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Lizzie looked into the oven and saw the turkey turn a golden brown.

“Hey, look who’s here” Brian said coming into the kitchen with his parents.

“Oh hello!” Lizzie said cheerfully hugging Jackie.

“I made my famous sweet potatoes, I hope you don’t mind” Jackie said handing her a dish.

“Oh of course not, these look delicious, thank you!” Lizzie said to her.

“Well I wanted to thank you for letting us join you for Thanksgiving dinner” Jackie said.

“Oh it’s no problem at all, after all, we’re practically family now” Lizzie said.

“Oh I’m so excited to meet our grandson” Jackie gushed.

“I think we all are” Lizzie said.

“Well hello there” Vicki said waddling into the kitchen, her hands on her back.

“Oh, hi sweetheart” Jackie said hugging her “My goodness look at you” she said standing back “How do you feel dear?” she asked.

“Fat” Vicki said laughing “I’m actually glad you’re all here because I have some very important news” Vicki said “I picked a name” she said turning to Brian.

"Right...names" he said nervously "Funny thing I wanted to talk to you about that actually..." he said to her.

“What name did you pick honey?” Lizzie asked her.

“Now if you don’t like it that’s fine but I think it’s the perfect name for our son” Vicki said.

“Well? Come on what is it?” Lizzie asked impatiently.

“What do you think of Bradley James?" Vicki asked excitedly, Lizzie and Jackie both cooed.

“Oh I love that" Jackie said to Vicki.

“It’s perfect!” Lizzie said.

“I know, well you know I was thinking James after my dad and Bradley, I’ve just always loved that name…so?” Vicki asked "What do you think?" she asked.

"Bradley...I like it...it's nice...yeah..." Brian said nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Vicki asked.

“Okay…before I say anything I just want to remind you that the doctor said that you are supposed to avoid stress…” Brian said.

"Did you do something stupid?" Lizzie asked.

"Well...define stupid" he said.

“Brian Thomas” Jackie said in a warning tone.

“Okay, fine, awhile back…I was talking to Jason…” Brian said to Vicki.

“Oh this is never good” Jackie groaned.

“And I may have promised Jason we would name the baby after him” he said covering his head.

“You did what?!” Vicki asked angrily.

“How could you do that?” Jackie asked.

“I'm sorry okay, it was way back in the summer when you first found out you were pregnant we were hanging out…” he said.

“I can't believe you!” Vicki said angrily.

"Vicki, honey, calm...stress is not good for you or the baby" Lizzie said to her as she took a deep breath.

"Look I'm sorry, obviously I should've told you" he said sadly.

"Yeah!" Vicki said.

"Vicki, I'm sorry, okay, I was wrong” he said to her.

“Oh this is so much more than wrong” Vicki said.

“If you like the name Bradley, then that’s what we’ll do, if that's the name you want for our son than its fine with me, I promise" he said.

She sighed “This goes against my better judgement but…I guess if you really want to name the baby after Jason then…what if we made Jason his middle name?” she asked.

“No come on you don’t have to do that” he said.

“Yes I do” she said reluctantly, rolling her eyes.

He smiled at her “You’re amazing you know that?” he asked kissing her head.

“Anyone ELSE you promised to name our son after?” Vicki asked.

He looked at her nervously “No…” he said laughing.

“You did didn’t you?” she asked in disbelief.

“I…may…have…” he said turning away from her.

"Who?!" Vicki asked.

“On Halloween I told Nick that if I had a boy I’d name it after him” he said clinching his eyes shut.

She pulled the refrigerator door opened and took a pie from the top shelf, she grabbed a fork and walked out of the kitchen "I'll be in my room" she said taking the pie with her.

"I love you!" he called after her when he heard her bedroom door slam shut, Jackie then swatted him with a dish towel "ow" he said.


“Okay everyone! Time for dinner!” Michelle yelled into the living room.

Everyone filed into the dining room, AJ pulled Melissa’s chair out for her as they sat across from Jessie and Jeremy. Jack sat at the head of the table, Michelle then came into the room, a large plump turkey sat on a serving as she carried it in.

“Ooh” everyone said in delight, gazing at it's deliciousness.

“That’s a good looking bird” Jeremy said.

“It smells amazing” Melissa said.

Michelle set the tray in front of Jack “Sweetheart will you do the honors?” she asked handing him a carving knife.

“Don’t mind if I do” he said cutting into the bird
“Okay, who wants dark meat?” he asked.

“Before we say grace I want to make a sort of announcement” Jessie said.

“Oh my god, you’re having twins?” Michelle asked excitedly.

“Oh god no” Jessie said “No, Jeremy and I finally settled on a name for our little girl” she said.

“Oh that’s wonderful!” Michelle said “So? Don’t keep us in suspense, what is it?” she asked.

“Eve!” Jessie said happily.

“Eve?” Melissa asked in confusion.

“Oh that’s so pretty” Michelle said.

“I thought so too” Jessie said.

“It was also my grandmother’s name” Jeremy said to Michelle.

“Aw that’s nice” Michelle said.

“Eve? Really?” Melissa asked once more.

“There a problem?” Jessie asked her.

“It’s just…it’s kind of weird don’t you think?” Melissa asked.

“How is it weird?” Jessie asked.

“Jess, think for a second…I name my son Adam, you name your daughter Eve…you get where I’m going with this?” Melissa asked.

“Adam and Eve, that is so cute” Michelle said putting food on her plate.

“Oh god you’re right that is weird” Jessie said.

"You know it’s not too late to go with Chandler" he said to Melissa, she looked at him angrily "Or not" he said.


Kellie and her sister set the dining room table, her dad sat in a chair with Kyle in his arms when the doorbell rang "I got it" Kellie said rushing to the front door.

"Happy Thanksgiving" Kevin said standing there with Ann.

"Happy Thanksgiving" Kellie said hugging him "Thank you so much for coming" she said hugging Ann.

"Thank you for inviting us" Ann said to her warmly.

"Oh hi" Lynda said giving Ann a hug.

"I brought something I hope that's okay" Ann said handing Lynda a dish.

"Oh of course" Lynda said taking the dish from her.

"Need any help in the kitchen?" Ann asked.

"That would be great thank you" Lynda said as they went into the kitchen.

"Look who's here" Kellie said taking Kyle from her dad.

"Hey there he is" Kevin said as Kellie cradled him in her arms "How's my little man?" he asked "It’s your first Thanksgiving" he said taking him from Kellie and holding him "Happy first Thanksgiving" he said.

"He's thrilled" Kellie said as she noticed Kyle had fallen asleep.


Sasha stood against her kitchen counter with a plate in her hand, food piled on top of it.

Kathleen came into the kitchen and saw her eating. “Sasha!” she said irritated “We haven’t even started dinner yet!” she said.

“…Oops?” Sasha said.

Kathleen sighed in irritation.

“Mom I’m sorry okay but this is not me, this is your grandson” Sasha said.

“fine…just promise me you’ll stay away from the pies” Kathleen said.

“There’s pie?!” Sasha asked opening the refrigerator door.

“Ah ah ah!” Kathleen said to her “Get out of there” she said shutting the refrigerator on her.

The doorbell then rang “Can you get that? I need to check on the turkey” Kathleen said to Sasha.

“Sure…oh by the way…the turkey may or may not be missing a drum stick” Sasha said to her.

Sasha waddled into the living room and opened the door, Nick stood there on the porch.

“Hey” he said smiling at her “Happy Thanksgiving” he said giving her a kiss.

“Happy Thanksgiving” she said surprised.

“Mm cranberry sauce” he said licking his lips.

“Yeah I was just testing the food to make sure everything came out okay” she said “What are you doing here? I thought you were having a nice normal Thanksgiving for a change?” she asked.

“Yeah we were for about five minutes before my parents started arguing” he said as she let him inside.

Sasha sighed “What happened now?” she asked.

“Mashed potatoes” he said.

"Are you kidding me?” Sasha asked him.

“I really wish I were” he said.

“So you didn’t get to eat at all?” she asked.

“Well I was going to until my mom took all of our plates and shoved them all in the sink and told us that if we thought we could make dinner so much better than her we were welcome to it” he said.

“I’m so sorry” she said.

“Oh hi Nickolas” Kathleen said coming into the living room.

“Hi Mrs. Miller” he said smiling at her.

“Mom would it be okay if Nick stayed for dinner?” Sasha asked.

“Of course” Kathleen said “I’ll set you a plate” she said going into the dining room.

“You didn’t have to do that” Nick said.

“Of course I did, it’s Thanksgiving” Sasha said to him.

“So, how’s little Neilson today?” he asked patting her stomach.

“Shh!” Sasha said to him “I want to keep it secret, I want to surprise my dad” she said.

“Right, sorry” he said as they whispered back and forth.

Craig then came down the steps “Oh, Carter, what are you doing here?” he asked reaching the bottom.

“He came for dinner” Sasha said to him.

“Oh…well there goes my one thing I’m thankful for this year” he said going into the dining room.

“Craig” Kathleen said scolding him “Come on everyone! Dinner’s ready!” Kathleen called out, she took his hand and they went into the dining room.


The doorbell at Christina's house rang, Louise answered it.

"Happy Thanksgiving" her daughter, Tracie said to her.

"Oh it’s so good to see you" Louise said hugging her "Hi Will" she said to Tracie's husband.

"Happy Thanksgiving" Will said as they entered the house.

"Let me take your coats, can I get anyone a drink?" Louise asked.

"Later, where are Chrissie and the baby? I want to meet my nephew" Tracie said to her.

"Upstairs in the nursery" Louise said to her.

Christina sat in a rocking chair with Harry in her arms, making sucking noises from the pacifier in his mouth.

"Hi" Tracie said quietly as she went into the room.

"Hi" Christina said to her in a whisper.

"Oh my goodness, look at him" she said leaning over the rocking chair.

"Harry, this is your aunt Tracie" Christina said to him as she still sucked on his pacifier.

"So precious" Tracie cooed.

"Want to hold him?" Christina asked.

"Please" Tracie said as Christina stood up and passed him over, Will then came into the room.

"Hey Will" Christina said she said standing up to hug him.

"Hey Chrissie" he said hugging her.

"Will look" Tracie said as she held Harry "The first boy in our family" Tracie said.

"Hey buddy, I'm your uncle Will" Will said to Harry.

"Oh Chrissie...he's perfect" Tracie said looking at him.

"Yes he is" Christina said taking him back.

"Mom dad, I'd like you to meet Jake" Leigha said introducing her boyfriend to Drake and Louise.

"Look who's here" Tracie said as she and Will came down the steps.

"Hey" Leigha said upon seeing them "Jake, this is my older sister Tracie and my brother in law, Will" she said hugging them.

"Nice to meet you guys" Jake said.

"Hi everyone" Christina said as she came down the steps with Harry in her arms.

"Oh my god" Leigha said "Jake, this is my little sister Chrissie" she said hugging her.

"Hi" Christina said to him "And this is Harry" Christina said.

"My first little nephew" Leigha said "He's so cute."

"Yes he is" Christina said looking down at him in her arms.

"Everyone? Dinner is served" Louise said as they all made their way towards the dining room and took their seats.

"Okay shall we say grace? Jack?" Michelle asked.

"Dear lord, we ask you to bless this table and we thank you for this food before us..." "We thank you for bringing us all together today..." "And we thank you for the days to come..." "Amen".