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3 Why Are We Climbing Anyway?

According to Kevin, the car will only get us this far and that we have to climb our way up from now on. My dad and the men before him who managed the camp made sure that no parts of this mountains be destroyed to make way for paths for vehicles to drive through, he said. So we got out of the car, strapped our backs with our huge hiking bags and let Kevin led the way. Sure feels like leading a hiking expedition again, Kevin exclaimed as we started our way up. “Old habits die hard, old man.” Trust Kaos, he knows what he was saying. “I still think it’d be nice if someone had told me we should wear long pants.” I said, already panting. “We didn’t know you’d be that stupid Bone.” I picked a small stone on our path and swung it so it’d hit Nick’s bald head. He turned, his hand already nursing for whatever bump it might have caused for calling me stupid. “We’re NOT going to fight all right? We’re not even half way up yet so don’t ruin this.” Kevin warned before Nick managed to shoot off something foul from his mouth. I know he would, the kid hang around me too much sometimes. Brian checked the back of Nick’s head because the prick hadn’t stop rubbing at it. Nick can be such a baby sometimes; I swear the stone was very tiny. “Just a small bump Nick, it’ll go away.” Brian assured him. “Here J, you might need this more than I do.” Howie said, shoving me a can of insect repellent for my exposed legs. “Don’t think the mosquitoes would go after scrawny legs like mine but thanks D.” I heard Kevin scoff. “What’s that for?” Kevin shook his head and moved faster, not once did he turn back. “Scrawny? AJ have you look into the mirror lately?” “You saying I’m fat?” “Nope. But you’re not scrawny either.” “Are we going to talk about AJ’s legs all the way up or are you going to give us a proper hike cous?” Brian demanded jokingly. “And while we’re up there at the camp, you might want to play camp counselor to these two brats.” Howie teased. “Yeah, what do they do if someone misbehaves in camp?” AJ asked as he fastened up his pace, not wanting to be the left behind in a place he had never gone before. “Well, I made them clean the toilets.” Kevin said matter of factly. Nick almost tripped on a twig. “Kev don’t even start on that,” Howie said. “we need Nicky in once piece by the time we get there.” “Don’t mind Nick and his clumsy legs, I’m out of this place if you try and make me clean those toilets!” AJ grumbled. Kevin sighed. “The signs of aging are here. I tell you boys, next thing we know, we’ll be sitting on them rocking chairs, smoking pipes and talking about clogged sewers.”