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Author's Chapter Notes:
sorry I have not updated....busy at work then the flu leaped into our house unnoticed and just plain drama....hope you enjoy!
I shouldn't have done this..but yet an angry crimson mark took form.
Tears fallen like a forgotten storm. But I angrily raised my wrist again, to assault the other and multiple was the time that seethes me.
Panting, as I dropped the silver reminder that the pain was seeping too deeply within my skin...long enough to curse the battles yet untold. A soft knock came upon my door as I frantically shoved away all my markings to death.
They do not need to know...
" I'M COMING!!!" I yelled and made sure nearly all my supplies were cleaned up.
I ruffled myself so soundly as I answered the begging door. I was met with eyes that almost matched my pain but rather seething in a way of worry.
" Nicky..." Brian started as I held back my honest urges to just give into the thunder. it's loud void of noises I could never compute and the lightening was the friendly neighbor.....reminding me I was whole for even once.
" I;m fine Bri...just going through some thing.." I answered and Brian looked at me with every certain of the doubt. He sighed and lowered himself on me as a gentle hug. I embraced it but naturally I wanted to scream and run to the hills for my pills sake.
" No your not.....please Nicky..." he pleaded as I saw a turn of a whirlwind tears threaten his eyes. My own body felt numb and immediately thought about the cut marks as if I was making cookies out of my own soul to share.
I found myself losing my breath..anxiety kicked into overgear as I sway gently..about to descend.
" Nick?" Brian begged as the last round of my energy turned into a middle finger as my eyes fluttered to the back of my head...my world in complete darkness.

Aj's POV

"WHAT HAPPENED!!!" Kevin roared as though the faint voices were not enough for me to bear...somehow I faltered within their lines.
" he just.....I don't know!!" A frantic Brian equipped himself with the possibility that does not seem to match his.
Kevin basically crawled over Nick and completely sobbed upon him like a crescent nightmare.
I thought of the moon and knew yet well what I should do.
" AJ!!!!!" Voices beckoned me though the understanding was not completely criminal but also in contempt for what was I about to do to utterly save him.
I drove what felt like miles into my journey where my heart shifted a bit at mine ..
A mental institution for Nick....he needed to be a force from the ever glowing storm! A hell that was deathly crawling within his skin as I mounted the entrance with that soul into fact. My palm heaved in dispute, sweat borrows my forehead for the moment and realized the deep I was about to amount in this hole we call Nick.
" How may I help you?" I friendly woman said as I took a deep sigh like my last breath.
"I need you...." For a moment I honestly believed I could not but I did so.
.A silent breath left me and his name escapes upon that. My brows immensely rubbed together countering this horrible decision.
" I need for you to help my friend out..before....before he dies!" I sobbed as the other nurses crowded around me to entail more information.
All I thought was that he was going to hate me one way or the other....but yet though my reason remains as is...
...I love him...........