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2 What Would We Do There Anyway?

Supposedly, Kevin mowed grass, swept the cabins, cleaned the toilets and was a lifeguard and camp counselor. I say Kevin then wasn’t any different than the Kevin now. Still an all rounder. I stole a glance on the rear view mirror of Kevin’s Esplanade. My hair was in total mess, the effect of leaning back on this car for too damn long. I’m only thankful that I no longer had the long hair, that would be troublesome to look after on this trip. What can I say, old habits die hard. Ask Nicky, he’d most likely to agree with me on that. “But we’re not cleaning toilets right?” AJ asked, cutting in while Kevin was still telling us the things that he used to do up there. AJ could never sit still, he fidgeted a lot and never seemed to find a comfortable spot and stay very still. “We’re not.” Nick answered at the front. I heard Brian’s soft chuckle to my right. Seeing that Kevin said nothing, Nick shifted to his left a little and was facing Kevin now. “Right, Kevin?” “Unless if you wanna go au natural in the woods, yes, we have to clean the damn toilets.” Kevin replied. “Are they even working in the first place?” Brian asked. That got me worried. I for one, am not going au natural in the woods. If it comes down to people’s choice, Nicky will have my vote just this once. “You must be kidding me!” AJ groaned. “Okay you guys need to stop complaining so much,” Kevin said. I made sure that his eyes were on the road the whole time. Kevin could get very emotional at times and when he does, he wouldn’t want to look at the open road while talking to you. “We cleaned the toilet at our old house too, didn’t we? You guys didn’t even whine at Howie for that.” Yes, indeed that was true. Maybe it was my kind nature self that made it hard for them to be mad at me. What the heck am I thinking? Nick was getting expressive now. His hands were all over the place. “Yes, but now that we know better, we ain’t gonna do that shit again!” There was about a whole five seconds of silence in the car. That is too long of a pause. I was worried that Kevin would get offended by it. We knew how much the camp meant to him. It held everything there was of his life, but most importantly, his father. “Did you know that I used to lead hikes all over the 1,000-acre property that borders the Daniel Boone National Forest?” We groaned in unison. This wasn’t the first time we had heard of it. “Really Kev?” Nick said, rolling his eyes. Kevin didn’t seem to hear the sarcasm or chose to ignore it for now. “Yeah really,” Kevin continued. “It was so beautiful and very clean, that our water supply came from the natural spring.” “Yeah, it was awesome. I loved it when I was there.” Brian agreed. “Which wasn’t quite often at first because everyone else thought it’d be best that I be near a hospital at all times.” “But things changed.” Kevin smiled. “Sure did. Thanks to his dad.” Brian grinned. “Yeah? What did Richardson Senior do?” AJ asked, intrigued. “Well, he convinced my parents that the air is a lot cleaner up there and the natural spring is full of healings. I stayed there for summer camps.” “Did you get better up there?” I asked as I shifted to my right. “Yup, I did. Never had an episode up there and I went hiking too.” “There was that one time Bri.” Kevin said, turning to the back for a second. “Remember? You got us scared shitless.” “What happened?” Nick asked. His eyes was so wide, I swear it was like reading Goldilocks and the three bears for the first time to him. You’d think at 13 he’d come across that storybook but no, he was clueless when we talked about it one night. That was a hilarious night. “That was my own doing. I forgot to take my medicine that day.” Brian explained. “Did anything outrageous ever happen to you guys?” Nick asked. Brian laughed and Kevin smirked. It was something that the cousins were sharing. An unforgettable memory of camping up at the Appalachian mountains. “Well?” AJ egged on. “Well, I guess that will have to wait,” Kevin said. “We’re here.”