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January began to settle in, everyone in for a long winter. Temperatures dropped, falling into a deep chill, piles of snow covering the ground. Sasha was becoming antsy as she neared her due date, becoming increasingly uncomfortable and moody with each passing day.

January 27, 1992

One day during lunch period she approached Nick's table "Hey" he said as she sat next to him.

"Yeah hi, what are you doing after school?" she asked.

"Uh...I don't know, why?" he asked.

"Because we're going to have sex" she said to him.


"I was reading that sex is the best way to induce labor" she said.

"Yeah that puts me in the mood" he said.

"Come on! I wouldn't even be asking you if I wasn't so uncomfortable" she said "You know how hard it is to sleep when you're this big?" she asked "Please please please?!" she begged.

"No!" he said "Plus do we have discuss this while I'm eating?" he asked.

"Oh I'm sorry because those disgusting jokes you make are far better eating conversation" she said to him.
"God and do you have to breathe so loud?" she asked, he looked at her in disbelief, he slowly inched away from her in fear.


Melissa blew into a tissue as she stood by her locker in the school's hallway.

Vicki noticed her eyes red and bloodshot from crying and stopped "Hey, you okay? What's wrong?" she asked.

"I miss my baby" Melissa whined "I just called to check on him, my mom said he was taking a nap" she said sobbing.

"...And that's bad?" Vicki asked.

"I just can't believe I'm missing it!" she said, Vicki smiled and hugged her.


Later that day, Sasha sat up on an examination table in her doctor's office, they both stayed silent, Nick looked around the room aimlessly. "Seriously breathe louder that's great" Sasha said to him irritated, he looked at her confusedly.

The door opened and the doctor entered "Well hello again" she said cheerfully.

"Hi Doc" Sasha said happily.

"You're nice to her" Nick said.

"She has the drugs" Sasha said to him.

"I see we're getting a little antsy" the doctor said.

"Just a tad, doc, is it time yet? I don't think I've ever been this uncomfortable in my life".

"Well let's take a look and see where we are" she said as Sasha lied back, putting her feet up in the stirrups.
"Well you're about eighty percent effaced so that's good, you're on your way" she said "It could be any day now" she said.

"How cool would it be if you had the baby tomorrow?" he asked.

"What's tomorrow?" the doctor asked.

"Tomorrow's my birthday" he said to her.

"Aww, well I don't want to get your hopes up but it could happen" she said "Now there are some ways to induce labor."

"Please do them" he said to her.

"You can drink a special tea, take some castor oil, taking a long walk and..."

"God please don't say sex" he said.

"How'd you know?" she asked.

"See? It's doctor recommended!" Sasha said to him.

"I'm sorry okay but having sex when you're pregnant just seems...eww, I mean...that's our kid in there" he said disgusted.

"A lot of people have the same concerns but it's perfectly safe and the baby won't be affected by it at all" the doctor said to him.

"See?" Sasha asked.

"Let's try the other stuff first and if it doesn't work...I'll consider it" Nick said to her.

"You'll consider it? Consider this, your son thinks my bladder is a trampoline" she said to him.

"See, that doesn't put me in the mood either" he said to her.


Later that afternoon, Sasha waddled herself into the diner and took a seat at the counter.

"Hey, how was your doctor's appointment?" Vicki asked, putting her hand on her back.

"She gave me some tips on inducing labor" Sasha said "Can I please get the biggest sundae you have?" she asked.

"Sure, mind splitting it with me?" Vicki asked.

"I suppose" Sasha said easing herself on to a stool.

"Why are you in such a hurry? You've seen Miss lately she's a wreck, she missed watching Adam take a nap and had a total meltdown".

"Vicki, you're not far behind me, aren't you the uncomfortable in the least?" she asked.

"Ugh, don't ask, it would be nice to see my feet again" she said looking down.

"I never knew how loud Nick actually breathed until now" Sasha said as she and Vicki ate ice cream together.

"oh my god, I know and the chewing" Vicki said "So annoying" she groaned.

"Why did we ever sleep with them?" Sasha asked.

"I have no idea" Vicki said to her.


January 28, 1992

The next night, Brian and Nick sat in a booth together at the diner.

"Sasha is getting meaner and meaner every day" Nick said as they sat across from each other. Brian laughed "You know she yelled at me the other day for breathing too loud?" he asked.

Brian laughed once more "Yeah Vicki does that to me too, she also thinks I make noises when I chew" he said.

"You do" Nick said.

"Shut up" Brian said throwing a balled up napkin at him.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” Vicki and Sasha sang as they brought a cake out from the back, the candles flickering. They set it on the table “Happy Birthday to you!” he sang along with them.

“Make a wish!” Sasha said as he leaned forward, closing his eyes shut and blowing out the candles in one puff, they clapped as the smoke rose up from the candles.

“Okay who wants a piece?” Vicki asked picking up a knife.

“I…oh” Sasha said groaning in pain.

“Is that a yes?” Vicki asked.

“Sash” Nick said concerned.

“Hey are you okay?” Vicki asked.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine” Sasha said to her “Of course I want cake” she said “Oh” she said again.

“What…” Vicki said looking down and seeing a puddle “Oh my god” Vicki said.

“What is happening?” Sasha asked.

“Sash your water broke!” Vicki said to her.

“Oh my god...it worked!” Nick said struggling to get out of the booth "You know what this means?" he asked.

"I don't know but I don't like it" Sasha said nervously.

"Sash, you're in labor, you're having the baby" Vicki said.

"Really? Oh thank god!" Sasha said.

"We got to get you to the hospital" Nick said "Uh...can you move?" he asked.

"Not really" Sasha said.

"Just hang on to me alright? Everything's going to be okay" Vicki said to her, Brian slid out of the other side of the booth and took Sasha’s other arm.

"Keep breathing alright?" Nick said to her as they slowly made their way to the door she groaned in pain, stopping in her tracks, he held her hand tightly.

"Oh my god, this is really happening" she said.

"Yeah" Nick said happily "You ready?" he asked.

"I think so" she said "okay can we get to the hospital please? I have a person coming out of me" she said.

"Yes! Let's go!" Nick said as he and Brian helped her outside.

"Don't worry honey your parents are on their way to the hospital!" Marla called out after her.


"Dad" CJ said, Alicia following behind him as they met up with Craig in the hospital's waiting room.

"How's she doing?" Alicia asked.

"She's terrified, but she's holding her own" Craig said to her.

"Oh good you're here" Kathleen said coming out of a room.

"Hi mom" CJ said to her.

"Alicia, Sasha's asking for you" Kathleen said to her.

"Really?" CJ asked surprised, Kathleen nodded.

Sasha writhed around in pain "Sasha come on" Nick said "Just breathe" he said.

"Oh my god, you tell me that one more time I'm going to...Alicia" she said upon seeing Alicia in the doorway.

"Hey" Alicia said giving her a hug "How are you doing?"

"I'm dying" Sasha said to her.

"Don't worry, your mom says you're doing great, just remember to relax and breathe" Sasha nodded.

"I'm so scared" Sasha said whimpering.

"You don't have anything to be scared about, everyone you care about is here for you."

"I'm so glad you're here" Sasha said to her, they hugged tightly.


"So...why aren't your parents here?" Craig asked Nick.

"Because Sash doesn't need any more stress right now, not good for her or the baby" he said to her.

"You know...I could say how she wouldn't even be in this much stress if it weren't for you..." Craig said.

"Craig!" Kathleen scolded "Not now" she said.

"If you let me finish you'll know I'm going somewhere with this" he said to her "Look...I know I haven't exactly been the nicest guy in the world, especially to you" he said.

"Especially" Nick said.

"But for some reason beyond my comprehension..."

"Craig..." Kathleen said.

"My daughter is crazy about you, and you seem like you're crazy about her so I guess...you're alright Carter" Craig said.

"Wow" CJ said in surprise.

"Look Mr. Miller I know I don't exactly come from the most ideal family but that doesn't change how I feel about Sash, she's my heart, my whole world" Nick said
"And I'm going to love our son just as much, if not more."

"I'm just telling you, you walk out on my daughter or my grandson...you're dead" Craig said.

"I'm not going anywhere" Nick said.

"Nicky, she's asking for you" Alicia said coming out of the room, he shuffled past Craig and back into the room.

"I'm proud of you" Kathleen said to Craig.

"Well...he's not such a bad kid after all" Craig said "Even if he did knock up our teenage daughter" he said.

"Mrs. Miller" Vicki said as she and Brian came into the waiting room.

"Oh Vicki" she said.

"How's Sasha doing?" she asked.

"Go see for yourself, she's right in there" Kathleen said to them.


"You know I think your dad said something nice to me" Nick said to Sasha.

"Oh great, they gave him the drugs I was supposed to get" she said.

"No he seemed pretty sincere" he said.

"Hey" Vicki said coming into the room "How are you?" she asked.

"I don't think I was in this much pain when I had my appendix out" Sasha said to her.

"Well you know they say that having a baby and an appendectomy are very different..." Brian said.

"You pick now to try and be funny?" Sasha asked "I'm dying here" she said.

"They give you an epidural?" Vicki asked.

"No, and I've been waiting for like ever" she said irritated.

"Looks like you and your boy will share a birthday" Brian said to Nick.

"Time will only tell" Nick said.

"I wish I could stay longer but it's getting really late" Vicki said to her.

"No, thank you so much for coming" Sasha said to her.

"I'll be back tomorrow" Vicki said.

"Congratulations, both of you" Brian said to them.

"Yes, can't wait to meet little...what's the name again?" Vicki asked "It's something weird I know that" she said.

"It's not weird" Sasha said to her.

"Yes, it is..." Nick muttered under his breath.

"I can hear you" Sasha said.

"Alright, we're going to go, good luck" Vicki said to her.

"Thanks, night guys" Nick said to them.

"Night!" they said as they left the room.


Later that night, Vicki lied in her bed with a book, Brian crawled in next to her. She gasped, putting her hand to her stomach.

"What? What's wrong?" he asked frantically.

"Oh my god, he just started kicking out of nowhere" she said, he put his hand on her stomach.

"Wow, what's he doing up so late?" he asked, she laughed.

"Can you feel that?" she asked.

"Yeah he's really going there" he said.

"I can't wait to finally hold him in my arms" she said.

"Me either" he said kissing her forehead.


January 29, 1992

The night grew on, morning finally arrived, the sky fading from a frosty blue to a light pink, stars still twinkling in the sky. A few stray flurries fell to the ground.

"Morning, how are we doing?" the doctor asked coming into the room.

"We're exhausted and cranky" Sasha said.

"Well let's take a look, see where we are" he said sitting at the foot of the bed, he snapped a pair of rubber gloves on. "You're in luck, 10 centimeters" he said.

"Seriously?" Nick asked, sitting in a chair next to her.

"Ready to have a baby?" he asked.

"Morning" Kathleen said coming into the room "Oh hello doctor."

"Hello, you're about to be a grandma" he said.

"It's time" Sasha said to her.

"Craig!" she yelled, waking him up "It's time!" she yelled.

"Okay, I can only have two people in here with her at a time" the doctor said "Sorry folks, that's the way it is" he said.

"Where's Alicia? I want Alicia" she said.

"Sash? I'm right here honey" Alicia said coming into the room.

"We'll be right outside if you need us okay?" Kathleen said kissing her forehead.

"I love you mom" Sasha said.

"I love you too" Kathleen said as a nurse came in, shutting the door behind her.

"Okay Sasha, on your next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can" the doctor said tying a mask on to his face.

"Okay" she said, Nick sat behind her, supporting her shoulders and holding her hand, Alicia stood by her side holding her other hand tightly. "Ready? 1, 2, 3, push" The doctor said to her "Come on Sasha, you can do this" Alicia said as Sasha pushed, she clenched her teeth tightly together and squealed loudly. "Okay, come on, again, 1, 2, 3, push" he said as Sasha once again.
clenched her teeth together, screaming loudly.

"I got the head" the doctor said "Come on Sash, just pass the shoulders" he said as she pushed harder, screeching loudly "Come on just one more" the doctor said. She pushed down as hard as she could when she groaned in relief and fell back against him.

The baby began to wail loudly, his little arms and legs flailing about.

"Oh my god" she said happily as the doctor held him up.

"You did it" Nick said kissing her cheek.

"Want to cut the cord?" the doctor asked, Nick sat up and took the surgical scissors from the doctor. He cut the umbilical cord and the doctor passed him off to a nurse.

"Oh honey I am so proud of you" Kathleen said as she and Craig filed into the room.

"Here he is" the nurse said, Sasha pushed herself up.
The nurse handed him over carefully "Congratulations" the nurse said to her.

"Thanks, oh my god" she said happily, she grabbed his tiny hand and kissed it. She stared down at his small face, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks. Nick stood next to her, sitting down beside her "Look at our boy" she said crying.

"I know" he said nodding, they looked down at the tiny bundle wriggling around in her arms.


Later, Sasha held him snugly, he slept peacefully "God this little face" she said as they stared down at him "I didn't know you could love something this much" she said astonished "He's so perfect" she said.

"Just like his mom" Nick said kissing her head.

"Wow...I'm a mommy" she said in disbelief.

"Feel weird?" he asked.

"It feels amazing" she said.

"I know" he said.

"I love you" she said looking up at him.

"I love you too" he said as they kissed.

"Can we come in?" CJ asked.

"Of course" Sasha said to him "Alicia, thank you so much for being there when I delivered" Sasha said to her.

"Thank you for letting me be there with you, can I hold him please?" she asked.

"Oh yeah" Sasha said handing him over.

"Oh my goodness, you are just the most precious thing" she said holding him.

"So? Does my nephew have a name?" CJ asked.

"Yeah you've been keeping it secret for months now" Alicia said.

"There he is...my first grandson" Craig said as he and Kathleen came into the room.

"Yeah Sash was just about to tell us his name" CJ said.

"Yes, why so secretive?" Kathleen said.

"Well I wanted it to be a surprise" she said.

"Sash wanted a name that had meaning to her" Nick said to them.

"So we agreed that we would name him Neilson" she said.
Craig's head shot up as he looked at her, Kathleen looked at her happily "I knew it was important to daddy and he never got to name any of his children that so...I figured I'd start the tradition over" she said.

Craig silently moved towards her and hugged her tightly "Thank you Sasha" he said tearfully "Can't believe after all these years, there's finally another Neilson Miller" he said happily.

"Well you're half right..." Nick said.

"Yeah daddy, it's actually...Neilson Carter" she said.

"Neilson CARTER?!" he asked.

"Craig" Kathleen said.

"That's...that's...just...perfect" he said begrudgingly.

"So what's his middle name?" CJ asked.

"Frederick, after grandpa" Sasha said to him.

"Neilson Frederick Carter...man is he going to hate you guys" CJ said.

They all laughed as he handed little Neilson back to Sasha "Oh Neilson" she said looking down at him "We love you so so much."

"Yes we do" Nick said as they sat on the bed together looking down at the baby.