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Just When You Thought The End Was Near

~Marina's Ending...kind of ...sort of ~

"Why are we going this way Kevin?" AJ almost stumbled, still a little blind due to all the bright lights that had welcomed them at the other side of the door. He had been about to enter Mare's door when Kevin opened this one.

"Because as dumb as the 'duh' joke sounds I'm trusting it. If at the other side of this is the end, then I'm taking this way."

"Wasn't the end at the other side of every door?"

"Okay, it's the one I was closest to." Kevin growled.

The others shrugged and followed him when suddenly everything went dark.

"What's with you and dark places?" Kevin asked just when a pale light filled the room and allowed them to know where they were.

"Much better, thank you."

"Wow, are we where I think we are?" Brian asked approaching five stools in what looked like a small stage complete with a piano.

"Yes, it looks exactly like the scenery from 'A Night Out'. I remember this carpet. It was my bright idea to put it here." Nick smiled taking a seat next to the piano.

"So we are going to sing something for an ending?" AJ took a seat too.

"Great." Howie smiled looking around for some white roses.

"Howie is thinking about showing his chest" Nick snickered.

"Shut up, Nick. I'm not."

"Where are the fans?" Brian asked remembering some of his favorite old songs. "AJ what do you say about singing 'Like a Child'?"

Writer: Guys, sorry to ruin your plans but this isn't what you think.

"What you mean?"

Writer: I just wanted you to be comfortable and this place came to my head. Seems like a great place to wait.

"Wait for what?" five annoyed voices asked at the same time.

A deep voice began to give them the answer:

TO BE...

"NO!!!!!!!" Kevin yelled. "You can't do that."

Writer: Why not?

"Because this is a story, not a TV show."

Writer: Excuse me. Since when are you a fan fiction expert?

"You don't need to be an expert to know that you can't do this."

Writer: Watch me.


"Who's voice is that? It sounds familiar."

Writer: I hired a professional TV announcer. I think he has worked for a couple of awards shows.

"Nice. I knew I have heard him before."

Writer: Yes, he is awesome. Now let the man do his job.



"Do you want to make me deaf? Stop screaming like a girl Kevin"

"What do the other writers think about this? I'm sure they don't want it either." Brian still had hope that they would be out of this story soon.

Writer: Well they aren't happy, of course, especially Mare since she is all anal, like someone here who I'm not naming, but then, she understood because she rocks. And I haven't talked to Mersey in the last couple of days but I'm sure she will understand, not only because rocks but because she has been really busy too.

"But I bet she finished her chapter on time."

Writer: Well you should have chosen her door then Kevin. Now be a good boy and take a seat till I have time to finish this story.

"Great! Now our fans will have to wait another five years for a new album and this time it won't be our fault." Kevin spat out.

Writer: Haha, very funny.... not! Mmmhh. Although, now that you mention it...

A beautiful Christmas tree appeared behind them.

"What's that for?"

Writer: In case I'm not back before Christmas 'Happy Holidays, guys!'

And before anyone else had a chance to say something, Randy, the cool TV announcer did his job just in time to go and try to find a job at the Oscars or the Emmys or anything that would look better on his resume.


Get ready to enter door number two next....