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~chapter sixteen~

Broken, swollen and bleeding and that’s before noon!

The medical drama

~by Mare~

They all made it through the door unscathed, well at least almost all of them. It was Howie who landed on the ground with a huge thump as his head was bleeding from being hit with a rock.

“Ouch and why the heck did that even happen?” Howie asked lying on the ground holding a hand to his bloody face.

“I’m so sorry Howie, but when I hit that owl with a rock, I think maybe because we were leaving, you were the one that got injured, since you kind of were Hootie and all.” Nick said feeling incredibly guilty for his friend’s injury.

“Nick its okay, you didn’t do it on purpose,” Kevin said moving Nick out of the way, ignoring his weird explanation and examining Howie’s head.

“Sure you say that because it’s not YOUR head he hit!”

“I’m sorry D.” Nick said again as he backed away so Kevin could get a better look.

Kevin helped ease Howie to a sitting position while Brian and AJ scurried to find something that could be used to wipe the blood away. Brian came back a few seconds later, “How about this?” He asked handing Howie an old glove.

“Where did that come from?” Kevin asked suspiciously looking around only to see there was nothing but grass and trees.

“It just happened to be in my pocket.”

“A glove just happened to be in your pocket?”


“Just one?”


Kevin shook his head and looked up at the sky, “Are you even trying anymore?” he asked the sky just as a huge cloud formed and a lightning bolt…

“AHH okay never mind I take it back.”

The lightning bolt went away and suddenly it became bright and sunny again.

“I think you might need stitches bro,” Kevin replied pressing the glove close against Howie’s head to stop the bleeding.

Nick looked up at the sky, “Is there a hospital that we can take him to? That doesn’t involve us as the doctors?”

“Hey look guys!” AJ said pointing at the sign that said hospital one mile ahead.

“Wow, look at that, it’s a random hospital sign in the middle of the grass and what’s with you and grass anyway? Every time we get to you, we are always on the grass or in a cave.” Nick made sure to point out.

“Oh wait did I say one mile? I meant five miles.” AJ said in disgust trying his hardest not to let those words come out.

“Nick when are you going to learn to keep your damn mouth shut? Now I’m going to bleed to death and it’s going to be all your fault!” Howie said holding the glove against his head feeling slightly dizzy.


“I think its best if you help me walk Howie there Nick since the two of us are about the same size.” Kevin said hoisting Howie to his feet.

“Are you sure we don’t want to get the hobbits again since you seem to think that Howie and I are that small.” Brian rolled his eyes trying to sound as sarcastic as possible.

“You are never going to let me live that down are you?”

“Never!” Brian harrumphed folding his arms in front of him.

“Harrumphed?” He asked looking up.

Writer: Yes you know kind of like a cross between a pffft and a hmph.

“Oh I gotcha! Harrumph.”

Writer: Very good!

“Thanks, you know I do take direction well.”

“Hello? Band mate bleeding to death” Howie gasped out.

“Sorry bro,” Brian said walking over and trying to lend a hand to the much taller men.

“Hey! And you stop laughing Kevin.”

“Sorry cousin.”

And with that being said they eventually made their way to the hospital. By the time they got there all five were hot and very tired, only stopping long enough to rest and make sure Howie was feeling okay which he wasn’t. He felt dizzy and Kevin was beginning to worry that maybe it was a concussion that his friend was possibly suffering from.

The hospital seemed to be pretty barren with an ambulance parked in the back with a few doctors hanging around smoking and talking. They didn’t even seem to care that there were five guys walking towards them with one very injured one in the middle.

The sliding doors opened and the five men staggered in all but dragging Howie who was barely conscious. “We need help over here please!”

The woman behind the reception desk called for an orderly who placed Howie carefully into a wheelchair. “Someone will be right with you.” The receptionist said handing Kevin some fresh washcloths to help with the bleeding.

“How are you feeling buddy?” He asked when Howie closed his eyes and looked very pale.

“Not good.”

AJ placed a hand on Howie’s shoulder, “It’s okay D, help is on the way and it’s about time you had me say something, I’m feeling invisible in this one.” AJ pouted.

Writer: I’m sorry did someone say something?

“Oh you are a real riot.”

Writer: I know I’m hilarious, now why don’t you go try to reset that ‘head in bucket of ice’ record and let me get on with this chapter.

“That was pretty funny.”

Writer: Thanks Nick.

A moaning Howie brought the conversation to a halt, “What’s wrong Howie?” Brian asked now crouched down next to their friend, but he was met with silence as Howie’s head hung down. “Oh my God he’s unconscious we need help now!” Nick screamed to the receptionist which had someone run out to help.

A nurse rushed Howie to a room and closed the curtain as she and an orderly placed him gingerly on the bed. His moaning came as a welcome sign to everyone since that meant he was waking up.

AJ grabbed Howie’s hand and held on as his friend opened his eyes. “Welcome back Howie.”

“Where was I?”

Before he could answer a young doctor walked into the room, “Hello I’m Doctor Lewis,” She said walking over and checking out the clipboard at the end of the bed.

“What seems to be the trouble?” She asked walking over to Howie and shining a light in his eyes.

“Well he got hit in the head with a rock.” Kevin responded.

“A rock?”


“And how did that happen exactly?” All five boys looked at each other not quite sure or willing to explain that it happened because one of them hit a talking owl while running away from a band of ghetto pigs.

“It fell from a tree.” They all looked at AJ as did the doctor rather suspiciously.

“A tree?”


“Okay well I’m going to order a whole slew of tests for him and he’ll be back to normal in no time.” She said walking past the boys and stopping in front of Nick.

“Are you feeling okay?” She suddenly asked the blonde who looked confused.

“Yeah, why?”

“Because you just look a bit pale.”

“I do?”

“Yes, but we won’t worry about that. I’ll be back.” She said walking out of the door.

“That was weird.” Nick said as he ran a hand through his sweaty hair and walked over to sit next to Howie.

“Did you say sweaty hair?” Nick asked even more confused then a few seconds ago.

“Eww Nick you are kind of sweaty.” Brian said walking over to Nick and feeling his head.

“No way, I see what you’re doing here; I’m the one that’s hurt not Nick! I got hit in the head with a rock.” Howie said from the bed.

“I think he has a fever Kev,” Brian said alarmed and quickly Kevin was up and moving towards the youngest band member.

Howie once again moaned, “You’re going to be okay Howie.” AJ reassured as he got up to see what was going on with Nick.

“Damn!” Howie said frustrated.

A few minutes later another doctor walked into the room with her assistant. “Hello, we’re here to take Mr. Dorough down for his CAT scan.” The doctor whose name was Kristof said. She was about to help load him onto the gurney when she looked over at Nick, “What’s wrong with him?” She asked as she made her way over.

“We think he has a fever.”

“He does not like right in his eyes,” She said bending down to take a closer look.

“I’m ready to be moved now.” Howie said as Kristof’s assistant Jenkins walked over to see what was wrong.

“Is it your stomach?” Kristof asked, carefully feeling his stomach and noticing he didn’t flinch at all.

“Maybe it’s a migraine? Do you get migraines?” Jenkins asked to which Nick shook his head.

“Don’t mind me I can get myself on the gurney.” Howie said standing up and walking over to the stretcher.

“How do you feel?” Jenkins asked Nick as Kristof took his pulse and his temperature.

“I feel fine; I mean we’re here for Howie not for me.”

“Thanks Nicky.” Howie said from the gurney he put himself on.

“Even still, I think it’s best if we run some blood work on you.” Kristof replied calling in a nurse and giving her Nick’s vitals.

“You know I guess I can wheel myself down to x-ray, don’t mind me.” Howie said sounding mad and a little annoyed.

“I think you guys are seriously wasting your time, I’m fine.” Nick insisted as both doctors started working on him. One taking his blood pressure and the other checking his heart beat.

In the middle of all the commotion an orderly came in for Howie, “Okay going for my tests now…” He said when finally Kevin looked up and then walked over to his friend.

“Want me to come with you?” He asked as the two doctors continued to poke and prod a very unhappy Nick.

“No that’s okay; I guess you should stay with Nicky.”

“Thanks D…” and before Howie could say another word he was wheeled out of the room.

“Can I at least sing a song as I go?” He begged as he was turning the corner.

Writer: No

Once Howie was gone Kevin made his way back over to Nick who seemed even more flushed than before. “I am fine! Is pinching me there really necessary?” He asked as the doctors escorted him to the bed Howie had just vacated.

“Now, you need to relax yourself Mr. Carter, we need to figure out exactly what’s wrong with you.”

“I’m fine I told you for the thousandth time! I’m not sick at all!”

Dr. Kristof pat his shoulder, “Sometimes we think we are healthy but there’s always something wrong with us. I just hope it’s serious.”

Brian interrupted, “You hope it’s serious?”

“I mean not, I hope it’s NOT serious.”

Dr. Lewis came in with a chart in her hand and med student, “Well seems like this is quite the busy bed isn’t it?”

“I’m not sick.” Nick said folding his hands in front of his hospital gown.

“Hospital gown? Since when am I wearing a hospital gown?” He asked looking down at the gown that was now covering his body.

“I have to say it’s really cool when you do stuff like that.” AJ mused, taking a seat next to the bed.

Writer: Thanks AJ; I promise you’ll get a bigger part in the next chapter.

“AJ stop sucking up to the writer.” Kevin rolled his eyes and watched as Dr. Lewis felt under Nick’s neck, nodding and whispering to her intern. “Is he okay doctor?”

She looked up from her writing, “Well it’s hard to tell, we should do some tests.”

“We already ordered a blood work up.” Dr. Kristof said.

“And I think he also needs an MRI of his stomach.” Jenkins added.

Dr. Lewis turned to her student, “What do you think Jennifer?”

Her med student walked over to Nick and smiled at him as she poked him on his stomach and then proceeded to run her hands up to his chest. “I think he has cancer.” She bluntly stated.

“WHAT?” all four Backstreet Boys gasped out at the same time.

“How can you even say that? All you did was feel my stomach then my chest which by the way, made me feel violated thank you very much.”

Kevin’s face was pale and none of the other boys knew what to say, “How can that be?” Brian asked confused and to the point of tears.

“Brian! Duh! She has no idea what she’s talking about, can’t you see that?”

“But she’s a doctor Nick.”

“Actually she’s an intern.” Dr. Lewis was quick to point out.

“See?” Nick tried to get out of the bed, “Where’s my pants?” He asked swinging his feet over the side.

“You shouldn’t go anywhere little man, not until we know for sure what’s going on.”

“Kevin, I know what’s going on, these people, all four of them, are going to submit me to tests which will hurt I’m sure only to tell me that I’m fine.”

“Hopefully not.” Kristoff said while jotting something down on her pad.

“Hopefully not fine?” Brian asked her once again confused she would say something like that.

“No, I meant hopefully not too painful.” She replied.


“Why do I need four doctors anyway?” Nick rolled his eyes and harrumphed.

“But he didn’t harrumph as good as me though, right?” Brian asked smiling up at the ceiling.

Writer: Of course not.


Dr. Kristoff, Dr. Lewis and their two assistants gathered around each other to have a conference during which several medical terms went swirling over everyone’s heads. Brian walked over to his friend and covered him up placing his hand gently on Nick’s forehead to wipe the sweat away.

“I am fine!! Is everyone out of their minds or something?”

“Frack, keep this blanket on you because we don’t want you to get cold.”

“Frack? Did you just call me Frack?”

“Yes, do you not remember that’s your nickname?”

“Well yes I do from ten gabillion years ago.”

Kevin then walked over with a stern look on his face, “Don’t worry baby, we’ll get through this okay? We will be here for you for anything you need.”

“Oh no, you don’t want to cuddle with me again do you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You just called me baby, this one is calling me Frack…what about you AJ what are you going to call me?”

“Hrmm, how about jerkass?” AJ shouted from across the room.

“Well at least one of you is acting normal.”

“Nick, I can understand what you feel. I remember when I was in the hospital I was scared to death.”

“But Brian when you were in the hospital you were SICK! There’s a difference!”

“Mr. Carter…” Dr. Lewis said walking over towards the bed and sitting at the edge, “We need to discuss your condition.”

“Condition, what condition?”

“It seems we have found a lump on your leg.”

“Lump on my leg?”

“Yes, while my intern was examining you…”

“You mean fondling me?”

Dr. Lewis ignored his comment and continued, “She found a lump on your leg, I’m afraid it’s going to have to come off.”

“What’s going to have to come off, the lump?”

“The leg.”

“WHAT!” Nick’s eyes grew wide as did everyone else’s in the room.

“Is it that bad?” Kevin asked looking back from Dr. Lewis to Nick.

“I’m afraid so…”

“I tend to disagree with the amputation…” Dr. Kristoff added.

“Thank God it’s about time there was a voice of reason!” Nick sighed as he leaned back into the bed.

“I think he needs extensive radiation and chemotherapy before we take the leg.”

“WHAT?” Nick said, sitting up once more.

“Oh my God.” Brian started crying.

“Okay what is wrong with you people? They haven’t even done one single test on me yet! They haven’t taken blood or done any x-rays but yet they want to take my leg off? Okay I am SO done…I quit!”

Writer: You quit what?

“This chapter, I quit!”

Writer: You can’t just quit a chapter.

“Nicky you should lay back down, all this screaming isn’t good for you.” Kevin said attempting to push Nick back onto the bed.

“Kevin!! Don’t you find it weird that no one took any tests?”

“Mr. Carter, your friend is right…relax and we are going to start the treatments stat.”

“I really think the longer we wait the less chance he has at surviving this thing.” Dr. Lewis said shaking her at Jenkins, “Chopping that thing off is the only way.”


“Nick stop screaming, it’s okay baby hush.” Kevin tousled Nick’s sweaty head as he sat on the bed.

“I think we need to have him run through a series of treatments Dr. Lewis, before we consider taking the leg off. I am ordering them now…” Kristoff turned to Jenkins and said, “Order a trisodium phosphate niacinamide with a thiamin mononitrate and a knbt stat!”

“What in the world did all of that even mean?” Nick asked looking even more confused then he did earlier, if possible.

“Those are just medicines that will help you feel better,” Jennifer the intern said winking at the blonde.

“Medicines?” Now it was Kevin that sounded confused.

“Yes now we suggest you leave us to our business and wait outside the room.” Jenkins said trying to usher the boys out of the room.

“Wait a minute, those aren’t medicines…” Kevin glared up at the ceiling of the hospital.

Writer: *sigh* I know what’s coming next.

“Time out!!”

Writer: Yup, that…what’s the matter now Kevin?

“Nick is right, I mean to be diagnosed with cancer you need some tests.”

“Thank you!” Nick said nodding his head relieved.

Writer: do you have any idea how hard it is to write a medical drama in one chapter? Most go on for about 100 or so.

“Have you ever written one before?”

Writer: No, medical is not my cup of tea. I don’t really know much about medicine.

“Wow I think I might die from surprise.” Nick said sarcastically.

“So all those things you had the doctors order?” Kevin asked with one eyebrow raised.

Writer: Oh all right, I read them off a box of Golden Grahams! Happy?

“Tsk tsk, I’m so disappointed.”

“You are disappointed that I don’t have cancer?” Nick asked Kevin as he once again sat up, placing his socked feet on the cold floor.

“No, idiot…”

“Well at least you’re not calling me baby again.”

“I’m disappointed that our writer didn’t take the time to properly research medical terms.”

Writer: I never have the time to do that. Besides who will ever know the difference?

“What’s knbt? That was the last thing you said.” AJ asked.

Writer: Oh that’s the name of my bank.

“So what’s the deal with the lump then?” Brian asked, still not exactly sure if Nick was out of the water yet.

AJ walked over and examined Nick’s leg himself, “Son of a bitch…it’s a huge mosquito bite!”

Everyone looked over at Jennifer who blushed, “Well, I’m sure that’s a mistake a lot of people make.”

“Maybe a lot of…STUPID people.” Nick said rolling his eyes. “But you are kind of cute though…”

“All right, seems like we have done all there is to do with this chapter don’t you think?” Kevin said getting in between Nick and the intern before the sequel to the teeny bopper chapter happened in front of their eyes.

“I wish you the best of luck,” Dr. Lewis said shaking Nick’s hand as did the other three doctor type people.

“Maybe we can chop off the guys’ leg in the next room.” Dr. Lewis said to Jenkins as they walked out of the room.

“So, I guess we can leave then?” Brian asked scratching his head.

“I guess, but how?”

“I’m not going anywhere until I find my pants.” Nick said as he exposed his buttocks to the world.

“Here they are, you big baby.” AJ threw the pants at Nick who missed them completely.

“Great aim you got there Boner.” He said bending down to pick up his pants only to see a hole under the bed.

“Guys there is a hole under the bed.”

All three men walked over to take a look, “Do you think this is what we have to do? Go down the hole?”

“Maybe J, before it was doors but maybe she wants to be different.”

“I’ll go first, just in case.” Kevin said moving the bed and jumping down the hole. They heard a thump followed by a few choice expletives before they got the all clear.

One by one they jumped down the hole with Nick bringing up the rear…

“Oh very funny ass joke there.”

Writer: thanks I try.

Shaking his head he pulled up his pants and jumped into the unknown using a few choice expletives himself.

“Hey guys, I’m back…turns out that I didn’t need stitches, one doctor insisted I had a brain tumor but…hey…where did everybody go?” Howie asked looking around confused to see the big gaping hole in the middle of the floor.


I had to just say thanks to Julie for letting me have a little fun with Broken in this one. ;O) You’re awesome! Marina will be back next with with a very funny fantasy chapter lol