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~ Chapter 21~

Cookies...cherries...Ding Ding Tap Tap Ring! aka The Superhero chapter

~ By Mersey~

The moment the boys entered another chapter and started to look around for clues of what genre they were thrown into this time, the writer called on her muse and said this to him:

Writer: I can almost smell it Pepe.

Pepe: Smell what?

Writer: The end of all things.

Pepe: Really? What does it smell like?

Writer: Like the end of all things, God, pay attention!

Pepe: Ookayyy

Writer: Are you done with that letter? I need to start my chapter now.

Pepe: I’m almost done.

Writer: Make it quick, I have a deadline.

Pepe: So you said all the time it was your turn.

Writer: Two days have gone by and I keep deleting what I have for this chapter cause you were being a very useless muse. Come on now, get that letter done!

Pepe: Okay, okay I’m done! Jeez woman!

Meanwhile, the boys were, you guessed it, in the woods; tired of looking for a damn clue. A hint. A riddle. A joke –

“Or a lizard with a letter tied to its back.” Kevin cut in.

“Oh my God the poor lizard! He’s been turned into a slave!” Brian raged.

“We should bring this matter to PETA!” AJ, the ever animal loving guy in the group, exclaimed.

“Isn’t Peta that actress who acted in that Le Femme Nikita series? She’s HOT. Why are we bringing this animal abuse case to her? Can I go?” Nick asked, getting excited by the second.

“Dude she’s like 40 and like 10 years your senior. What’s wrong with you?” AJ asked.

“Age is nothing but a number.” Brian defended himself.

“And besides, if she’s really forty, that would make her 15 years his senior, not 10.” Howie pointed out, ever the accountant of the group.

“The lizard doesn’t mind at all, he likes being a post lizard.” Kevin said.

Everyone looked at Kevin as if he had grown another head.


“Did you say the lizard talked to you?” AJ asked.

“No dumbass. Lizards don’t talk, what are you on?” Kevin groaned. “It said so in the disclaimer section of this letter.”

“The what now?” Brian asked, scratching his head.

“Here, look.”

Dear Backstreet Boys,

You’ve been chosen, by the 3Ms, to be the chosen 5 that will

ultimately save this fanfiction. Everything fanfiction wise is at stake

and the fate of everything fanfiction is now in your hands. Save the fanfiction

world means saving yourself, cause well, you’re in it right now, if you fail you’ll

cease to exist, bwahahahahaahahahaha! So yeah, good luck and may you find that

ever precious door at the end of this chapter!

Your Writer,

You wish I left a name don’t you?

NB: this letter is written by Pepe the muse and most probably will be edited, along with the entire chapter, by the 2nd writer, otherwise known as the one who loves poultry also known as ‘the other writer’ from the previous chapter.

Disclaimer: The lizard that will be delivering this letter will do so by no force/threats from the writer. The lizard is also a male, with its head a diameter of 1cm and length of 10 cm. In lizard years, this lizard is an adult equaled to 34 human years. The lizard doesn’t mind the little labor and had been a dedicated post lizard for the last fifteen years of his life. The letter weighs 0.5 grams and the lizard weighs 0.1 grams and by lizard standards, is middle class heavy. Please feed this lizard some grass before letting him make his way back to the lizard post central.

Please also note that any wear and tear of the said letter should not be blamed on the lizard. He’s just a lizard.

Oh, and we have no idea what lizards eat, so we hope he chokes on grass.

Ps: measurements are in centimeters and grams because the writer doesn’t grab the concept of ounces, feet or lbs. In fact, the writer has no clue what lbs. stands for.

“Okay wait; was that a typo or does the writer really hope that lizard chokes on grass?” AJ asked after reading the disclaimer.

“Well, if the writer isn’t lying and said this chapter is edited by the other writer, then I don’t see why that is a typo.” Brian said as he studied the letter. It should be let known that Brian was also responsible for detecting the ‘fishiness’ that was in their contract with Lou Pearlman.

“Gee, thanks for saying that.” Brian grinned.

Writer: No problem.

“So this writer hates lizards?” Nick asked.

“I think we’re missing the bigger picture here guys.” Kevin claimed.

“And what would that be?” Howie asked.

“We’re chosen to save the fanfiction world or it’ll cease to exist, along with us in it.” Kevin pointed out. “Did you guys not read the letter?”

“You told us to read the disclaimer.” Nick pointed out.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Okay fine. So the letter said we are chosen to save fanfiction. It didn’t say from who or what, but yeah, we need to focus on that.”

“Be careful guys, these woods might be full of booby traps; it’s going to be one huge obstacle course to go through.” Brian warned.

“Did I hear someone mention boobies?” AJ perked up.

“I need to feed the lizard before sending him off to the lizard post central! Go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Nick said.

“Okay, make it quick Nicky.” Howie said. “We must stick together.”

As the rest of the Backstreet Boys made their way carefully into the dense woods, Nick plucked some grass and placed a blade near the lizard’s mouth but pulled it back when he remembered what the letter said.

“I’m not sure if you eat grass post lizard and I don’t want you to die. You’re 35 already, you should work hard and earn your pension and live comfortably in your old age before you die.” Nick said.

The post lizard, its eyes wide and staring back at Nick, just blinked once.

Nick looked around and smiled when he found a bush of berries.

“Okay, that sounds SO wrong in so many ways.” Nick giggled.

Writer: Oh get your head out of the gutter Nick!

Nick giggled some more and plucked a baby berry.

“Here post lizard, I’m sure it’s huge enough for you.” He placed the berry near the lizard and after waving him goodbye, ran back to join the guys.

Little did Nick know that the berries were poisonous. That was the end of the lizard’s life.

Meanwhile back in the woods…

The boys were almost huddled together, walking in unison, afraid that something would drop from the trees when they least expected it.

“Like that axe man.” Brian said, as always, interrupting the flow of the chapter. He shrugged, “I’m just saying.”

Writer: Don’t.

“Fine.” Brian harrumphed and moved along.

“That’s it guys, I’m tired of being afraid of something that we don’t even know what. For all we know, there’s nothing out-”

Out of nowhere, a deafening alarm started to go off and a billboard appeared before them with blinking lights and the words ‘Level 1’.

“Oh my God! What’s happening!” Nick cried.

Kevin smacked AJ upside the head. “Next time, just shut up AJ!”

“What did I do?” AJ exclaimed.

“Guys, guys, look!” Howie cried as he kept pointing towards something not far from them.

“What the…” Brian couldn’t finish his sentence. In the middle of the woods, there stood a boxing ring.

“With Mike freaking Tyson in it.” AJ said.

“Wait, so we’re expected to fight Mike Tyson?” Brian asked.

“What does Mike Tyson have to do with saving fanfiction?” Howie asked.

“That’s it, we are so dead.” Nick shook his head.

“Ya’ll are hopeless.” Kevin shook his head and before you knew it, he was down on one knee shouting, “POWER UP!”

By some unseen force; Kevin was pulled into mid air, as if he could fly. His body started to spin a few times and when he came back down, landed straight on his feet, he was adorned in nothing but silky black boxing shorts with boxing gloves on his hands.

“Oh my God, you’re like, Rocky, Kevin.” Nick said.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Let me kill this son of a-”

Nick started to rub his back and placed the mouthpiece he found out of nowhere, into Kevin’s mouth. He proceeded to pour water all over Kevin’s face, making him not only hot, but wet, oh so wet…

“Stay PG please.” Brian cut in.

Writer: You’re seriously a party pooper Brian.

“You can do this Kevin!” Nick encouraged, giving Kevin his not so much needed pep talk. “You’re going to eat lightning, and you’re going to crap thunder!”

“Is this the Backstreet Boys parody a movie chapter?” Howie asked.

Writer: Nope, try again next time.

After much talk, Kevin did another high jump and landed in the ring with Mike Tyson.

“Rocky doesn’t jump like that.” AJ noted. “This can’t be a movie chapter.”

“Guys, my cousin is about to get kicked by Mike Tyson, pay attention!”

Suddenly out of nowhere, there were buckets of popcorn, so the boys took one each and started munching on them.

“Go Kevin! It’s your birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!” AJ sang.

“Go Kevin go Kevin Go!” Cheered Howie.

“Mmmmm…yummy.” Nick said in between munching.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Kevin was doing moves that he never knew he could do. He was doing well until Tyson grabbed a hold of his head.

“Hey! No biting! Play nice!” Kevin warned.

“You’re no fun Kevin.” Tyson whined.

“Oh my God, you’re like Nick! Stop whining and play fair!”

“But I NEED to bite you! It’s my trademark!”

“Well you can go bite someone else because this ear is not going anywhere pal!” Kevin yelled.

“You know, you’re always SO strict Kevin, you’re beginning to sound like a dad!”

“Fine then. As a dad, I’m sending you off to your corner until you know how to play nice!”

“I have NEVER in my boxing career faced someone like YOU! I QUIT!” Tyson announced as he walked to his corner and sulked.

There was a loud TING TING TING sound and confetti started raining on him. “Oh my God, you guys, I won!”

A gnome dressed like a referee came into the ring and handed him an envelope. “Thank you little man.”

“Bite me.” The gnome said and left.

“What crawled up his ass?” Kevin wondered but was too happy to be mad. He started climbing down the boxing ring and looked for his friends.






“Will you two stop it? You’re just a few feet away and there’s NO ONE stopping you from getting to each other, God!” AJ complained.

“But it’s my favorite line in Rocky.” Nick shrugged.

“Except Rocky called on Adrian, who by the way, happens to be a woman and his LOVER.” Howie pointed out.

“Dude, I’m just saying whatever the writer wants me to say, I’m too tired to even argue with her anymore. Anyhoo, we got another letter.” Kevin said.

“Great! Read it cousin, I’m still confused by all this. We’ve yet to find out what genre this is.”

“Okay, here goes.”




“We gained what?” AJ exclaimed.

“I almost got my ear bitten cause of fanfic genres? Nice.” Kevin rolled his eyes.

Writer: Or you could give up and just kill fanfiction along with yourselves.

“Yeah whatever. Let’s continue walking guys.” Kevin said.

“Wait Kev, you’re still in your boxing shorts.” Nick pointed out.

“Oh yeah. Hey, change me back!”

Writer: You look fine to me

“I’m sure I do you perverted person. But I’d like my clothes back please.”

Writer: *sigh* Fine.

Kevin found himself fully clothed once again and the boys went deeper into the woods…

“Isn’t it random how Mike Tyson just appeared in the woods?” Brian said out loud.

“We had a freaking post lizard in this chapter Brian; I think boxing with Mike Tyson is to be expected.” Howie laughed.

“I’m just glad it was you in the ring with him and not me Kev.” AJ said.

“He’s such a pussy.” Kevin groaned.

Out of nowhere a hairy yellow THING appeared in front of Kevin. “Ahhhhhhh!!”

“Man Kev, that’s the girliest scream EVER!” Howie said while shaking his head.

“What the heck is THAT!”

“Oh no, it’s the monster from Pac Man!” Nick cried.

“A WHAT!” Kevin cried.

“I’m going to EAT YOU!” The monster from Pac Man yelled.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” The boys screamed.

“GUYS GUYS!” Nick yelled, trying to make them stop. “It’s just the monster from Pac Man, chill!”

“It’s going to EAT US!” Howie cried. “How can you ask me to CHILL!”

“But I hold the record for Pac Man, I can do this!” Nick convinced them.

“Do what?” Kevin asked as he kept kicking at the hairy monster that was trying to climb up his leg.

“This!” Nick said, pointing at the maze in the middle of the woods.

“That wasn’t there earlier.” AJ said.

“And that’s supposed to surprise you?” Brian said, rolling is eyes.

“I’ll take one for the team this round!” Nick said as he turned around and around 3 times and found himself wearing a yellow body suit with a huge yellow smiling Pac Man head.

“Whoa there Nick.” Brian giggled.

“What a big head your have.” AJ laughed.

“So I can eat more cherries and win this game!” Nick said dramatically. “Come on hairy monster, catch me if you can!”

Nick went running into the maze and started eating the yellow cookies.

“Yo Nick! To your LEFT! LEFT FOR THE CHERRY!” Brian yelled from where he was standing.

“Oh no, there are 2 more hairy monsters out for him now!” Howie exclaimed.


Nick was full from eating all those cookies but he had to win this challenge. The moment he saw a cherry, he went straight for it and ate that too.

“AHA! Now I can eat a hairy monster!” He turned back and found one that was backed into a corner. “You! You green haired monster, I can eat you! Mwahahahahaha!”

“No! Please, don’t kill me! I’m a good monster!”

“The heck you are! You were trying to kill me!”

“For the love of God, what the heck is he doing?” Kevin asked.

“He’s talking to the monster!” Brian said excitedly.

“This cherry thing won’t last long!” AJ warned.


“Wow, that friend of yours sure is mean.” The Green haired monster said.

“Shut up, he’s just looking out for me.” Nick defended Kevin.

“Ok well, don’t eat me please!”

“Fine. But only if you promise to get the heck out of here. Bring your gang of hairy friends too. Or I swear to God the next time I get a cherry, I’m going to roast you till crisp and then eat you hair by hair.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell them to get lost. Thanks Nick, here’s your next letter and bye!”

Nick watched as the five hairy monsters, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red, ran away from the maze and got lost in the wilderness. Smiling widely, he walked back to the guys and took off his huge yellow smiling head.

“Does this mean I’m headless?”

Writer: No silly. That’s just your mask.

“Oh. Just so you know, I’m okay with being headless and carrying my head.”

Writer: Aww I know hot stuff, but we live on your handsome face and it needs to be on your neck.

“That was one INTENSE match!” Brian declared. “You almost got chewed!”

“I can’t believe Kevin is all up on Tyson’s face but screamed like a girl at a small hairy monster.” AJ said.

“That happens to want to eat us, not just bite on our ears!” Kevin pointed out.

“You’re such a pussy Kevin.” AJ said.

“Shut up AJ.”

“Nick, just read the damn letter.” Howie said.





“Well, I guess we should keep on walking.” Kevin said.

“Yeah, I wonder whose next.” Nick said.

“Next for what?” AJ asked.

“Well, I think I see a pattern here. Kevin had a challenge, I got one, and so there must be a challenge each.”

“Do we know yet what genre this is?” Howie asked.

“It’s the stupid genre.” Howie said. “I’ve never seen or heard or read any fanfiction where we go into random boxing matches with Tyson or be a Pac Man. It’s ridiculous.”

“I just want this chapter to be over.” Brian said. “We should just keep on walking and keep our eyes open.”

“Yeah, maybe bring back some girls in this story. We’re lacking girls.” Nick said.

“Hey Nicky.” AJ called.


“You look so sessy in that yellow bodysuit.”

“Fuck off AJ.”

While they were busy arguing, an unseen force made them all run into an invisible wall and they bounced back and fell hard on the ground.

“Shit!” Kevin groaned.

“I think I need a hip replacement.” Howie declared.

“What just happened?” Nick asked.

“I think we hit a freaking invisible wall.” AJ said.

“What the heck is that?” Howie pointed out.

Writer: That’s an obstacle course. You have to take all those rings and avoid some creatures to get this invisible wall to disappear.

“And how do we do that if we can’t get through this wall genius.” Kevin said.

Writer: It takes a speed of lightning to go through this wall, nothing your old body can handle.

“Tyson feared me.”

Writer: Cause I had to pay him to do that, now shut up.

“I can do this one guys.” Brian voiced out. Everyone noticed how Brian’s hair was now in a Mohawk.

“Oh man, don’t tell me you’re sonic the hedghog!” Nick said.

“Who?” Howie asked.

“Man Howie, you need to like get a hooked up on video games crash course 101.” Nick said.

“Is this the video game chapter? This is not making much sense at all!” Kevin complained.

Writer: It’s not. Try again.

“Fine. Well, go ahead Brian, do your thing and try not to hurt yourself.” Kevin said, already bored.

Brian grinned. “Be back soon guys!” And off he went. ZOOM! The effect was so great that the boys found themselves rid of their clothes. Torn by the force of Brian’s lightning speed.

“Oh please, you just want us naked. Now give back our clothes!” Kevin rolled his eyes.

Writer: I should have let Tyson bite your ear off!

The boys were fully clothed and cheering Brian on.

Writer: Happy?

“Very. Thanks.” Kevin smiled.

Brian ran through the wall and found a row of golden rings floating in the air. He smiled and ran along, jumped and hit a ring and it disappeared with a TING!

“Hehehee..this is fun!”

He jumped and hit another ring and did this until he reached the last ring before speeding off again. He saw a cave and –

“A cave!”

Decided to walk in and see if there were any rings to jump on.

“I’m going in to see if there are any rings I can jump on!”

He found some and started doing the same thing, jump, ting, jump, ting, jump, ting, jump, ting.

“and I jump! TING! And I jump! TING! And I jump! TING!”

Writer: I swear Nick is rubbing off on you.

“Hey, can you get him here too? This will be so much fun with him!”

Writer: Aww sorry, Brian, I can’t. You know, he was supposed to do this stunt but I changed my mind.

“Aww why?”

Writer: Well, because we’ve been hurting him a lot in this story, remember he almost got his leg chopped?

“Oh yes, that was scary.”

Writer: Yeah see, I decided that it wouldn’t be realistic if I make him run at the speed of lightning with the kind of injuries he’s suffered in this story.

“Ah, the key word there is realistic.”

Writer: Are you mocking me?

“What? NO! Whatever gave you that idea?”

Writer: You ARE mocking me!

A villain came with his floating boat and hit Brian out of nowhere. Brian lost a lot of his rings that he needed to get through this challenge.


“You have 30 seconds to kill me or you’re out!” The Villain said.

“What do I do to kill you?”

“Just say the magic word which is dumbledeedumbledoo followed by pra pra pra pra pra pra pra and tapping your left foot 5 times and your right 3 times, which I’m not telling you, so ha!”

Brian scratched his head. “Dude, you already told me.”

“What!” The Villain cried. “Oh crap, I did, didn’t I?”

“Yup.” Brian grinned. “Dumbledeedumbledoo! Pra pra pra pra pra pra pra!” Brian finished it off with 5 taps of his left foot and 3 taps of his right.


And the Villain died.


The Villain evaporated into thin air and left an envelope behind. “Awesome!”

The invisible wall was gone and the guys cheered. It was getting way too boring just waiting for Brian to finish his task.

“Dude, what took you so long man?”

“Sorry. I had to kill a Villain.” Brian said as he flattened his Mohawk do.

“Wow, yours actually didn’t quit?” Nick asked.

“Yeah. But then, he’s also stupid.” Brian laughed.

“Okay chat time is over. Read the envelope.” Kevin, ever the anal one, ordered.





“Did anyone figure out what genre this chapter is?” Kevin asked.

“Who cares? This is actually fun.” Nick laughed.

“This is like Nick’s fantasy chapter.” Brian giggled.

“If it’s not game characters, I wonder what genre this could be.” Howie wondered.

“It can’t be game characters, Kevin was Rocky.” AJ pointed out.

“Well, I think we can stop figuring that out for now, seems like there’s a guy with red hair waiting for either AJ or you Howie.” Brian said.

“And I think his hair is on fire.” Nick said.

"Okay, I don't play with fire; this one is not for me." Howie declared.

AJ laughed. "Don't worry about it D, I got this dickhead...BRING IT ON!"

Suddenly, AJ was no longer AJ. Well, he was still AJ, except that he was in some kind of a ninja outfit and it was blue. His hair was blue and it was...cold.

"I have no comment." Kevin said, shaking his head.

"Adios! Remember to reward me finely after I kick this red head's ass."

"Spoken like a true hero." Nick said sarcastically.

"I guess it's waiting time again." Howie said.

"I hate waiting. It's so boring." Brian agreed.

"Anybody have a deck of cards?" Howie asked.

"Nope, but I have Lego’s." Nick announced as he took out a box of Lego’s from his jacket. "2000 pieces should be enough."

While the boys were playing Lego’s, AJ confronted his match...

"Don't talk, let’s just fight." AJ said and started to do some series of air kicks and hand maneuvers and occasionally going HHHIIIYYYAAA!!

"It's too hot to fight. My hair is burning too much." The red ninja said as he stood his ground, watching AJ makes more stupid ninja steps.

"Dude you sound like Howie, come on, FIGHT ME!" AJ said.

"Hey, wanna see my medallion?"

"Your what?!" AJ yelled. "I don't care about your medallion, FIGHT!"

"It's gold."

"You can say its diamond and I won't give a fart." AJ said.

"It's also one of a kind."

"Yeah? I can give you my one of a kind neck snap if you want."

"With those maneuvers? Dude do you even know what you're doing?"

"Shut up ninja boy and fight!" AJ challenged.

"It has skulls on it."

AJ stopped mid way, one leg up in the air and body bent sideways. "A skull you say?"

"Skulls, as in 3 of them." Red Ninja said.

"Now we're talking." AJ said as he stood up and went nearer. "Is this a trick?"

"No it's not."

"That thing won't blind me with some huge light and kill me right?"

"Heck no, that's so predictable." Red Ninja said.

AJ seemed to be thinking it over before nodding his head. "True, true...nothing in this story is ever predictable."

"Exactly." Red Ninja said. "Look, truth is, I just got my hair done and my gas filled up so it'll go fiery on me. I seriously don't want to mess it up from fighting you."

AJ nodded. "You're right. But I have to kill you in order to get an envelope which will let me and my friends go on to the next level."

"Oh, you mean this?" Red Ninja took out a yellow envelope from his Ninja suit.

"Yes, that one!" AJ exclaimed.

"Then why didn't you say so? You can have it." Red Ninja said as he passed the envelope over to AJ. "All you have to do is ask, no point in killing over an envelope right?"

AJ smiled. "Right." But inside, AJ thought this was the silliest chapter he had ever come across. "Hey I didn't say that, you wrote that."

Writer: I know. Now shoo! Go tell your friends to read the damn letter, we're running out of time!

AJ, sensing the urgency in the writer's voice, now waved the Red Ninja goodbye and went back to the guys, who had, the whole time, managed to make a huge bone from the Lego set. Complete with red Lego blocks to make a bow in the middle too.

"What the..."

"Hey!" Nick said excitedly. "Look what we got you for your victory!"

"A bone?" AJ said.

"Yeah, like BONE, your nickname, geddit? geddit?" Nick giggled.

"Er...yeah, I got it. Thanks guys!"

"It was Kevin's idea." Brian said.

"It was not! It's so lame!" Kevin protested.

Writer: I’ll damn write what I want to, Kevin!

"Aww that's nice Kev. Now we have a letter to read!"





"Jeez, I don' think writers like that." Kevin said. "I can't believe we just brought that back."

"I can't believe I didn't even have to kill that red head." AJ said.

"I can't believe we're even having this conversation." Brian said. "Come on, let’s go. Howie needs to find his challenge now or so help me God if I start yelling to get me out of this place!"

Before they could even walk any further, zombies started to come out from their hiding behind trees and bushes and had surrounded them in seconds.

"Oh my God, we're gonna DIE!" Nick cried. "I'm gonna freaking die in this ugly yellow bodysuit!"

"Man they stink like Nick!" AJ said.

"I do not stink AJ, shut the hell up!!"

"D, you gotta do something, this is YOUR challenge!" Brian panicked.

"Yeah D, anytime now would be greatly appreciated!" Kevin added.

Howie nodded in determination. "Okay, stay put, I’ll handle this."

In an instant, Howie was holding a gun in each hand and was aiming at random zombies and shooting at them. Howie also had a long ponytail and -


"Howie's...a....he's...Lara...Croft!" Nick gasped from too much laughing.

"Aww, you're so sessy D!" Brian mocked, batting his eyelashes in a girly way.

"Hey, take it back! I don’t have a ponytail!" Howie said.

Writer: Not now you don’t, but you used to have one, although not as long as Ms. Lara, a ponytail still.

"Howie forget about that, SHOOT NOW!" Kevin reminded him as more zombies made their way towards them.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Howie went bullet crazy, leaping from one tree to another, killing at least 2 zombies at once.

"TAKE THAT! AND THAT! AND THAT!" Howie yelled as he planted a bullet into the zombies' heads and it burst into nothingness. It went on this way until one of the zombies said,

"I bet you can't kill me because I have the envelope and it'll disintegrate along with me if you do."

Howie sighed. He was seriously tired. "Then give the envelope to me."

"Okay." The zombie gave the envelope to Howie.

"So now I can kill you."

The zombie nodded. "Sure you can."

"Thanks!" Howie pulled the trigger.

A loud alarm went off and a billboard announced that Howie had won. The remaining Zombies started to straighten their backs and made their way back to where they came from.

"Yes! We've finished all the challenges!" Howie said excitedly.

"Hurry hurry, open up the letter D!" Brian encouraged.

"Okay, okay, here goes!"






"Door, what door?" Kevin asked looking around, not finding a door.

"Never mind a door, what the heck is this chapter all about?" Brian demanded.

Writer: It's the superhero chapter slow brain.

"You call being a Pac Man a superhero?" Nick complained.

Writer: Pac Man is so underrated and overlooked. Before there was Nintendo, there was Pac Man, he's like, The Legend! He was the superhero to a lot of kids! If it wasn't for him, kids would be bored with nothing to do on a rainy day!

"What about Rocky? He's not a superhero!" Kevin demanded.

Writer: He was a hero in that movie wasn't he?

"But he's not super. He doesn't have a super power!"

Writer: Gah I know! I don't really like that movie! But they made Rocky into a video game and he had super strength in it, he can keep on kicking without getting tired. He's a superhero!

"So I'm guessing Sonic the Hedgehog is a superhero too?" Brian asked.

Writer: It's SUPERsonic the hedgehog Brian. Plus, I think, on his good days, he could give superman a run for this money.

"And I guess ninjas could be superheroes." AJ said.

Writer: Well duh. That’s how ninja turtles came about. And we all know Ninja turtles were everyone's favorite hero once.

"I have no comment about Lara Croft." Howie pouted; still mad he had to play a female character.

Writer: Fine then! Now that I've explained myself, go find that door.

"It's not here." Nick said as he looked around. "Did you forget to draw it?"

Writer: Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that the door is right under your feet.

Howie gasped. "Under waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Writer: No lizards were harmed before, during and after writing of this chapter, thank you.

I'll be back with the Angst chapter next Saturday lol