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~Chapter 22~

This is the end…my friend…well almost anyway!

Time for a little bit of Angst

~By Mare~

They walked through the door, happy to be out of the Superhero chapter once and for all.

“Hey speak for yourself! I loved that chapter, it rocked!” Nick said stopping short and looking upwards with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Yeah, actually out of everything we have been through that was the most fun I think.” Brian agreed with his friend who suddenly felt inclined to give each other a high five.

“So where are we exactly? Looks kind of like a tunnel, wait let me guess…it leads into a cave doesn’t it?” Howie shook his head thinking he was right when he was really oh so wrong, but of course he should be used to that by now.


“Okay so, if this isn’t a tunnel that leads to a cave where does it lead to, a forest?”

“Hey Rok maybe this is your little gnome families home. Gnomes live in tunnels don’t they?”

“Enough with the gnome thing! That was two or three chapters ago! Good Lord AJ let it die already!”

“You know what’s weird? I said that all on my own. The writer didn’t make me say that this time.” AJ responded curiously.

“WHAT! So that means you insulted me without her doing?”


“Okay well you suck then! Wow you’re right…I was thinking that and I said it. What’s going on?”

Now Nick decided to get in on the fun, he walked over to Kevin and stepped on his foot really hard!

“OUCH!! Why the HELL did you just do that?”

“Ask me why I like giraffes!”

“Nick, what the hell are you on?”

“Just do it Kev…come on…ask me why I like giraffes.”

“Okay fine, Nick why do you like giraffes?”

Nick stood there keeping his mouth closed; just waiting for the words to spill out, but nothing came except silence. Finally he looked over at Kevin and said, “Because they’re quiet, calm and shy and have knobby knees.”

All four boys stared at Nick as if he had fourteen heads, not sure of where this whole giraffe thing was going exactly. “I just made that up off the top of my head! The writer didn’t have anything to do with it! Oh my God you guys, I think we lost them all!”

“Why the hell did you stomp on my foot?” Kevin asked walking over to Nick as if he was about to slap him.

“Oh…I was just testing to see if I would be able to I guess. Sorry, I mean if that one writer who’s obsessed with you was writing this one she would have never let me do it.”

“That’s bull and you know it, you just wanted to step on me!”

“Now Kevin why on earth would I want to do that?”

“Because…you are a bonehead!”

“I am not! Take that back!”

“I will not take that back at all not until you say you’re sorry for stepping on my foot.”

“Jesus why are you being such a damn baby? If roles were reversed you’d be yelling at me and telling me I was over exaggerating! Why is it when you do it, its okay?”

“Guys! Quit the fighting, you might make her come back.” Brian whispered as he covered both of his friend’s mouths.

Writer: I’ve been here this entire time.

All five boys looked up at the roof of the tunnel, “You have?” Brian asked confused.

Writer: *sighs* Yes I have.

“I’m confused, how come you are letting us say whatever we want then? Is this some kind of trick or something? We are going to explode aren’t we?”

Writer: No AJ, you are not going to explode. Truth is, this story is just about done and I’m kind of sad about it. *sigh*

“It is?” Howie asked a little too happy.

Writer: Yup, actually this is the second to last chapter. There’s only one more and then we are all done. I hate saying goodbye to one of my stories.

“Don’t be sad, I mean all good things come to an end right?”

Writer: Thanks Howie, I appreciate that especially after we were so cruel to you during this entire story.

“Yeah you kind of were, but I didn’t say I was sad this is coming to an end did I?”

“I hate to break this up and all but where are we supposed to go exactly?” Kevin asked looking at his watch and growing ever impatient that they were being held up.

Writer: All you have to do is travel all the way down to the end of the tunnel and then go through the door and you will be out.

“Really? That’s all there is to it…really?”

Writer: Really.

“No offense or anything but that kind of seems anticlimactic. I was expecting some kind of big finish, maybe fighting off sharks or being chased by wild boars or something. Walking through a door seems a bit boring.”

“Wild boars? Nick when will you ever learn to shut the hell up! If I get chased by a wild boar because of you I am going to kick your ass!” Kevin scolded.

Writer: *sighs*

“Aww look, maybe you’ll feel better when this ends? I mean this has to take up some of your time right? I would hope you have more to do in your life than sit there at your computer and write about us…at least I hope so.” AJ said trying his best to console the writer but failing miserably.

“Well gee, I’m sorry. I was only trying to help.”

Writer: That’s okay, really I’ll be fine.

“Are you sure…um…writer person?” Nick asked tilting his head as if he was a confused puppy.

Writer: I’m not sure why we felt the need to be so secretive with our names, it’s not like you’d have any idea who we were anyway. My name’s Mare. Do you have any idea who I am?

“Um…no? But I’m sure you’re a very nice person.” Howie said quickly when he heard the writer sigh once more.

“So, you are which one then? The writer or the other writer or the other other writer?” Kevin asked while once again looking at his watch, not understanding why anyone would care about a writer or HER feelings I mean after all she is just a writer!

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel like I didn’t care, it’s just that I’d kind of like to get out of here and get back to my life. I mean my wife must be wondering where the heck I’ve been.”

“Are you the one obsessed with Kevin?” Nick asked giving Kevin a stern look.

“She sounds like she’s obsessed with you Nicky.” Howie answered giving him a wink.

Writer: I am not obsessed with anyone thank you! But no, I’m not obsessed with Kevin, that’s Marina the one who takes fifteen years to update.

“Oh. Marina, I like that name. It’s very nice.”

Writer: I’ll be sure to tell her that Kevin.

“Why didn’t she run right in here and that other girl as well?” Brian asked now curious as to know more about the people who have been writing about them this whole time.

Writer: Mersey?

“Yes, which one is she?”

Writer: She’s the one who has a fear of lizards.

“Oh, where are they?”

Writer: I’m hiding you in this tunnel; they don’t know we’re here.

“Why?” AJ asked now taking a seat on the ground and lighting up a cigarette.

“Must you smoke in here? I mean there are no windows or anything.”

“Kevin, when a man has to smoke, a man has to smoke…anyway, why are we hiding?”

Writer: Because I was hoping that if I hid this chapter we could keep the story going on and on forever.

“Wow! That’s intense, oooh you are the intense one huh? The one who always nags and edits and all that stuff?”

Writer: Yes

“Oooh I get it now! The 3 M’s all of your names start with an M! Mare, Marina and Mersey! Ha ha ha cool!” Everyone looked over at Nick as he made that brilliant deduction and shook their heads as they once again focused their attention on the poor, sad writer.

Writer: Well, you better get going; I know Kevin wants this to be over with. It’s been fun guys…*sigh* really a lot of fun.

“Yeah a blast, okay guys let’s get going!” Kevin said as if he was a man on a mission. That mission was to get out of the tunnel and back to his life.

They all waved to the writer and made their way down the tunnel, but stopped when they heard the sad writer crying as they went away.

“Aww, we aren’t really going to just leave her here are we?” Howie asked, looking back towards the sound of crying.

“Howie, we should get out of here, we don’t know if she is going to change her mind. This could just be a trick to keep us in here longer until her crazy friends show up. I know I’m not willing to find out!”

“Kevin have a heart, do you hear her? She is crying her eyes out. We can’t leave her here.” Nick, the sweetest guy in the universe said as he joined Howie and started walking back towards the writer.

“I know you are sad and all, but I was the one that suggested we don’t leave first. Why is Nick the sweetest guy in the universe?” Howie, the second sweetest guy in the universe asked.

“Okay I guess I’ll take that.”

“Wait! Guys this is the same person who almost chopped your leg off Nick! And she has done so many horrible things to you Howie. She barely lets you talk Brian, AJ one word for you…chinchilla and me? Well she let an angry duck bite my ass!”

“It always comes down to the angry duck doesn’t it?” Brian said shaking his head.

“Well, it hurt!”

“I agree with Kevin, let’s blow this taco stand! If I had realized this was the chinchilla chick I may have kicked her in the shin.

“Wait!” Everyone turned to Nick who was just standing there with his arms to his side, suddenly looking very sad himself, “Maybe we shouldn’t leave, I mean it’s been kind of fun hanging out with you guys. I haven’t had to worry about things you know?”

“Nick, we have had to run for our lives in almost every single chapter!”

“I know AJ, but still…”

“But STILL? But still what?”

“It’s better than going back to real life and seeing my name in the tabloids and hearing people discuss my family and how messed up everything is. I kind of like being fictional because, real life sucks.” Nick sat down with his back against the tunnel’s cold wall. The other boys looked at each other before approaching but when they did it was Brian who took a seat next to his friend.

“Nick,” He paused for a second and wrapped his arm around his little brother, “Don’t worry about all of that stuff because in the end that is more drama than being in some stupid story you know? All that matters is what’s inside of you kiddo, not anything some stupid magazine or some stupid fans say about you.”

“But here at least we’re safe. I mean so far we have had to deal with some stupid stuff but nothing life threatening and in the end we are always fine and together.”

“Nick…” Now it was Kevin who moved towards the young blonde and squatted next to him, “We will still all be together out there as well.”

“But…you guys have your families and your lives and I have…”

“Nick you have a life too kiddo.” Howie said joining in now.

“I know but…”

“Hello? Voice of reason here…you see what she’s doing? She’s making Nick all depressed so we will stall and talk to him instead of walk on to the end of this damn story.”

Brian looked up at him with contempt in his eyes, “Come on AJ, you know as well as I do that Nick really feels those things.”

“Yeah but…”

“No, AJ’s probably right…” Nick said wiping away a tear as he stood up, “She is making me say those things.”

“See?” AJ stood with his arms crossed in front of him with a smug look on his face.

Mersey: There you are! We were looking all over for you! What on earth are you doing in this tunnel?

“Damn! We are too late!” Kevin shook his head and kicked the wall, which hurt…almost as much as being bit in the ass by the duck.

“Very nice.” He replied while biting on his bottom lip to refrain from saying anything nastier to the writer.

Mare: I put them here so I can buy myself time.

Mersey: Mare Mare Mare *shakes head* how many times are we going to go through this with you?

Mare: Sorry, I get attached.

Marina: See? I TOLD you that they would be in a tunnel didn’t I? Well didn’t I?

Mersey: *rolls eyes* yes Marina you did.

Marina: I said when in doubt check for a tunnel.

Mersey: Yes you did.

Mare: I just didn’t want to let this story go you know? I mean we have worked so hard on it.

Marina: Well we wouldn’t be letting it go if you weren’t so persistent with deadlines. If we left people hanging for more than a week at a time we’d be going long into the next year with this one.

Mare: Yeah I know but still…

“Hey guys…” Brian whispered to the other four boys as the writers were pre occupied, “Maybe we should make a run for it while they aren’t paying attention to us.”

All the boys looked at each other and started tip toeing down the tunnel and closer to the ending of the story as the three writers continued to talk in the background.

Mersey: You know I get sad when I finish a story too, it’s a little depressing, I mean you get so into your characters you just don’t want them to go away.

Mare: Yes exactly.

Marina: Aww girls…group hug.

Mare: Wait! Where are the boys?

“Uh oh, better run guys I think we have been discovered missing.” Kevin said grabbing Nick by the collar and scooting him along as the boys headed for the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Wow I always thought that was just a corny expression…” Howie said stopping and staring at the bright light coming from just up ahead.

“Yeah or just an over done description in stories.” AJ added as the light got brighter and brighter.

Mare: There they are…guys wait up!

“Crap! Let’s get out of here!” Brian said when he suddenly stopped short of falling into a pit.

“A pit?”

Marina: Yes, a pit in the middle of a tunnel?

Mare: So sue me, it’s the first thing that came to my head!

“So what is it you want from us? You said this story is coming to an end, can’t you just let us leave already?” Kevin asked protectively shielding his brothers from the pit and the writers.

Marina: That is so sexy when you do that Kevin.

Mersey: You know maybe we can each take three more chapters or something, I mean there is still…*pulls out list of genres*….The boys as animals.

Mare: Kind of covered in the Fairy tale Chapter.

Mersey: Right, yes of course…well there’s the psychological thriller chapter.

“Hey that sounds like a good one.”

“Nick shut the hell up!” AJ said slapping Nick on the back of the head.

Mersey: Then there are vampires, mystery, and of course we could always throw in a good old M preg one.

“Do I even want to know what that is?” Kevin asked leaning into Nick.

Mare: Probably not.

“I thought you said you guys were done…I mean…I have a baby to get home to and I miss him a lot you know? I could be missing out on things he’s doing, things I’ll never get a chance to experience as a first.” Brian let out the saddest sigh ever and Nick gripped him in a huge hug.

“Brian, its okay…they won’t keep us here for much longer, right ladies?” AJ asked the writers who were all looking at each other unsure of what to do next.

Mare: Fine…you guys win. You can go for real this time. Sorry about all that, so be on your way through the door where your final chapter awaits.

Mersey: And who is writing that exactly?

Marina: Well it is my turn. I usually go after Mare.

“AHHH then we’ll never get home!” Brian cried.

Marina: Excuse me?

Mare: He does have a point.

Mersey: I kind of have a great idea for an ending but I don’t want to tell anyone. You guys will love it though.

“Does it involve anymore Post Lizards or talking pigs?” AJ asked hesitantly.

Mersey: Maybe?

Marina: Well I have a good idea for an ending too, it involves Kevin and spandex…lot’s of spandex!

“Hey! I’m a married man!”

Marina: Not if I write an alternate universe chapter!

Mare: I have a great idea for an ending too!

“Let me guess, it will involve poultry in one form or another!”

Mare: No…well okay maybe.

“Guys look! It’s the end of the tunnel.” Howie said pointing to the light that was almost blinding in its brilliance.

“Wait a minute, we were just blocked by a pit, how did we end up here?” Kevin asked looking at all three writers.

“I walked around it and you all kind of just followed me.” Howie said shrugging.

Mare: Okay…well that works for me I guess.

“I never thought the light at the end of the tunnel would actually be a neon light, that’s kind of disappointing.” Nick said, sounding confused by the whole thing.

“And I also didn’t think it would be blinking with the letters CYOA” Howie added as the lights blinked in front of them all.

“Hey guys…what does CYOA mean exactly?” Brian asked pointing to the blinking sign which was above three separate doors one with each of the writer’s names on them.

“Excellent!” Everyone glanced over at Nick.

“Why excellent?”

“Because Kevin, that means bring your own booze!”

“Nick you dumbass that’s BYOB this is CYOA, good God is it possible for someone to get stupider as a story goes on? You only got one damn letter right!”

“Okay well you don’t have to be so hurtful!”

“I’m sorry Nick; it’s just been a very long story. I just want to go home. So what do we do? Why are there three doors?”

“Oh look at this one, there’s writing on it,” AJ said as he moved closer to the door marked Marina, “it says pick me! If you go through this door you will be on the other side…duh!”

The boys all looked at each other more confused then when they first saw that pink car at the beginning of their journey.

“What does that one say Howie?” Brian asked as D walked closer to the door marked Mersey.

“It says pick me! If you go through this door you’ll never know what’s on the other side because I’m spontaneous like that.”

“And what about that one Nicky? What does that one say?”

Nick walked closer to the door marked Mare, “You better pick me! You have no choice go through this damn door or else…Wow you really are a control freak aren’t you?” Nick asked the writer who shrugged innocently in return.

“So CYOA means?” Kevin asked still unclear.

Mare: Choose your own adventure. Each one of those doors will bring you to three different endings. Pick carefully, you only have one shot. Good luck and for the record, I’ll miss you guys!

“Do we all have to go out the same one?” AJ asked eyeing each door up and down carefully looking for hidden messages and clues.

Mare: Yes

“Okay well ladies; see ya on the other side!” Kevin said opening the door and walking through, followed by the rest of the guys with Nick the last one to go.

Mare: Hey Nick!


Mare: How come you lied to the boys before? You said I made you say those things. You know I didn’t.

“Because…sometimes it’s better that way.” He smiled at the writer and waved goodbye as he stepped through the door into the final chapter.

Well guys since the last chapter(s) will be a choose your own adventure, you won't have an update on this one for a few weeks since all three of us have to be done before I post the last chapter. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. We'll be back in a few weeks with the end.