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“What do you think?” Vicki asked holding up a Halloween costume.

“Love it” Emily said as they went through the racks. “Here you'll need this” Emily said putting a witch's hat on Vicki's head “Will it fit?” Emily asked.

“Sure, my mom will just have to let the sides out that's all, I guess I am getting a little bit big here huh?” she asked looking down at her growing stomach.

“Muahaha” Jason said in a sinister voice as he came up behind Emily wearing a mask.

“You look better with the mask” Emily said to him as she rolled her eyes.

“You guys find costumes?” Vicki asked as Brian stood behind her.

“Sure did, what do you think?” Brian asked showing her a vampire costume.

“Ooh a vampire” she said “I don’t what it is but vampires have always been so sexy to me” Vicki said.

“Oh really” he said shoving his face into her neck, she giggled.

“Geeze, you guys already got one in there you trying to make twins?” Jason asked.

“Yeah because that’s how it works” Brian said to Jason.

“So? Did you find out what you're having?” Emily asked putting her hand on Vicki's stomach.

“Soon” Vicki said patting her stomach.

“No need to, I know for a fact it’s a boy” Brian said wrapping his arms around Vicki.

“How can you be so sure?” Emily asked.

“Trust me, I know” Brian said patting her stomach.

“Just let him have this” Vicki said to her “Okay, everyone got their costume? If we're not back in time to help my mom decorate she'll blow a blood vessel or something” Vicki said.


“Trick or treat!” a group of children cried as Lizzie opened her front door.

“Well look at you” she said as she reached into the bowl of candy, she threw a few pieces into their trick or treat bags.

The door opened, Kellie came in, Kevin stepped in behind her with the carrier in his hand.

"Oh look who's here" Lizzie said to them cheerfully.

"Hi Mrs. McAdams" Kellie said pulling her coat off.

"Hello, let me take your coats" she said to them "And who do we have here?" she asked bending down to the floor to peek into the carrier.

"That's Kyle" Kellie said to her.

"Oh he is so precious" Lizzie said "May I?" she asked.

"Oh sure" Kellie said unbuckling him and pulling him out of the carrier.

"Oh look at you" Lizzie said holding him "Aren't you an adorable little scarecrow?" Lizzie said rocking him.

“Everyone! May I please have your attention” Nick said, with Sasha by his side “I have a very special announcement to make, Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a boy” he said happily as he and Sasha kissed, everyone applauded them.

“Wow” Melissa said taking a sip of her drink.

“Congratulations” Vicki said hugging Sasha.

"Thanks" Sasha said hugging her back.

"Okay, Vicki, that leaves you, you have the girl" Melissa said to her.

"We don't know that yet" she said.

"Congratulations dude" Brian said hugging Nick.

"Thanks” Nick said to him as they hugged.

"To your son" Brian said tapping his cup up against Nick's.

"To my son!" Nick said as they took a drink.

"Hey guys" Kellie said holding Kyle in her arms.

"My goodness" Vicki gasped upon seeing him.

"Look at him" Christina cooed.

"So adorable" Sasha said.

"Love the family costume thing" Vicki said to her.

"Wizard of Oz, very creative" Sasha said to her.

"It's my favorite movie" Kellie said to them as she looked down at Kyle.

"Okay, I can't take it anymore, can I please hold him?" Vicki asked holding her hands out.

Kellie laughed "Of course" Kellie said handing him over to her.

"He is so tiny" Vicki said cradling him in her arms.

"Heard you had a rough labor" Christina said to her as she held Kyle's tiny hand.

"Almost twelve hours" Kellie said to them "I was begging for an epidural" she said to them.

"So, Chris, when does Kyle get to meet little Harrison?" Vicki asked.

"Harry" Christina said to her "Next month, they think I should deliver around Thanksgiving, or I could go until the first week of December" Christina said to them.

"I hear Kyle gets to share a birthday with his daddy" Vicki said to Kellie.

"Almost, he missed that by six hours" Kellie said to her "So, Sash, boy number 4 congratulations" Kellie said to her.

"Thank you" Sasha said to her.

"That leaves you Vicki, think you might have the girl?" Kellie asked her.

"We'll have to wait and see, I have an appointment next week, maybe we'll find out then" she said looking down at Kyle.

"Looks like our 5 boy theory is coming true" Sasha said to Melissa.

"God does have a sick sense of humor" Melissa said to her.

"Okay my turn" Christina said as Vicki passed Kyle over to her.

"So, Sash, what is it? Daniel, Ian or Wesley?" Vicki asked her.

"Wesley?!" they asked her in surprise.

"You mean like on Star Trek?" Christina asked.

"I think we're going to go with Ian" Sasha said to them.

"Oh good, you're breaking the cycle, my boyfriend is going to be so happy" Melissa said to her "He thought you were going to name him Nathan or something" Melissa said to her.

"Nathan...there's an idea" Sasha said to her.

"I had to bring it up" Melissa said.


A few nights later, Sasha sat at her kitchen table doing her homework, Craig slowly approached her with an old photo album in his hands.

"Sash?" he asked.

"Hi daddy" she said quickly looking up at him and smiling.

"You busy?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm just doing homework...not really" she said closing her book "What's up?" she asked.

He pulled out a chair and sat down across from her "I wanted to show you something" he said putting the book down "Just some old family pictures" he said opening the book.

"Wow, old is right" she said pulling the book over to her.

"Well I figured you'd want some family history now that you're having a baby" he said to her.

"Oh thanks” she said flipping through the pages “So, do you know who everyone is?” she asked.

"This is your great great grandfather" Craig said scooting closer to her and pointing at the page.

“He looks so…strict” she said, they laughed.

“Well in the old days, it wasn’t common to smile in pictures” Craig said to her "And then this is his father, he was from Russia" Craig said pointing to the page.

“Wow, Russia” she said surprised.

"And this is your great great-great grandfather's marriage certificate" an old piece of paper was stuck to the adhesive page.

"Ella Unger married to Neilson Miller, 1887" she read. "Neilson?" she asked "That’s sure interesting" she said.

"The name Neilson is very important in this family all the men in my family, until me that is, have had that name in some way or another" he said to her.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, it dates all the way back to our earliest ancestors, it’s a way of paying tribute to those who have come before us” Craig said “Your grandfather's middle name was Neilson, my grandfather's name...it’s a bit of a tradition" he said.

"Wow" she said looking at the black and white photos.

"I was hoping to use it with your brothers but…” Craig said.

"But you didn't" she said.

“No your mother shot me down” he said quietly.

“I heard that!” Kathleen yelled from the living room, Sasha smiled.

“It was the source of many many arguments we’ve had” he said “anyways, what do you think of it?" he asked Sasha.

"It's a little weird, but that's always a good thing, unconventional names are actually becoming pretty cool" she said turning the page.

"Cool enough for my grandson?" he asked hopefully.

“You never know" she said “Thanks for the pictures daddy” she said kissing his cheek.

“Hey, just know this, whatever name you do decide on, I will love my grandson regardless” Craig said as they laughed.

“Daddy” she said hugging him.


"Neilson?!" Nick asked "Neilson?! you just can't make up names!" he said to her.

"I didn't make it up! It's a family name" Sasha said to him irritated.

"A family name?" he asked.

"Yes!" she said to him “According to my dad it is a very long standing tradition” she said.

"What happened? I thought we were firm on Ian" he asked her.

"Well I do like Ian but...this means so much to my dad, this name was in his family for generations, at least it was until he was born" she said to him. "Please?" she asked, batting her eyes at him.

"I don't know Sash..." he said uncertain.

"What's wrong with Neilson?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"It's weird!" he said to her.

"It's not weird" she said to him irritated.

"No, Neil is fine, it's the 'son' on the end that makes it weird" he said to her.

"You know if you do this, it can get you on my dad's good side, which you desperately need" she said to him.

"That's true" he said to her.

"Come on just say it to yourself a few times, you'll get used to it" she said to him.

"Neilson...Neilson...Neilson Carter" he said "Oh...oh wow that was weird...I just turned into my dad for a second there" he said in fright.

"So? Are we on board?" she asked hopefully.

"...Fine" he said relenting.

She squealed happily "Thank you so much" she said kissing his cheek.

"What about his middle name?" he asked "Are we still going with Robert?" he asked.

“It just…it doesn’t really fit…” she said to him.


"Neilson?! Neilson?!" AJ asked in disbelief.

"My reaction exactly" Nick said to him.

"What'd you just make that up or something?" AJ asked.

"No! It's like Sasha's great great grandfather's name or whatever" Nick said.

"What's wrong with just Neil?" AJ asked.

"It's not the same" Nick said "It has meaning, or so I'm told" he muttered.

"Yeah what are you getting so bent out of shape for?" Brian asked AJ confusedly.

"Kyle, Harry, Adam, Neilson...what are you naming your kid? Brandon?" AJ asked Brian.

"I have to find out what my kid is first" Brian said "Okay fine so they sound a little like our names..." he said.

"It would've been easier to just name them all after ourselves" AJ said irritated.

"What's the big deal?" Nick asked him.

"It's...weird!" AJ said "And a little too cutesy for me" he said.


"So...today's the day" Brian said to Vicki as she sat in the doctor's office.

"Yep" she said to him.

"You nervous?" he asked leaning against the examination table.

"Not really, like I said I just want the baby to be happy and healthy" she said to him.

The door opened and the doctor came in "Well hello again" she said to them "How are you feeling Vicki?" she asked.

"I'm great" Vicki said to her.

"Good, well why don't we look and see what's going on in there" she said pulling the stirrups from under the table.

Vicki put her feet up, the doctor squirted the gel on her stomach, the monitor buzzed as she turned it on.

"Okay, let's see what we got here" she said moving the transducer around "Here we are, okay everything looks good so far, the baby is developing right on schedule, very strong and very healthy" the doctor said.

"Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?" Brian asked her.

"Well we can definitely look" the doctor said to them. "I think we have our answer" she said, Vicki sat up from the table.

"Oh my god!" she said happily.

"That's...that's a... it’s a boy" Brian said excitedly.

"It's definitely a boy" the doctor said to them.

"Yes!" Brian said happily, cheering to himself.

"Congratulations" the doctor said to them.

"We're having a boy" she said laying back and looking up at him.

"We're having a boy!" he said happily as they smiled at each other, he leaned down and kissed her.