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Author's Chapter Notes:
Almost there! Maybe 1 or 2 chapters after this and I'm done!
JUNE 2019

5 days later from Lindsay’s arrest, it’s June.
There’s not any sign of Nick.
Maggie and Jacob have been at Claire’s house since Lindsay’s arrest.
Nick’s kids don’t know what is going on.
They’ve been asking everyday: When are daddy and mommy coming to get us?
It’s been difficult to Claire and Kate to answer for them.

“I’m so going to kick Nick’s butt if he doesn’t show up soon enough.” Claire said and sighed.
“He’s going through some serious shit. His wife is murderer.” Kate said.
“And she put the blame on you and you sat in prison 10 years.” Claire said.
“I have confession to make.” Kate said and looked at Claire.
“What?” Claire asked curious.
“I went to see her.” Kate said.
“You went to see Lindsay?” Claire asked surprised.
“I know. It was stupid thinking.” Kate said.
“When did you gone to see her?” Claire asked.

2 Days Earlier

3 days after Lindsay’s arrest, Kate decided to go visit Lindsay.
She wanted to know answers.
Kate sat in the meeting room, wall with windows and lot of chairs.
She was waiting for few more minutes when sees Lindsay was leading with guard to seat other side of window.
Lindsay didn’t look so happy when saw Kate other side of window.
She sat down and sighed.
Both just stared each other and then Kate decided to pick up the telephone handset to her ear.
Lindsay did the same.

“Hey Lindsay.” Kate said.
“What you want?” Lindsay asked.
“I came to see you.” Kate said.
“You can leave. I don’t want to see you.” Lindsay said.
“I’ll leave, but why did you do it Linds?” Kate asked.
“Because of you.” Lindsay said.
“If you did it because of me, why to put Nick involve?” Kate asked.
“You are his best friend. May I go now?” Lindsay asked.
“We were best friends.” Kate said.
“Yeah… Until you kissed Cameron behind my back!” Lindsay shouted.
“He told me you two were over.” Kate said.
“We weren’t. After that same day, he just came to my house and acted normal.” Lindsay said.
“Linds… You should’ve told me.” Kate said.
“And then what?” Lindsay asked.
“I could’ve ended it.” Kate said.
“How long you two end up to dating?” Lindsay asked.
“6 months when he said your name in bed.” Kate said.
“He did not.” Lindsay said unbelieving.
“It’s true. Now he’s engaged to Carmen.” Kate said.
“People change.” Lindsay said.
“Are you doing okay in here?” Kate asked.
“My cellmate calls me as Cry Baby.” Lindsay said.

Kate couldn’t do than smile for that.
Lindsay stares at her confused.

“What? It’s terrible in the cell and I miss Nick.” Lindsay said.
“Lindsay… You are going to be fine. Angie is very nice.” Kate said.
“How did you know my cellmate’s name is Angie?” Lindsay asked.
“Because she was my cellmate.” Kate said.
“You serious?” Lindsay asked.
“I’m very serious.” Kate said.

Guard is walking behind Lindsay and smiles.

“Time’s up, ladies.”
“Hey Thorne.” Kate said and waved.
“Well… Isn’t it miss Watson.” Guard Thorne said.
“Great… You are friends with guard…” Lindsay said.
“Shut up, Bimbo.” Guard Thorne said.
“Could you say hi to Angie from me, Thorne?” Kate asked a favor.
“Of course. She’s getting out in 3 years.” Guard Thorne said.
“I’ll be here when she comes out.” Kate said and hung up the telephone handset.

Present Day

“Angie is her cellmate?” Claire asked.
“Yeah. How weird is that?” Kate asked and chuckled.
“I can’t believe that she killed Lauren because you had an affair with Cameron. Cheating is not murder.” Claire said.
“It doesn’t matter to her. She wanted me to suffer and thought blaming me for murder.” Kate said.
“Oh wait when Nick hears that.” Claire said and looked at the time that shows 10:00pm.
“I’m starting to get worried about him.” Kate said.
“He must be feeling awful about this whole thing.” Claire said.
“Should we go find him?” Kate asked.
“Like from where? If he is not home then we don’t know where he is.” Claire said and then doorbell rang

Nick was standing behind the door drunk.
He was so sad and miserable.
He waited to someone open the door when suddenly he falls down to sit on the steps of the porch.
Door opens and he looks up to see Claire.

“Claire! Hey! Is my kids here!?” Nick asked too loud.
“Are you drunk?” Claire asked.
“Whittle wit!” Nick said.
“Nick… You are too loud. Your kids are sleeping.” Claire said.
“I want to see them.” Nick said.
“In the morning. They can’t see you like this.” Claire said.
“Dad?” Jacob said behind Claire.
“Jake… Hey. Did you miss me, son?” Nick asked and burped.
“Miss Claire? Is he drunk?” Jacob asked.
“Go back to bed.” Claire said and Jacob nodded before went to back to bed.
“Katie?” Claire call her to come hallway.
“What?? Oh My God.” Kate said when walked to hallway and saw Nick on the porch lying down.
“Help me to carry him to upstairs.” Claire said.
“Kate? Is that you?” Nick asked when both lifted him up to his feet.
“Yeah it’s me, Nick.” Kate said.
“I’m so sorry.” Nick said sadly and started to cry.
“You are not feeling good, Nick. You need to get rest.” Kate said.
“I love you, Kate.” Nick said not clearly.
“Did he just say he loves you?” Claire asked whispering.
“He’s drunk. Drunk people says nonsense things.” Kate said.