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Howie and Christina reached her house and climbed the steps to the porch, she opened the front door and flipped on the lights "Hello? Mom?!" she asked, noticing a piece of paper sitting on the coffee table "Dinner and movies with the Templeton’s, be back later" she read.

"Hmm...we're alone" Howie said to her, pulling her close.

"We are" Christina said, she grabbed his hand and sat on the couch, he pulled her close and they began kissing hungrily.

Howie slid his hand up her sweater and cupped her breast while sliding the other up her skirt, gently squeezing her thigh. She ran her fingers through his hair, gasping and whimpering at his touch, she pushed him backwards so they were laying on the couch. She kissed his neck, nipping at his skin with her teeth, taking his earlobe into her teeth. She began to stroke him gently through the fabric on his pants, she could hear his breaths becoming quicker.

"Chris, please" he said breathlessly, she looked down at him.

"Want to go upstairs?" she asked sliding her hand under his sweater, her fingertips feeling soft on his skin.

"Please" he said in an almost pleading tone, she slid off of him and pulled him upstairs behind her.

Howie carried her into her room, her legs wrapped around his waist. He gently dropped her on to the bed, she looked up at him as she frantically unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. He kicked them off and frantically pulled his sweater over his head, getting stuck.

Christina laughed "need some help?" she asked as she pulled it off of him.

Howie tore her sweater off of her and slid her skirt down, before collapsing on to her bed. Christina flipped him over and straddled his waist, she pushed her hair back running her fingers through it. He reached up and slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders as she reached behind her and unhooked it.

His hands fell from her shoulders and to her breasts as he cupped them gently, he ran his hands down her sides, coming to a stop at her waist. He hooked his fingers into the band of her panties and slid them off. She could feel him becoming harder underneath her, she pulled and released him from his boxers. As she sank down on top of him, slipping inside her entirely, he threw his head back, and closed his eyes. He kept his hands on her hips and she rocked back and forth on top of him, his hands roamed back up to her breasts feeling them and gently flicking her nipples. Her head fell back as his thrusts became harder, she bounced as she sat on top of him.

"Chris" he moaned grabbing onto the pillow underneath his head, she gasped and whimpered, getting him even more turned on. His thrusts became harder and faster "oh god Chris" he moaned gripping the pillow tightly in his fists they both cried out in passion. He started to slow down before coming to an eventual stop, she fell against him and they began kissing once more.

Christina yawned as she hung up decorations on to a bulletin board

"Hey there you are" Melissa said to her "I've been trying to get ahold of you all day yesterday" she said.

"I know, sorry, I was kind of tired yesterday, just wanted to chill a bit" Christina said sticking another tack into a poster.

"What's all this?" Melissa asked.

"Oh Spring dance at Highland" Christina said to her.

"Ooh, got any tickets?" Melissa asked excitedly.

"Oh sure NOW you want to buy tickets" Christina said to her "Here" she said handing them to her. "What?" Christina asked as Melissa looked at her closely.

"You had sex" Melissa said to her.

"What?" Christina asked laughing.

"Oh come on its all over your face...wow that did not sound right" Melissa said "So how was it?" she asked.

"I'm not telling you" Christina said closing a lock box and locking it.

"Oh come on you can tell me things" Melissa whined.

"...okay" Christina said scoffing.

"Fine don't tell me I'll just ask AJ later and see if your boyfriend blabbed to him...which he will" Melissa said to her.

"What do you want me to tell you?" Christina asked.

"Where? How good was it?" Melissa asked her.

"Miss!" Christina said in shock.

"I'm curious, come on, I won't tell anyone I swear" Melissa begged her.

"Uh huh, yeah like you told Kel when she told you she was pregnant?" Christina asked.

"Okay fine one slip, I really promise this time" Melissa said to her.

"We got back to my house after the party on Saturday, my parents weren't home..." Christina said before trailing off and leaving the story unfinished.

"Yeah...?" Melissa asked.

"Draw your own conclusion" Christina said walking away from her.

Kellie sobbed alone in the girls' bathroom when Vicki came in, seeing her curled in a ball.

"Hey" she said softly "What's wrong?" she asked wrapping her arm around Kellie's shoulders.

"I was getting dressed this morning" Kellie said tearfully "Nothing fits anymore!" she said crying harder.

"Don't worry, everything will be okay" Vicki said "You just need to find some cute maternity clothes" Vicki said to her.

"Have you seen maternity clothes? Cute is not the word for them" Kellie said to her.

"Well you might find something, keep an open mind" Vicki said to her.

Kellie grabbed a paper towel and wiped her tears away.

"Now come on its time for lunch" Vicki said to her.

Kellie's face scrunched up in sadness and she began to sob once again.

"Now what's wrong?" Vicki asked.

"I can't fit in my clothes anymore...but I'm so hungry and all I want to do is eat!" she said, Vicki giggled and handed her more paper towels.

"Well hello friends" Howie said to the other boys sitting at their lunch table "How are you all today on this incredible day?" he asked in a cheerful tone.

"What're you so happy about?" AJ asked "Wait a minute" he said looking at his face "I think someone got laid" he said.

"Oh yeah I did!" Howie said happily.

"Hey" Melissa said to AJ sitting on the bench next to him.

"Hello beautiful" he said kissing her.

"Hey, I'm eating here" Brian said annoyed.

"Says the man who makes out with Vicki any chance he gets" Melissa said to him.

"What's up?" AJ asked her.

"Got the tickets" she said to him.

"Oh cool" he said taking them from her and looking at them.

"Tickets for what?" Brian asked.

"There's a dance at Highland on the sixteenth" AJ said to him.

"Oooh Highland...fancy" Brian said.

"You guys go, have a great time" Howie said happily.

"Oh that's right..." Melissa said noticing his cheerful disposition "Chris is not spilling get details, I'll see you later" she said kissing him and leaving.

"Start talking..." AJ said to Howie as she left the table.

"Eating!" Brian said disgusted.

“Hey” Sasha said to Kellie as she sat down at their lunch table.

“Hey” Kellie said setting her loaded tray down on the table.

“Wow you're eating” Sasha said surprised “What's with all the pickles?” she asked, Kellie had several paper cups filled with pickle slices. She pulled open a bag of potato chips “I see the odd cravings have set in.”

“This happens to be really good I'll have you know” Kellie said putting a chip in her mouth. "I need a favor" Kellie said "Can someone come shopping with me after school? I want to look for some maternity clothes" she asked them.

“Can't I'm threatened with a possible life sentence of groundings if I don't pass this stupid algebra test” Sasha said opening a book.

"I'll go; I need to find a dress for the dance anyways" Melissa said to her.

"What dance?" Sasha asked.

"Highland's annual spring dance" she said proudly.

"Ooh" Sasha said in mock excitement.

"Hey people would kill to go to their dances" Melissa said to her.

"Wow...you sound so amazingly shallow" Sasha said to her.

“Chris, you, me and Kel are going shopping after school” Melissa said as Christina sat down.

“What if I have plans after school?” Christina asked her.

"Oh yeah? Your parents going to be out again?" Melissa asked winking.

“Shut up” Christina said hitting her “Alright fine, I'll go”.

Kellie walked through a store with Christina, she held a pile of clothes in her hands.

"I don't think you're ready for maternity wear yet, probably just need to go up a size or two" Christina said to her.

"Thank god, because this stuff is..." Kellie said looking at the maternity wear in disgust.

"I know" Christina said as they walked along.

"Well?" Melissa asked walking out of the dressing room in a skin tight black dress.

"Oh my goodness" Christina said

"How does it look?" Melissa asked.

"I didn't know they did paint on dresses here" Kellie said.

"Guys, come on" Melissa said to them, twirling around.

"It’s nice...tight but nice" Christina said to her.

"Can you breathe?" Kellie asked.

"Yes" Melissa said.

"Oh...then I like it" Kellie said to her.

"Great, this is the one I'm going to get...can you guys unzip me? kind of can't move my arms" she asked.

That afternoon Kevin, Kellie and her mom sat in the doctor's office, she sat up on the table in a gown.

"Well hello everyone" the doctor said cheerfully "Here we are again" she said washing her hands "How are we feeling?" she asked Kellie.

"Huge" Kellie said to her.

She laughed "Don't worry, you still have a long way to go yet" she said putting on a pair of rubber gloves "Okay, you know the drill, lay back" she said pulling the stirrups out, Kellie lied back and put her feet up. The monitor buzzed as the doctor turned it on "Okay let’s see what we have here" she said putting the transducer on Kellie's stomach.

She turned her head and looked at the screen, seeing nothing but black and white blotches. "There we are" she said moving the transducer "Someone's hiding on us" she said.

"Wow" Kevin said looking at the monitor. Kellie looked up at him and smiled.

"He is getting bigger and stronger by the looks of it" she said. "Want to hear the heartbeat?" she asked Kellie.

"Yeah, you can do that?" she asked.

"Yes we can" she said flipping a switch.

The sound filled the room, Kevin took Kellie's hand and held it tightly before planting a kiss on her forehead.