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~Chapter 14~

Love is in the air… *Sprays Lysol*

~The Romance chapter by (Just) Marina~

“So, where’s the girl?” Howie asked when AJ closed the door, finding himself in a dark place again. “Great, another cave!”

“No, it’s not a cave. I think it’s a tunnel.”

“A tunnel?”

“Yes,” Kevin pointed at something and Howie realized the place wasn’t so dark since he could see… hmmm Kevin pointing at something. “See, there’s light on the other side, just the way the girl went. I saw her too. We have to go after her. We just have to get there.”

“Okay” AJ shrugged to Kevin’s insistence, but then it was Kevin, he took everything too seriously.

“I don’t take everything too seriously, AJ.”

“I didn’t say anything man, it was the writer.”

“Come on guys, no time for fighting,” Nick interrupted. “Let’s check what’s on the other side.”

They started to walk in the direction of the tunnel’s exit.

“Ahem hmmm Kevin? Why are you holding my hand, dude? Wait! Brian? Okay what’s going on here? Why are you guys holding my hands?” AJ was trying to release himself from his brothers’ grip.

“Because we can do this together,” Brian replied matter-of-factly.

“Yes, we have to do it together.” Kevin added starting to jump in a way that reminded AJ of Dorothy and the other dumb characters from that Oz movie. What was worse is that now he was jumping too since all the boys were doing the same.

“We have to reach the other side together,” Nick singsonged.

“Yes, we can do it!” AJ shouted out, suddenly embracing the happiness of the moment too.

“I’m not embracing anything, but if don’t jump I will fall to the floor since these idiots are yanking on me.”

Writer: Oh hush and sing.

“Sing? So there’s one more song left?” Howie was ecstatic. “Yes! I will have another chance to sing.”

Song: We can do it together

Sung by all

Kevin: We can do this together

We can reach the other side

We can do this together

Leave this nightmare behind

Brian: Hand on hand we will do it

Nick: Like the brothers we are

AJ: Hand on hand we keep walking

Nick (talking and interrupting the song): Are you sure that’s a light?

“Noooooo!!!!” Howie screamed. “Why did you have to ruin the song just before my turn to sing, Nick?!”

“Sorry Howie but it went dark for a second and I got confused.”

“Someone walked in front of the tunnel’s entrance that’s why it went dark, Nick.” Brian explained to him.

“It was my turn to sing.” Howie sobbed.

“Oh stop complaining D. Look we reached the entrance, exit or whatever you call it.”


The sound of claps took the boys by surprise.

“Who is clapping?” A scared Brian asked looking around.

“It sounds like a lot of people doing it.” Kevin was looking around too, trying to find where the sound was coming from.

“Guys we are still on the musical chapter? You know what this could mean?”

Kevin looked at AJ and immediately understood what he was thinking.

“Yes! If people are clapping now it has to be the end, right?”

“And look at this guys,” Brian called to them. He had walked to the side and was now in front of some kind of climbing plant that seemed to be on every single wall.

“What is it, Brian?”

On the wall, next to the entrance, which was partially illuminated by the light coming into the tunnel, there was a pink thing covered by all kind of flowers and leaves. The flowers didn’t let the boys see the sign clearly at first but when Brian pulled out a rose two words became exposed.

“Does that sign say ‘the end’?” Nick asked.

“Yes, it does” Kevin smiled.

“So this could be the end?”

“Lets find out!” AJ was the first one to cross the gate, followed closely by the other boys. The first thing they noticed was they were in a parking lot, in front of a big building and the tunnel had suddenly disappeared. “Oh my god we are back again!”

“Great another song where I don’t have a solo,” Howie complained.

“I’m not singing you idiot. I’m saying that we are back.”

“What do you mean?”

“We are at Jive’s headquarters.”


“Yes, we are free.”

“And check it out!” Kevin pointed to the blue BMW minivan next to them. “That’s your car, Brian. I remember we were driving it before this nightmare with the tree on the road started.”

“Yes, I remember it too.” Brian said hugging his car.

“So it’s over? Did she let us go?” Nick asked.

They were still debating when they noticed a man approaching to them.

“Johnny! Johnny!” They yelled and ran to their manager to hug him. “We missed you man. This crazy writer or writers kidnapped us and made us go from one genre to another.”

They were all talking at the same time so it took Johnny some time to calm them down.

“Guys, are you okay? You are not making sense at all. You didn’t make up this weird story just to have more free days, right?”

“Of course not. We can’t wait to go back to work.”

“Great, because that’s exactly why I called you here.”

“You called us?” Brian stared at him confused.

“Yes, this morning.”

“I don’t remember it.”

“Me neither,” Nick shook his head.

“Maybe that’s another sign that we are back.” AJ gave Kevin a hopeful look.

“Yeah, that’s it. So why exactly did you call us Johnny?” Kevin asked with a smile on his face. They were all so happy thinking they had left that weird story behind.

“I wanted to introduce you to someone. Come with me.”

They walked after Johnny and entered the building talking about the next dates of the tour and other business matters.

“Guys this is Miss Lewis,” Johnny said opening the door to one of the conference rooms once they had reached the second floor. Inside the office a girl with dark hair was waiting for them. She had been writing some notes when she noticed the door open and looked up. A pair of hazel eyes met Nick’s blue ones and he felt an instant connection to the girl. She was very pale but he saw she had blushed a little when they had exchanged looks. Her shoulder length dark hair was wavy and when she stood up Nick noticed the stylish blue jacket complemented with a gray skirt that, although it wasn’t too short, it was short enough to reveal a beautiful pair of long legs.

“You know what’s funny? I usually don’t like brunettes but I feel a weird attraction to this girl,” Nick whispered to Brian after they all shook hands and taken seats again.

“Sorry guys but I didn’t join this work team to have fun so I would prefer to go directly to work,” she said making Brian blush since he was the one who had been laughing at Nick’s comment.

“A badass. Me like” Nick muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”


“Guys you need to check these forms. I’m adding some notes to them and then I’ll make more copies,” Johnny trid to divert their attention with business noticing some kind of tension in the air.

“Hey Johnny is there something wrong with your hand?” Howie asked him.

“Nope. Why?”

“Nothing” the Latino replied still looking at Johnny’s right hand.

“What is exactly the work Miss Lewis will be doing?” Kevin asked checking one of the forms he had taken from the pile of papers in front of Johnny.

“She will be a PR person. She will replace Linda Perkins who resigned yesterday.”

“She did? Why?” Nick pouted.

“She made the decision not to work anymore.”

“That’s sad. I’m gonna miss her.”

“She wanted to spend more time with her family Nick,” Johnny tried to cheer him up.

“Oh good for her then.” Nick finally smiled.

While Nick and Johnny were talking about Linda, the other boys were looking at Nick bewildered.

“Nick, who the heck is Linda Perkins?” AJ finally asked.

“I have no idea”

“Then why did you say all that?”

“It looked like the right thing to say” Nick shrugged making AJ smack him on the head.

“Oh no!” Kevin exclaimed while the other boys were shaking their heads at Nick.

“What?” They all asked at the same time.

“We are still in the story.”

“How do you know?”

“Because there wasn’t a Linda Perkins working for us. It’s just the writer creating a name.”

“Damn!” AJ stood up mad.

“That makes sense” was Brian calmer reply.

“So that’s why Johnny is writing with his left hand when he is right handed?” Howie asked while Johnny changed the pen to his right hand smiling and taking a sip of his orange juice.

“And that’s why the walls are blue when last time they were white. I thought they had painted,” AJ pointed to the wall at his side with his thumb.

“And I was starting to think it was weird that Johnny was drinking orange juice since he is allergic to oranges.”

Johnny spat out the juice all over the table hearing Nick’s words.

“You could have told me Carter” He scolded Nick while cleaning his mouth with a napkin.

Writer: So sue me for not knowing the names of everyone that works with you nor the color of Jive’s offices walls. I’m a writer not one of your stalkers.

“Great! There you are again,” AJ yelled to the ceiling. “So what chapter is this?”

Writer: Since you are such good detectives find that out alone.

AJ mouthed something under his breath that lucky for him the writer didn’t hear because she was already very tempted to make him the main character in an angst chapter.

“What the…” Brian quickly stood up and placed a hand over AJ’s mouth and the other over his arm, trying to calm him down before he could say something else.

“Guys can we go back to business?” Johnny spoke up.

“Okay let’s move on with this. The faster we find out what we are facing in this chapter the better.” AJ said taking a seat again, being followed by Brian who did the same.

“Well, as I was telling you Miss Lewis here…”

“Please guys call me Dawn,” she interrupted Johnny.

“That’s your name? Johnny, dawg, thank you man for bringing another Dawn!” Nick smirked.

“Wrong chapter Nick. We left the lyrics one behind” Brian laughed.

“Right” Nick winked at her and she giggled. “Okay how about a cup of coffee Dawn. I was thinking of going to the cafeteria.”

“Good idea Nick. I’m starving. Let’s go to eat something.” AJ said standing up receiving a pissed off look from Nick who was thinking about being with Dawn alone.

“But we haven’t started yet” Johnny complained, but all the boys ignored him walking to the door.

“Johnny is right boys. We need to work.” Dawn backed up the manager but Nick was already taking her by the hand.

“You don’t mind if we keep talking there?” Nick smiled at her again and she blushed.

“Oh, why not?” She stood up.

All the way to the cafeteria Nick and Dawn were laughing and talking about themselves. They were walking in front of the other guys and looking into each others eyes. It was like Dawn had only eyes for Nick and it didn’t take too much for her to share with him lots of facts about her life. They felt connected in a way, and Nick realized that they both had a lot of things in common listening to all the anecdotes she was telling him.

“Wait.” Nick stopped and looked to the ceiling. “I wanna have that conversation and hear those anecdotes. Why are you going so fast?”

Writer: Sorry but I have been writing too long chapters and need to end this one quick for a change.

“So what brings you back here?” Nick said once in the cafeteria pulling a chair back so Dawn could take a seat. “Where exactly in Europe were you living the last two years?”

“In Spain.”

“Cool, I love Spain”

“Yes I know” she rolled her eyes.

“Did you just roll your eyes?” Nick asked confused.

“Me? No, of course not.”

Nick looked at the ceiling again not sure what was happening, but thinking it was just the writer playing tricks on him so he went on with the conversation.

“Were you in Barcelona?”

The other guys had taken seats at another table not wanting to interrupt them. Kevin had taken a menu and was inspecting it, passing a hand through his short hair from time to time. Dawn couldn’t stop staring at his gorgeous…

“Excuse me!” Nick decided to interrupt again and looked at Dawn who was blushing again. “Okay something isn’t right. Why are you staring at Kevin if you like me?”

“I’m not staring at him, you silly boy.”

Her beautiful eyes and smile made Nick forget everything else and once again he found himself being happy just to be at her side.

“So you were telling me that you like movies a moment ago?” he asked sighing of love.

“Yes I love good films. Do you like good movies too?”

“Of course The Goonies…”

“That’s not a good film, blondie”

“What did you call me?” Nick eyes were wide open and Dawn started to cough.

“Honey? Yes, I said honey.” She smiled.

“You really remind me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it,” he said half-closing his eyes trying to analyze her.

“Why don’t we go to a place where we can be alone without Kevin’s amazing body *cough* I mean *cough* a place where I can be alone with you, my love.”

Nick was about to say something but she just had to smile to convince him once again. He stood up quickly, took her hand and walked with her out of the restaurant.

“Who wanna bet that this is a romance chapter and Carter just fell for it?” AJ said and all the boys laughed.

“Well if it’s a romance chapter, I think I’m really happy for the first time in the whole story” Kevin replied.

“Why is that?” Howie asked him.

“Because those stories just focused in one of us, in other words Nick, and forget that the rest of us exist.”

“And that is good because…” Brian wasn’t sure what Kevin was trying to say.

“It’s good because it means we can rest from that dumb writer for a while Bri”

Writer: I heard that Kevin!

“Nick and Dawn just left. Hurry up or you’ll miss them.” Kevin pointed to the door smiling.

Writer: Argh! Don’t get too comfortable guys. I’ll be back.

Nick and Dawn kept walking till they left Jive and reached a little park. It was a beautiful morning. Birds were singing, the breeze was blowing the trees’ leaves and the sun was shining. They took a seat on a bench still holding hands and kissed each other passionately.

“I love you sooo much.”

“I love you too honey.”

“How are we going to survive this?” Suddenly she became a little uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” Nick asked worried.

“We have so many things against us.”

“It doesn’t matter our love will conquer everything,” Nick assured her gently stroking her soft hair.

“But my father hates you,” she confessed him.

“Why? I don’t know him. Why does he hate me?”

“He just does. He hates celebrities, especially young ones and pop stars. And you fall in both categories.”

“I will get him to like me. Besides my mom hates all my girlfriends so I guess we are even,” he said giving it a shrug and kissing her again.

“Well yes, but then there’s my ex husband.”

“You were married?” This time the news really shocked Nick.

“Of course. You didn’t think this would be easy, right. Relationships are not kisses, bonbons and flowers. We need to fight for this love”

“Right.” He doubted for a minute. “Let me see… he is your ex husband, so that means he is out of the picture.”

“Is not that easy.”

“Why not?”

“He is still in love with me.”

“He is?”

“Hello! Have you looked at me? How could someone not be in love with me? I’m beautiful, intelligent, adorable….”

Writer: Jeez Nick. She is the lead female character. She is almost perfect.

“Oh Right. Sorry. Okay just tell him that you don’t love him.”

“I tried but….”


“He is abusive,” she admitted shedding a tear.

“I’ll kill him!”

“Yes you will. And you will end up in jail for that.”

Nick looked at the sky “I told you I don’t wanna go to jail!”

Writer: Whatever.

“We can run away together,” he practically yelled thinking he had found the perfect solution.

“But how about your career, the boys?”

“They won’t understand at first but then… screw them.”

“Right! Because you are so in love with me and nothing can’t separate us.” She clapped in excitement.

“Of course. You are more important to me than them, no matter that they are my family and I’ve known them for so many years while I’ve known you only since this chapter started what? 4 pages ago?”

Writer: Nick you are not supposed to talk about chapters or pages. Time! Talk about time!

“Okay. 20 minutes?”

Writer: Yes, that probably is correct.

“See honey nothing will keep us apart I love you.” Nick said cupping Dawn’s face in his hands and giving her another tender kiss.

“I love you too I love you sooo much but… what about Demi?”

“Moore? Isn’t she with Ashton?”

“Not Moore, you silly. Demi Reinolds.”

“Who is that?” Once again Nick was terribly confused.

“Your assistant.”

“I have an assistant? A girl?”

“Yes, and she is gorgeous. Tall, blonde, the body of a supermodel.”

Nick was grinning from ear to ear hearing the description. “Great,” he said almost clapping.


“Sweetie I was just kidding.” He said winking at her. “You know I only have eyes for you”

“Yes, but she is in love with you and she is evil. She will try to separate us.”

“She won’t be able to do it”

“She will tell me that you love her and forge letters making me believe that you are cheating on me”

“Then just ignore her. Man, it’s really hard to have a happy ending in romance.” He stopped for a minute realizing what he had just said. “Romance? Hey! Is this is the romance chapter?”

Writer: And it took you only this far to figure it out.

Nick stuck his tongue out at the sky once again acting like a dumbass because the sky has no eyes so it could care any less about Nick’s insults. But then some of the birds flying by could always think Nick was mocking them and decide to poop all over…

“Eeeekk!!! Okay I’m sorry. See I’m not sticking my tongue out anymore. And I was just only complaining because it looks like we won’t ever have a happy ending.”

“We will sweetie” Dawn assured him placing a hand over his chest. “Don’t worry, we will. Just after your surgery”

“My what?” He jumped up frightened.

“Well, one of us has to have a near death experience so we can come back together after such an emotional moment and have our happy ending. ”

“Why not you?”

“Because the writer likes me.”

“Well, she has to like me too, right?” He looked at the sky. “Tell me I am your favorite and you don’t wanna see me suffering. Don’t you write romance with your favorite guy?

Writer: Well…. Not really. I chose you for this chapter because you are probably the most popular backstreet boy, and then you have a lot of teeny fans and they seem to love romance. I do like you and find you cute, and of course you are a nice guy most of the time, but then writing this story I have realized that sometimes you are… you are just annoying, blondie.

“Blondie?” Nick looked at Dawn in awe since the truth had just hit him “I knew I have heard it before. You remind me of her.”

Writer: Haven’t you heard that female characters are an extension of the writer?

“Eeeek, so she is like you?”

Writer: Not completely but in a way. And what’s with the eeeekkk? You wish you could be with someone like me.

“Let me guess, you are a brunette.”

Writer: And people say you are dumb.

“I knew it! I have always preferred blondes. You should have made AJ fall in love with her.”

“You don’t like me?” Dawn pouted.

“Of course I love you sweetie.” Nick took a seat at Dawn’s side again, hugging her. “You are perfect and… No! No!!!” He pushed her and walked away from her. “I need to find the fellas. You are nothing but trouble. I don’t want surgery nor going to jail just to end up with someone who can’t keep her eyes away from Kevin.”

He ran as fast as he could just to bump into the boys that were already looking for him.

“We weren’t looking for him.” Howie said to the sky.

“Yes, we were having a great time in the cafeteria until you brought us here.” AJ complained.

Writer: I told you not to get too comfortable.

“Guys, lets go out of this place.” Nick begged.

“What happened?”

“That girl wanted me to run away with her and leave you,” he replied hugging them.

“Get away from me Carter” AJ said pushing him. “Just when I thought I was missing you.”

“Awww you missed me” Nick gave him a sloppy kiss which only made AJ get even more pissed off. “Ugh Kaos why do you have to kiss me all the time?”

“Because I love you man.”

“And you were just running away from a woman, right bro? And then you wonder why people start rumors about us.”

“Hey guys. Isn’t that the same tunnel that took us here?” Howie asked pointing to an entrance in the middle of the parking lot where they were once again.

”So? Should we go inside?” Kevin asked.

Everyone shrugged.

“Why not? It can’t be any worse than everything we have already experienced,” Brian replied.

“Do you think there’s a chance this will take us back to the musical chapter? Howie was walking in front of them but noticing nobody was replying he turned around to see the boys standing in front of the same place where Brian had found the sign at the beginning of the chapter. “What are you doing?”

“Brian wants to check the sign again.” Nick replied once Howie was at their side.

“So, is still saying ‘the end’?”

“In a way” Brian replied.

“What you mean, Brian?”

“Well there’s something more here.” Brian pulled out a big branch showing the guys the rest of the sign.

‘The endearing romantic chapter. Step in because love is all you need.’

“Great! We got all excited for nothing. Great work Brian, making us think it was the end.” AJ threw his hands in the air, frustrated.

“Hey it wasn’t my fault it was Howie’s.”


“Yes, aren’t you the business expert?” Brian said tongue in cheek. “You are always telling us to read the fine print in contracts but you didn’t think about reading the whole sign.”

“Yeah right, it’s Howie’s fault.” AJ laughed, allowing himself to relax a little.

“Oh shut up. First you don’t let me sing and now you want to blame me for this.” Howie said getting mad at the joke and walking away from the boys just to find another door at the side of the road.

“Yippee, another door,” he said sarcastically rolling his eyes. “Why am I not surprised? You and your thousand doors. Of course you can’t be original and not have a door. Now THAT would be a surprise, a chapter ending without a door,” he continued his diatribe against the writer while reaching for the door’s knob.

Writer: Howie.


Writer: Look at the ground.

Howie did it just to catch out the precise instant the floor started to disappear from under his feet.

“Oooops!” Was the last thing he said before going down.

Mersey will be back next Wednesday with the Fairy tale chapter! *so far my favorite in the enitre story lol* ;O)