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Melissa watched from the kitchen as her parents sat around the living room, engaging in conversation with Jessie and her husband. She leaned up against the kitchen wall and took a deep breath.

�Hey� Jessie said appearing out of nowhere.

�Don�t do that� Melissa said irritated.

�Sorry� Jessie said to her �You ready?� she asked.

�Uh yeah�about that�how about you go in and tell them and I'll make a run for it?� she said going towards the door, Jessie pulled her arm back.

�Come on son, I'll make you a drink� Jack said coming into the kitchen with Jeremy. �There she is, I was wondering if you were ever going to come out of your room� he said to Melissa.

�Hi daddy� she said to him sadly.

"Jessie sweetheart you need anything?" Jack asked her.

"No daddy, thank you, we're just going to go and talk to mom" Jessie said pulling Melissa into the living room. �Mom, Melissa needs to talk to you about something� Jessie said as put her hands on Melissa�s shoulders.

�Oh, okay�everything alright?� Michelle asked.

�Well�� Jessie said.

�Missy, honey, are you okay? You look like you're going to be sick again� Michelle said.

�Mom� Melissa said to her.

�Yeah� Jeremy said as he and Jack came back into the living room.

�Uh sweetheart� Jessica said to him �Nate has a new video game he wants to show you� she said to him.

�Oh okay, I'll be back� he said setting his drink down and going upstairs.

�Something wrong?� Jack asked.

�Daddy, you should sit� Jessica said to him.

�Is everything alright?� her mom asked.

�I'm so sorry� Melissa said as tears began to trail down her cheeks.

�Oh honey, nothing can be that bad� Michelle said soothingly.

�Just tell us what it is, princess� Jack said to her softly.

She looked at Jessica, she put her hands on her shoulders for reassurance �Mom, daddy...� Jessica began to say.

�I can do it� Melissa said to her �I'm pregnant� she said shrugging.

Jack chuckled lightly �Come on Missy be serious, what�s wrong?� he asked Melissa looked down at the floor.

�Missy? Are you�?� Michelle asked, more tears trailed down her face as she shook her head yes. �My god� she said hugging Melissa �It�s okay sweetheart, it'll be alright.�

�I�m going to kill him, the next time that boyfriend of yours comes around he�s dead!� Jack said angrily as he stood up from the couch.

�Jack!� Michelle said, giving him a look of warning.

�She's sixteen years old!� Jack said to her.

�Honey, why don't you take your sister to her room� Michelle said to Jessica.

�Okay, come on� she said as they went upstairs. Jessica held Melissa as she cried �It'll be okay� she said trying to soothe her.

Jack held a picture of Melissa when she was a little girl and looked at it when Michele came in.

"Okay, I got Missy calmed down" she said.

"That kid is dead, I finally have the excuse to kill him" Jack said angrily putting the picture back on the mantle.

"Jack" Michelle said in a warning tone.

"Michele" Jack said to her "Why aren't you as upset as I am?" he asked.

"Because I have no room to judge" Michelle said.

"Do you not see any similarities to what happened tonight and what happened when I told my parents I was pregnant?" she asked.

"That was different" Jack said.

"Oh? How?" Michelle asked confused.

"We were eighteen, we had just graduated, we were going to college and we were already engaged" Jack said to her.

"Wow you must've lived in a whole different reality than I did" she said "First of all, we were seventeen and I was pretty far along when we graduated from high school, we only got engaged after graduation and trust me, my father was a lot angrier than you are right now" Michelle said to him.

"She's sixteen" Jack said sadly.

"I know, so what are we going to do?� Michelle asked.

"What happened to that little girl?" Jack asked pointing to the picture.

"She's still our daughter and she�s in a lot of trouble and she needs our help and that�s what we�re going to do� Michelle said to him.

Melissa blew her nose when she heard tapping at her window, she looked over to see AJ outside. She got up and opened the windows "What are you doing here? my dad is ready to kill you!" she said to him.

"Miss, its freezing out here and I'm standing on a rose trellis, want to help me here?" AJ asked as she pulled him in.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Oh yeah just great, I told my parents and now my dad hates me and wants you dead" she said irritated.

"He's not awake is he?" he asked fearfully.

"Don't worry he's locked himself in the den" she said to him "Well I don't even have to guess what your mother said, I'm a whore, I corrupted you, stole your innocence and are now trying to trap you with a baby" she said sitting on her bed.

"And a whole bunch of other words I probably shouldn't repeat" he said sitting next to her "Forget about them okay? Forget about your dad, forget about my mom, just focus on us" he said holding her hand.

"I'm scared" she said.

Her door opened and Jack stood there �Oh no� AJ said nervously.

"Daddy" Melissa said nervously.

"You!" Jack said angrily before lunging towards AJ, wrapping his hands around his neck and slamming him against the wall.

"Mom!" Melissa yelled "Mom! Help!" Melissa yelled while she tried to pull her dad off of him.

"You touch my little girl again..." Jack said angrily as AJ coughed and gasped for a breath.

"Oh for god's sakes...Jack!" Michelle said pulling Jack off, AJ coughed and took deep breaths as he let go.

"God daddy you could've killed him!" Melissa squealed.

"He's lucky I didn't!" Jack said angrily.

"What's going on? Why's dad yelling?" her brother Nathan asked running into the room "Oh its him" he said.

"Nathan, go to bed" Michelle said to him.

"Fine" he said before turning back and kicking him in the groin.

"Nathan!" Melissa yelled at him.

"Nathan James!" Michelle said as Nathan ran back to his room.

"Jack, go" Michelle said to him.

"If I ever catch you in this room again..." Jack said angrily throught gritted teeth.

"I think he got the message" Michelle said pushing him from the room.

"Are you okay?" Melissa asked him.

"I think so" AJ said.

"Why on earth did you think it was a good idea to come up here?" Michelle asked.

"I just wanted to talk to her" AJ said.

"Well I don�t know if you�ve heard or not but there's been this wonderful invention called a telephone" Michelle said.

"Mom" Melissa said "Can we just have a minute?" she asked.

"One minute, you better be gone or he will kill you" Michelle said as she left the room.

"are you sure you're okay?" Melissa asked him.

"Oh you know, kicked in the nads nearly strangled to death, I'll be okay" AJ said."I just wanted to come and see if you would reconsider my offer from this morning" he asked "We can leave, get married and not have to worry about anyone else" he said to her.

"Trust me the offer sounds tempting especially right now, but you know we can't" she said sadly.

"Okay" he said standing up "But if you change your mind...".

"I'll let you know" she said nodding.

"Okay" he said putting a hand on her cheek and kissing her softly "I love you" he said.

"I love you too" she said as he climbed out of the window.

April 27, 1991

Music played loudly as people gathered in Vicki's living room. Sasha helped Emily attach pink streamers to the doorways and on the walls, the doorbell then rang.

"Hi, come on in, she's not here yet, you're just in time" Lizzie said letting people in to the house.

"Jason!" Emily yelled at him "You're supposed to be looking out for Vicki" she said as he sat by the living room window.

"I am!" he said "She's not here yet obviously" Jason said rolling his eyes.

"I wonder what's taking so long" Lizzie said checking her watch.

"Maybe he had a very special present to give to her" Jason said laughing, Emily slapped him.

The doorbell rang again, Lizzie looked out of the peep hole and opened the door "Oh Melissa" she said as Melissa came into the house. "You came, great" she said shutting the door behind her "How are you feeling sweetie?" she asked.

"Fine right now" Lizzie hugged her shoulders "Hey" she said to Kellie and Christina "She here yet?" she asked.

"Hey, uh no, not yet, should be here soon" Kellie said to her.

"I'm glad you came" Christina said hugging her.

"Thanks" Melissa said "besides the whole having a baby thing I feel like my old self" she said.

"No hovering boyfriend?" Kellie asked.

"He's going to be late" Melissa said to her.

"Quiet down people!" Jason yelled as he jumped away from the window and the music went off.

�So, did you have a good time tonight?� Brian asked, walking Vicki to her door.

�I always have a good time with you� she said as they got to her front porch "Are you going to give me this amazing gift of yours or are you going to make me wait until next year?" she asked.

"Your mom home?" he asked.

"I think so" she said.

"Then I can't give it to you" he said

"You're disgusting" she said laughing �I WAS going to invite you in for cake but I'm not so sure you deserve some now..." she said as he kissed her as she opened the front door and flicked on the lights.

�SURPRISE!!!!!� There was an array of streamers and confetti raining down on her.

�Oh my god� she said in total shock.

�Happy Birthday� her mom said to her.

�What is this?� she asked laughing happily.

�We've been planning this for weeks� he said to her.

�Did you...?� she asked.

�I set the whole thing up� he said smiling.

"ahem" Lizzie said to him.

"With your mom's help of course" he said.

"Oh my beautiful girl is sixteen" Lizzie said hugging Vicki "I love you so much" Lizzie said.

"I love you too mom" Vicki said to her.

"Okay turn the music back on" she said as the music came back on.

"Happy Birthday" Kellie said to Vicki.

"Thank you" she said to her.

"For you" Kellie said handing a gift bag to her.

"Oh thanks you didn't have to get me anything" Vicki said looking at the bag.

"Please, this is your sweet sixteen" Kellie said to her.

"Happy sweet sixteen" Melissa said handing Vicki her gift.

"Hey, how are you?" Vicki asked hugging her.

"I'm alright" she said.

The lights turned off "Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Vicki...Happy Birthday to you" Jason and Chris held her cake for her to blow out the candle while everyone sang, she blew out her candles and the smoke rose into the air.

�So birthday girl surprised?� Emily asked.

�Very, I don't think I've ever had a surprise party before� Vicki said to her.

�Well it�s not over yet, a certain someone has a very special surprise for you waiting in the backyard" Emily said to her.

"What?" Vicki asked.

"Go and see" Emily said.