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"Each night I ask the stars up above, Why must I be a teenager in love" played on the jukebox, Dion and his Belmonts crooning out the classic hit, kids filed in and out, people squished themselves inside the booths and took up the counter seats.

"Order up!" a man from the kitchen yelled as he hit a small bell with his spatula.

The bells above the door jingled as Brian, Chris and Omar made their way inside, squeezing past a group of kids hanging out by the jukebox.

"I knew we should've gotten here earlier" Brian said to them.

"Man this place is packed" Chris said looking around at everyone.

"It's summer what'd you expect?" Omar asked him.

"Let's just hang out here until a table opens up" Brian said as they leaned against the counter.

"Can I help someone?" a familiar voice said, Brian turned around to see Vicki behind the counter.

"Vicki?" he asked.

"Oh hey" she said smiling at him.

"Hey, what are you doing back there?" he asked.

"I work here now."

"You work here...is that legal?"

"As far as we're concerned it is" he laughed.

"Ahem" Chris said clearing his throat loudly as he and Omar looked at Brian.

"Oh! right sorry, Vicki, this is Chris and Omar, guys this is Vicki."

"Hey" she said to them.

"Wow so you're the girl we've been hearing so much about" Chris said to her, Brian kicked him and turned to glare at him "Ow what?" Chris asked.

"What can I get you guys?" she asked.

"Just a plate of fries and three chocolate shakes" Brian said to her.

"Coming up" she said going into the kitchen.

"Very nice" Chris said to him as the seats near the counter became vacant, they sat in the stools.

"Man you weren't kidding, she is gorgeous" Omar said.

"Want to say that a little louder O?" Brian asked annoyed.

Vicki came back from the kitchen and pulled three glasses from the window and sat them on the counter.

"So, you like working here?"

"Yeah, it's alright" Vicki said sliding the glasses over to them "This is my first night shift, I didn't think it'd be so busy."

"It's always like this in the summer" he said to her, she pulled three straws from the container and slid them towards them, he accidentally put his hand over hers.

"Hot fries!" someone yelled, ringing the bell once more.

"Oh" she said turning towards the window and picking up the plate "Enjoy" she said to him.

"Thanks" he said as she went into the kitchen.

Chris coughed "drooling" he said before coughing once more, a new song started on the jukebox.

"Hey, hey hey baby! I want to know if you'll be my girl".

"Hey uh Romeo?" Omar asked "Table in the back just opened up" he said.

"Huh?" Brian asked "Oh right" he said as they got up and went to the back.

The bells jingled once again as Emily and Jason came into the diner.

"Em!" Vicki said coming out from the kitchen.

"Oh hey!" Emily said sitting at the counter.

"Thank god you're here" Vicki said to her as Jason retreated to the back table.

"Men" he said sitting next to Brian.

"Finally" Chris said as Jason sat down.

"You're lucky the movie doesn't start for half an hour yet" Omar said to him.

"Hey don't blame me, Em wouldn't leave until her hair was just perfect" he said rolling his eyes.

"She's so pretty, Lord she's fine, I'm gonna make her mine all mine" the jukebox played as Brian looked back at Vicki who stood behind the counter talking to Emily.

"Hey lover boy" Jason said patting Brian's shoulder.

"Don't start J" he said taking a bite out of a french fry.

"You guys meet Vicki?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, I can see why he's so crazy about her."

"I am not crazy about her" Brian said.

"She moved here three weeks ago and you haven't stopped talking about her since" Jason said to him.

"That's not true" they all scoffed at him and groaned "Really?" he asked.

"You're in deep" Chris said.

"So? how's your first night shift going?" Emily asked her.

"It has been crazy in here all night, my feet are killing me" she said putting napkins into a holder. The door opened and Lisa came in, followed by Megan and Erica as always.

"Ugh I hate to spoil your fun but your night just got a hell of a lot worst" Emily said to her.

"Wow way to be the bearer of bad news Em" Vicki said to her.

"Well Emily" Lisa said as Emily looked at her disdainfully "So glad you're here" Lisa said to her.

"Really? Isn't it amazing how two people can feel so differently about the same thing?" Emily asked "And what can I do for you?" Emily asked.

"I just came to give you some friendly advice, back off."

"If I knew what you were talking about...which I don't...what makes you think I'd even listen to you?" Emily said to her.

"I know you were behind him skipping out on my party early and why he's been avoiding me ever since."

"Oh right, that's my fault...it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he can't stand you."

"Just stay out of my way and don't mess with me or I can make your life a living hell" Lisa said to her "Your choice"."Oh and who do we have here? I don't think I've seen you around here before" Lisa said to Vicki.

"Lucky for her" Emily said.

"I just moved here a couple weeks ago" Vicki said to her.

"Ah, Emily, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" Lisa asked.

"Why bother? All she has to do is go into the men's room, your name's all over the walls in there" Emily said to her. "Fine, Vicki, this is Lisa, Lisa, Vicki McAdams" Emily said.

"Hi" Vicki said to her.

"Yeah hi" Lisa said to her "Three diet sodas with lemon please" Lisa said to her "Think you can handle that one?" Lisa asked in a condescending tone, Emily looked at her angrily.

"Somehow I think I'll manage" Vicki said to her, Emily smiled.

"Cute...Emily you want to tell your new friend what happens when you cross me?" Lisa said snarling at them both before walking way.

"God" Vicki said laughing.

"Just ignore her, Lisa was born bitter" Emily said to her.

"Dare I ask what happens when you cross her?" Vicki asked.

"Well if you're a guy you end up with some sort of rash" Emily said loudly in her direction, Lisa turned to glare at her. Vicki tried to hide her laughter.

"Three diet sodas with lemon, order up" Vicki said setting the soda glasses on the counter.

"Can't you bring it to us? Isn't that kind of your job?" Lisa asked.

"You're two feet from the counter" Emily said to her.

"Really must be hard to get good help these days" Lisa said as she and her friends grabbed her drinks. Vicki looked at Emily shocked, Emily sat up and was prepared to lunge at her when Vicki grabbed her arm.

"Wait a minute...Lisa? did she have a graduation party a few weeks ago?"

"Yeah how'd you know" she looked back at Brian who turned around once she met his gaze "Someone told me about her"Vicki said wiping off the counter.

"Really" Emily said looking towards him, she smiled at Vicki.

"What?" Vicki asked.

"Nothing" Emily said, Brian got up from the booth and started walking towards the counter.

"Lisa, incoming" Megan said to her.

"Oh god, how do I look?" she asked looking at her reflection in the jukebox.

Brian stopped at the counter and leaned against it "Hey" he said to Vicki.

"Hi" she said to him.

"Emily" he said to her.

"Well hello to you too" Emily said to him.

"Did you need something?" Vicki asked him.

"Yeah I just wanted to ask you..." he said looking at Emily and then back at Vicki "For the tab" he said.

"Oh, sorry" she said looking at her order pad and ripping the sheet off.

"Smooth" Emily said to him, he glared at her.

"Hey" Lisa said cheerfully approaching him.

"Oh hey Lisa" he said going through his money.

"Do you mind?" she asked Emily "Private conversation" she said as Emily rolled her eyes and got up from the counter "So look about my party..." Lisa said to him.

"Yeah, sorry for bailing early I had to get home" he said to her.

"Oh, well that's no problem, but uh I think you owe me a dance" she said to him.

"Do I?" he asked.

"You promised" she said innocently.

Vicki came out from behind the counter with a pile of straws in her hand. Lisa stuck her foot out in front of her, Vicki tripped , he quickly held out his arms and caught her, the straws fell to the floor.

"Hi" she said laughing.

"Hi" he said smiling at her "You okay?" he asked as she stood up.

"Yeah...guess I tripped" she said looking at Lisa.

"You didn't hurt yourself this time did you?" he asked.

"No, I'm okay" she said laughing.

"Here let me help you" he said as they bent down to pick up the straws that were lying on the floor.

"Thanks" she said to him.

"Hey uh we're all going to the movies, you want to join us? "he asked.

"That would be great but I told my mom I'd be right home after work."

"Oh okay, mind if I walked you?" he asked.



"Yeah thanks I'd like that" she said smiling at him as they stood up.

"Wait" Lisa said to him "You don't want to stay and hang with us?" she asked innocently.

"Maybe some other time okay?" he asked.

"Everything alright?" Marla asked.

"Oh yeah I just dropped some straws that's all" Vicki said to her.

"Well congratulations kiddo you survived your first night" she said to Vicki.

"Barely" she said as she took her apron off.

"Well I got some good news for you, you get the afternoon shift tomorrow."

"Thank you" she said in relief.

"Ready?" Brian asked.

"Yeah let's go" she said to him as they left the diner.

"What just happened here?" Lisa asked her friends,
Emily watched from the back and laughed at her.


"So..." Brian said as they walked up the street.

"So..." Vicki said.

"Your feet must be killing you" he said to her.

"Ugh that's an understatement" she groaned.

"So your first month here, how's it been?" he asked.

"It's been alright" she said "So quiet here at night" Vicki said as they walked up the street to her house.

"Yeah...it is, well you know when Jason's parents are home" he said.

"Yeah" she said, they stepped up on to her porch "Thanks for walking me home."

"No problem."

"You didn't have to you know, I know you were going to the movies."

"It's okay I wanted to, I can miss a couple previews" he said.

"Oh and thanks for helping me with the straws" he smiled.

"No problem" he said laughing.

"Okay, well night" she said opening the door to her house "I'll see you tomorrow?" she said to him as she opened the door."

"Oh uh, yeah see you tomorrow" she smiled before going into the house and shutting the door.


He trudged himself to the movie theater where he saw them all standing in line at the ticket booth.

"Hey casanova" Jason said to him.

"Hey I have a question for you" Emily said to him.

"Must you?" he asked annoyed.

"How does Vicki know about Lisa's party? Isn't that when she moved here?" Emily asked.

"Yes" he said to her.

"Oh my god" Emily said in delight.


"That's where you went that night, you didn't go home."

"Yes I did...after I was done talking to Vicki for a few hours" he said reluctantly, Emily squealed. "Okay, thank you" he said.

"So what happened tonight?" Jason asked.

"Nothing" he said.

"I thought you were going to ask her."

"Ask her what?" Emily asked intrigued.

"Well if you must know I was going to ask Vicki to the bonfire."

"Oh my god what happened? Did you ask her? Did she say yes?" Emily asked him.

"No" he said.

"No what? No she didn't say yes or no you didn't ask her?" Emily asked.

"I didn't ask her."

"Well what's the problem?" Emily asked him.

"I can't seem to get up the nerve to ask her, what if she says no?"

"You're way too negative" Emily said to him "She won't say no" she said.

"Em I'm begging you do not make a case for me."

"I'm not!"

"You better not, the only thing worst than rejection is pity."

"It is?" Jason asked.


The next afternoon Emily sat in Vicki's room as she hung posters up.

"Your room is really coming along, I love the color you picked" Emily said to her.

"Thanks" Vicki said to her "So tell me more about this Lisa chick...is she as bad as she sounds?" Vicki asked.

"Pfft...she is so desperate it's not even funny, she's had this psycho obsessive stalker crush on Brian since pre-school."

"He's obviously aware of this."

"It would be hard not to be, it is so pathetic".

"Obviously you're not a fan."

"Are you kidding me? Look Lisa Jones is the girl every guy our age dreams about okay? She can have any guy she wants at her beckoned call but instead she wants the one that doesn't want her."

"Ah the unattainable dream" Vicki said.

"Exactly, but if you ask me that's why she wants him because she's off by one" Vicki laughed. "Besides he's totally crazy about someone else" Emily said smiling as she went back to looking at a magazine.

"Who?" Vicki asked.

"I think you know her" Emily said winking. There was a knock at the door.

"Hi girls" Lizzie said poking her head in "Honey, there's someone downstairs for you" she said to Vicki.

"Who is it?"

"Prince charming" Lizzie said.

"God I told you to stop calling him that!" Vicki said embarrassed as she left the room, Brian sat on her couch.

"Hey" she said coming down the steps.

"Oh hey" he said getting up.

"What's up?"

"Uh...well...I was wondering if I could ask you something."

"You kinda just did" she said as they laughed.

"No it's uh...every year they have like this big beach party/bonfire thing down at the lake for the fourth of July."

"Oh, that sounds fun."

"Yeah it is and I was thinking maybe if you didn't have plans you'd like to go...with me" he said.

"Like a date?" Vicki asked.

"If you want to call it that sure" he said as she laughed.

"Yeah sure, I'd love to" she said to him.

"I'm sorry did you just say yes?"

"Are you deaf, I heard her from here" Emily said from upstairs.

"Alright, uh I'll guess I'll pick you up about noon?"


"Okay, it's a date then" he said.

"It is" she said as he went to the door.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay great" Vicki said as he left.

She went back up to her room "I think he just asked me out" she said to Emily.

"I'm not saying a word" Emily said to her "Well...are you excited?" Emily asked.

"Yeah course I am."

Brian excitedly ran down the steps to Jason's basement"I did it" he said smiling.

"Already? Damn that was fast" Jason said to him as he lied on the futon."

"No, not that, I asked her out."

"She say yes?" Chris asked.

"She said yes."

"Alright!" Chris said to him.

"Yeah...so what do I do now? Brian asked, they all looked at each other in silence.

"Let's just focus on the positive you got a date!" Jason said.


Fourth of July lived up to it's reputation of being one of the hottest days of the year, temperatures rose to a boiling point. Brian stepped up on to Vicki's front porch and rang the doorbell.

"Hey" she said opening the door.

"Hey" he said "You look great."

"Oh thanks" she said smiling at him and closing the door behind her "Ready?" she asked.

"Let's go" he said Lizzie watched closely from the living room window.


Music blared from a small beach house, the shore was filled with people on beach blankets, the lake was crowded. A beach ball sailed through the air as people played volleyball on the sand.

"Vicki" Emily said to her.

"Hey Em" Vicki said as they hugged.

"So? How's the date so far?"

"Has it technically started yet?" she asked.


"Oh well it's going great" she said happily.

"Hey, want a drink?" Brian asked her.

"Yeah sure, thanks" she said as he smiled at her and walked away to the drink table.

"Oh I'm so happy for you" Emily said.

"Hey" Lisa said approaching Brian.

"Oh hey" he said glancing at her.

"So...glad you're here, want to go for a swim?" she asked "I just got this new suit and I've been dying to try it out...what do you think?" she asked.

"Nice" he said leaving her side and going back to Vicki, handing her a drink.

"Want to go down to the lake?" he asked.

"Yeah sure, you coming?" she asked Emily.

"I'll meet you guys down there" she said as he took Vicki's hand and led her from the beach house.

"Emily" Lisa said to her as she and her friends approached her.

"Nice suit, trying out for a spot as a Motley Crue video whore?" Emily asked.

"cute" Lisa said to her "But I'm not really in the mood for trading insults right now."

"Aw darn" Emily said snapping her fingers.

"Your new friend...what is she doing here with Brian?"

"I believe they're...oh what do you call it...oh yeah a date, they're on a date, taste that" Emily said walking away from her.


Vicki squeezed a bottle of suntan lotion and began to rub it on her arms.

"Need some help?" Brian asked.

"Oh yeah could you get my back? if you don't mind" she asked.

"Course not" he said taking the lotion from her. He began to rub the lotion over Vicki's shoulders and her back.

"Thanks" Vicki said.

"Mind doing me?" he asked "I mean would you mind putting some on my back as well" he said flustered.

"Sure" Vicki said laughing as she squeezed some lotion on to her hand and rubbed it all over his back.

"Well, looks like someone has a thing for the new girl" Erica said as they watched them run into the water.

"They do not have a thing Erica!" Lisa yelled at her."Now make yourself useful and get me a drink" Lisa said to her.

"You're so jealous."

"I am not jealous Erica...I just hate her" Lisa said.


The sun began to get lower as it faded to an orange glow. The air grew cooler and the bonfire started, everyone hung out in the boat house where music played and drinks flowed.

"So..." Jason said as he and Brian sat by the fire.

"What?" he asked.

"You make your move yet?" Jason asked.

"I thought I did that when I asked her out" Brian said to him.

"No, I mean did you kiss her?"

"Not yet"

"What are you waiting for?"

"Hey I'm trying to take my time with this, is that alright with you?"


"She was all over me in the water, does that count?" Brian asked.

"Did your lips actually touch?"


"Then it doesn't count."

"Okay J, here's the thing, I'm doing this for me, not for you alright?"

"Fine, FYI, perfect make out moment, during the fireworks."

"Thanks for the note, I'll be right back".


"So...how would you rate this date?" Emily asked Vicki as they stood in the beach house with drinks in their hand.

"How high do I get to go?"

"That good huh?"

"Em, today was perfect."

"Know what?" Emily asked eating a chip.

"What?" Vicki asked.

"I think you should kiss him."

"Emily!" Vicki said.

"Ugh great" Emily groaned.

"What?" Vicki asked as she turned around.

"You" Lisa said to her "New girl."

"Me?" Vicki asked.

"She has a name" Emily said to Lisa.

"Yeah Valerie" Lisa said.

"Vicki" Vicki said to her.

"Whatever, don't care" Lisa said "Look the guy you came here with? He's taken, he's mine so if you know what's good for you, back off, your friend there can tell you what happens to people who try to mess with me".

"Something about a rash?" Vicki asked as Emily laughed "Look Linda..." Vicki said to her.


"Whatever, don't care" Vicki said miming her exact words. "Not that it's any of your business but we're just friends, besides in the conversations I've had with him he's never mentioned you" Vicki said to her.

"Look...just stay out of my way and you won't have a problem, got it?"

"I promise to do my best" Vicki said to Lisa said before walking away.

"I love you" Emily said to her "No one has ever said anything like that to her before."

"Wow, you weren't kidding" Vicki said to Emily.

"See? Crazy and delusional" Emily said to her.

"Hey everyone! The fireworks are starting!" someone announced to the crowd, everyone made their way outside.

"Hey there you are, I've been looking for you" Brian said as he met up with Vicki.

"Right here" she said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "So I just had a very interesting conversation with your friend Lisa."

"Oh no" he said "What happened?"

"She told me and I quote 'the guy you came here with is taken and he's mine so if you know what's good for you, back off'."

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Oh yeah you should've been there" Vicki said to him.

"I am so sorry about that" he said.

"It's okay, Em filled me in on her uh...what do you call it...crush? On you?" she asked.

"Something like that" he said to her.

"Know what's funny?" he asked.

"Hmm?" she asked,

"I used to have the biggest crush on her best friend Heather."

"Oh yeah?"


"What happened to Heather?" Vicki asked.

"She moved away last summer and before she left I told her I liked her and she basically laughed in my face."

"Aww...I'm so sorry" Vicki said to him "Why would she do that?" Vicki asked.

"She was one of the 'popular' girls and I...wasn't...aren't" he said to her.

"Well if any girl is that superficial, I think she's not good enough for you" Vicki said.

"Thanks" he said, the fireworks shot up into the sky.�

"Wow, that is so pretty" Vicki said as they stood together, he pulled her close and they smiled at each other and they continued to watch the fireworks.


Vicki giggled as he carried her home on his back.

"And here we are" he said her down "You're heavy" he said to her.

"I am not!" she said laughing.

"So, you have fun?"

"Aside from being threatened by a human Barbie doll, yeah, thanks for taking me."

"Yeah no problem, we should do this again...you know if you want to."

"Yeah I'd like that."



"Alright well goodnight."

"Night and thanks for the ride home, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye" she said going into her house and shutting the door.