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Why Are We Still Friends

By Rachel

Copyright 2015


Chapter 51

Sitting in the examination room waiting for Dr. Wallace was making nervous. It might have been the fact that this was the first time Brian was at an appointment. He seemed excited to be here.

“Hello Alexia. It’s good to see you. How are you feeling?” Dr. Wallace asked as he walked into the room.

“I’m feeling okay. I can’t seem to shake the tiredness away.” I replied honestly.

“The tiredness should go away when you start your second trimester.”

“I hope so. It seems like all I do is sleep.” I chuckled. “Dr. Wallace I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Brian.”

“It’s nice to meet you Brian. Glad you could make it today.”  Dr. Wallace turned toward me. “Today we’re going to do a sonogram. It will give us a better idea of your due date. I’m still thinking that you’re further along than we thought.”

The nurse came into prepare me for the sonogram. Brian sat beside me holding my hand. It was comforting knowing he was by my side. This is how I wanted Brian to be during the pregnancy.

“I love you Lexi.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek.

“I love you, Brian. I’m so excited about seeing our baby.” I felt emotional.

The nurse started moving the wand on my abdomen. The baby’s heartbeat was strong. I listened closely.  This wasn’t a normal heartbeat. The more I listened, the more I realized I was hearing multiple heartbeats.

“Dr. Wallace, am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?” I asked curiously.

“Is everything okay?” Brian questioned with worry.

“You’re hearing is correct. There are two heartbeats.” Dr. Wallace said with a smile.

“We’re having twins?” Brian was in shock. I squeezed his hand lightly.

“And from the looks of it Lexi, you’re definitely further along. You’re currently at fourteen weeks, which pushes your due date up by three weeks. Alexia, you’re still underweight. You need to eat more since you’re eating for two babies.”

“I will. It’s hard to eat when you don’t have an appetite.” I explained. It was a lame excuse. I knew better as a nurse.

“Morning sickness is sometimes worse with multiples, but it should start to lessen shortly.” Dr. Wallace clarified. “I know you’re into fitness and health, but it’s okay to splurge on an ice cream sundae or pizza every once in a while.”

“I’ll make sure she does.” Brian said adamantly. “We want to keep mom and babies healthy.”


We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for some maternity clothes and baby items. Neither of us was really into it. We were both in shock over becoming parents of twins. It was a lot of responsibility to take care of one baby; two would be even more. Brian and I needed to stick together and strengthen our relationship.

Bella and AJ were sitting at a table waiting for us. I smiled as I watched them holding hands and whispering. They had a solid relationship that one day I hoped Brian and I could emulate.

I slid into the booth with Brian following. “Hello McLeans.” I said with a smile.

“Hey sis. You look happy.”  AJ threw his napkin at me.

“You’re so mature.” I stuck my tongue out at him. “I am happy and hungry.  Happy and hungry, very, very hungry.”

Brian handed me a menu. I opened it quickly, perusing each page to find the perfect meal. Everyone followed suit. The waitress came and everyone looked at me when I placed my order

“You were right when you said you were hungry.” Bella commented, knowingly. She understood what it was like to be a crazy, hormonal, pregnant woman.

“I have to start eating better. My doctor says I’m too skinny.” I sipped my water. Brian placed his hand on my knee.

“That’s the first I ever heard that. When I was pregnant with Alisa, all I did was stuff my face with anything not nailed down.”

“Bella would send me out at three in the morning to get her chicken wings and Spaghettios. You having any weird cravings yet?” AJ played with his napkin.

“Not really. I’m trying to eat healthy. Plus if I have a late night craving, I’m not getting out of my jammies to run to the store.”  It made me sad that I didn’t have Brian around when I needed him. We weren’t ready to move in together. Unfortunately he lived to far away if I needed him in a pinch.

“So, do you think we should share our news?” Brian asked me.  I didn’t know if I was ready for anyone to know. Bella and AJ were probably the best ones to tell. They had the most experience with children.

“Sure.  Everyone is going to find out sooner or later.” I looked at Brian. He actually had a smile on his face. For the first time he showed interest in the pregnancy. Maybe things were headed in the right direction for us.

“So what is this news you’ve got?” Bella asked curiously.

“We’re having twins.” Brian blurted out.

“Holy shit! When you knocked up my sister, you did a bang up job.” AJ commented, with a chuckle. He was teasing, but it didn’t make me feel good.

“I need to use the bathroom.” Brian got up, so I could leave.

Once I was alone, I took a deep breath. Why couldn’t anyone be supportive of my life? Snarky comments made me doubt myself even more.  So many things were beyond my control. No wonder I wasn’t taking care of my health. I was so worried about every little thing anyone said. I needed to take back control of my life. Nobody had to give a shit about me. I had two precious babies to love and care for. The rest of the world didn’t matter. From now on my life was going to be about my babies. If people didn’t like it, oh well.

Our food had arrived, and they had begun to eat. Brian stood up and let me in the booth. No words were spoken as I took a bite of my burger.

A few minutes later, my brother spoke. “Is everything okay, Lexi?”

“Everything is great. Life is good. I’m going to have two precious babies to love. Things couldn’t be better.”  I continued to eat my dinner. Take charge Alexia was back.

By the time dessert arrived, I was feeling better. I ordered myself slice of chocolate peanut butter pie. Everyone was enjoying themselves. It was nice to have something normal in my life.

“With the babies coming, do you two plan on moving in together?” Bella asked. It would make sense for us to live in the same house since we were going to have a family.

“Umm…we never really talked about it.” I said as I put my fork down and looked at Brian. His face was unreadable.

“Well you know Lexi isn’t going to want to move away from the beach.” My brother attempted to lighten the mood.

“I don’t have any plans on moving.” Brian stated firmly.

“What do you mean?” I questioned, confused by his comment. Actually I was hurt that he put it so bluntly.

“Tiger Lilly, let’s talk about this in private. I don’t think we should be discussing our personal life in front of everyone.” Brian said sweetly.

“I think this is a perfect time for us to discuss it.” I remarked with a bite. AJ and Bella looked uncomfortable watching us.

“Lexi, don’t do this.” Brian took my hand trying to get me to calm down. I removed my hand from his. AJ and Bella sat there staring at us. At this point I didn’t care who was looking at me. I had enough of people telling what to do or how to feel.

“Don’t tell me what to do.  Damn it, we’re having a family, and you barely want anything to do with me.  It’s ridiculous for us to live apart when the babies are born, but go ahead and do whatever the hell you want.” I looked over at my brother. “Could you please take me home?”

“Are you sure, Lexi?” AJ asked. I knew he wasn’t used to seeing my temper. I rarely showed it.

“I’m positive. Move, Brian.” I pushed his arm, so he would let me out.

AJ followed, while Bella held back. “Brian, you’re a douche. I usually stick up for you, but I can’t this time. I never thought you would treat Lexi this way. Go to hell.”