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AJ walks in first to their renting penthouse in the hotel.
AJ: God I’m so damn exhausted.
Howie: Yeah. London was amazing audience. Did you see how Laura and Kelly were having so much fun?
Brian: *Smiles.* Speaking of Nick. Where the hell is he?
AJ: He stayed to talk Kelly and Laura. *Lies down on the couch.*
Howie: Guys… Did you see little flirt between Nick and Laura? Don’t tell me I was the only one.
Brian: *Looks at Howie and then to AJ* Nick flirts with every girl.
AJ: Yeah and so do I. I even winked to Laura and she blushed. *Smiles.*
Howie: But it was different kind of flirt. *Sits on the armchair.*
Brian: How different? *Looks at Howie curious.*
AJ: *Stands up to sit position and looks at Howie too.*
Howie: I might have read on Nick’s lips that he said “This is for you, babe.” *Looks at both.*
AJ: *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: *Looks at AJ*
Nick: *Walks in and sees them hang out.* Hey. What’s going on here?

All three heads turns to Nick and Nick looks confused.
Nick: What? *Looks behind him and then to boys.*
Brian: Nothing… You took long enough to get here.
AJ: What did you talk about with Kelly and Laura?
Nick: *Smiles.* Nothing that you three wouldn’t want to know.
Howie: Oh yeah? *Smiles.* Like singing This Is Us to Laura and saying to her “This is…”
Brian: *Moves to Howie and shuts his mouth with his hand.* Saying This Is Us, This is Us…
AJ: *Nods with Brian and smiles.*This Is Us, This Is Us, This Is Love, This Is Love.
Nick: *Looks at all three curious.* Why you are guys acting weird? What is going on?
AJ: Okay Fine. We know you flirt with Laura in the show.
Howie: *Moves Brian’s hand on his mouth.* And don’t say you didn’t.
Nick: I flirt to every girl. *Smiles.*
Brian: Howie told us that your flirt was bit different than usually.
Nick: *Looks at Howie.* How different you think it was?
Howie: *Lip syncs to Nick.* “This Is For You, Babe.”
Nick: How did you know I said that? *Looks at Howie shocked*
AJ: So it is true?
Brian: Nick… What is going on between you and Laura? I thought you are into Kelly?
Howie: Kelly is kind of seeing someone else. *Says before Nick could say anything.*
Nick: How did you know that?! *Yells more shocked*
AJ: Everyone fucking calm down! *Shouted*
Brian: I’m calm. Nick is the one shouting.
Nick: Yeah! Howie knows everything! What else do you know that I know?
Howie: That’s kind of it. I only knew those two.
Brian: So what now? You looked very happy when you walked in. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: I asked Laura to go out with me tomorrow. *Smiles.*
AJ: That was fast. What she said?
Nick: We are having date tomorrow 8:00 PM.
Brian: Isn’t she the fan? That’s what Kelly told us.
Howie: She seems to be nice. No any harm.
AJ: Everything is fine as long as Nick keeps his dick inside his pants.
Nick: Hey! I wouldn’t ever have sex in the first date. And don’t you ever speak of my dick again.
Brian: *Burst out to laugh.* You two are so damn childish. *Points to AJ and Nick.*
Howie: I’m going to bed. Night fellas. *Walks to his own room*
AJ: I’ll go too. Thank God is day off tomorrow. *Goes to his room.*

Brian: So how old is Laura? *Ask curious*
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Why you are asking?
Brian: Just saying. Is she younger, older?
Nick: Younger. 7 years younger.
Brian: She’s 22? *Looks shocked.*
Nick: Don’t judge her. Your wife is 7 years older than you.
Brian: Sorry… So what’s the date plan?
Nick: I don’t know man. I’m not romantic guy like you.
Brian: Invite her here, order some food, Buy flowers…
Nick: Do that to your wife when she gets here. I want to take her out of the hotel. *Smiles.*
Brian: It’s risky. You might need to take Q or Mike.
Nick: Just want to be normal guy for one day.
Brian: Well I can make that happen for you tomorrow.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Yeah? How? Fans are all over the place.
Brian: Just listen… Where is she staying?
Nick: In this same hotel.
Brian: That’s great. Here in this hotel is underground garage. You two can take elevator down there…
Nick: Brian… Are you saying I’m just sneaking out?
Brian: I’m trying to help you to be normal guy, Nick. Just stay quiet.
Nick: *Nods and starts listening Brian.*
Brian: I’m going to rent you a car that fans wouldn’t think it’s that type of car that you wouldn’t drive.
Nick: Okay. Like Fiat. *Chuckles.*
Brian: No… You are leaving this place James Bond style.
Nick: Dude… James Bond had all the cool cars. Fans would know.
Brian: Would they if the car was in the truck first? *Smiles.*
Nick: That’s so damn genius! *Smiles.*
Brian: We need to rent you suit.
Nick: Brian… I love what you are doing, but suit… No thank you.
Brian: What if she’s going to look all beautiful and you look like Willy Wonka?
Nick: Damn it… I guess I’m going to be James Bond tomorrow.
Brian: You go get some sleep and I’ll rent you everything ready for tomorrow. *Smiles.*
Nick: Let me at least buy the flowers. *Smiles.*
Brian: Maybe you should ask Kelly what kind of flowers Laura likes.
Nick: Obviously. Thank Bee for doing this. You are the best. *Smiles.*
Brian: No problem. Have a call to Kelly and ask the flower thing.
Nick: I’m on it. *Takes his cell from his pocket and walks to his room.*


Kelly: *Looks at the caller and sees it’s Nick.* Nick is calling.
Laura: Already?
Kelly: *Answer to her phone.* Nick? What’s up?
Nick: Hey… I got quick question. Make it two quick questions.
Kelly: Okay. I’m listening.
Nick: Is Laura near you any chance?
Kelly: Yeah. She’s right next to me. Want to talk to her?
Nick: No… I called for ask something that I can’t ask from her.
Kelly: Okay. What you want to know? *Looks at Laura.*
Laura: What he wants? *Whispers*
Nick: Do you any by chance know what kind of flower she likes?
Kelly: *Chuckles.* No Nick. I don’t know.
Nick: What kind of flowers do you think she would like?
Kelly: Hmmm… *Looks at Laura and smiles.* I think you need to do this one alone, Nick. I can’t help you.
Laura: *Is bit confused what is going on*
Nick: Roses? Lilies?
Kelly: Go with the first one. *Smiles.*
Nick: Of course… Every woman likes roses.
Kelly: Glad to help. Bye. *Hangs up and sighs.*
Laura: What was that? *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: I don’t want to ruin the surprise but he asked me if I know what kind of flowers you like.
Laura: You said lilies right? *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: Of course I did. *Smiles.*
Laura: I thought you forgot my favorite flower. *Smiles.*
Kelly: I wouldn’t ever forget it. *Smiles.*
Laura: I’ll go to bed now. You tired yet?
Kelly: I’ll just go for little walk to hallway. I need some privacy. It’s been crazy day.
Laura: Alright. Good night. *Goes under her bed covers.*
Kelly: *Walks out the hotel room and starts typing to Nick.* Don’t buy roses. She likes Lilies.

Nick: *Hears his cell phone beeping and reads the message.* Damn it. *Takes his laptop and start to cancel the roses.*
Brian: *Knock’s Nick’s room door.* Are you still up, Nick?
Nick: Yeah. Come in. *Keeps his look on laptop screen*
Brian: *Walks in and looks at Nick who is sitting on bed laptop on his lap.* Can’t sleep yet?
Nick: I order the flowers, but I find out that I order the wrong ones so I need to cancel it and order other ones.
Brian: What did you order first time?
Nick: Roses.
Brian: That’s not bad.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* She likes Lilies.
Brian: Lilies are very beautiful.
Nick: *Looks to screen.* I try to cancel still the first one, but I just can’t. Should I just order both?
Brian: Roses and lilies together?
Nick: Yeah. I guess no one done it before.
Brian: It’s very unique.
Nick: What you doing in my room anyway?
Brian Oh yeah… Right… I found the perfect car.
Nick: Yeah? What kind of car? *Smiles*
Brian: Chevrolet Bel Air. *Smiles.*
Nick: Brian… James Bond never drove that car.
Brian: Yes he did. In the Goldfinger movie.
Nick: Couldn’t you find something more new?
Brian: Like what?
Nick: Jaguar.
Brian: You want Jaguar for over this beauty? *Shows the Chevrolet picture*
Nick: That’s very beautiful. How much is the rent?
Brian 1000 for hour.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* We can’t tell Laura about the prize. I’ll take the Chevrolet.
Brian: Good choice. I’m still tracking down Daniel Graig’s suit for you.
Nick: Not Daniel Graig suit… Sean Connery is way better.
Brian: Don’t you know how hard is to find Sean’s suit?
Nick: Fine. Pierce Brosnan then. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: Timothy Dalton?
Nick: No. Pierce or Sean. You pick. *Looks at Brian serious.*
Brian: Dude is just a date and I don’t think she will care whose suit you wear.
Nick: I guess Daniel is fine then. At least we got Chevrolet. Only thing we can have from Sean Connery.
Brian: *Laughs.* Sean Connery doesn’t own the car, Nick. He used it only in the movie.
Nick: Shut up, Brian. Now get out of my room.
Brian: Alright, Bond. Good night.
Nick: It’s not Bond. It’s Carter… Nick Carter…
Brian: Pfff… Whatever. *Smiles and walks out from Nick’s room.*
Nick: *Chuckles little when Brian has left and looks back to his laptop to check his emails and Twitter.*

Aaron Carter Today 11:55pm
“Spent the night in the jail. Where is my brother when I need him?”

Nick: Aaron… What did you do now? *Sighs and reads the tweet.*