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June 2019
2 Hours Later

Kate was sitting on the armchair near the bed where Nick was sleeping his hangover.
She was reading book when heard Nick groaning.

“Shit…” Nick said silence voice.
“Headache?” Kate questioned.

Nick froze when heard Kate’s voice.

“Do you want me to get you painkiller?” Kate asked and Nick only nods.

Kate got up from armchair and walked to bathroom.
Nick was just staring at her wondered how did he get here and what is here?
Kate walks back and hands over glass of water and one piece of pill.
Nick takes the glass of water and pill and gulps the pill down with water.
Both stayed silence for a while.
Nick looks at Kate who is reading book again.

“Where am I?” Nick asked.
“Guess.” Kate said and didn’t take her look from the book.
“You don’t have house so I guess this is Claire’s house.” Nick said when looked around.
“It could be my mom’s.” Kate said and looked up to look at Nick.
“She doesn’t have upstairs.” Nick said and moved up to sit edge of bed.
“That’s true.” Kate said and got up and moved to window to look out.

There was 1 minute silence once again.

“Kate? You okay?” Nick asked, but Kate didn’t answer.

Kate felt tear fall to her cheek.
Nick got up from the bed.

“Kate?” Nick questioned when touched her shoulder and Kate turned around to face him.
“Hey… Why the tears?” Nick asked when removed tears from her cheeks.
“I can’t do this.” Kate said when sniffed.
“Can’t do what?” Nick asked confused.
“Us. You blamed me for something I didn’t do.” Kate said little louder, but not waking up others in the house.
“I know and I’m feeling so bad. I wish I could take everything back.” Nick said ad sighed.
“I really hate you right now. You can’t do that to your best friend. You should be trust each other.” Kate said.
“You have to understand. I was so in love with Lauren and finding her like that…” Nick said and tear fall to his cheek now.
“I understand Nick. I know how much you loved her. Best friend wouldn’t ever kill friends loved ones. You are an idiot.” Kate said loud voice and pushed him hard.
“I know I am an idiot. If it keeps you satisfied to push me then do it.” Nick said and looked at Kate who was pissed.
“I just want to smack my fist to your face.” Kate said and hit her hand to his chest hard.
“You have my permission to hit my face.” Nick said and moves his hands wide to let her hit him.
“Oh come on. I’m not going to hit you.” Kate said and backs away from Nick.
“I deserve it. I was so dick to you.” Nick said.
“No. I won’t.” Kate said and shakes her head.
“Come on. I know you want to.” Nick said and smiled.
“This is not funny, Nicholas. Stop smiling.” Kate said and sighed.
“Wow… You are always serious when you call me as Nicholas.” Nick said.
“Yes I’m serious. You got hangover. You should be resting.” Kate said and pointed at bed.
“Sure. I’ll rest if you join me.” Nick said.
“What? No.” Kate said and sat on armchair.
“Why not? We are best friends right?” Nick asked when sat on edge of bed.
“I wouldn’t call us as best friends anymore.” Kate said.
“If that’s what you want. We can only be acquaintances.” Nick said.
“Right… Like acquaintances sleep on same bed.” Kate said.
“Sure they do.” Nick said smiling.

Kate only looks at Nick and looks very curious.

“What?” Nick asked and touches his face to find something.
“Do I got something on my face?”
“No. I just thought of something that I want to know.” Kate said.
“What?” Nick asked curious.
“Do you remember what you said to me today?” Kate asked.
“I don’t think I do. What did I said?” Nick asked.
“Now that you don’t know, I won’t tell you.” Kate said and smiled.
“Oh come on. That’s not fair. I bet Claire knows, right?” Nick questioned smiled.
“She does cause she heard you saying it.” Kate said.
“Wait… She heard me say it, but you didn’t?” Nick asked.
“She asked me if you said it and I just said drunk people says nonsense things.” Kate said.
“Did I really said something nonsense?” Nick asked.
“If I love you is nonsense then yeah.” Kate said and blushed little
“Wait what? I said I love you?” Nick asked shocked.
“Like I said. It was nonsense.” Kate said.
“Oh God. I must have been very drunk then.” Nick said.
“But now you need to get some rest.” Kate said and stands up from the armchair.
“Just one question.” Nick said and get up from the bed.
“No I won’t sleep with you on the same bed.” Kate said before Nick asked the question.
“I wasn’t asking that, but good to know.” Nick said.
“Then what you want to ask?” Kate asked.
“Did I sound like serious when I said that?” Nick asked.
“I don’t know. You were drunk.” Kate said.
“I’m so confused.” Nick said and scratched his head.
“Maybe you meant it as friendly way.” Kate said.
“Yeah. Friends can say to each other I love yous.” Nick said.
“Well Goodnight.” Kate said when walked to door to walk out.
“Kate?” Nick said and Kate turned to look at Nick.
“I do love you. Remember that.” Nick said smiling.
“That’s so sweet. Love you too, jerk.” Kate said smiling and just walked out the room.

Nick crawled on the bed and get lay down on his back thinking.
He’s trying to think of time when he arrived here, but his memory is so bad.
He was at home drinking and being mad to Lindsay past 5 days.
Did he really mean it that he loves Kate, but not as friendly way?
Only way to find out is that ask Kate if they could kiss to be sure.

“She wouldn’t ever agree to it.” Nick said to himself out loud.

Next Day

Kate wakes up 7 in the morning and walks to kitchen making some breakfast.
She sees Nick already sitting there drinking coffee.

“Morning. When did you get up?” Kate asked and poured coffee to mug.
“I didn’t sleep after you left the room.” Nick said.
“What kept you up? Hangover?” Kate asked.
“No. Something else.” Nick said.
“About the I love you?” Kate asked.
“Yeah. I have suggestion.” Nick said and looked at Kate seriously.
“Do I want to hear this?” Kate asked.
“Just listen and say what you think.” Nick said.
“Okay.” Kate said and sat down to listen.
“I really want to know what I meant by whole I love you thing. I think we should kiss or make out for once.” Nick said.
“You’re crazy. This is the most stupid thing ever.” Kate said and shakes her head.
“Please Kate. I really need to know. Kiss is the only way.” Nick said and begged.
“Only one kiss?” Kate asked and Nick nods.
“Fine. Just one kiss.” Kate said and pointed one finger at Nick.
“One kiss.” Nick agreed.
“Let’s just stand up.” Kate said and stands up from her seat.
“If you want, you can have eyes closed if it’s awkward for you.” Nick said when stands up.
“It’s going to be awkward.” Kate said and thought should she have eyes close.
“Better close your eyes.” Nick said when took step closer to her.
“Okay.” Kate said smiling and closed her eyes.

Nick moves closer to Kate and leans down to her lips to kiss her.
Their lips touched for little bit first.
Nick waited second for reaction from Kate, but she had eyes closed still.
He deepens the kiss little bit and gets reaction from Kate that he didn’t think to get.
Kate was definitely moaning little bit.
Maybe few seconds later they stopped and Kate opened her eyes.
They stayed silence and sat down back to their seat.
Claire walks in the kitchen minute later.

“Morning you two.” Claire said smiling and took cup of coffee.

Kate and Nick stayed quiet and only stared each other.
Claire looked at both.

“What’s going on?” Claire asked.

Both turned to look at Claire.
Claire was confused what to do.

“What?” Claire asked.

Both stand up from seats and walked out the kitchen out the door to porch.

“Well that was awkward.” Kate said when sat to steps on porch.
“Claire or the kiss?” Nick asked and sat next to her.
“Almost both. If we were kissing little longer, she could’ve walk on us.” Kate said.
“Yeah. So was kiss awkward?” Nick asked and hoped she wouldn’t say yes.
“I’m surprised that it didn’t.” Kate said honestly.
“Yeah? Really?” Nick questioned.
“Yeah. It was nice.” Kate said smiling.
“Nice huh?” Nick asked and chuckled.
“Stop. I haven’t kissed anyone over 10 years.” Kate said.
“Was it best kiss you had?” Nick asked.

Kate looks at Nick and smiles.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Nick asked smiling.
“It was better than Cameron’s kiss.” Kate said.
“Well that’s good. Now I can brag about it to Cameron.” Nick said.
“Oh god… You must be very proud of that kiss.” Kate said smiling.
“Of course. I know you liked. You moaned.” Nick whispered.
“I did not.” Kate said and blushed.
“Want to find out again?” Nick asked.
“You would love that.” Kate said.

They smiled to each other and they started to kiss again.