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1 week later at the airport

AJ: Where the hell is Nick? He's late.

Brian: He is coming.

AJ: He should. Or I will...

Nick: You will what?

Howie: Nick! Where the hell were you?

Nick: Stupid traffic.

Howie: That explains a lot why you are late.

Nick: Yeah. Alex?

AJ: What?

Nick: Do you remember that MacDonald chick?

AJ: Kelly? Of course. We had a crush on her.

Nick: I saw her 3 weeks ago.

AJ: You did? How is she?

Nick: She's great. And she looks great.

Howie: Oooh Our Nicky is in love.

Nick: Could you stop?

Brian: It's great you have found girl, Nick. I'm happy for you.

AJ: Nick... Listen your buddy Frick. Hold on to her.

Nick: She's seeing someone.

AJ: Who?

Nick: She didn't say. Can we now please go to that fucking plane?

Brian: Nicholas... Don't swear.

Nick: What are you, a father now?

Brian: No. I'm your brother.

Nick: Then act like one.

Brian: Someone need to be like father while Kevin is gone.

Nick: You are not Kevin!

Brian: No I'm not, but I'm his cousin.

Howie: Guys! Please stop! Stop fighting like 10 years old.

Brian and Nick both are quiet and walks to plane.

Howie: AJ... You should sit with Nick.

AJ: You are right. They won't talk to each other for a while. Talk to Brian.

Howie: I will...


Kelly: Excuse me?

Air hostess: Yes Miss?

Kelly: Could I have Ice tea?

Air Hostess: Sure. I'll be right back.

Kelly: One more question.

Air hostess: Yes Miss?

Kelly: What's going on in the first class? Is everything okay?

Air Hostess: One passenger got fever and he's way to hot.

Kelly: I could look at him. I'm nurse.

Air hostess: Please follow me.

Kelly: Okay.


Howie: AJ.. You still cold?

AJ: Yeah. You asked me that minute ago.

Air hostess: Here's someone who can help.

Nick: Kelly?

Kelly: Nick?

Brian: AJ is not feeling good. What we do?

Kelly: Some hot tea or juice. And we need more blankets.

Howie: How we know how high the fever is? Got thermometer any chance?

Kelly: He looks like he go it it very high. How's it going AJ? Member me?

AJ: Hey Kelly.

Kelly: Was he like this at the airport?

Brian: He was fine. Nick can tell you what happened?

Kelly: You were with him, Nick?

Nick: Yeah. He started to shaking and looked really bad.

Kelly: You feel strange yourself, Nick? Your forehead is little warm.

Nick: Little.

Howie: This is fucking great.

Kelly: You two don't have fever. Go to sit on my seat.

Nick: I'm sick too?

Kelly: You were sitting next to him.

AJ: Can you stay here sitting with us?

Kelly: I better sit somewhere else. I might get fever if I stay.

Nick: Did you know that AJ had a crush on you too?

AJ: Shut up, punk.

Kelly: AJ... it's okay. You were very cute then.

Nick: So Kelly...

Kelly: Don't... I really don't want to talk to you.

Nick: Why not?

AJ: Nick... Leave her alone.

Kelly: I'll take care of you while we are in the air. After that you are on your own.

AJ: Very smooth Nick. Very smooth.

Nick: What? Talking won't harm no one.

AJ: Will you sit down?

Air Hostess: Here's empty seat, miss.

Kelly: Thank you. *Sees Robert with Paris Hilton in the plane* Shit...

Air hostess: Something wrong?

Kelly: There's my ex-husband with his new bitch.

Air hostess: That's Paris Hilton.

Kelly: I rather call her as bitch. I need to tell Nick.

Air hostess: Why he needs to know?

Kelly: He use to date her. Excuse me.


Nick: *Snores*

Kelly: Hey AJ... Could you wake up Nick?

AJ: Why?

Kelly: Paris Hilton is in the plane with my ex-husband.

AJ: Oh... Really? Hey Frack... Wakey wakey...

Nick: What? Kelly? Hey...

Kelly: We got a Problem.

Nick: What you mean we got a problem?

AJ: It's totally your problem, Nick.

Nick: What's going on?

Kelly: Paris Hilton is in the plane.

Nick: As long she stays another side of plane, I'm fine.

Kelly: With my ex-husband Robert. You remember Robert right?

Nick: Are you serious?

Kelly: That's why I'm here telling you.

Nick: If she knows I'm here, she wants to talk to me. She wants me back. I know she does.

AJ: And you don't?

Nick: Hell no... She once stole my car drunk and wreck it. I hate her.

Kelly: That's not all...

AJ: What?

Kelly: She's pregnant.

Nick: She is? And you think Robert is the father?

Kelly: I think I want to do something stupid.

Nick: Like what kind of stupid?

Kelly: Give me your pillow.

Nick: Here you go... What's ya...

AJ: Are you pretending to be pregnant to Nick?

Kelly: Why not?

Nick: I'm in.

AJ: I want to play.

Nick: Sure you do. How about you can pretend to be Uncle Alex?

Alex: I'm more like Godfather material.

Kelly: That's fine, but I'll go and you stay. I'll be right back and tell you everything.

Nick: No. I want to come. My fever is not so bad as AJ's. And I want to see Paris' face when she sees us.

Kelly: Fine. See you later Uncle Alex.

AJ: It's Godfather.

Nick: She's just kidding.