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~Chapter Seventeen~

Mr. Stokowski! Mr. Stokowski! or The One where Mickey Lost his Baton
or (yes another ‘or’) The Fantasy Chapter

~By (Just) Marina~

The five inseparable friends stood up after a well deserved rest and in the middle of the Cuernava field. The trip from Glorinas had been long and full of mishaps but the reward would be worthy since they were pretty confident about saving Endelemira’s region from the terrible hands of the Limuets.

“Say that in English again,” Kevin frowned at the green sky. “Green sky? Where the heck are we know?”

“Have you noticed that the grass is purple?” Howie elbowed him.

“Great another wacko world!” Kevin threw his hands up to the air frustrated. “Didn’t we have a sci-fi chapter already?”

Writer: This isn’t sci-fi.

“What the heck is it then?” AJ asked from the place where he, Brian and Nick had taken a seat again. “And how did we get here? I remember going under a bed and nothing else after that.”

Writer: Well maybe if you let me finish the narration…

“Go ahead” Kevin took a seat next to the others, followed by Howie.

And so the five valiant warriors…

Writer: Can you please not roll your eyes Kevin. If anything you should be grateful for the way I portray you. There are stories that have you as the villain, you know?

“Me? A villain?”

“It’s the eyebrows.”

“Shut up AJ.” Kevin admonished the younger man who was laughing.


“Jeez no need to scream. Go ahead with your narration” Brian said lying back into the purple soft grass. “Yes, very soft indeed. Me like it.”

*Silence and crickets chirping*

“Aren’t you going to keep up with the story?” Nick asked.

Writer: I don’t know, maybe someone else wants to interrupt and I don’t want to be rude and tell my story while we could talk about Kevin’s eyebrows or how soft the grass is.

“Oh just go on with the story would you” Kevin growled.

*writer sighing*

And so the five valiant warriors prepared themselves for the hardest part of the trip.

“Harder than what we already experienced?” Nick interrupted again, pissing off the writer even more.

“Shut up Nick” Brian’s quick intervention calmed the writer a little so she went on with the narration ignoring Kevin’s and AJ’s rolling eyes.

The five men suspected the kind of terrible experiences that would be waiting for them in Lundicum valley but they also knew that they could acquit themselves well if they stood together.

Kevin, the keeper of the blue medallion, representing the last human warriors, would lead the group. The best with the arch, he had been on this side of Timura before so he knew the way to Lundicum.

“The best with the bow?”

“Hey look, you have a bow and arrows” Nick pointed to Kevin’s back

“And you look like Robin Hood” AJ started to laugh noticing Kevin’s new outfit.

“I don’t wanna wear tights!”

Writer: Too late. Besides you look great in them.

“Why do I have the feeling that you are looking at my butt?”

Writer: Because I am…ahem… I mean, of course not. And don’t listen to AJ, you don’t look like Robin Hood, your clothes aren’t green.

“Yippee” Kevin rolled his eyes again.

Writer: I’m so ignoring you. I’ll keep going with my story.

Nickolas, the oldest son of King Deluphos had never been so far from his country, the Kingdom of Lugaros, before…

“I am a prince? Great! Where is Lugaros? Is that in Europe?”

Writer: Yes it is. Used to be part of Sweden, it was the second-largest city after Norway of course.

“Are you making fun of me?”

Writer: You are so easy. Don’t you know already that I name places and characters with the first things that come to my head? Why do you ask if it’s in Europe?

“I didn’t want to. You made me.” Nick whined.

Writer: Yeah right. Keep using that excuse. Now if you excuse me, I’ll try for the umpteenth time to finish my story.

AJ, the nomad. The last survivor from the Nilimitas race, inhabitants of the Great Lake. He had been the last to join the group but the others quickly realized what an incredible tracker he was so they were trusting his opinion about climbing mount Lirayo.

“You are really making me dizzy with all the weird names. And did you say a nomad?” AJ inquired.


“I don’t think she is replying to our questions anymore” Brian whispered to AJ.

Brian, the gnome…

“The what? Are you crazy? I’m not a gnome” Brian spat out having a tantrum and throwing his funny little red gnome hat to the floor.

“Ugh!” Brian kept stepping on his had with his cute little red gnome boots.

“I soo hate you now,” Brian said still a little aggressively but regaining some composure and dusting the hat he had already picked up from the floor.

And finally Howie…

“That’s it? Brian the gnome? You don’t have anything else to say about me. That’s not even a whole sentence.”

Writer: Dude, you are a gnome. What else do you want me to say?

“I so hate you” Brian stuck his tongue out at the sky.

And finally Howie…

“Why am I always the last one?”

Writer: Do you prefer a story about four brave warriors?

Howie shook his head vigorously.

Writer: That’s what I thought.

And finally Howie, son of Luminares, from the Tamaras group. A race known for their beautiful voices…

*Howie’s eyes lighten up.*

The Tamaras would only communicate through songs. They wouldn’t talk but sing the things they wanted to say….

*Howie was ecstatic, grinning from ear to ear.*

Sadly Howard was mute.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” he yelled, and his eyes went so wide that they looked like they were about to pop right out of their sockets.

Writer: I’m kidding. *laughing* You should have seen your face.

The other guys were laughing now too.

“I’ll give you this,” AJ said. “That was funny.”

“So is he going to sing the whole chapter?” Kevin asked a little worried which brought him a glare from Howie.

Writer: Are you crazy? That was part of the joke too.

Howie was beyond mad now. “You are all a bunch of…” He didn’t have time to finish the sentence since Nick interrupted him.

“Again Nick?!” Howie spat out.

“I didn’t say anything man.”

Writer: Well, say it then.

“Say what?” Once again Nick was confused.

Writer: Look at the sky Nick.

“Wow, anyone else thinks those birds coming are really big?”

Writer: Good boy, that was your line.

The others turned around and followed Nick’s gaze.

“Oh freaking shit, those aren’t birds.” AJ screamed. “Those are dragons. Run!”

But AJ couldn’t move since Kevin grabbed him by the shirt.

“Don’t run AJ. Those are Limuet’s messengers and they have already seen us. They will catch us either way. We will have to fight.”

“Okay you finally went completely crazy bro” AJ replied back but didn’t have any other choice than to unsheathe his sword. Kevin was already firing arrows at them.

The dragons were closer now, and the five brave warriors could see they weren’t alone, riding them were Limuet’s soldiers, the most ugly looking creatures, and there were a lot.

“I don’t think we will be able to defeat them. We are outnumbered.” AJ showed his concern to the sight of the dragons landing, which made Kevin put his bow away and unsheathe his sword too. Like AJ and Nick, who had already killed some Limuets, Kevin was an amazing swordsman. Brian pulled out his sling and proceeded to help his friends in defense from the Limuets and their dragons.

“A sling?! They are armed and you give me a sling?!”

Writer: You are a gnome.

“No, I’m not.” He said hopping around the bad guys smiling and hitting them with stones from his cute little sling. “Well, at least I’m good with this thing. But please, stop saying ‘cute little’ before every single thing related to me.”

Writer: But you are such a cute gnome.

Brian shook his head at the writer and kept killing bad guys with his cute… with his interesting weapon. Howie, on the other hand, waited till some warriors were closer to him then screamed till he knocked them.

“That’s my weapon? To scream?” He couldn’t believe it. “Okay confess it, you think I’m gay, right?”

Writer: What? Of course not. I just thought your screeching would be an original form of fighting the enemy.

“Can I have your sling Brian?” Howie asked ignoring the writer.

“No way man, sorry.”

“How am I supposed to hurt someone screeching?”

Writer: Hmmm, have you ever heard yourself?

“Listen you…”

“Aghhh,” someone screamed in pain and Howie turned around to find a Limuet pulling his sword out of Kevin’s arm which was bleeding profusely. Kevin had released his own sword and had been able to duck away a couple of times but he had finally stumbled and fallen to the floor which made the enemy immediately start to charge again. Howie panicked witnessing the Limuet about to swing the deathly blade to Kevin one last time, but Nick was faster. Running to his friend’s defense he just needed a couple of quick movements to kill the enemy. It gave Kevin time to recover himself and less than a minute later he was launching such a hard attack on another Limuet that the other two left ran to their dragons and flew away. A group of dragons had already left the scene after AJ had killed the first one, but there were still a couple there who kept their attack after their riders died.

“Are you okay Kevin?” AJ yelled rolling down the floor with amazing agility avoiding one of the dragon’s flames aimed at him.

“Yes I am,” he replied running from the other side to the dragon. He knew he had to take advantage of the dragon’s concentration on AJ. The animal wasn’t paying attention to anyone else so the minute he charged toward AJ again, Kevin climbed fast to its back and killed it with a well-aimed sword blow.

Howie and Brian exchanged a quick look with Nick, after witnessing Kevin’s victory, and the first two started to run around the other dragon yelling and jumping, trying to call his attention, while Nick, copying Kevin’s movements, killed the dragon.

Writer: Wow that was good guys.

“What, having us as human bait?” Brian asked recovering his breath.

Writer: Hey you were fantastic there, must be proud of yourselves as much as I am proud of this little action scene. You know, I think I’m going the right direction adding more action to this.

“No, you are not.” Kevin’s rage exploded. “What the hell was that and why did you let them injure me?”

“Well I was getting complaints about lack of realism….”

“Right because dragons and purple grass are so real,” Kevin rolled his eyes.

Writer: I didn’t want to have the typical good guys vanquishing all the bad guy without getting a tiny scratch; and you have to admit it was exciting, you were so good fighting.

“I didn’t like it,” Kevin kept growling. “Ouch Nick,” he complained to his friend who was cleaning and bandaging his arm with part of a shirt he had ripped into strips.

“Sorry bro but we need to stop the bleeding. You should try not to move that arm for a while.”

“Well that will be impossible” Kevin said pointing to the sky and shaking his head.

“You got to be kidding me!” AJ yelled watching another group of dragons coming in their direction. “Couldn’t you give us at least five minutes to rest?”

Writer: I really like to see you fighting. You look so cool, so athletic, so brave.

“Come on give us a break.” AJ continued. “Kevin is injured, he can’t fight anymore. It will be just two men against a group of bad guys and dragons this time.”

“Excuse me!” Brian interrupted him. “Two men?”

“Okay two men, a gnome and Howie, whatever he is in this chapter.”

“What the heck is this, the ‘lets make fun of Howie’ chapter?” Howie asked the same instant the dragons were landing in front of them.

Writer: Okay you win guys, maybe you were right and you have fought enough already, at least for now.

Suddenly a weird and loud noise could be heard from one of the sides of the mountain behind the boys. It sounded like an stampede or avalanche. Nick was the first one too look up and his eyes met thousands of gnomes running their way. They were yelling and kept appearing from behind rocks and trees, armed with stones, sticks and even some swords and axes.

“Look Brian, your family is coming to the rescue” Nick grinned from ear to ear in amusement.

“Yay” Brian hopped with happiness since it had been so long since the last time he had seen his relatives.

“Yodelaheee yodelaheeeheee” Howie greeted them.

“Wow that was really gay Howie” AJ laughed.

“Shut up!” Howie softly pushed him. A big group of gnomes were surrounding them while the majority were already fighting the dragons and Limuets.

“You need to hurry up guys” A taller than average gnome with a very long white beard advised them after shaking hands with AJ and Howie who were the ones closer to him. “Enter that tunnel behind you and…”

“Tunnel?” Kevin asked turning around and noticing it for the first time. “Okay that so wasn’t there before.”

Writer: So? Sue me.

“You will be received by the unicorns once you get to the Maldaran region.” The gnome kept explaining them. “They will help you. Now let us take charge of this and run. Good luck kids, and take care, especially you Brian.”

“Thanks uncle Phil,” Brian hugged the older gnome who patted him on the back.

“Thank you sir,” Kevin said shaking his hand and taking the lead to the tunnel.

“Take care,” Nick waved at them.

“See you another time.” AJ picked up his bag and ran after the others.

“yodelaheee yodelaheeeheee,” Howie winked at them. “Why you keep doing that?” He whined to the sky hearing the other four guys laughing.

Writer: I love to hear you yodeling. Too funny.

Howie rolled his eyes and crossed the tunnel after his friends. It wasn’t as long as he was fearing but what he found on the other side caught him completely unaware.

“It is snowing.” Howie said in a such a surprised tone that one could think he had never seen snow in his life.

“Duh! Of course it’s snowing” Nick replied jokingly although he was amazed by the magnificent scene too. A fantastic white landscape was extending in front of them and as far as Nick’s eyes could reach the snow was covering every single rock and every single tree, including the extremely tall pines from a near wood. The sky was blue now, not an average blue though but a magnificent intense one, and the wind was blowing in almost a musical way.

“Okay, yes, it’s lovely but now I’m freezing.” AJ said buttoning up his coat. “Why did you do that?”

Writer: I think it looks beautiful and we haven’t given enough importance to the weather in this story. I’m just changing that little detail. Besides I saw the trailer from that Chronicles of Narnia movie in the theater the other day and it looked so cool.

“In other words you keep copying ideas from others,” Nick winked at the sky.

Writer: Shut up or I’ll bring another dragon.

”I’m too cold.” Brian said putting his hands in the pockets of his red and green vest to keep them warm.

“Lets keep walking.” Kevin ordered. “I remember this place. The Mordana castle is just ahead of these woods.”

“Who are we rescuing again?” Nick started to walk after Kevin.

Writer: Mordana’s princess Nick. You are supposed to marry her.

“What? Why am I always the one getting married? I’m the youngest. I don’t want to get married.”

Writer: Too bad because you are doing it.

Nick stuck his tongue out at the writer.

Writer: Very mature.

“Exactly. I’m not mature enough so I’m not getting married.”

They hadn’t walked more than a few steps when a splendid white unicorn came from behind a tree in the way and approached them.

“AJ glad to know you are okay. We were worried about you.” The animal greeted the nomad warrior.

“Yippee another talking animal” AJ said and the others frowned their eyebrows at him.

“What are you talking about?” Howie was the first one to ask. “The unicorn didn’t speak.”

“Of course he did.”

“No Jay, he didn’t.” Kevin was worried now.

“Hurry up AJ, you need to follow me,” the unicorn spoke up again.

“Please tell me you heard that. How come you didn’t hear it?” AJ started to freak out since the others kept shaking their heads at him.

“Are you getting sick?” Kevin asked him. “It’s probably the cold. Let me take off my coat. We need to keep you warm.”

“I’m not sick,” he growled in frustration. “The horned horse is talking.”

“Is he delusional Kevin?” Nickolas asked the oldest man. “He probably is seeing mirages due to the weather.”

“That’s the sun that makes you do that, you idiot. And this unicorn greeted me.” The whole situation was exasperating AJ.

“You must follow me now.” The unicorn was now next to AJ. “Your master the great wizard will encounter us in the middle of the wood.”

“My master the wizard?”

“Your what?” Kevin put a hand over AJ’s forehead.

“I’m not sick Kevin!” AJ yelled completely annoyed now and that same moment a thunder boomed over them.

“What was that?” Nick asked looking at the other guys.

“I don’t know,” Kevin replied. “I guess a storm is coming.”

“Come on follow me,” the unicorn kept insisting

“Okay he did it again.” AJ pointed to the unicorn with his thumb.

“Has anybody considered that maybe AJ has powers and he can talk to animals?” Brian suddenly asked.

“Or maybe he is loony,” Nick laughed.

“Shut up Nick!” AJ yelled and another thunder boomed even louder.

“Do thunders boom every time you get mad?” Nick asked bewildered.

“It looks like it. You know, the unicorn did mention something about my master the wizard. That would make me a wizard too, right?”

“Like the ones living in bottles?”

“Those are genies, you idiot.”

“Oh right and we know you are no genie.” Nick giggled.

“Okay lets focus people.” Howie interrupted them. “AJ try to do something so we can be sure you have powers.

“Like what?”

“Make it stop snowing.” Brian suggested.

AJ closed his eyes and suddenly the snow stopped

“Wow Cool!” AJ grinned.

“Cool? Cool? I’m hurt because I fight dragons and a bunch of ugly guys and you were a wizard all this time. Why didn’t you use your magic before?”

“Because I didn’t know I was a wizard. Why don’t you yell at the writer instead of me Kevin.”

“You know” Brian stated. “She probably just came up with that.”

Writer: Of course not, I had it planned all the way. You know I’m a very organized writer.

“Haha. Now that is funny”

Writer: Shut up Nick.

“Hey! AJ’s eyes brightened up. “Guys I think I have an idea.”

Writer: Why are you whispering there?

“Whispering? I’m not whispering.” AJ smiled and turned around to face Kevin. “I’m a wizard, lets get out of this while we can.

Writer: No, you wouldn’t dare.

“Watch me. Come on guys hold my hands.”

Realizing what AJ had came up with, the other guys held hands immediately.

“Hey this is like Star Trek episode,” Brian started to hum the theme from the show.

“Or Charmed” Howie added, which made the other guys look at him smiling.

“Charmed Howie? You watch Charmed? Are you planning another guest role in the WB?” Brian raised his eyebrows mockingly at him.

“Oh shut up, I do it because of the hot girls.”

“Yeah right,” Nick laughed out loud while starting to disappear with the rest. AJ had managed to teleport them somewhere else…. or so he thought.

“Hey!” AJ yelled but it was too late.

Writer: What? You think you will win?

Hope you enjoyed that one, Mersey will be back next Saturday with the evil twin chapter Muahahahahaha!