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4 Where Are We Sleeping Anyway?

Kevin said we had to sleep in the sorry excuse for a bunk bed right at the end of the cabin. I wondered when was the last time they dust this place. Kevin said they had a keeper, Mr. Rockweiler, to clean the cabin once a week, I say you can’t trust someone whose last name reminds you of a type of dog (no offence to them). I wonder if I were to secretly loosen one of the screws on his bed so that the entire thing will dismantle itself in the middle of the night would make him change his mind. Heh, old habits die hard, trust me, I know. “Will this thing crash on me?” AJ asked. See, I wasn’t alone on this. I went to the bunk right at the end of the room and hit the pillow softly. Dust flew everywhere and I started to sneeze. “More importantly, how many germs are we sleeping with?” Howie asked, waving his hand across his face. Like that would ever settle the dust down again. “Dude, there’re stains on this bed, what have you Kentucky boys been doing on camp nights huh?” AJ said as he lifted the white sheet, making as little contact as possible while doing so. “AJ stop it, that’s coffee stain and you know it.” Kevin argued. “How can you be so sure? It could even be someone’s poop.” AJ reasoned, now letting go of the sheet and wiping his hands on his pants. “It’s not and I’m very sure about it.” Kevin said. I couldn’t be bothered by their little stain debate because Brian was standing beside the bed next to mine and pretending to have a sneezing fit. I found that much more entertaining. Achoo! Achoo! Choo! Choo! Choo! “Well, where do you keep clean sheets then? We better start cleaning this place up, we have a long day ahead of us.” Howie said, looking around. “Hey Ni…choo!….we shou…choo!…” I couldn’t stop myself from giggling, Brian was being his usual funny self and a little humor is always appreciated. Although I’m not quite sure why faking your sneeze could get me into a giggling fit. I sure am easy to amuse, much to Kevin’s disgust I bet. “In the cupboard next to Nick’s bed.” Kevin said. “And unless you two decided to sleep with germs tonight, you can stop clowning around and clean up your own beds.” Gee, it already felt like boot camp to me and to think we had only been here less than an hour.