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1 Whose Turn Is It Anyway?

A/n: Hi everyone! Just to let you know that while some parts of this story is based on facts, I tend to mix them up with a lil bit of fiction, so don't hold me responsible for anything you might disagree on okay? Hope you like it! And reviews would be greatly appreciated :)

It was Kevin’s turn this year. Granted that we skipped about four years because of the hiatus, we decided that we should do it again this year, two weeks before the release of the album. Why? Because bad habits die hard. Heh, actually, that was Nick’s latest tattoo, which I happened to play a part in it’s very existence. But we’ll get back to that later. As to why we decided to do it this year, it’s because we don’t believe in throwing away tradition. The last time we did this, it was Howie’s turn and he had chosen that small apartment back in Orlando. Our very first apartment together. Well, Howie Kevin and I used to be the permanent dwellers in that house because the Mc Leans and Carters couldn’t trust AJ and Nick alone with us, which was a very good decision on their part. The awesome part was, nobody expected us to be living there for a week so we were left on our own. It was an awesome feeling, being in an opened neighborhood, to be able to walk around freely and no one bothered you. We would be walking around the apartment and something we saw there would trigger old memories. That was the best thing about these trips. The memories. There were a few problems with sleeping arrangements though, being that Nick had decided to grow up and the rest of us weren’t actually as small as we used to be. The once huge space felt constricted the first few days we were there. By the end of the week, we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of each other’s hairs. It was still nice though. “I think if we stay in this room a minute longer, the last one to die would be AJ.” Nick has a way to break up deafening silence. Yesterday while we were sitting around looking through a few pictures for our album sleeve, he let out this weird sounding fart that seemed to last forever and a day. AJ christened it fart capella cause it was that well strung. “Yeah?” AJ asked, not even a drop of sarcasm in his voice. That is how comfortable we are with each other’s strange behaviors. I tend not into dwell into the fact that we are used to the strange behaviors because it would only freak me out, bad. “Yeah,” Nick said as he stretched his legs and then folded them again pretzel style. “See, passive smokers have a higher risk of getting cancer than smokers themselves. That’s his third in a row and unless Kevin made up his mind and chose a damn place already, we’re stuck in this room and doom to die an early death.” “Die young and leave a better corpse behind.” Howie smirked. “I am no James Dean.” Nick said. I looked at Kevin and stifled a yawn. Yup, it takes Kevin just as long to decide on something as he would, just talking. “Well Kev, have you decided yet? I really want to outlive AJ.” “I don’t know man, I’m torn between two places.” Kevin sighed. “And this is a very important decision because I’m going to have to wait another four years before it’s my turn again. God knows if we’ll be doing this in four years.” “J, give me your cig pack.” Nick said. “What the heck for?” “I’m passing it around. If we were to die from smoking, might as well smoke one.” “NO!” I burst. Turned out, Kevin and Howie were thinking the same. “Then make up your mind already! We still need to go back home and start packing our stuff and you’re making me late!” Nick argued. “You’ll still be late if I had made up mind five hours ago.” Kevin pointed out. That earned him a few snickers, even from Nick. “Okay fine. Here goes nothing.” The room fell in anticipated silence. “We’re going to Kentucky.” Kevin grinned. “Into the Appalachian mountains and back to my dad’s camp.”