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Why Are We Still Friends?

By Rachel

Copyright 2014


Chapter 5


Howie and his fiancé were already sitting at the table waiting for everyone. Backstreet time ruled our personal lives, too. Brian and I made our way to the table. He pulled my chair out for me and I sat down.

“Hello Howie. Hello Marlinda.”

“You look beautiful, Lexi.” No matter what I looked like Howie always said I was beautiful.

“Thanks. You’re always the charmer.” I laughed. Howie was a great guy. Marlinda was lucky to have him. He treats her and her children like gold.

“He is, isn’t he?” Marlinda smiled and rubbed her pregnant tummy.

Bella and AJ appeared next. Everyone was chatting quietly. Howie had his arm wrapped around Marlinda’s shoulders. AJ and Bella were holding hands and kissing each other every chance they got. It was uncomfortable sitting here with Brian watching the happy couples.

“You want to go to the bar and get a drink?” I whispered to him.

“Sure, let’s get away from these lovebirds.”

As soon as I stood up and turned around, I almost bumped into Nick who was standing there hand in hand with Anna. They looked really cozy with one another. She had a big smile on her face.

“Lookin’ hot Lexi.” He said and pulled Anna to the last remaining seats.

I didn’t even wait for Brian to follow me. I needed a drink. As I waited for my drink, Brian walked over to me.

“Are you okay, Lex?” Brian asked as he we waited for our beers.

“I’m fine. Why?” I lied. There was no way I could tell Brian the truth. I was jealous of Anna. She was gorgeous and gaining all the attention of my best friend. She always got whatever she wanted. I had no reason to be jealous. For all I knew nothing was going on between them. Anna had only been in Florida since yesterday. I needed to get a grip.

“You just left abruptly.” Brian moved closer to me.

“I was thirsty.” I joked. He laughed at my comment. We took our drinks and went back to the table. “I thought you were behind me.”

Anna and Nick were in their own little world. She was whispering something in his ear. It must have been funny because he started to laugh.

“So Anna what did you do today?”  I asked curiously. She was still getting ready when I left for the day.

“I lounged around for a while. Then I spent a few hours working out and getting beautiful for tonight.” I noticed the look Nick gave her.

This was going to be a long night. I wasn’t prepared for this. It seemed like Nick was infatuated with Anna. Maybe it was all in my head, but my gut feeling was there was something between them. I was hoping that Nick would have given me more than a quick glance tonight. There was no way I could compare with Anna.  I should have stayed home tonight.


When we got to the club, AJ pulled Bella on the dance floor. Nick and Anna went to the bar. Brian, Howie and Marlinda were having a conversation about music. I sat observing Nick and Anna.

She was always touching him. He gave Anna her drink and she placed a kiss on his lips. I knew that Anna was a flirt, but she had never shown an interest in Nick when we were younger. Yes, he was handsome but so not her type.

“Lexi, let’s go to the bathroom.” Anna grabbed me as soon as she got to the table. I had no choice but to follow her.

Anna stood by in front of the mirror playing with her hair. “Oh my fucking god, Nick is just so damn hot.”

I didn’t know how to respond. He must have been charming the panties off of her. “You two seem to be hitting it off.” I said casually.

“Yea, I never thought I’d have impure thoughts about Nickolas Carter. I had so much fun with him last night.” Anna started fixing her lipstick.

“I’m sure, but please spare me any dirty details.” I attempted to laugh, but I felt sick in the pit of my stomach.

“Come on Lexi, you aren’t still shy about sex. When’s the last time you got laid?” She stared at me.

I wasn’t one to discuss my sex life with others. It was personal. Anna was the exact opposite. She was an open book from the very first blow job she ever gave. Over the years I have gotten all my sexual information from her.

“It’s been a while.” My face turned red with embarrassment. Anna was a sexual goddess, whereas I still was novice. I didn’t just sleep with anyone. It had to mean something.

“Oh, Christ Alexia, that means you haven’t had a good fuck since you dated JD. I hope you have been using a vibrator.”

“You don’t need to worry about it, Annalise. I’m perfectly happy with my life.” I said sharply.

“Oh, okay. Calm down girl. I think you need laid tonight. I’ll help you find a hot guy.” She smiled at me. Anna thought she was being funny, but I was disgusted.

“Just stop. Leave my love life alone and worry about yours.” I excused myself from the bathroom.

As I walked back to the table, I counted to ten slowly in my head. I wanted to be composed when I returned. On the inside I was pissed, but my face looked happy.

“Hey Nick, you wanna dance.” I asked him. “Our favorite song is playing.”

Before Nick had a chance to responded, Anna came over and pulled him to the dance floor. I couldn’t believe he followed her. Everyone stared at me. “I’ll be outside getting some air.” With that I left.

The hot August air didn’t make me feel any better. Nick had hurt my feelings tonight. I wasn’t use to him blatantly ignoring me. I hope he was trying to make Anna feel welcomed and not doing it on purpose.

Why did I feel like I was in junior high? I was jealous that Anna was getting all of his attention. Then when Nick dissed me I ran like a little girl. I sat on the wall by the club.

“Lexi, are you okay?” Bella walked over and sat beside me.

“I’m fine.” I slipped off my uncomfortable heels.

“You can’t lie to me. I see the way Nick’s treating you.”

“He’s just trying to be nice to Annalise. I haven’t hung around with her yet. Plus since her and Brian don’t get along, Nick is trying to be her friend.” I answered politely.

“Lexi, stop being so nice. Nick has been an ass to you all night. He didn’t even talk to you at dinner. He was so wrapped up in the bimbo. You’re his best friend. You don’t deserve to be treated that way.” Bella was fired up.

“She’s Brian’s sister and my best friend. I don’t think Anna or Nick would intentionally upset me. She’s adjusting to being back. He’s just trying to make her feel at home.” It had to be that, right? I didn’t think Nick was attracted to her. She wasn’t his normal type.

“Stop making excuses for him. Nick’s been a jerk all night. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. Lexi, you’re the nicest girl, but don’t let Anna or Nick walk all over you. You deserve to be treated with respect by your friends.”

I sighed. I knew Bella was telling the truth. It just hurt a lot to be treated that way by Nick. “I think I might just go home. I’m not in the best mood.”

“Why don’t you stick around for a little while? AJ and I plan on leaving in about an hour or so. Plus Brian’s being looking for you. He said you owed him a dance.”

That put a smile on my face. Brian was always a good friend, especially these last few years. “Oh, yes. I did promise him a dance.”

When we went back inside the club I found Brian sitting all by himself. Everyone was dancing, except AJ. He grabbed his wife and they made their way onto the dance floor.

“Hey Bri.” He looked at me. “I promised you a dance.”

“Yes, you did. I thought you forgot about me.” His eyes flashed with mischief. “I’ve been waiting all night and had to turn down at least two hundred women.”

“Really? Only two hundred. Your looks and charm must be slipping. I remember back in the day when you had to fight off at least a thousand horny women.”

We started walking towards the crowd. Brian grabbed my hand. “What’s with you and the word horny? You’ve been using it a lot, young lady.”

“I guess I need punished.” I laughed.

 A slow song came on, and Brian pulled me close to his body. There was like two inches separating our bodies. We swayed to the music. I pressed my head to his shoulder as I watched Nick and Anna dance. They were lost in the music. I saw Nick move his head down and give Anna a kiss. I closed my eyes, but I could see that kiss in my head.

“Are you okay, Lex? Your body got tense all of a sudden.”

“Brian.” I whispered. “I’m not feeling well. I think I want to go home.”

“Let me take you.” He said softly as he placed a tendril behind my ear.

“It’s out of the way. I’ll just get a cab. Thanks for offering.” I just wanted to be alone.

“Lexi, I’ll take you home. Go tell you brother you’re leaving.”

“Thanks, Bri.”

I noticed that my brother and Bella were sitting at the table. “What’s up Lex? You having a good time?” AJ asked with a cheesy grin. He was too happy tonight.

“I’m a little under the weather. Brian’s going to take me home.”

He gave me a hug. “Feel better.”

“I know why you’re leaving. I’m sorry you had to see that.” Bella whispered in my ear.”

“Nothing I can do about. I just need to get away from it. Night.” With that I walked away.

AJ and Bella sat at the table for a while talking to their friends. It was getting late and everyone was getting tired, with the exception of Nick and Anna. They were busy making out.

“Well AJ, it’s getting late. Let’s go home.” Bella said goodnight to everyone. When she got to Nick, she pulled him in for a hug and whispered in his ear. "You're just a giant douche, you know that?"  Then she walked away. No one messed with her family.