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A/n: Hello again J I apologize for this rather late update, I wasn’t too sure where to leave this chapter at so I was going back and forth with my decision, lol. It ended kinda abruptly I think. Tell me if you find it confusing ok? And thank you much for all your reviews! Nikki, I do have a mailing list for my site. For some reason I can’t add the direct links here, lol...so this is the address : http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/mersey/mailinglist.html Oh and p.s. this chapter is unedited, lol. Mare was going to edit it for me but I had been very fickle about this chapter that it took me longer than it should to put this up. So apologies for the mistakes ;)

Earlier that day… “Well here’s the thing…” Kevin stalled, hoping to buy some time while his brain tried to come up with something quick to cover himself. He wished AJ were there, he always seem to come up with quick replies that for some reason, made sense. “You’re here to hand over some videos that Mr. Hamann supposedly passed to you.” “Yeah…well…” Kevin held on to the visitor’s pass still hanging around his neck as if it was his lifeline. “Did you watch those videos Kevin?” Matthew Lee walked over in confident strides, like a lion studying his pray, waiting for just the right moment to attack. “You mean the one he gave me?” Well duh Kevin. “Unless there’s a video that someone else gave you, I’m saying yes, the one that Michael Hamann passed to you.” “No I didn’t.” Kevin said as he smoothly took off the visitor’s pass, in hope that his casual reactions will stir the man off to another direction. “How did you know it’s from him then?” Kevin cleared his throat, placed the visitor’s pass on the desk and said, “He left a note.” “I see…and in that note, he told you to hand it over to John Weiss?” “Yeah.” “You want to know what I think Kevin?” “What?” Kevin asked, hoping that he looked and sound confident enough. Matthew Lee bent down, his face now inches to his ear that Kevin could hear his deep, steady breath. “I think you’re lying.” Kevin turned to face him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Matthew Lee just smiled and went back to his seat. “Okay then, where are these videos?” “It’s in my car.” “You know, lying doesn’t suit you.” “I’m not. I’ll get it now. You can even come down and follow me if you want.” Matthew Lee sighed and nodded his head. He got up from his seat and approached Kevin again. “Stand up young man.” Kevin did as told and even though they were of the same height, Kevin couldn’t help but feel small. That was when his eyes went to the key that was still hanging on the necklace around his neck. “You might want to take that off before you lied.” Matthew said. “I was the one who went through your wallet. I remember this key.” He grabbed hold of it and in one swift motion, pulled it off. Other than a slight sting to the back of his neck, Kevin stood his ground. Matthew shoved the key into his pocket and dropped the chain behind. “Now why would a locker key be hanging on your neck?” “That has nothing to do with anything.” Kevin said firmly. “How do a dead man, send a message to someone? Obviously he wasn’t alive when you found those videos. I never really did think about that key until we got your call today. It all made sense now.” Kevin didn’t know what to do. Was it even possible to continue this lie? “Well, where were we? Oh yeah, you said the videos are in your car. I have a feeling you have it right here with you. But that’s okay, we need to take a ride anyway.” “Where are you taking me?” Matthew Lee laughed. “No, you’re driving Kevin. And you’ll just drive where I tell you to go, that’s all you need to know. Oh, but before we go, I think you’d like to know something else.” “I don’t think there’s anything I’d like to know from you.” “Even if it concerns your friends Howie and AJ?” Kevin almost caved in and he knew Matthew Lee knew that too. He tried to swallow the huge lump that seemed to be restricting his airway. “What about them?” “Lets just say a few friends of mine caught up with them on their way to Jive. Johnny won’t be too happy now that they’re a no show.” “You’re lying.” Kevin spat. “Maybe. Maybe not.” Matthew Lee smiled again. “Here’s the deal Kevin. We’re going to your car, and you’re going to drive us out of here. One false move and I’ll have my friends off one of them, I still haven’t made up my mind which Backstreet Boy that would be.” Kevin almost jumped when a phone started to ring. It wasn’t his. Matthew Lee placed his gun on the desk, facing Kevin. His fingers firmly on the trigger. “One false move and you’re dead.” He never left his stare on Kevin as he answered the call. “Yeah…oh?…good…I’ll take it from here.” He got off the phone and placed the gun back in the holster. “That was a very interesting call. Come on Kevin, someone’s waiting for us at the car park. Now remember what I said earlier, one false move is all it takes.” Kevin nodded and walked out of the room with Matthew Lee right behind him. He was about to back the same way he had came from when he felt a hard tugged to his arm. “Not that way. Turn left.” Kevin did as told and realized they were taking a secluded way out. It looked like a fire escape route. It led them to an underground parking lot, where the police cars were. Matthew Lee said his casual hi and small chat all the way until they were out and straight to the visitor’s parking lot. That was when Kevin saw Brian’s car. “Look Kevin, your cousin’s here.” Matthew mocked. “And Nick should be here too, my little birdie told me. Aren’t you glad?” Brian was on the phone, Kevin could see that now. Part of him wished that his cousin would realize what was going on and hopefully send the message across to whoever it was he was talking to and get some help. “Hey Brian.” Matthew Lee chirped as they approached him. Brian quickly hang up the phone and frowned. “We’re going to take a little ride. Where’s Nicky?” Brian stole a glance over at Kevin, there were fears there that reflected his own. “He’s not here.” “Ah, do lying run in the family?” “Nick’s not there.” Brian said again. “My little birdy said otherwise.” “Your little birdy is wrong.” Brian stressed. “I don’t think so.” Matthew smirked. “Well, we can’t wait for him, I’ll just have to think of something else for the kid. Come on now, get into Kevin’s car, we have a ride to take.” “You won’t get away with this!” Brian exclaimed. “We’re out here Brian and no one has yet to stop me. If you ask me, I say, I am getting away with this.” “I’m not going anywhere with you. I’ll just scream all I want and you’ll have no way to get me.” Matthew sighed and rolled his eyes. “Kevin, would you care to explain to your cousin why you have no choice but to follow me and not make any problems?” Kevin took a deep breath, resignation drawn on his face. It was painful to look at his cousin, who was so determined to fight this man, not knowing what was really happening. “They have Howie and AJ.” “I know that.” Brian gritted. Kevin raised an eyebrow. “Nick and I figured that much.” “Well then, you might also want to figure out that if you refuse to come with me, I’ll just make a phone call and have one of them shot.” Brian said nothing, there was still that defiance in his eyes that almost killed Kevin. Here he was, ready to give in to anything this man said, and there was his cousin, standing firmly on his ground. “Brian, please.” Kevin choked. Brian looked at him in disbelief. Kevin wanted to tell him, if anything good would come out of this, it’d be leaving Nick behind. As long as one of them was still free, there was a way out. There was still hope for the rest of them. “Well then, lets go, I’m sure Howie and AJ couldn’t wait to see you both.” - As Kevin made another late turn to the left, following Matthew’s instructions, his mind was still jumbled with what he could do to get them out of this mess. Pulling a hero and going off course wasn’t a choice now that Matthew was at the backseat with Brian, a gun aimed at him ever since they left the parking lot. He couldn’t risk getting Brian hurt. The ride had been filled with uncomfortable silence for what felt like forever. He would often steal glances from the rearview mirror to check on Brian. The last time he did, Brian looked the same as he had been since he was forced into the backseat. Rigid and cold. It wasn’t until they had exited the busy road and was on their way to a high road when Matthew’s cell phone rang. Kevin made sure to keep an ear on the one sided conversation. “Chief Lee.” “Yeah?” “Well…” “Just driving…look, I’m sure it’s on the desk somewhere, just look around for it.” “Yeah.” The call ended abruptly and Kevin noticed he made a phone call right after that. Again, it didn’t seem to help since Matthew never once mentioned a name. “He’s still there, I need you to handle that end for me.” “That would work.” “Yes, as long as it didn’t look suspicious.” “Get rid of that one too. It’s becoming a huge problem.” “Just like we talked about.” “Are you sending someone to take Nick too?” Brian asked, surprising Kevin. There was no air in his voice, it sounded like any normal question one would ask. “No, he’s got nothing that is of my interest.” “Good, cause he really has nothing.” “Now, now, Brian, I didn’t say I’m not going to hurt him though, did I?” “If you hurt him I swear I’ll-” “You’ll what Brian? Right now, you have to worry about yourself and Kevin here, cause last I check, this gun is still loaded and pointing at you.” That seemed to do the trick, because Kevin saw his cousin shrinking back to his seat and staring out the window. The rest of the ride was spent in silence again and Matthew hardly gave Kevin any directions since they were on the highway, there was only one way to go, and that was straight ahead. He drove for about another fifteen minutes when Kevin noticed a black Mercedes was following them from a distance. This was when he truly felt panic sinking in. What if they were going to kill them right there? No one would notice because there was no one else there with them. “Ok, see that sign board ahead?” Matthew said all of a sudden. Kevin squinted. It warned of a sharp turn ahead. “Yeah.” “Stop there.” “We’re in the middle of a freaking highway!” “And you’re going to stop by that sign board.” Matthew stressed. Kevin noticed the black car slowed down once he did. When he finally stopped at the side of the road, it pulled to a stop right behind them. “Okay, now, hand me those 2 tapes, I know you have them.” “I need to know where’re AJ and Howie and what are you going to do with Nick!” “I don’t think you have the right to ask me such questions seeing that my gun is still pointing at Brian right now.” “You think I’m stupid? You’re going to kill us once I give you what I have! We saw those tapes, you’re not going to let us go.” Matthew sighed, already impatient. “I’m not that stupid. I still have a case to run. If you or any of the Backstreet boys die, it’ll be a huge deal, especially if they died from a bullet to the head.” “I don’t believe that you’re going to let us go just like that.” Kevin said. “Believe what you want, either way, you’re giving me those tapes now!” “Tell us where the guys are first!” Brian exclaimed. “I’ll tell once you hand me those tapes. This is not a negotiation boys.” Kevin finally took out the envelope that contained the CD and the memory stick. He passed it to Matthew, knowing that the very things that will ensure their safety were about to be given to the very people who would kill them. “Nice. I was expecting video tapes, seems like I need to catch up on these technologies crap.” Kevin said nothing and Brian was still staring out the tinted window, probably wanting to not remember of the fact that he still had a gun shoved to his ribs. “Okay, listen carefully.” Matthew said once he slipped the envelope into the pocket of his jacket. “I can’t touch you because you’re a damn Backstreet Boys, but I can still watch your every move. I’m very good at that. This is what will happen. I’m going to destroy these evidence, no one will speak of it again, I’m clearing you off this case so you can go ahead and do what you do best, sing. If I ever hear a little birdie tells me you’re planning ways to break this little deal, you will be sure the next headline will be about your deaths. All five of you.” “You still haven’t tell us where the guys are.” Brian said. “Just like you, the rest of them should be on their way back to Jive. They took the same ride as you are right now. And these rides, they never happen. You understand?” Kevin nodded. “Good, now remember, we’re everywhere, and we’re watching.” With that, Matthew Lee walked out of the car. He paused once he was outside and knocked on Kevin’s window. Reluctantly, Kevin pulled it down. “By the way, you might want to turn back and drive back down the highway. Nick’s ride didn’t turn as smoothly as yours and the other two did.” Kevin’s eyes went wide in shock. What does that mean! “You son of a bitch!” Matthew smiled and shook his head. “Remember what I said Kevin, one wrong move and you’re gone.” “If something happened to Nick I’ll-” “Enough Kev, drive back down and get Nick!” Brian yelled at the backseat, already motioning him to get out of there. Kevin could still hear Matthew laughing at them as he started the engine again and made a turn back down the road. “Brian, call Howie, check if they’re safe.” Kevin said. Brian didn’t need to be told twice. He was already on the phone as Kevin sped on his way to find Nick… -- “That’s it baby, you’re doing great, just a little bit more.” Kevin said, almost whispering, as he watched Nick struggled with himself to open his eyes. When it finally seemed like Nick had settled down and knew where he was, a rush of emotions went through him. First it was the annoyed groan of being woken up and then the panic of recalling what had happened to confusion of realizing that all four of them were with him when they shouldn’t. “How are you feeling baby?” Brian asked, the lines of concern etched on his forehead. “Like a bad hangover…you shouldn’t be here.” Nick croaked. “We’re here, you’re not dreaming.” AJ said. “You were in a car accident Nicky.” Howie said, as if that explained the reason why they were still there in the first place. Nick shook his head. “No…someone shot me…while I was driving.” Kevin looked at Howie, both puzzled. AJ was already moving to reach the clip board at the end of the bed. Brian saw that Nick was about to raise his right hand again. He figured Nick was still too weak to comprehend a lot of things that were going on then, especially about the handcuff, and the possibility of hitting someone on the road and causing death. Especially not if that someone is Jason Weiss himself. He squeezed the firm hold he had on Nick’s hand now, wanting to keep it there for a while longer. “Nicky, you weren’t shot baby. There is no bullet wound on you.