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Kelly: Let’s pretend that we are sitting here.
Nick: Okay. Let me help you, dear.
Kelly: Thanks Nick.

Paris: *Sees Nick with Kelly.* Son of Bitch.
Robert: Everything all right dear?
Paris: No! That fucking girl is with my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. I want to know what is going on.
Robert: Paris… Stop right there… Damn it.

Kelly: I think it’s the boy.
Nick: Don’t start. It’s definitely a girl.
Paris: Hello Nick. And who is she?
Nick: Well hello to you too Paris. This is my wife Kelly. And this is our little girl. *Touched Kelly’s fake belly*
Kelly: It’s a boy. I know it is.
Paris: *Hits Nick* You son of bitch! I thought you loved me!
Nick: *Stands up.* Oh Yeah!? You were the one who left with that guy and have this! *Looked at the belly of Paris.*
Paris: I love you! I want you back! Please… You are the only one I really love.
Nick: I don’t want you back! I have a family to taking care of. Come on Kelly. Let’s go find another seats.
Kelly: *Mocks to Paris*
Paris: How dare you!? Don’t you ever do that again! *Pulls Kelly’s hair*
Kelly: Aaargh! You Bitch! *Slaps Paris face* Leave us alone!
Nick: Enough ladies! Let’s go Kelly.
Paris: Nick… She almost killed me!
Nick: You deserve to die!
Paris: Don’t say that! You don’t mean that!
Nick: Yes I do. *Leaves with Kelly*

Robert: You okay? *Said behind Paris.*
Paris: How does it look like? That bitch almost killed me!
Robert: That bitch is my ex-wife and she’s no bitch like you.
Paris: What did you just said?
Robert: You heard me. Bitch.
Paris: I thought we are getting married, Robert.
Robert: I changed my mind. That child is not even mine.
Paris: Of course it is.
Robert: Don’t lie to me. I know who the real father is.
Paris: Yeah?
Robert: Nick, right?
Paris: He can’t know.
Robert: He needs to know. I’m gonna tell him.
Paris: Don’t.
Robert: Too late. See you in hell, Bitch.


Kelly: That was awful thing I ever done in my life.
Nick: I totally agreed.
Robert: Excuse me? Nick?
Kelly: Robert? What are you doing here?
Robert: Nick… Just came to tell you that you are very lucky man. You are father. Good luck. *Leaves*
Nick: What just happened?
Kelly: He looked sad. I should go after him and find out what’s going on.
Nick: I’m coming with you.
Kelly: You should stay.
Nick: No. This is about me too. I’m coming.
Kelly: No. You take care of AJ.
AJ: I’ll take care of myself.
Nick: See… he can take care of himself.
Kelly: Fine. Common.


Nick: I didn’t know that there’s a bar in the plane.
Kelly: Me either. Let’s find Robert.
Nick: I think I need a drink. You’ll go.
Kelly: Help me find Robert or go back to AJ. I didn’t really like when you drank.
Nick: Okay. Let’s find him and ask him what he meant by that I’m the father.
Kelly: *Notice Robert at the corner seat and points.* Over there.
Nick: Great.
Kelly: *Walks to Robert with Nick.* Robert? Can we sit here?
Robert: Sure. I was just going to bathroom.
Kelly: Wait. Nick wants to know what you are meaning by that he’s the father?
Nick: Spill it out, Robert. I’m waiting.
Robert: I’m not the father. Nick is.
Nick: Are you kidding me?
Kelly: How long she is?
Robert: 4 months.
Kelly: 4 months? They… Weren’t even dating then anymore…
Nick: No, no, no… That can’t be. Oh God…
Kelly: *Looks at Nick.* No you didn’t…
Robert: I think he did. Am I right Nick?
Nick: Just once.
Robert: Only one time can make it happen.
Nick: No... You don’t understand… We had a condom.
Kelly: I’ll be right back. *Leaves.*
Robert: Want a drink, daddy?
Nick: I so need one.

Kelly: *Walks to Paris pissed* What did you do to him?
Paris: To who?
Kelly: To Nick? What did you do to him?
Paris: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Kelly: Baby is not Robert’s so it’s Nick’s. What did you do to him?
Paris: We did it without condoms. He wanted it.
Kelly: You are such a big liar. He said you used condoms. So… I ask again… What. Did. You. Do. To. Him?
Paris: Why you keep asking me the same question?
Kelly: As long as it takes to get the answer from you. What did you do…?
Paris: Okay! Enough… I made a mistake, Kelly.
Kelly: Tell me or I cut off your hair.
Paris: Okay. I tell you… I made a small hole to condom so we can have a baby.
Kelly: You better telling the truth.*About to leave*
Paris: You are not pregnant. That was nice trick.
Kelly: I have to warn you about something. *Walks back to Paris.*
Paris: What?
Kelly: You don’t know Robert. What he could do.
Paris: I know who he is. He’s the greatest man in the world.
Kelly: No he’s not. He’s bad guy, Paris.
Paris: He said that same thing about you.
Kelly: *Takes Robert bag and put it to her lap.* Open it.
Paris: What? There must be just clothes…
Kelly: Fine. I’ll open it. *Opens the bag and shows the money in the bag.* Clothes huh?
Paris: How did you know there’s money in it?
Kelly: I was married to that son of bitch 3 years. I even knew he was seeing someone same time, but never thought it could be you.
Paris: Why he got this money?
Kelly: Who cares… Keep the freaking money. He’s dying anyway.
Paris: Dying?
Kelly: You should ask him.
Paris: Where is he?
Kelly: At the Bar with Nick, I guess.
Paris: Great…
Kelly: Need help with the bag?
Paris: Could you? Thanks.
Kelly: *Takes the bag* I’ll show you the way.