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Laura: *Tries many dresses before Nick comes to pick her up*
Kelly: Just decide. That’s like what, 10th dress you try on? *Laughs at Laura*
Laura: It’s a date with Nick. I need to look good. *Smiles*
Kelly: You got 15 minutes before he comes.
Laura: Crap! Maybe just jeans and top? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: Have you ever been on date before?
Laura: You know me. Never. *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: *Sighs* Great. Put the blueish green dress on.
Laura: The one with little dolphins on it? *Looks at the dresses.*
Kelly: Yeah. He loves ocean and dolphins. *Smiles*
Laura: Perfect. Can you make my hair wavy?
Kelly: Yes I can.
Lauren: *Walks in the room and smiles when sees Kelly and Laura.* Hey girls.
Kelly: Hey. Where were you?
Lauren: Met some my friends. *Takes her jacket off and sit on edge of bed.*
Kelly: You are just in time to see Laura being nervous to go on a date with famous Nick. *Smiles*
Lauren: *Chuckles* He’s just normal guy. I was his personal trainer.
Laura: *Walks out the bathroom only wearing the dress.* You were his personal trainer?
Lauren: *Looks at Laura smiling.* Yeah. He was trying to ask me out, but I’m not interested.
Laura: Why? Cause he’s in boyband?
Lauren: No. I don’t date my clients.
Kelly: Even after they are not anymore?
Lauren: Yeah. *Smiles.* So when he’s coming?
Kelly: He should be here soon. It’s 7:55.
Laura: Already? Shoot! Quickly, Kelly. Do my hair. *Walks back to bathroom.*
Kelly: Open the door if he knocks, Lauren. *Walks to bathroom*
Lauren: Sure. *Looks at the clock and turns TV on.*


Nick: *Walks out of his room wearing suit that is not James Bond suit.* Okay guys. I’m ready.
AJ: *Looks at Nick.* Wow. You look fabulous!
Nick: *Looks at AJ serious* You sure you are not gay?
AJ: *Blinks his eyes girly and makes kissing noises.*
Nick: That’s gross. *Smiles and puts shoes on.*
Brian: Where are you taking her?
Nick: To the beach. All what we had planned is not happening so I rented private driver to take us to private beach. *Smiles*
Howie: Sounds romantic, Nick.
Nick: I’m not romantic type of guy. *Smiles*
Brian: We will make you one for sure. *Smiles.*
AJ: You should go. It’s already 7:55.
Nick: Alright. Don’t stay up to wait. *Smiles*
Brian: Be good. You just only met the girl.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* That’s what I was thinking. I’m only doing this because Kelly asked me to.
AJ: Wait… You are not interested of Laura?
Nick: *Looks at AJ and sighs.* No. Not really.
Howie: Then why to do it?
Brian: Because he’s doing it because Kelly asked him to. *Repeats what Nick said earlier.*
AJ: That’s fucked up, man.
Howie: Well who knows… Maybe Nick enjoys the date.
Nick: I’m just going. *Takes hotel room key and walks out the suite.*


Nick: *Knocks door exactly 8pm*
Lauren: *Opens the door.* Hey Nick. You look nice.
Nick: Hey. Is Laura ready?
Lauren: Almost. Come in. *Opens door for Nick.*
Nick: Thanks. *Walks in and waits little nervously.*
Lauren: *Walks past Nick and sits edge of the bed.* Where are you taking her?
Nick: It’s surprise. *Smiles and turns to see Kelly walk out the bathroom.*
Lauren: You can tell us. *Smiles*
Nick: *Chuckles and shakes his head.* Nope.
Kelly: You suck.
Nick: So is Laura ready? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: She’s almost ready.
Laura: *Walks out the bathroom and smiles when sees Nick.* Hey. How do I look, Nick?
Nick: *Smiled and nods.* Very nice. I like the dolphins. *Points her dress.*
Laura: Yeah. I really love dolphins.
Kelly: Show the shoes. *Smiles*
Laura: *Shows her blue high heels.* Just nothing too expensive, but I like these.
Nick: Wow. You look beautiful.
Laura: You don’t look bad yourself.
Lauren: Okay you two. get out of here. *Smiles and goes to open the door.*
Nick: Let’s go. *Let’s Laura walks out first.*
Kelly: Have fun!

Laura and Nick arrived to private beach where Nick had planned to have dinner on the jetty.*

Nick: Here we are. *Smiles and takes his shoes.*
Laura: *Looks amazed when sees table with 2 chairs on the jety.* Oh My God.
Nick: Take shoes off and come with me. *Smiles to Laura.*
Laura: *Takes shoes off and start to walk closer to jetty.* This looks so beautiful.
Nick: Only thing I can think of in short notice. *Smiles and walks to jetty.*
Laura: *Stops walking and looks at Nick on jetty.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura.* What? Something wrong?
Laura: It looks like it’s going to broke down.
Nick: Jetty? Oh no. it’s holding good. *Start to jump.*
Laura: Please stop… *Looks worried.*
Nick: oh come on, Laura. It’s safe. *Smiles and stops jumping, but jetty broke under Nick’s feet.* Shit!
Laura: *Try to hold her laugh and covers her mouth to not laugh.*
Nick: *Looks around him and sighs.*
Laura: Holding up, huh? *Giggles.*
Nick: Will you stop laughing?
Laura: It’s just funny. *Smiles.*
Nick: Can you help me?
Laura: What if I don’t?
Nick: Then you’ll join me. *Smiles and start to get off the water.*
Laura: No. Need to catch me first. *Starts to run away.*
Nick: *Gets out the water and start to run after Laura.* Come here!
Laura: *Looks behind her and sees Nick running towards her.* No! You are soaked wet.
Nick: *Laughs and puts her to his arms all wet.* That’s what you get for laughing at me.
Laura: Now my dress is ruined. *Laughs.*
Nick: So is my suit. Don’t complain. *Smiles and let her go from his arms.*
Laura: *Smiles and looks around.* So what now? Our dinner is ruined.
Nick: *Looks at jetty.* I don’t know. Are you hungry? *Looks at Laura*
Laura: Not really. You?
Nick: No. *Smiles.* Want to just walk on the beach?
Laura: Sounds fun. *Smiles*
Nick: Give me your hand. *Offers his hand.*
Laura: *Smiles shy and take his hand to her.* Your hand is warm.
Nick: Yours is cold.
Laura: This sand is cold.
Nick: *Smiles and nods.* So cold, but we are in London so…
Laura: What else you expect? La sunny day? *Smiles*
Nick: No, but I really hate cold.
Laura: Me either even I live in Finland with my mom.
Nick: And your dad?
Laura: He travels a lot and I came to see him in here, but not so lucky.
Nick: Are your parents divorced?
Laura: Separated, but I know they love each other, but I want to apologize.
Nick: *Chuckles.* That was so random to change the subject.
Laura: I know. I’m kind of like that, but anyway… *Sighs.* I was crazy earlier today.
Nick: I had seen crazier. You just surprised me with the…
Laura: *Stops them both walking and looks at Nick.* I know… And I’m sorry.
Nick: I forgive you. *Smiles and looks at Laura.*
Laura: Thanks. *Smiles and start to walk again.* Where are you guys leaving next after London?
Nick: Tomorrow we are going to Denmark. Our flight leaves in 9am.
Laura: So that means you need to wake up 6 or 7am?
Nick: Pretty much. And when you leave?
Laura: Day after tomorrow. Right back to the Finland.
Nick: Is it nice living there?
Laura: Too cold for my taste. *Smiles.*
Nick: You can always move. *Smiles*
Laura: Oh I wish. My mom is the problem.
Nick: Aren’t they always? *Chuckles.*
Laura: Oh yeah… You have very nice parents. NOT. *Smiles*
Nick: Unfortunately that’s true. *Smiles*
Laura: I’m sorry. I’ve always wished your mom would change, but…
Nick: It’s ok. *Smiles and pulls her to his arms.* You can’t choose your family.
Laura: *Smiles and puts her hands around him when they still walked.* So true.


Nick: *Walks Laura back to her hotel room door.* I had fun.
Laura: I had fun too. *Smiles.* Plus there wasn’t no paparazzi.
Nick: Or we didn’t just see them. *Smiles.*
Laura: Right… *Smiles.*
Nick: So… *Smiles* Do you think you would go on a date with me again?
Laura: I would love to. It’s depends on you though.
Nick: Yeah. I would love to go again. *Smiles*
Laura: Really? *Looks surprised.*
Nick: Surprised that I said that? *Smiles*
Laura: Yeah. After all what happened today.
Nick: *Pretends to think.* I don’t remember anything that wouldn’t change my mind.
Laura: *Smiles and hits him playfully.* Shut up. You know what I mean.
Nick: *Laughs.* I know, but seriously. I would.
Laura: Good. *Smiles.*
Nick: It’s um… past 11 and I’m waking up at 6 so…
Laura: Okay. You need your beauty dreams. *Smiles.*
Nick: And you? Do you? *Smiles*
Laura: I might not after our date. *Smiles and blushes.*
Nick: Don’t think of it too much. Think of this. *Smiles and gives a soft kiss to her lips.*
Laura: *Is shocked and surprised about the kiss.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura being shocked and surprised.* You ok?
Laura: I… Wow… *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: Didn’t expecting that, huh? *Chuckles*
Laura: No. *Smiles shy and shake her head.*
Nick: Something to remember me by. *Smiles.*
Laura: *Only smiles.*
Nick: I’m gonna go. Good night, Laura. *Gives one more kiss.*
Laura: Night, Nick. *Smiles*
Nick: *Smiles and walk to elevators.*
Laura: *Walks in the hotel room happy*