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Why Are We Still Friends

By: Rachel

Copyright 2015


Chapter 44


Being a patient in the hospital sucked. I was never a good patient, even though I was a nurse. I enjoyed taking care of people, not being taken care of. My mom and I were waiting for my doctor to return with test results.

Brian was missing in action. I thought by now he would be here. Mom called him when we arrived. It hurt a lot that he didn’t rush to the hospital to be with me.  What if something was wrong with our baby?

The door opened and Nick walked in. “Alexia, are you okay? What happened?”

“I don’t know Nick. I really don’t know.” I said defeated. My body ached. I was tired, so tired.

“You scared the shit out of me. When you’re mom called, I quickly made it back to Tampa.” He said, giving me a hug and sitting down next to my bed.

I gave my mom a dirty look. Why was she meddling in my personal life? She had no reason to call Nick. He shouldn’t be here. Brian should be here with me.

Before I could say anything, Dr. Wallace walked in. “Alexia, how are you?” I shrugged. “I just received your test results. From the ultra sound, I realized that you’re further along than expected.”

My mouth was dry, as I attempted to speak. “How…many weeks?” Nick grabbed my hand and held it tightly in his.

“About three or four weeks. All your tests came back normal. You’re severely dehydrated Alexia. You also need to gain some weight. You’re underweight by about four pounds for this stage of your pregnancy. You need to start eating right. That should help with your constipation.” Nick snickered at the last comment. I pulled my hand away from his. He was going to have a field day on my account.

Dr. Wallace continued. “You seem very stressed Alexia. That isn’t good for the baby. As a mom you need to be in top condition to keep the baby healthy. Think about. I’m going to have you spend the night.  We’re going to keep you on fluids and monitor your condition. If you are able to have a bowel movement then we can discharge you. I’m going to have healthy meal sent up for you. Take care and rest.”

Once Dr. Wallace left the room, I stared at the wall. I didn’t even know what to say. I just wanted Brian here with me. Spending the night wasn’t my idea of a good time. I could rest just as easily at home, but as a nurse I knew I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I had to follow the orders of my doctor. Hopefully I would be discharged in the morning.

My mom walked over and gave me a hug. “Sweetheart, thank goodness nothing is wrong with the baby.”

“I feel stupid. I know to take better care of myself.” Disappointment filled my body. I was letting myself and my child down.

“Alexia, you need to get rid of the stress in your life.” My mom stated. I know she was preparing to lecture me.

“Stop mom. Spare me the sermon. You already told me how you feel. I’m feeling tired. Why don’t you head home? There’s no need to stare at me all evening.”

My mom looked at me. “If you’re sure?” She asked hesitantly. I nodded my head. “I love you Alexia Lillian. You’re my daughter, and I’m always going to worry about you. Please think about what I said earlier.”

“Let me walk your mom out.” Nick said to me.  “I’ll be right back.”

I watched them walk out of the room. Quiet surrounded me. Finally I had a moment to myself. How could I relax when my world was falling apart? Everyone had an opinion on what I needed to do with my life. They didn’t realize it wasn’t as easy as picking one guy over the other. I loved Brian, and I loved Nick.

“Lexi is the baby okay?” Brian asked as he walked in the room. Katy Jane was holding onto his hand. She was a spitting image of him.

“The baby is fine. I’m dehydrated. They want me to get more fluids into my system before they send me home tomorrow.” I explained.

“Daddy, who is she?” Katy Jane asked curiously. Brian picked her up and placed her on his hip.

“This is my friend, Lexi. Say hi to her.”  Brian chirped with a smile. His comment hurt, but I knew that Katy Jane wouldn’t understand that her daddy had a girlfriend.

“Hi Lexi!” She was just as cheerful as Brian. The smile on his face said it all. He loved his daughter so much. Would he love our child as much as he did Katy Jane?

“It’s nice to meet you Katy Jane.” I said as cheerfully as possible.

“Lexi, I’m glad the baby is okay. You scared me. You need to stop going to school and working. The baby should be your priority.” Brian said authoritatively. What had gotten into him?

“This is not the time or place to get into this.” I attempted to remain calm. Work and school had nothing to do with me being stuck in the hospital. We both knew that.

“I’m sorry I’m concerned about the baby.” He got defensive.

“I wish you were that worried about me.” I stated quietly. I didn’t want to start a fight, especially with Katy Jane here.

“Daddy, when are we going home?” She tilted her head to look at Brian. “You promised mommy and me cuddle time on the couch.”

Brian was grasping for words. He wouldn’t look at me. Was something going on between Brian and Vienna? Brian wouldn’t cheat. He wasn’t that kind of man. I was reading way more into a four year olds words than I should be.

“Brian, you should go home and spend time with Katy Jane. I’ll be fine. There’s nothing you can do but stare at me.”

“Thanks Lexi. I’ll call to check on you tomorrow.”

“But daddy, you’re taking us to Disney.” Katy Jane screeched with excitement.

Brian looked away from me. I didn’t understand why he felt so guilty. Katy Jane came first. I wasn’t going to stop him from spending time with his daughter. He knew me better than that. Brian was changing into a man I didn’t like. I wanted the old Brian back; the one who I could talk to about anything. Now both of us were uncomfortable to be around each other. This shouldn’t be happening when we’re a couple and having a baby.

“Brian, I’m feeling tired. You better get Katy Jane home. Thanks for stopping by.” 

“Take care, Tiger Lilly.” Brian said and walked out the door.

For the first time, it felt like Brian was walking out of our relationship. Maybe I was imagining it. He just didn’t seem the same. Something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew things were different between us.