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~Chapter two~

T-NieS R Uz

The Teeny chapter

~By (Just) Marina~

The five boys looked up at the blonde girl who had just came out of the car and…pretended to be statues because none of them were reacting.

Writer: Ugh! Come on guys, do something. Don’t stand there like idiots, let’s move on with this story. We have a beautiful blonde woman coming out from a pink car. This story has potential now; you just need to go with the flow.

“Wait a minute.” Nick had not been really paying attention to the road since all that time he had been inspecting the tree looking for some kind of gimmick. “Did you say a blonde woman in a pink car?” he asked running to the other side of the tree and looking at the car from behind its branches “You gotta be kidding me. You are not bringing her here. No way.”

Writer: Her? Damn, you are really dumb, aren’t you? Go and look at her blondie. I said a BEAUTIFUL blonde, beautiful being the key word here. Furthermore, I can’t stand her, I wouldn’t ever bring her here….although, now that you mention it.

“Don’t you dare,” Nick said coming from behind the tree and standing next to AJ. The car wasn’t too close to them and due to the shining sun it was difficult to see the girl clearly. Noticing that the other guys had brought their hands up to their foreheads to shield their eyes from the sun, he did the same.

“Wow she really is beautiful,” he murmured and heard AJ release a soft whistle. The girl was very tall with blonde shoulder length hair. She was wearing very tight shorts and a pink tank top over her very tan body. A very big pair of sunglasses completed her look.

Howie looked back at the tree “Repetitive much? That description was VERY stupid.”

Writer: Do you want to be a part of this story? You know it would be so easy for me not give you any lines, like so many writers out there.

“Do you guys need help?” The girl yelled from her place next to the car before Howie had time to say any other dumb things and interrupt the writer again.

Howie rolled his eyes at the tree but the writer cleverly ignored him and went back to the amazing description of the girl.

“Please! Amazing description?”

Writer: Okay shorty, you are pushing your luck here so shut up or I’ll make you shut up.

“How are you….cough, cough” A coughing fit stopped Howie from bothering the writer anymore.

The blonde girl took a couple of steps toward the guys. You could say she was a little afraid to come any closer. She was already really brave, or really stupid, coming out of her car with 5 strangers out there.

Kevin walked to her. “Our car broke down and we have been walking for too long. Do you think you can give us a ride?”

When she heard Kevin speak she tilted her head to one side, took off her glasses and opened her mouth in awe. Suddenly she started to jump up and down, moving her hands in the air “Oh my God, oh my God.” She wasn’t yelling, she was screeching. “You are the Backstreet boys, oh my good. Alex, the Backstreet boys!”

“Huh?” At the mention of his name, AJ looked at the other guys confused while another girl came out of the car.

She was a stunning beauty too. She wasn’t as tall as the first girl and her hair was very dark, but she was as tanned as the other girl and she could have been in a beauty pageant too, except for one little detail, or more like two, she had a couple of piercings on her face. Her clothes were completely different too, instead of shorts and a cute pink top, she was wearing jeans and a black shirt, one of those that had the name of a band on them, although from his place AJ couldn’t read which band it was.

“Great the backseat boys. Yippee!” she exclaimed completely unenthusiastically making circles with one finger in the air.

“Guys, we are your biggest fans.”

“Talk for yourself Nicole. I don’t like the backdoor boys.” And with that the brown haired girl went back to the car leaving the guys with their mouths hanging open.

“Oh don’t mind Alex. She tries to act like she is all rock and roll but she is a softy inside.”

“Her name is Alex?” AJ asked.

“Alexandra. I’m Nicole.” She said offering him her hand and then shaking hands with the rest of the guys. “But what are you doing here?”

They all looked at each other.

“Is it a secret? It has to do with the release of the new album? It does, right? I know it does. Wow, so exciting. Okay maybe you can’t tell me but if you do you have nothing to worry about, I won’t say anything.” She was speaking so fast the boys couldn’t interrupt and just kept nodding or shaking their heads after every question. “But come on. Climb in the car. I will take you to the next town but first we will have to make a stop. Our friends are waiting for us and if we don’t get there on time they could get worried. But it won’t take too much time to do that so don’t worry. Come on, climb in the car! What you are waiting for?”

“Where are your friends?” Kevin asked opening one of the back doors of the double-cabin pick up truck.

“We are spending some time in this cabin next to the lake. It’s right on the way to the next town so we won’t lose too much time, really.” Nicole answered sitting behind the wheel.

“Okay.” Kevin said at the same time Brian and Howie took a seat next to him.

“Nick come on.” He yelled at the younger member of the group who was looking at the tree again with a weird look on his face.

“I’m coming.” He replied intending to climb into the truck. “Move over Brian.”

“We are not going to fit.” Kevin said closing his door in AJ’s face just when he was about to go into the car.


“Go in the back with Nick.”

“Why me?

“Because I said so. What is that phrase you always use AJ? Beauty before age? Well, let’s say this time its age before beauty.”

“Idiot” AJ said reluctantly climbing into the bed of the truck.

“Isn’t that against the law, Kevin?” Nick hadn’t moved and was still holding onto the other door, not letting Brian close it.

“Just if you are a kid and as much as you two act like kids most of the time you both are legal so hurry up.”

“But what if we get hurt?”

“Come on Nick, you have done things 100 times more dangerous in your life, you are not telling me that you are afraid of riding in there?”

“I’m not afraid it’s just that…” Just then Kevin noticed that Nick was looking at Nicole from the corner of his eye. Great! The kid is about to fall in love again, what’s with him and every single blonde he meets.

“Nick, just go there okay, I’m sure these girls don’t want to lose more time because of us.”

“Okay.” He said finally closing the door.

When AJ and Nick were finally seated Kevin decided to find out more information about the girls that were helping them.

“So, you said your friends were waiting for you in a cabin, right?”

“Yes, we are in a band, and we are practicing for some concerts we have next week. Kelly’s parents, she is one of our friends. Kelly’s parents own this cabin and we thought it would be a cool idea to come here.”

“A band? Let me guess. A girl band, right? And there are five of you?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Son of a ….” Kevin murmured sticking his head and right arm out of the window to face the tree and give it the finger before the car started. You set us in a stupid teenybopper story.

Writer: You can’t ever lose with one of those stories Kevin. Everybody loves them.

“Fuck you.” He replied aloud without thinking.

“Kevin!” Brian scolded him “There are ladies here.”


The only reply he got was Alexandra’s laugh.

“Do you want some water?” Nicole offered them a bottle, which Howie accepted.

“So your friends are waiting for you?” Brian tried to keep the conversation going. “Were you buying something or just driving around?”

“Oh no. You probably passed Anytown on your way here, right? It’s the last town south, the one we left behind. There was a concert there last night that Alex and I went to. The other girls didn’t want to go but since it would end up pretty late we told them we will be staying in the town for the night. They are expecting us today though.”

“Why are you telling so much to these strangers, Nicky?”

Howie almost chocked on the water hearing this girl’s friend call her Nicky.

“So you are just realizing it, right Howie?” Kevin whispered in the ear of an extremely confused Howie.

“They are not strangers Alex. They are the Backstreet Boys.”

“You are soo na´ve Nicky.”

“This is scaring me guys,” Howie murmured.

Behind them, on the other side of the glass, AJ and Nick were fighting.

“Move your feet AJ, they’re in my space.”

“Bite me Carter.”



Brian looked at the girls again.



“This is like the twilight zone.”

“Wait till you met Brianna and Howina,” Kevin added tongue in check.

“Hahaha. Howina!” Brian was trying not to laugh out loud while Howie’s face showed his horror.

“Well, there’s a Kelly, there has to be a Brianna and a…”

“Did you say Brianna?” Nicole interrupted checking them out in the rearview mirror. Howie elbowed Kevin who cleared his throat.

“Isn’t that the name of one of your friends?” Kevin asked a little insecure.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“You…mentioned it?”

“Oh I did? I don’t remember but I guess I did.” She shrugged, her eyes looking at the road again.

Kevin grinned at Howie. “See, I was right, wait till you meet Howina,” he whispered.

“That’s not even a name.” Howie objected.

“And if it’s a name, it’s the name of an ugly girl.” Brian laughed. He was enjoying Howie’s reaction to all this.

“Oh well, Howina or no Howina, it’s a cabin with five girls, I’m all for it. Besides, it could be worse you know, we could be in a scary story or something.”

The minute he said that they heard a big explosion and the car went off the road. Everyone screamed until Nicole regained control of the vehicle.”

“Did I do that?” Howie asked but nobody replied. Brian was asking the girls if they were all right and Kevin had jumped off the car to check on Nick and AJ.

“Are you guys okay?”

“My head,” Nick complained bringing his hand to the side of his head.

“Nicky.” Kevin was already at his side trying to check if he had an injury.

“This is your fault Kevin, you made us ride here. Didn’t you know how dangerous this could be?”

“Let me see your head Nick and stop talking.”

“I’m okay Kevin” Nick said pushing Kevin’s hand away and standing up.


“Yes, I think I just bumped into AJ’s shoulder and since he is so bony it hurt me but its nothing.” Since he was smiling Kevin was convinced that he was okay and shaking his head he left them to go check on the tire that had exploded.

“What happened?” AJ asked. Everybody was out of the car now, waiting for Kevin to finish inspecting the damage.

“This is weird, there’s a big hole here.”

“Duh Kevin, it just exploded, of course there’s a hole.” Nick mocked him.

“Shut up idiot not that kind of hole.”

“Are there different kinds of holes?” Nick looked at everyone for an answer.

AJ was about to say something but Howie was faster. “What ever you are thinking Jay, don’t say it.” AJ laughed. “And put that cig away.”

“Man you are not funny at all.” AJ said inhaling a deep drag of his cigarette and smiling.

“So what’s with the tire Kevin?” Howie decided to ignore AJ who was lighting a cigarette for that girl Alexandra now.

“Its like someone has cut it”

“Sabotage?” Brian asked.

AJ hummed the theme from Jaws making Alexandra laugh.

“Okay guys I know you are joking but you are scaring me,” Nicole whined and although you could tell by Nick’s face that he was scared too, he put his arm around her.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. AJ is only joking. Right AJ?”

“Of course I’m joking.”

“And it isn’t sabotage.” Kevin added. “So you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure we just drove over something that caused this. Now we just have to change the tire.”

“But we don’t have a spare one.”


“Great.” Rok threw his hands in the air.

“Why don’t you have a spare one?”

“Because we are using it.” Nicole pointed to back right tire. “We had a flat tire on the way to the cabin the first day. We were supposed to go to the station in Anytown but we forgot.”

“Do any of you have a cell phone?”

Both girls shook there heads.

“Is the cabin far?”

“No, it’s like 10 minutes that way.” Alexandra pointed to a dirt road on her right.

“Well, I guess we just have to walk…. again” Kevin released a deep breath.

“Great” Brian rolled his eyes. “Do you at least have a phone there?”

“There’s no phone but Heidi has her cell phone, she doesn’t go anywhere without it.”

“Heidi!” Howie had the biggest grin on his face. Brian and Kevin started to laugh while the rest stared at them confused.

“Okay, let’s move guys.” Kevin clapped his hands and everyone started to walk.

“Why don’t I have a cell phone Kevin?” Howie asked him when they had walked for at least 5 minutes.

“Huh?” He looked at him for a second and then went back to concentrate on the people who were walking in front of him. Nicole and Nick were laughing at something Brian was saying.

“I always carry a cell phone, and I checked but I don’t have one.”

“I don’t know Howie.”

“That’s not what bothers me. It’s the fact that I don’t remember why I don’t have one and I’m okay with it. And for some reason I’m starting to feel really comfortable here.”

“You feel comfortable walking with this heat?”

“Not that but I like this place and these girls are really nice and… I don’t know Kev, I’m just worrying because suddenly I’m thinking about taking a couple of days off and that’s so not me. But then I’m sure I’m not the only one considering it. Check on AJ and Nick, and even Brian. Did you notice how he hasn’t mentioned Leighanne in two hours?”

Kevin didn’t reply and just turned his head around to look at AJ and Alexandra who were walking behind them chatting about something. It was good to see AJ happy with someone and this girl, no matter the tough attitude, seemed pretty nice.

“Don’t worry Howie,” he said patting his friend’s back but suddenly stopped and looked at the sky. “Don’t worry Howie? Don’t worry Howie? Why would I say that? I know what you are doing. You want us to feel comfortable in this story. Well it’s not going to happen and quite frankly you are not doing a good job. This story sucks. You are lacking in the writer department, a lot. Your descriptions are terrible, you are jumping from one situation to another and…” Howie was looking from Kevin to the sky and nodding while Alex and Alex had already passed them by.

Writer: Wow, I didn’t know I had another literary critic with us.

Howie grinned.

“Well, you have to accept that you are not doing a great job” Kevin kept going.

Writer: I changed genres, Kevin, this is a teeny story now, and you have to give your public what they want. Teens don’t want long and boring poetic descriptions, they want action, romance. I think I’m doing a great job. You know what? I think this story might even get me a fanfiction award. But thanks for your interest. Now keep walking!

“I’m not…”

Writer: Walk or I’ll try to win an award for most dramatic death of a backstreet boy.

After exchanging a quick glance and showing that they still had some sense in their heads both men quickened their pace and reached the other guys.

Writer: Good boys!

Some minutes later they reached the cabin. They weren’t more than a couple of steps away when the door opened and a petite strawberry blonde walked out of the house. When she saw the girls she ran to them.

“Girls what happened? Wow!” She stopped in her tracks. “The Backstreet Boys?!”

Kevin was the first one to approach her.

“Hello Brianna, nice to meet you.” He said shaking her hand.

“How did you know my name?”

“Intuition.” Kevin answered quickly before turning around to look at Brian. His cousin was smiling ear to ear, and the fascination in his eyes was pretty clear. Kevin’s only reaction to that was to shake his head and roll his eyes.

Hope you enjoy this one! Mersey will be back next Friday with another chapter :)