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"Jacob! Maggie! Time to go!" Nick shouted next morning.
"Coming daddy." Maggie said when walked to outside.
"Jake! Come on, son!" Nick shouted.

Lindsay walked to Nick and sighed.

"His forehead is burning hot. He's not going to school today." Lindsay said.
"He was fine yesterday." Nick said worried.
"That's what I thought." Lindsay said.
"Take care of our boy." Nick said and gives a kiss.
"I will. See you when you come home. I'll get Maggie from day care later." Lindsay said.
"Sounds good. Bye." Nick said and left with Maggie.

Lindsay walked to kitchen to make some soup to Jacob.
Things started to look good again.
No more Kate-bitch.
She can finally breathe again.
Then door bell rang and she started to get worried.

Claire waited door to be open.
And like she hoped, Lindsay opens it.

"Hey Linds. Busy?" Claire asked.
"Actually yes. Jacob is sick and I need to take care of him." Lindsay said.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I really need to talk to you." Claire said.
"Fine. Come in." Lindsay said and opened the door wider.
"Thanks." Lindsay said when walked in.
"I'm just checking on Jacob and then we can talk." Lindsay said when walked to kitchen.

Claire followed her and notice Lindsay making soup.

"Does Jacob have fever?" Claire asked.
"Yes. He was fine yesterday, but he suddenly got hot forehead." Lindsay said in worried.
"Is Maggie home?" Claire asked.
"No. Nick took her to day care and I'll go get her later back home." Lindsay said and Claire only nodded for answer.
"I'll be right back." Lindsay said and walked to upstairs with the soup.

Claire didn't know what to do.
Jacob is sick and she was here to talk about Lindsay.
Maybe it was bad time, but same time wasn't.
Lindsay walked back to kitchen.

"Okay. What is it you want to talk about?" Lindsay asked.
"Do you have any tattoos?" Claire asked.
"No. Why you ask?" Lindsay fake wondered.
"Because I found picture of you where you have tattoo on the wrist. Right where your..." Claire said and looked at Lindsay's hands.
"Like I told you. I don't have any tattoos. I went to lab for give blood sample." Lindsay said.
"Right. Because you didn't feel good." Claire said.
"That's right. Did Kate told you yesterday?" Lindsay asked.
"Yeah." Claire said and looked at Lindsay to carefully to read her.
"Have you ever had tattoo like this before?" Claire asked and showed the picture.
"Not in 12 years. I remove it because it get infected. Anything else?" Lindsay asked.
"I think you are lying to me. I can't just wait to ask from Nick about this." Claire said smirking.


James decided to go meet Nick to studio.
He needed some answers.

"Is Mr. Carter here?" James asked from the lady behind the desk.
"Yes he is. Who are you?" lady asked.
"Officer Bryant. May I see him?" James asked.
"Of course. I'll let him know you are here. Please have a seat." lady said and made a phone call.

James didn't want to sit.
He rather stand.
It didn't take long time when Nick walked to lobby.

"Officer Bryant. What are you doing here?" Nick asked.
"I didn't talk to you yesterday so I came here. Can we talk now?" James asked.
"Yeah. Let's sit here." Nick said and sat to lobby couch.

James sat next to him.

"Do you know anyone that have tattoo like this on the wrist?" James asked and showed pictures.
"Yeah. What about it?" Nick asked and looked at pictures.
"Murderer have that tattoo." James said and Nick turn white as sheet.
"Mr. Carter? Are you okay?" James asked.
"Yeah... Any proves that murderer have that tattoo?" Nick asked worried.
"Footage. Claire notice it on the video footage. Check it out." James said and showed footage from his tablet what was zooming to wrist where was clear shot of butterfly tattoo.
"Shit..." Nick said quietly.
"Sir?" James questioned worried.
"I need a moment to be alone. Excuse me." Nick said and walked to recording room to clear his head.

He couldn't believe what he just saw.
Murderer have exact same tattoo on the wrist that Lindsay did.
Murderer wore Kate's clothes.
Murderer have same hair as Kate.
Only thing Kate didn't had is tattoo.
Nick took deep breath and sighed.
He needs to talk to Lindsay.
Someone is framing her.
Maybe Claire was behind all of this to help Kate.

"Fuck. This is fucking..." Nick thought out loud.
"FUCK!" Nick shouted loud and kicked chair and flipped table over.

James waited Nick to come back to lobby.
Nick looked angry, mad and confused.

"Tell me everything you think... No. Everything you know. Who killed Lauren? Is Kate framed for murdering her?" Nick asked furious.
"Nick... You are not going to like what I'm about to tell you and show you." James said.

They sat down to meeting room and James explained to Nick everything.

"Person seems to wear Kate's clothes. Wearing wig that looks like Kate's hair. They seems to have same height. Only thing we didn't noticed was small tattoo on the wrist. We both know Kate doesn't have any tattoos. We started to check closely about the tattoo and we got better look at it and we got this butterfly tattoo. Claire asked me to find out who could have this and I'm sorry, but your wife..." James said, but Nick says quietly.

James nods and sighed.