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As though it was an incrediable warning that seethes the listless skies with such insanity...he tugged at the ropes that glistened like vast flames.
Never was a remorse noticed.
Never did he lest remembered the last minutes in an hopeless countdown.

But peered carefully at a now dangling body, blood streaked in a flawed rainbows he swore was beaming with thoughts off death mild and indeed.
He was never certain what became of this letter he suffered beneath nor just even the cruel escapade of both their illness that came blackened and thick as unknown oil.
Sighing, bracing his back against a moss-covered stone and breathing in depths of weakness.
" What have I done?" he asked no one in particular.
Finally allowing pain to attack the inks of his letter, pouring from his slightly bearded features and trailed where one may distinguish defeat.
It was something they both decided however, but the other man thought otherwise and buried his shame far enough where anyone can never find.
Perhaps he should just cross that finish line, prime and silky ribbon he longed to adorn across his neck.
He wondered breifly if the other fellas had worried why him and the other man were gone and why.
It never occured to him the accounts on their feelings or heartache upon discovering what had been done.
He also wondered if he should ever go back to them and beg for their saving grace.
No he pondered, they could not understand.
Him and the other was sick....not a physical disease but a mental one.
His was not as horrid but worse for all this destruction to follow.
Therapy helped seldom.
Medication as well but proved to be more damaging than the illness itself.
He glanced up towards the now curtaning skies again and ghosts off his own breath curled once then disappeared to a craving night.
Mirrored back at the body of his beloved team memeber, friend...brother.....
Even with that cloud he stifened incomplete sobs in which arrowed the earth by regrets.
Because that is exactly how it was.

When dawn finally spread her vermillion and yellowed colors, burning his lucid eyes in reflection.
He slowly shifted back into a sitting position as everything remained the same as it was previous.
Tighlty coiled what he may initially pray was a dream..proved to be not.
But he knew he couldn't just linger in his safe spot to await what would become of next.
First, selfishly, he just suddendly wanted to proceed across the graveyard forest in search for his refuge he proclaimed he might not ever hold any useful boundaries.
Second within his damning mind was to only fasten in silence for death succomb him too.
Finally though.....he decided to at least bury him, for he deserves a proper departure.
The rust-bitten shovel that sunk abandoned into moist dirt, in a dark convieniant manner, he grabbed it and started his own personal funeral for his brother.
As he was churning browned earth and crisp bows of leaves was he reminded how he didn't come through on this bargain.
" I will...I promise.." he sadly sniffled and continued to dig.
When he thought the hole was deep and wide enough he used his trusy pocket knife to cut down the body as it plopped onto the ground like a rushing tide.
Wincing, he picked his brother up, gave him a brutal but loving last hug and delicately lowered him into the finality of his enduring pain.
" Goodbye...my dear brother....I love you and I will join you soon..."
After he had released his friend to the heaven underneath piles within guilt, he began his journey into civilization in hopes he may actually find a new cause to walk on.
Hours halfheartidly spun around him as he neared a stretch of aspalt and an unmistakable scent of gasoline.
He turned his head both ways, waiting for even a signal that he was not left alone yet again.
His clothes were dirty and in shambles from the days they both ran beyond where the eye couldn't control.
Aging face and body matched, with dried crumbs of blood, both his and his friend.
He wondered that even if he was spotted if that person would actually help.
Scoffing quite loudly.
" Help....no one could of helped us." He whispered referring to his friend and also himself.
Finally....as a god send a trailer truck slowly approached him as he waved his hands widly.
The woman in the truck screeched and stopped to drink in this lost traveler.
" Please help! I umm....I need to get back to the city." He begged gently.
Weary for a moment, as if she might of reconized him, she agreed and he hopped inside.
Silence elevated like a bed of nails scaping against the walls and then she finally spoke.
" Were you in some sort of accident?" she asked cautiously as not knowing the man.
A deep breath to relax his hardening muscles and chasing demons he replied softly.
" Something like that.."
" Well its a holy blessing I showed up, the sun is just setting." she remarked.
She was right , it was and he could see the beautifully cursed moon in a distance, dressed in a pearly hue of crescent.
Staring at it's symbolic fashion, he allowed a single tear to slip and thought of the brother he had to bury.
It was an accident, he told himself, it was!
As he leaned back on the torn threaded chair, he glared as a crestfallen misery and speculate if the moon was an accident too.....