the bag. He took out a small jewelry box.

“Nick, you didn’t?” I stared at him wide eyed.

“I did Alexia. I want you to realize how special you truly are. When you wear this, it will remind you of that.” He opened the box. Inside was a blueberry diamond pendant encircled by diamonds.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous.” I muttered breathlessly as Nick placed it around my neck.

“It looks amazing on you.”  He grinned at me.

I placed my hands on his face and pulled it to mine. I initiated the kiss this time. There was no other way to thank him for being so good to me. I forgot all about my problems and focused on what I was feeling. Nick took things slow, never rushing or taking things faster than I wanted it. His lips were soft and gentle caressing mine. When we broke apart, no words were said. I laid my head on his shoulder as he rubbed my back gently. It felt good to be loved.


Chapter End Notes:
Oh my!!! I wonder what is going to happen next. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.