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Snow fell softly outside as Lizzie hung brightly colored balls on the dark prickly leaves of the Christmas tree. Vicki looped hooks through the ornaments and handed them to Lizzie to hang on the tree.

"Okay, how are we looking so far?" Lizzie asked.

"Great mom" Vicki said to her.

"Feels so weird decorating a tree without your grandmother yelling at me" Lizzie said to her.

"And grandpa passing out from drinking a pitcher of eggnog" Vicki said.

"Oh that reminds me I better pick some up before they get here tomorrow" Lizzie said.

"Great" Vicki grumbled as she continued hooking the ornaments.


Brian looked in the window case of the jewelry store.

"That one" he said pointing to a heart shaped charm with a V engraved on it.

"We can wrap it for you if you want" the sales lady said to him.

"Uh...sure why not" he said.

"Okay" she said ripping the Christmas paper from the roll and wrapping up the box.


The doorbell at Vicki's house rang.

"Daddy!" Vicki said happily, seeing James on the doorstep.

"Hello princess" he said hugging her tightly.

"Come on in" Lizzie said.

"Thanks" he said "Really coming down out there, I'm glad we were able to land" he said taking his scarf and coat off.

"So? What do you think?" Lizzie asked.

"Very nice, I'm surprised actually, I'd thought it be a little smaller."

"Well, I grew up in a big house, feels more homey" Lizzie said to him.

"Where's Cindy?" Vicki asked.

"Oh she flew out to New York early, she had an emergency with her parents."

"I hope everything's okay" Lizzie said.

"I'm sure everything's fine, besides now I have a few more days to spend time with my favorite girl" he said wrapping his arms around Vicki "Your parents here?" he asked.

"Tomorrow, if the weather holds out" Lizzie said.

"So..." James said "Where is he? I brought my shotgun" he said to Vicki.

"Daddy" she said to him "I'm actually going to meet him now, I'll bring him by later."


"Bye daddy, bye mom, be back later" she said grabbing her coat. The door closed as she left.

"I brought my shotgun?" Lizzie asked him.

"You brought it up" James said to her "So...what about you? Any romantic prospects?" he asked, she laughed.

"Sure you want to know?" Lizzie asked.

"I'm married remember?" he asked.

"A few but if anything does get serious enough then I'll tell Vicki, don't want her getting her hopes up" she said as they put the ornaments on the tree.


Brian held the gift in his hands as heard footsteps on the stairs.

"Hey" she said coming down to the basement.

"Oh hey" he said smiling "You're all snowy" he said brushing the snow from her coat.

"I know it is really coming down out there" she said taking her coat off.

"Hi" he said to her.

"Hi" she said as they kissed.

"Cookies!" Jackie chimed as she came down the steps with a tray and two cups of hot chocolate "You must be freezing!" she said rubbing Vicki's cheeks.

"Thanks mom" he said to her.

"Thanks so much, Mrs. Littrell" Vicki said as she handed her a mug.

"Okay I'll leave you two alone" Jackie said as she went back upstairs.

"Sorry about her" he said setting his mug on the table.

"Oh I like your mom, she's sweet" Vicki said taking a drink of cocoa.

"Well here, Merry Christmas" he said handing her the gift.

"Aww thank you" she said giving him a kiss, Vicki tore the paper off of the small box and took the lid off "Wow" she said looking at the charm lying in the box.

"You like it?" he asked.

"I love it, thank you" she said giving him a kiss.

"You're welcome."

"This is so sweet" she said looking at it.

"That for me?" he asked nodding towards the gift lying on her coat.

"Oh wow, don't open that" she said picking it up.

"What? Why not?"

"Oh come on, after this? It makes my gift look so lame" she said to him.

"Trust me, you gave it to me I'll love it" he said reaching for it, she put it behind her back "Give it to me" he said laughing.

"No" she said as they laughed.

"Come on."

"No its too embarrassing!" she said to him as she continued to hold it away before pulling him into a kiss, trying to distract him. He was able to get the gift from her.

"Ha!" he said taking the box back from her and opening it. "Oh hey" he said picking up the frame from inside the box "Wow, this is really great, thanks."


"Yeah, I needed one of these actually" he said looking at the picture of the two of them.

"You are way too nice" she said to him.

"No really, this is going right on my nightstand, thanks" he said giving her a kiss."

"You're welcome" she said hugging him tightly "Now I'm afraid I have some bad news."

"Bad news on Christmas?" he asked.

"Yeah, uh...my dad just came to town today."

"Oh" he said.

"Yeah and when we were home for Thanksgiving, I told him about you and...he wants to meet you" she said nervously. "Now if you don't want to I completely understand this is totally out of right field and..."

"Vicki" he said "I'd love to meet your dad" he said to her.


"Sure, uh? When do you think? Day after Christmas?" he asked.

"Actually...how about now?" she asked.

"Now?" he asked her.

"I'm so sorry, if the day after Christmas is good for you then its good for me" she said to him.

"Uh no, now's good, lets go" he said standing up.

"You don't have to do this" she said to him.

"No its okay" he said.

"I'm serious you don't..." he sat back down and kissed her.

"I want to" he said holding her hand "Come on" he said as they went upstairs.

"Oh leaving so soon?" Jackie asked.

"Uh we're just going to Vicki's house, I'm going to meet her dad" he said putting his coat on.

"Oh your dad is in town?" she asked.

"Yeah uh he's going to New York to meet my step mom in a few days, so he stopped on his way."

"Oh well that's nice, Vicki sweetie if I don't see you before then, I want you and your mom to have a great Christmas" Jackie said to her.

"Thank you, you too" Vicki said as she hugged her.

"I'll be back later" he said.

"Bye" Vicki said as they left.


"Well?" Lizzie asked James as he took a bite out of a gingerbread man.

"Delicious, who made 'em?"

"Our daughter."

"Really" he said intrigued as they saw him and Vicki step on to the front porch "That him?" James asked.

"That's him, now be on your best behavior" Lizzie said to him.

"Hi" Vicki said as they came into the house.


"Hey Mrs. McAdams" Brian said to her.

"Well...daddy this is Brian, Brian this is my dad, James McAdams."

"Nice to meet you sir" he said shaking James' hand.

"Well nice to meet you too son, good handshake you got there."

"Thanks" he said.

"Well who wants a drink?" Lizzie asked.

"Oh mom, look" Vicki said showing her the charm.

"Oh that is beautiful, that was so sweet of you."

"I know how much she loves that bracelet" he said to her.

"Have a seat" James said as he sat in a chair, Brian sat on the couch across from him.

"So uh...Vicki says you're a lawyer, that's got to be interesting" he said.

"Mmhmm" James said "So...tell me, how did you meet my daughter?" James asked.

"Oh uh, well we met when they were moving in, she uh was trying to carry a box into...here...and she tripped and fell". "I was playing basketball in my driveway and I ran to see if she needed help, she hurt her ankle pretty badly so I helped her in" he said to James.

"Wow...so you play basketball" James asked.

"Uh yeah" he said.

"He can sing too" Vicki said sitting on the couch next to him.


"No..." he said "Well kind of yeah..."

"He's amazing" Vicki said, James looked at her "At singing" she said to him. He noticed Vicki take his hand and their fingers lace together.

"So...what exactly are your intentions with my only daughter?" he asked.

"Oh my god" Vicki sighed as she sat back on the couch and put her hand to her forehead.

"No its okay...look Mr. McAdams...sir, I like Vicki a lot, I really care about her and she means a lot to me" Brian said smiling at Vicki, they laced their fingers once again.

"Alright that's enough interrogation, you're not a prosecutor" Lizzie said to him.

"I'm just trying to get to know my daughter's...friend" he said smiling.

"Daddy, come on" Vicki said to him.

"Alright, well I got to get to my hotel, call Cindy see how everything in New York is coming, I'll see you all tomorrow" he said "Well it was nice meeting you, son".

"Nice meeting you too" Brian said shaking his hand again.

"Bye cupcake" he said hugging Vicki "Lizzie" he said.

Once the door closed Brian breathed a sigh of relief.

"Man" he said "You weren't kidding about the lawyer thing" he said to Vicki.

"Sorry, you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah I'll be alright" he said leaning in close to her, she turned to look at Lizzie.

"Oh, right, sorry, well I will be upstairs, I have some more wrapping to do.

"Thanks mom" Vicki said as Lizzie went up the steps, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close as they kissed, softly and sweetly as the fire roared next to them.

"So? My dad didn't totally scare you?" she asked as he put his coat on.

"I think all dads are scary, especially if their daughters are as beautiful as you" he said.

"How do you always know just what to say?" she asked, he leaned in and kissed her.

"Wow, look at that" he said opening the door, snow fell lightly on the ground.

"A white Christmas" Vicki said looking outside.

"Merry Christmas" he said to her.

"Merry Christmas" she said before they kissed goodnight he then ventured off into the winter wonderland.


Vicki brushed her hair as she sat at her vanity, the charm sitting in its box next to her. She picked it up and smiled, she then got off the bench and got into her bed and stared at it. Lizzie stood in her doorway and smiled.

"What?" Vicki asked.

"Its just nice that's all" she said.

"I know, I can't believe he bought me this" she said "Guys never notice such small things like that."

"I meant, its nice seeing you so happy."

"I am happy" Vicki said to her. tears sprang up in Lizzie's eyes "Mom!" Vicki said laughing "If anyone should be crying it should be me" she said taking the box back.

"I'm just so happy for you, this is your first boyfriend" Lizzie said to her.

"Technically he's not my boyfriend" Vicki said putting the box on her desk.

"Yet" Lizzie said to her.

"You keep saying that" Vicki said to her.

"Honey, I remember what its like to be a teenager, first loves are powerful."

"I'll say" Vicki said.

"Well we should get some sleep, want to be nice and refreshed when we pick your grandparents up from the airport" she said rolling her eyes.

"Night mom."

"Night sweetheart" Lizzie said shutting her door.


"Here we are" Lizzie said opening the door to the house and letting her parents in.

"Oh goodness" Mary said taking her gloves off "Lizzie this is beautiful" she said looking around.

"Thanks mom" her dad dragged the luggage in and set it down.

"What do you think Dan?" Mary asked him.

"Oh I like it, very nice" he said.

"Grandma, grandpa" Vicki said rushing down the steps.

"Oh hello dear" Mary said hugging her tightly.

"Hello sweet pea" Dan said lifting her off of her feet.

"How was your trip?" she asked.

"Oh smooth as can be, considering the weather" Mary said as Lizzie helped her with her coat.

"Where am I taking these?" Dan asked.

"Oh dad, don't worry about those, I can get them" Lizzie said.

"Nonsense, I'm perfectly fine."

"Don't hurt yourself dear" Mary said to him.

"Guest room daddy, third door on the left, right next to Vicki's" Lizzie said to him as he went up the stairs.

"Oh grandma I want to show you my room."

"Well of course dear, but first thing's first, when uh...do I get to meet your special friend?" she asked.

"Soon grandma, he needs a few day to recover from meeting daddy yesterday" Vicki said to her.

"Oh, Jimmy's in town? What happened to the young chippie?" Mary asked.

"Mother" Lizzie said to her.

"Grandma" Vicki said laughing.

"Cindy had an emergency and had to go to New York early, so James is staying on a few days while she deals with it" Lizzie said to her "Did you show grandma what your friend got your for Christmas?" Lizzie asked as she passed by.

"Mom" Vicki said to her "Its nothing he just got me a charm for my bracelet" she said.

"Well isn't that sweet, let me see" Mary said as Vicki held up her wrist and showed it to her "Very pretty" Mary said looking at it.

"Okay we're all set, where's the eggnog?" Dan asked.


Christmas day came and went and soon everyone was ready to ring in the new year and start a new decade.

"Here we are, fresh shrimp" Mary said bringing a plate into the living room and setting in the coffee table.

"Got the champagne on ice" Lizzie said as she brought another plate of food into the living room.

"Where's Vicki?" Mary asked.

"Oh she's upstairs getting ready, she's going to a party at one of her friend's house."

"Oh, that's nice is uh...you know who, taking her?" Mary asked.

"He should be here soon" Lizzie said.

"Should I go get my gun?" Dan asked as he sat in a chair with the remote.

"Daddy, you're almost as bad as Jimmy" Lizzie said to him.

The doorbell rang "There he is" Lizzie said as she opened the door "Well hello there" she said to him

"Hi Mrs. McAdams, Happy New Year" he said.

"Happy New Year, well come on in" she said as he stepped in. "she should be down in a minute" Lizzie said to him.

"Hello there" Mary said.

"Oh I want you to meet Vicki's grandparents, this is my mom Mary and my dad Dan, mom dad this is Vicki's friend, Brian."

"Oh hi, nice to meet you" he said shaking their hands.

"Well its a pleasure to meet you" Mary said to him.

"Vicki!" she called up the steps.

"Coming" she said before appearing at the top of the steps in a maroon strapless velvet dress.

"Wow" he said as she came down.


"You look amazing" he said looking at her.

"Thanks" she said.

"Oh Vicki, you look beautiful" Mary said to her.

"Thanks grandma" Vicki said to her.

"You have something that goes over that right?" Dan asked, Mary nudged him.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Oh yeah" he said grabbing her coat.

"Ah not so fast, I want a picture" Lizzie said to them.

"Oh me too" Mary said grabbing her camera.

"Oh god" Vicki groaned.

"Oh its one picture" Lizzie said.

"Its okay" he said to her.

"Smile" she said as the flashes went off "Have a good time, I want you home right after midnight" Lizzie said to her.

"Bye" Vicki said to them.

"Nice meeting you guys" he said as they left.

"Such a sweet boy" Mary said.

"Isn't he? Don't they make the cutest couple?" Lizzie asked.


"Mm" Dan responded.

"The sandwiches are ready" Lizzie said as they went into the kitchen.


They got to Jason's house and stepped inside people filed in and out of Jason's house as the countdown to midnight played on the TV.

"Vicki!" Emily yelled.

"Hey!" she said hugging her.

"God you look beautiful" Emily said.

"Thanks so do you" she said.

"Want a drink?" he asked.

"Yeah thanks" she said to him as he went into the kitchen.

"Why did we have to come to this party?" Erica asked.

"Yeah what about the party my sister invited us to? It was at the frat house on her campus, college guys Lisa, what are we doing wasting our time here?"

"Will the two of you shut up?!" Lisa asked annoyed "Keep your eye out" she said looking around "Oh there he is" she said reaching for her purse and taking something out.

"So? Did he pass the dad test?" Emily asked Vicki, she laughed.

"I think so, my dad scared him a bit though" Vicki said to her.

"Typical" Emily said to her "Is your dad still in town?"

"No he flew out last night, he said he'd call me tomorrow."

"Okay so...he's met your dad, he's met your grandparents and you two have been attached at the lips for months now, I think you've reached girlfriend territory" Emily said to her.

"Hey J" he said as he went into the kitchen.

"Oh hey you're finally here" Jason said passing out cups "For you?" he asked filling one.

"Two, I need one for Vicki" he said.

"Where is she?"

"Talking to Em."

"So, how'd it go with her dad?" Jason asked him.

"Don't ask, I don't think I've ever been that scared in my life" he said to him "I just met her grandparents too."

"Wow the whole family huh?" Jason asked.

"Tonight's the night J, I'm going to ask her."

"Ask her what exactly?" Jason asked nervously.

"I'm going to ask Vicki to be my girlfriend."

"Really? Finally? When you should've asked her after you guys kissed on Halloween?"

"I'll take that as support, thanks J" he said as Jason handed him his drinks.

"Hey!" Lisa said as he walked towards the living room.

"Oh hey Lisa" he said.

"Hi, Happy New Year!" she said.

"Happy New Year."

"Oh well would you look at that" she said as they looked up "Mistletoe" Lisa said.

"Actually that looks like parsley" he said looking at it as he carefully made his way past her.

"Whoa hey Lisa" Jason said to her "Under the mistletoe huh?" he asked.

"Kiss me and die you little parasite" she said to him angrily before walking away.

As the clock ticked down and midnight grew near, he was growing restless, wanting to ask her the one thing he had on his mind for months.

"Okay everyone its time for the final countdown!" Jason's dad said coming into the kitchen.

"Here you go" Vicki said putting a hat on Brian's head.

"Thanks, hey uh I got to talk to you about something, think we can go outside for a minute?"

"Yeah sure" she said as he led her outside to the deck, Lisa watched them go outside. She then got up and followed them.

"Where is she going?" Erica asked as she went into the kitchen. She stood at the sliding glass doors and watched.

"Okay wow it is really cold out here" she said rubbing her bare arms.

"Oh sorry" he said "Here you go" he said wrapping his jacket around her.

"Thanks" she said putting it on "What'd you need to talk about out here?" she asked wrapping her arms around herself to keep warm, he rubbed her arms for her.

"I just wanted to be alone with you" he said "And I wanted to ask you something" he said. "Come here" he said laughing and pulling her close to keep her warm.

"This is nice" she said as they kissed.

"You, loser boy" Lisa said to Jason.

"You rang?" he asked her.

"What is going on with those two?" she asked as they stood watching from the doors.

"Oh I guess he wanted to do it in private" Jason said.

"Do what?" Lisa asked.

"He's going to ask Vicki to be his girlfriend" Jason said, Lisa scoffed and continued to watch.

"So what'd you want to ask me?" Vicki asked him as he kept her close to him.

"Well..." he said looking at her "I've liked you a lot since the day you moved in, you're fun to be around, you're sweet, you're smart, you're beautiful, you're an amazing person" he said to her. "I want to be with you, I want...will you be my girlfriend?" he asked a smile slowly crossed her face.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really" he said smiling.

"Yes, of course" she said to him.

"Yes? You're saying yes?"

"Yes!" she said laughing.

"Yes!" he said happily, she laughed and they kissed.

"I guess she accepted" Jason said, Lisa clenched her fists together and squealed before leaving. "Hey lovebirds!" Jason said to them "Come on, countdown's starting!" they hurried inside and joined everyone in the living room.

"11!...10!...9!...8!...7!...6!...5!...4!...3!...2!...1!...HAPPY NEW YEAR" everyone yelled.


His arm was wrapped around Vicki's shoulders as her fingers laced with his while he walked her home.

"This is the best new year's I think I've ever had" he said.

"Me too" she said as they stood in the middle of the street when fireworks began to explode in the air. "Oh look at that" Vicki said as they looked up to the sky and watched the colors fade into the sky. "Hey" Vicki said "Happy New Year" she said to him.

"Happy New Year" he said before they kissed, standing in the street and fireworks booming over head.