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Melissa walked into AJ's garage "I got your message, what's wrong?" she asked concerned.

"Yeah we need to change the kid's name" Aj said to her.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"The names we picked? We can't use 'em, we have to pick something else" he said folding his arms.

She closed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh "We have been over this ten thousand times" she said "If it�s a girl it's Alison, if it's a boy its Adam, you were fine with this, what happened?" she asked.

�Kev and Kel are having a boy right?� he asked.

�Yeah so?� she asked.

�And what do they plan on naming him?� he asked.

�Uh�Kyle, I think?� she asked "What does that have to do with us?" she asked.

�Howie told me Chris wants to name their kid Harrison� he said.

"Pfft...Harrison?" she asked laughing "She would" she said to herself "Okay...Kyle and Harrison...what's so bad about that?" she asked.

"And Adam? You see a pattern emerging here?" he asked.

"You're kidding me here right?" she asked "So you want to go through the whole name book again because Kellie wants to name her kid Kyle and Chris has an obsession with Harrison Ford? No way" she said to him.

"What about Sash? She's pregnant too right? What if she picks out...Nathan or...or Nick Jr.!" he said to her.

"Now you're reaching" she said to him �Look, I've already explained to you the importance of what the name Adam is to me, so suck it up and get over yourself! Got it?" she asked angrily.

"...Fine" he said reluctantly "But..." he argued.

"Ah!" she said to him.

"Fine" he said defeated.


"Vicki!" Lizzie yelled "Come on honey you're going to be late!" she yelled once more as she shoved papers into a briefcase.

"I'll be right there!" Vicki called out to her, she grumbled trying on her clothes, which seemed to be a bit tighter.

"Hey Mrs. McAdams" Emily said entering the house.

"Morning Emily, ready for your first day?" Lizzie asked.

"Oh yes I'm ecstatic" Emily said flatly.

"Vicki! Emily's here!" Lizzie yelled.

"Coming!" Vicki yelled.

"Keep an eye on her today would you?" Lizzie asked Emily.

"Sure" Emily said to her.

"Ugh, I'm ready" Vicki groaned coming down the stairs.

"Hey, look at you" Emily said to her.

"I look horrible" Vicki said to her irritated.

"You got that pregnancy glow" Emily said.

"It's sweat; you'd be glowing too if you were throwing up every day for the past 2 months" Vicki said getting her stuff together.

"Okay, I'm off to work, have a good first day sweetie" Lizzie said kissing Vicki's forehead.

"Bye mom" Vicki said "And look at this" Vicki said "I'm not even that big yet and nothing fits" she moaned.

"Hey you are talking to the shopping expert, don't worry I'll help you out, just leave it to me" Emily said to her.

"Oh and if Lisa tries to mess with me today, remind me to throw up on her" Vicki said.

"Ooh will do" Emily said as they left the house and walked to school.

Kids flooded the hallways, the smell of fresh wax filled the air.

Vicki got her new school schedule and was looking for her locker, she turned the dial and lifted the latch but it still wouldn't open. �Sure give the pregnant girl a faulty locker� she said to herself trying to pull it open.

"Hey beautiful" Brian said approaching her, she glared at him.

"Drop dead" she said to him angrily.

"I love you too baby" he said to her.

"Sorry, I just...my clothes don't fit, I can't stop throwing up and now my locker won't open...and I'm about to start crying in the middle of the hallway..." she said.

�Here I got that� Brian said he pounded on the locker and it opened.

"Thank you" she whimpered.

�You know what? I think you're beautiful� he said kissing her forehead.

�You always say that� she said.

�It�s the truth, where's your first class, I'll walk you� he said smiling at her.

She smiled and took his hand and they walked down the hall and turned the corner.

Kellie squeezed herself in to a desk when Christina came in

"Kel!" she said getting her attention.

"Oh hey!" Kellie said as Christina sat down next to her.

"Hey my mom said she's sorry she couldn't make it to the shower" Christina said setting her bag on the floor.

"Oh that's fine" Kellie said.

"She hopes you liked the booties she knitted" Christina said pulling her books out.

"I love them; Kyle is going to look so cute in them" Kellie said to her.

"Yuess what? We're finding out the sex of the baby today" Christina said happily.

Kellie gasped "You excited?" she asked.

"So excited and so nervous, I mean I don't care either way..." Christina said.

"Yes you do" Kellie said to her.

"Okay fine, I would love it if it were a girl but I'll be just as happy if it's a boy, just as long as they're happy and healthy".

"That's really all that matters" Kellie said to her.

"Welcome back everyone" a teacher said coming into the room, setting their briefcase down on the desk. "Hope everyone had a great summer" they said "let's get down to business shall we?" they asked facing the board.


Christina lied back on the examination table as the doctor dragged the transducer around on her stomach.

"Development is right on track, very healthy, a little small but we can fix that no problem" the doctor said to her "Are you interested in knowing the sex?" she asked.

"Yes" both Howie and Christina said, the doctor laughed "Okay, let's take a look here". "See this right here?" she asked pointing to the screen.

"Oh my god" Christina said laughing.

"It's a boy? It's a boy, that's what I think it is right?" Howie asked excitedly.

"It's a boy alright, congratulations" the doctor said to them "I'll get you a copy" she said.

"It's a boy!" Christina said happily.

"It's a boy!" Howie said as they kissed.

"Here you go" the doctor said handing her a picture.

"Hi, Harry, we cannot wait to finally meet you" Christina said as they looked down at the picture.


The summer heat soon disappeared as September settled in, the air becoming crisp, leaves turning brilliant colors.

Melissa helped her mom set the dining room table �Honey I�m going to check on dinner, make sure to fold the napkins� Michelle said leaving the dining room, once she was gone, Melissa pulled a snack cake from her pocket and took a bite out of it. She folded a napkin, sliding the silver ring over it when she heard the doorbell. She waddled herself to the door and opened it, seeing AJ and his mom standing there.

�Hey� she said to him happily.

�Hey� he said leaning into kiss her.

�Thanks for coming� she said shutting the door as they entered the house.

�Thank you for having us� Denise said giving Melissa a hug
�How do you feel sweetheart?� she asked.

�Uh, I�m okay�hungry all the time�but I�m okay� Melissa said smiling.

�Oh I know all about those cravings, just remember to eat healthy� Denise said.

�Well hello� Michelle said coming into the living room.

�Oh Michelle� Denise said as they hugged �How are you?� she asked.

�I�m wonderful, please come on in, dinner is almost ready�
Michelle said leading them to the dining room.

�Um�what was that?� Melissa asked confused.

�What?� AJ asked.

�Your mother just hugged me� she said confused and terrified.

He shrugged �Yeah so?� he asked.

�Up until today your mother has never had a nice word to say about me� Melissa said.

�You�re pregnant with her first grandchild�why shouldn�t she be nice to you?� he asked.

�Okay�� she said.

�Oh this is lovely� Denise said as they took seats at the dining room table.

�Well thank you� Michelle said, Melissa pulled a chair out and was about to ease herself into it.

Denise tapped AJ on the arm �Pull out her chair!� she said as he jumped to his feet and pulled Melissa�s chair out, holding her hand as she sat down.

�Thanks� she said sitting in the chair.

�Well hello everyone� Jack said coming into the room �Denise good to see you again� he said.

�Hi Jack� Denise said as he took his seat at the head of the table.

�You alright sweetheart, you need anything?� he asked Melissa.

�I�m fine� she said rubbing her stomach.

�You sure? Because I can get you something if you need it� AJ said.

�No, really, thanks� she said.

�Here we are� Michelle said setting a casserole on the table.

�That looks delicious� Denise said when the doorbell rang.

�Oh that�s your sister�Nathan!� Michelle yelled �Hi sweetheart� she said opening the door to see Jessica and Jeremy on the porch.

�Hi mom� Jessica said as Jeremy helped her with her coat.

�Oh look at you� Michelle said.

�I know� Jessica said rubbing her big belly.

�Well come on in, everyone�s waiting� Michelle said.