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Nick: Kelly is coming with Paris.
Robert: *Looks at the way where girls are.*
Kelly: Let’s go Nick. We should let them talk.
Nick: Did you find out what she did?
Paris: You are not the father, Nick.
Nick: I didn’t ask from you. *Looks pissed at Paris.*
Kelly: She’s telling the truth. You are not the father.
Robert: Dude… They are lying to you, Nick.
Kelly: Have I ever lying to you, Nick?
Nick: *Looks at Kelly and then to Paris.*
Kelly: Robert is the father.
Nick: Okay… Let’s go back to our seat.
Kelly: I smell alcohol. Did you drink, Nick?
Nick: It was just one beer.
Kelly: You know people hate you drinking.
Nick: I know… It was just one beer.
Kelly: Anyway… Where are you guys going?
Nick: You kidding, right? I told you. European tour.
Kelly: Right… I forgot…
Nick: You should come to one of our shows.
Kelly: I don’t know…
Nick: What else are you doing?
Kelly: Meeting a friend in London.
Nick: *Smiles.* Come. I got surprise for you.
Kelly: Okay…

Nick: I’ll be right back. Hey Bone. *Walks to their Tour Manager*
Kelly: Hi AJ. How are you feeling?
AJ: I feel much better. Air hostess gave me this amazing tea and this is my 3rd cup.
Kelly: That’s great to hear.
AJ: I had to ask before, but could you come to our show?
Kelly: No I’m sorry. Nick got surprise for me.
AJ: And what is the surprise, Nick?
Nick: *Walks from Tour Manager back to Kelly and AJ and holds Backstage Pass.*
Kelly: Are you kidding me? I can’t take this.
Nick Oh yes you can.
Kelly: This is just too much. Thank you.
Nick: Does your friend like music?
Kelly: Of course. Why you ask?
Nick: No reason. Does she live in London?
Kelly: No. What is this? 20 questions game?
Nick: Just curious. You never told me about this 3 weeks ago.
Kelly: No she doesn’t live in London.
Nick: Manchester?
AJ: Seems like Nick is too curious. *Chuckles and then starts coughing.*
Kelly: You think.
Nick: What?
Kelly: Nothing and no… She’s not living in UK.
AJ: Got the answer yet? *Smiles to Nick and drinks his tea.*
Nick: Shut up, Bone.
Kelly: Could she come back stage too?
Nick: I see what I can do.
AJ: Nick… That was the last pass.
Nick: We will figure something out. I talk to Jen.
AJ: Nick… She’s just a fan.
Nick: One fan is no harm. And she’s friend of Kelly.
AJ: Brian and Howie are not going to like the idea.
Nick They will. Common on Bone.
AJ: I dunno.
Nick: She could be your fan.
Kelly: Who says she’s the fan?
AJ: Yeah Nick. Who says she’s the fan?
Nick: No one. I just assumed. Is she fan? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: She is. *Smiles.*
Nick: Now we know she is. Is AJ her favorite?
Kelly: Well she mostly talks about you, Nick.
Nick: What’s her name?
Kelly: Laura Hart.
AJ: Where is she from?
Kelly: Finland. I know. Last name doesn’t sound so Finnish.
AJ: It’s easy to remember though.
Kelly: Well her father is British.
Nick: *Takes paper and pen and writes the name down.* Laura… Hart… Well I’ll give this to Jen and she can come to back stage in London.
AJ: Nick… *Coughs* You can’t do this… We can’t just get any fan to back stage.
Nick: Not just any fan, AJ. She’s friend of…
AJ: Kelly’s… I know, but we don’t know her as well as we know Kelly.
Nick: I’ll vote that Laura comes.
AJ: You are crazy.
Nick: I’m crazy? It’s just one fan, dude.
Kelly: Okay guys… Just take it easy. Let me talk with AJ alone.
Nick: I’ll be at the bar.
AJ: Wait… There’s a bar in the plane?
Kelly: Yeah… Only first class passengers are allowed.
AJ: Laura can come. I need a drink. *Gets up from his seat.*
Nick: What about your fever?
AJ: I’m OK. I need to get a drink.
Kelly: That’s not a good idea.
AJ: Why not?
Kelly: Who knows how many drinks you’ll drink.
AJ: I drink as much as I like.
Nick: You don’t want to be drunk when we get to airport.
AJ: Guys… It’s just one drink.
Nick: I’ll make sure it’s just one. *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: Just one drink. Okay? *looks at AJ*
AJ: *Nods.*
Nick: I’ll be your company. See you later, Kelly. *Walked with AJ to a Bar.*
Kelly: See you. I have to tell Brian and Howie.

Howie: So she’s 100% sure about it?
Brian: Yes… With test and all.
Howie: Wow… *Sees Kelly* Kelly’s coming.
Kelly: Hi guys.
Brian: Hey Kelly. What’s up?
Kelly: We have problem.
Howie: What kind of problem?
Kelly: Nick and AJ are at the bar.
Brian: There’s a bar in the plane?
Kelly: Yeah. By the way… Guess who’s in the plane too?
Howie: Paris Hilton? Yeah we know. We saw her a while a go with this man… Is she pregnant?
Kelly: Yeah. The man is my ex-husband Robert.
Brian: Let’s not worried about that bit… sssss… Let’s go Howie. *Gets up.*
Howie: Where?
Brian: To the bar of course. We have to stop AJ before it’s too late.

Nick: Come on Alex. That’s enough.
AJ: No… Just one more…
Nick: Alright… Give me that. *Takes beer from AJ’s hand.*
AJ: Hey! That was mine… Get… *Burps* Get your own.
Nick: I still got the first one. You had enough.
AJ: You are not my father or mother. *Chuckles.*
Nick: We should go before Howie and Brian is coming.
AJ: And how the hell would they know?
Nick: *Sees Brian and Howie walking to their direction.* Cause Kelly told them. B and D are coming.
AJ: *Turns to look the direction and smiles.*
Brian: What we got here, D? *Looks at Nick and AJ*
Howie: Two our little brothers.
Brian: Yeah and I thought they are sick. What’s going on?
Nick: We came for just one beer.
Howie: *Walks to AJ.* This one totally had more than one beer.
AJ: It’s Howie Bowie! Hello! *Laughs and hugs Howie.*
Brian: How many he had? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Lifts his 6 fingers up*
Howie: You idiot. *Holds AJ up.*
Brian: Let’s go back to our seats. You got him, Howie?
Howie: Yeah. Okay buddy. Let’s go get you sit down.
Air hostess: Is everything okay?
Howie: Yeah. He just had too many. When are we landing?
Air hostess: in 45 minutes.
Howie: Awesome… *Walks slowly to first class seats and helps AJ to seat.*
AJ: I’m sorry man… *Starts crying.*
Howie: I know buddy. Get some sleep. *Sits next to him and taps his shoulder.*

Nick: I tried to make him stop, but he kept order new.
Brian: It’s not your fault, Nick.
Nick: Who told you where we are?
Brian: Kelly did. Don’t blame her, okay?
Nick: I won’t. She did the right thing to tell you.
Brian: She won’t be bothering us when we are landing.
Nick: She’s joining us in London.
Brian: Really? She bought ticket?
Nick: Not exactly.
Brian: Not exactly?
Nick I gave her back stage pass.
Brian: That was very nice of you.
Nick: And I kind of promised that her friend can join us too.
Brian: Does this friend live in London?
Nick: Not actually. She lives in Finland. AJ wasn’t very happy about it that I promised that she can come.
Brian: We are just talking about one fan, right?
Nick: Of course.
Brian: We don’t have a chance to meet lot of Finnish fans.
Nick: That’s true. *Smiles and sees 2 girls looking at them smiling.*
Brian: What?
Nick: We got audience. *Smiles and waves to girls.*
Brian: *Looks to girls and smiles.* Wow... Brunette really likes you.
Nick: Dude… Check her bag. *Whispers.*
Brian: *Looks at the bag and smiles.* They are fans…
Nick: I don’t date fans…
Brian: Kate, Shana, Mikaela… *Started to count with his fingers*
Nick: Anymore. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: Remember that fan name Brianna?
Nick: Dude… No more about that. That was terrible.
Brian: *Laughs.* Come on. That was hilarious.
Nick: No it wasn’t. I can’t believe she told you that.
Brian: Oh Brian… Oooh Brian… *Whispers and starts to laugh.*
Nick: I hate you. *Push Brian playfully.*
Brian: You said my name while having alone time with that girl. *Smiles.*
Nick: Her name was Brianna… Dude… You make it sound like I’m gay.
Brian: Every dude is little gay inside.
Nick: Could you please stop? *Chuckles.* It was just terrible mistake.
Brian: Yeah… Maybe she made you say it cause her nickname was Brian. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Thinks for minute and looks at Brian.* Oh My God… She used to be guy. I bet her name was Brian when she was guy and now it’s Brianna… Oh My God I’m gonna feel sick.
Brian: *Burst out laughing.* Oh God. You fucked the she-man.
Nick: Can we talk something else?
Brian: Sure. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Stays silence and thinks*
Brian: Ooh Brian… *Says quietly.*
Nick: Okay. That’s enough. *Gets up and leaves to sit somewhere else.*
Brian: I’m sorry Nick. *Laughs.* I won’t do it again. Come on! *Looks after Nick smiling.*