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~Chapter 12~

Screenplay, Suicidal Challenger and the Return of the Poster Girl

The Lyrical chapter

~By Mersey~

When we left them in the AU chapter, Kevin was about to face the duel. The boys, knowing that there wasn’t much they could do to help Kevin, stood their ground and watched nervously. This was also the time for Kevin to realize that unlike the previous chapters, he wasn’t blessed with the 101 skills to fire a gun.

They were living on borrowed time now, hoping that time would stand still, if that was the only way not to lose Kevin in a show down.

In a last ditch effort, Brian gathered the guys in a circle as Kevin stood still.

“Close your eyes,” Brian told Howie, AJ and Nick. “make a wish, this could last forever.”

The guys nodded and did as told.

“I wish it’s me instead.” Nick cried as he felt up his own tight jeans. It looked like he was pinching his own butt, which got AJ curious.

“No, it’s not your fault.” Brian said, patting his shoulder. Nick just shook his head while still struggling with his own pants.

AJ intervened and bravely moved forward. “I would take the fall!”

Kevin turned and looked at AJ. He held his hand out to prevent him from coming any nearer. “No, I can’t let you!”

Howie pushed AJ aside, his hair already in a mess. “Take my life!” He said dramatically. Life would mean nothing without hair cream anyway, he thought. “Cause I’ve got nothing left!”

Kevin looked up to the sky. “Hey, can I take a break?”

Writer: You know what? Be my guest.

“Thanks.” Kevin said and then walked away from the duel to touch Howie’s shoulder like all big brothers do when their little brothers were feeling down. “Hey, never give up,” He said and then touched Howie’s grisly hair. “and don’t let it wear out.” This, for some reason, annoyed AJ, who had taken his cowboy hat off and began to scratch his head.

Howie grabbed Kevin in a hug. “I can’t ever let you go.”

“Don’t say a word.” Kevin said as he looked over to his brothers, tears now threatening to spill. “Sure part of this place would cheer if I die, but don’t let them take away your beautiful smile.”

The mushy conversation riled the challenger. He was fed up with having to wait for them to say their never ending goodbyes.

“That’s it!” He said as he drew his gun. “I’m not waiting for this crap! It’s already so sad that you’re talking in lyrics now!”

“So that’s what you’ve been up to!” Brian yelled at the sky. “No wonder we were barely making sense!”

“I think I’ve got a wedgie…” Nick said as he struggled with his pants. He almost shoved his hand down his pants when kids who were hiding started to giggle and stopped him from doing so.

AJ went to Howie and made him look at his head. “Do you see any rash up there? It’s itching!”

“Oh my god!” Howie panicked, running his fingers through his own hair.

Writer: You’re not allowed to talk unless they are your lyrics so shut the hell up!

“No no, uh uh!” Brian protested, almost singing the lyrics out. “I don’t wanna be part of your screenplay!”

Writer: It’s the LYRICS chapter, jeez! Screenplay will come soon.

Kevin looked at his challenger and drew his own gun but paused to look up at the sky. “Gimme the story, who’s to win, me or him?”

Writer: Well…it’d probably be you who wins.

“I got a feeling you ain’t true to me.” Kevin said.

Writer: Oh well, your loss then.

Kevin was about to take his shot when a girl appeared out of nowhere. Nick was hoping that it was Nicky but was upset when this girl turned out to be a brunette and adorned in a cowboy suit, a sexy cowboy suit.

“Jodie?” Nick asked as he pulled on the waistband of his underwear.

“Poster Girl?” Brian asked.

“I’m falling in love.” AJ salivated although still scratching his head like a monkey. This turned Jodie off, so she turned to find Howie.

Howie wasn’t paying her much attention; he was still touching his hair. “I’m DYING in this hell!”

She shook her head and went back to look at Brian, who seemed to be the only one who was acting normal. Kevin was out of the question. Men with guns didn’t attract her attention. Men with money, now that was her cup of tea.

“So why the heck am I here anyway? I was riding through alphabet city minding my own damn business!”

Writer: Sorry, you’re a last minute back up plan and I put you in a sexy cowboy outfit. Anyway, work your charm and no complaining!

“Hello boys.” Jodie cooed as she smacked her long whip. AJ almost dropped to his knees and proposed but he was still scratching like a mad man to go that far.

“Who are you?” Kevin asked, again stepping out of the duel.

The challenger gave out an exasperated sigh. He hated to have to wait on people which was why he quit his job as a waiter in the first place, plus, the tips were bad! He got so tired and frustrated by the whole thing that he shot himself in the head and died.

Nick walked forward awkwardly, as if there was a huge rock stuck in his butt and tapped Kevin on the shoulder. “Jodie, the right now Poster Girl.”

Kevin offered a handshake and then studied her closely. “Are you still the same, or did you change somehow?”

“I don’t know Kevin,” Jodie said. “I’m just here to save you all.”

“There’s no where left to run.” Kevin told her as he looked around them. People were all coming out of their hiding spots, each with looks of hatred on their faces. Whatever it was that they had done, it was definitely not a good thing.

“Yes there is.” Jodie said. She pointed to something at their back and the guys turned around quickly.

It was a door with a sign that said ‘Place to Hide’.

Howie grabbed Jodie in a hug, pleased to know that he wouldn’t be stuck in a Western flick forever and suffer bad hair days. “I wanna thank you for what you’ve done!”

“The Perfect Fan!” Brian cheered as he went for a hug as well. Jodie didn’t have the heart to tell him that she wasn’t a fan.

AJ put on his charm and sashayed his way to Jodie. Scratching his head, he bowed. “B is for beautiful as the sunshine,” AJ said. “I wanna thank you, my beautiful woman.”

Jodie saw the flakes that were falling off AJ’s almost non existent hair and cringed. “That’s nasty AJ.”

AJ smirked. “That’s the way I like it!”

Kevin gave Jodie a hug and was glad that for once, the writer was good to him and didn’t kill him off.

Kevin looked at the sky and whispered, “Forgive my honesty, but you’re no good for me.”

Writer: So you want me to kill you instead? I can always rewrite this and cancel Jodie off you know…

Kevin gulped, offered a smile and said, “I’m sorry…over words I said…can you forgive me?”

Writer: *Yawns* Be thankful that I still need you (writer goes weird cause she just quoted a lyric), so I won’t kill you off. Besides, the tall blonde one will not stop sulking if I kill you off.

Kevin released Jodie from his hug and walked over to the door; letting Nick say his goodbye to Jodie. This was rather difficult to do as the index finger of his left hand was now entangled with the waistband of his underwear.

“Even though for now we have to say goodbye, I will see you somewhere down the road again.” He tried to hug her but his finger was in the way.

“Aww Nicky, come here you.” Jodie said and gave him a huge hug. Nick almost melted in her arms. “And I’ll take you on a ride through alphabet city when we meet again.”

Nick nodded and was now almost crawling over to the guys. Cowboy outfits just weren’t cut out for him.

Once Nick had reached them and AJ was less annoying with the scratches, they all looked at each other, wondering if they should really go through that door, not knowing what would greet them there.

“Gotta take the chance while we can.” Brian shrugged.

“We got to understand the plan,” Kevin said as he pointed towards the sky as a hint. “Everything must change.”

“It’s a weird world.” AJ scratched.

“Don’t you know it.” Nick said in a very high pitched voice. He had pulled on his pants too tight and too high.

“So…just get to moving on.” Howie said as he reached for the doorknob and turned it. The door creaked open. Closing his eyes, he took the first jump, knowing the other guys would jump right along.

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