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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Nick turned pink and shook his head. He knew that he couldn’t go any further without telling her the truth.

“I actually need a shower,” he said with a laugh, “I’m the one who stinks.”

Emma’s jaw dropped.

“I know I should have said something but I knew how awkward it was going to be having you help me. I…”

Emma was on her feet before he could finish his statement.

“Let’s get going then so we can watch the movie.”

They walked upstairs in silence and, when they got to his bathroom, they realized that neither one of them had thought this situation through; there was no way Nick was stripping down in front of her and she wasn’t going to be able to stand there and watch him take a bath.

“I’m not exactly sure what we should do here.”

Nick stood and watched as Emma’s expressions made rapid changes. He knew she was thinking and he wanted to laugh at her comical confusion looks.

“Go change into a bathing suit.” Emma told him as she pointed to his door. “I’ll get things ready in here.”

Nick did as she asked as quickly as possible in the fear that she would change his mind and be unable to help him. He knew that he wasn’t able to take care of this himself with one arm being in a sling; he would be so grateful if she was actually able and willing to help.

When he returned, he found Emma filling the tub with something that started bubbling.

“Are you seriously making a bubble bath for me?” Nick asked. “I do have some type of reputation to keep up you know.”

“Shut up.” Emma replied with a laugh. “It’s called a bath bomb.”

“Um, like there’s a difference?”

“Yes, there is a difference. This one softens the water and helps release stress and tension. I figured this might help you relax somewhat. Besides, you didn’t have any Calgon lying around.”

Nick was touched by her thoughtfulness and by the look of concern that showed in her eyes.

“Where do you want me?”

“Climb in.” Emma told him. “I’ll help you with your back and arms then I’ll leave and you can finish the rest.”

Both of them blushed at that point and Nick quickly took a seat in the tub. He was actually glad for all the bubbles as it hid some of how he was really feeling at the moment. Leaning backward, he waited for her to slide off his sling; when she finally got it off, she started shampooing his hair.

She was surprised that the situation wasn’t as uncomfortable as she thought it would be; she scrubbed his scalp with her nails and rinsed the shampoo off. Doing the same with the conditioner, she gave him a final rinse and grabbed one of the loofas on the side of the tub. Neither one talked as she soaped up the sponge and gently ran it over his back and shoulders, careful to avoid the bandage that was there.

It took her a few more minutes to complete her part and she wiped her hands with a towel while she talked.

“I’ll let you finish the rest and just call me when you’re done.”

“Where are you…”

“I’m going to flip on your TV, curl up with a blanket and wait till you’re done.” Emma said with a smile. “Just be careful, I don’t want any hospital trips.”

She left and gently closed the door; he waited a few moments till he heard the TV come on and he slipped out of his bathing suit. After he finished cleaning up, he stood up and grabbed one of the towels hanging on the wall. He had wanted to get dressed by himself but there weren’t any clean clothes in the bathroom and he couldn’t extend his arm yet.

“Hey Em? Can you bring me some clothes?”

It took a few seconds before he heard her knock on the door.

“It’s safe to come in,” he told her, “I have a towel on.”

She came in, helped him out of the bath, changed the bandage on his shoulder and helped him get a t-shirt on. He told her he could handle the pants so she offered to go down and start dinner. Appreciating the few minutes to collect himself, Nick finished dressing and went downstairs to find her heating up some soup and rolls.

They ate quietly and Nick suggested trying to watch another movie. Emma smiled and agreed and, instead of sitting apart from her, Nick took a seat next to her on the side of his good arm so he was able to wrap it around her. She pulled a blanket over them and both were asleep within ten minutes.