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Story Notes:
I haven't figure out the title yet so I keep it as Untitled.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I promised to myself I wouldn't start new fiction, but hey I could't stop myself.
2 Weeks Before Boys Going To Tour

I promise to my sister Melody that I meet her at our local cafe place where we use to go every Sunday. Past 6 months we haven't able to do that. I was first at the cafe and I sat down to our spot. I just couldn't believe I was locked down to Nick Carter's basement with my ex-husband Robert almost 2 weeks ago. I think there was something going on with Robert. He might be the reason why we end up there first place. I don't know how long we could've been there, but I'm glad Nick was there to help us get out. Nick must've been away while someone put us in the basement. Who would do such thing?

Melody: Hey sis. I'm not late, Am I?

She sat down and looked at me.
Kelly: I just arrived myself. What's up?

Melody: How's Nick?

Kelly: Mel... He's not my boyfriend.

Melody: You obviously like him.

Kelly: We are just friends.

Melody: Well then... As a sister of mine... Could you ask him if he would go out with me?

Kelly: Why?

Melody: Cause you don't want him.

Kelly: What's up with you?

Melody: You don't just want to admit that you like him.

Kelly: What makes you think I like him?

Melody: You had a crush on him 12 years ago.

Kelly: So? It doesn't mean I have crush on him now.

Melody: Just please ask him if he would go. I'm just bored.

Kelly: What if he says no?

Melody: I have backup plan.

Melody was smiling mysteriously and drank her coffee that waitress has brought us.
Kelly: What kind of backup plan?

Melody turns her look on someone and I did the same. Jesse McCartney was sitting almost right next to us and talking with the girl.
Kelly: He's your backup plan?

Melody: Sure.

Kelly: Sis... He's much younger than Nick.

Melody: Age is just a number.

Kelly: Should I go talk to him?

Melody: Why you?

Kelly: Uhm... I'm kind of big fan.

Melody: Sis... He's so out of your league.

Kelly: I'm not going to ask him out. I was just going to talk.

Melody: Shit... He's coming this way.

Kelly: Fuck...

We were sitting normal and turn to look at Jesse.
Jesse: Excuse me, ladies.

He was smiling and damn his smile was perfect.
Melody: Yes... Hey... Jesse...

Jesse: Melody.. Hey! What's happening?

Wait what? They know each other?

Melody: Hey... Just drinking coffee.
Jesse: I didn't know you live here?

Melody: I don't. My sister Kelly does.

He looks at me and offers his hand.
Jesse: Hey Kelly. I'm Jesse.

Kelly: Hey... I'm Kelly, but you can call me as Callie.

Jesse: Hey Callie. Nice to meet you.

Melody: Who was the girl earlier

Jesse: Just a fan. Never had 10 minutes privacy.

Melody: Callie is a fan.

Jesse: Really?

He smiles at me once again and I nod shy.
Jesse: Shy huh? Don't be.

I couldn't say anything.
Melody: So Jesse... Would you like to go dinner sometimes?

Jesse: I would love to. What would you say?

He looked at my direction and I was surprised of that as much as Melody.
Kelly: I'm sorry, but I have to decline... You two should go. For old time sake.

Melody: She's kind of seeing someone at the moment.

Jesse: Well good for you, Callie.

Kelly: No I'm not seeing anyone. I just get divorce from 3 years of marriage. I'm not just ready to jump on new relationship.

Jesse: Must be hard.

Kelly: He's a douchebag. Cheated on me.

Jesse: Whatta a douchebag.

Kelly: Well... I should go now. I need to go grocery store, back to my office, then visit to police station and then going to see mom in the hospital.

Melody: Say hi from me.

Kelly: I Will. Bye Jesse. It was nice to meet you.

Jesse: It was really nice to meet you too, Callie.

Melody: Bye sis.


When Kelly left, I stayed to talk little more to Jesse.
Jesse: Melody? Can I ask a question?

Melody: Sure.

Jesse: I like your sister. May I have her phone number?

I was staring Jesse surprised.
Melody: You... You want her number? Wow.

Jesse: Can I have it or not?

Melody: Yeah. of course. Can I say I give it to you?

Jesse: Please don't. I want to surprise her.

Melody: Here's the number. Going to call her tomorrow?

He was looking at the number smiling and shakes his head.
Jesse: No. I'll wait couple weeks.

Melody: What do I say if she asks me about what we talked?

Jesse: Just try to not mentioning the phone number.

Melody: I promise.

Jesse: May I have your address?

Melody: Why you need my address?

Jesse: I'll be visiting tomorrow.

Melody: I'm staying at Kelly's for a while. She might be at home.

Jesse: I tell her that you gave the address.

Melody: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Jesse: Bye Mel.

Melody: Bye Jesse.