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The Writer's Back...Alright!

or I Did it My Way aka Maria's ending


"Did you hear that?" AJ looked up the second he heard the voice over. "It's Randy! Randy my man. Does that mean your crazy boss is back?"

Writer: Who are you calling crazy, AJ?

"You!" Kevin was beyond mad. "Have you any idea how horrible it was to spend all this time here with them blaming me for choosing your door?"

"It was your fault Kevin," Brian whispered.

"Shut up Nick!"

"I didn't say anything. It was Brian. But since you came back Marina. Did you bring something to eat? I'm hungry."

"Oh, yes, add that too." Kevin continued his discourse to the ceiling. "Do you have any idea how terrible it was to spend all this time here with Nick whining?"

"I don't whine." Nick whined.

"Nick SAID," he corrected the writer. "I didn't whine it because... I do not whine!"

Writer: Okay Nick, if you say it. I really don't want to fight with you anymore. You are too cute and this is the last time we will be in this story. Forgive me for all the silly lines I gave you.

"You think I'm cute?" Nick grinned. "It's already forgiven."

"Thank you. And Kevin, why are you still talking to the ceiling? You know all this time we had corrected you over and over, telling you that the ceiling won't answer you back but you keep doing it." Maria said entering the room and leaving Kevin speechless.

"Yay! You are speechless. Good, because your constant whining was giving me a headache. And you can stop complaining now because I'm back and the end is near. Why do I feel like singing a Sinatra song? Never mind. What matters is that I'm back and now you will have your chapter."

"Great!" Kevin stood up still a little surprised that Maria had appeared before them and it wasn't the ceiling talking anymore.

"It never was the ceiling!"

"Whatever," Kevin shrugged. "And who is Maria?"


"The description, it kept saying Maria. I thought you were Marina".

"I am."

"So who's Maria?"

"Me. That's my name, well, quoting Mare...kind of...sort of...," Maria giggled confusing the boys even more.

"Are you Maria Marina?"

"Of course not," she made a face.

"Then?" Howie waited for an explanation.

"Long story boys. Let’s just save that for the next fan fiction."

"There won't be another fan fiction if I can avoid it." Kevin shook his head.

"Good you can't then." Maria stuck her tongue out at Kevin and gave him a 'Kevin's look'.

"So we are getting our ending?" Brian interrupted Kevin who was about to start fighting with Maria again.

"Yes. You are, follow me."

"Where will we go?" Brian asked.

"Just around that corner."

Kevin hesitated, which caused him almost being run over by the other guys.

"Be careful," he complained. "And wait for me," he added finally following them.

They went around the corner really fast just to find themselves once again in a deep tunnel.

"I'm telling you, this dark places thing is getting annoying." Kevin addressed to Maria who was walking after them.


"What the hell!"

"Is this a wall? You made us walk directly into a wall?"

"Oh yes, that's why I was walking after you and not beside you" Maria chuckled to herself. "So are you ready for the big ending?" she asked while the boys rubbed their foreheads and noses.

"I guess." AJ was the one who put in words the boys' doubts.

"Then, here it is...tadaaa!" Maria said and a big colorful billboard appeared on the wall.

Brian was the one who read it aloud 'THE END'.

"That's the big ending?" They were all extremely confused.

"Yes. Isn't it big enough?"

"Is this a joke?" Kevin stared at Maria.


"You mean...that's it?" Howie was trying to find something on the other side of the wall.

"Yes, that's it. There's a door to your right. You can leave now guys. This is the end."

"That's lame," Nick complained. "Are you telling us that there's no more to this chapter?"

Maria didn't reply this time, just looked at the boys and bit her bottom lip.

"Tell me you are joking, you have to be joking." Kevin started to approach her.

"Come on Kevin, let go." Brian pulled his arm noticing Kevin was raising his voice.

"No. You made us wait this long for THIS? You were mentioning a good idea in the angst chapter. What happened to that?"

Maria looked down.

"It's over Kevin. Let it go." Howie intervened noticing how sad Maria was.

"Yes Kevin, you were the one who wanted to leave so much and now you want to stay."

"It’s not that, is just that..."

"You are unbelievable Kevin." Maria told him off looking up. "You know how hard this is for me? A part of me doesn't want it to end. You are not helping me."

"But this is not a chapter. You know that by now Mare probably has us being chased by a humongous chicken, and that’s just in the first 5 seconds of her chapter, and Mers has probably already written a lot of those funny weird things in her chapter that always leaves us really confused."

"Well, I made the billboard colorful; I was going to make it plain and simple black over white."

"Okay now you are really joking, right?" Kevin asked in astonishment and Maria smiled.

"What were you expecting?" she let out a giggle. "Spandex? Okay we need to make this clear. No matter what Mare and Mers say, I don't like you in spandex Kevin. I prefer you naked..." *cough* "I mean. No, really, you look awful in spandex. Which is weird because you always look great, well except when you are doing the weird free style dancing or when you are wearing those awful white shoes, or when you make that strange face when you laugh, or..."

"Wow. You really like me, don't you?"

"I love you, really. You are adorable, except when you are a jerk, of course."

"And people say I have the crazy fans," Nick whispered to AJ who laughed out loud.

"Well Nick, in defense of the people who say that, I'm a Nick fan too. I'm a big fan of all of you boys." Maria moved her eyebrows at Nick.

"Can we go back on topic?" Brian took a couple of steps until he was next to Maria. "Are you really going to end the story this way?"

"Why not?" Maria released a deep breath. "Look guys, its not that I don't enjoy writing this story. I love doing it but I'm tired and I need to go back to another story that has been waiting for months."

"I'm curious about that. Do you girls really write all those genres in your stories?"

"You mean slash, Kevin?" Maria elbowed AJ and both laughed at Kevin's face. "Of course not, which made this story even more of a great experience since we tried genres you would never catch us writing. Mare and Mersey are fantastic drama and adventure writers with a bit of hilarious comedy here and there."

"How about you?"

"Well, I'm kind of new to this fanfic world so I don't have many fan fictions except for a couple of short stories and the story I mentioned which is a sci-fi."

"Nice! But you are not stealing ideas from Star Wars for that one too, are you?" Nick asked tongue in cheek.

"I do not steal ideas from...Ugh! You know what... forget it."

"I was kidding." Nick put his hands up. "The sci-fi chapter was good."

"Thanks. It's good to hear that someone likes it because I don't have too much to compare it with. I really don't like sci-fi that much. I don't even read it."

"Then why are you writing it?"

"Because I'm weird that way?"

"Really? You weird?" AJ brought a hand to his chest in mockery. "We haven't noticed."

"Oh shut up AJ. Like you are normal."

"Okay either way, I refuse to finish this story this way." Kevin went back to complaining. "This is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' chapter, right? But there's no adventure, no action, nothing."

"Hey, I did have an idea now that you mention it. Maybe we can try...."

"What?" Brian asked giving Kevin a stern look thinking that he was pushing too hard and they will probably end up regretting it.

"Well, I always wanted to do an action chapter," Maria confessed. "You know maybe having you be stunt men, being chased, jumping from helicopters, fighting with sharks."

"Next." Brian shouted out.

"I think it's a good idea." The writer defended herself.

"How about not," AJ shook his head at her.

"Then go through the door because that's the only idea I had." Maria frowned and folded her arms in front of her. "Well, the only one we can use," she pouted.

"Then you do have another?" Howie asked.

"Yes, but it's silly."

"Sillier than having us fighting with dragons with the help of a bunch of Brians... I mean gnomes."

"Ha ha Kevin" Brian rolled his eyes.

"The gnome thing was cute and creative," Maria kept pouting.

"Stop pouting and tell us what was this idea." Kevin let out a deep breath.

"Oh what the heck. You are right. We can't lose anything and I really have been having this image in my head for the last chapters. I will love to see it happening. Come with me."

Maria opened another door and the boys entered a recording studio.

"So we are going to sing after all?"

"Yes, how can I have an ending and not have you singing when your voices are what I like the most about you. You are incredible singers."

"Thank you." Nick gave Maria a kiss on the cheek.

"What's with the gallery and all the mics? Aren't we singing alone?" Kevin inquired walking into the room.

"No, you aren't. Please stand up in the first line and welcome the guy who will conduct this recording."

The door opened and Quincy Jones entered the room and greeted the guys. AJ smiled at Maria already guessing what she was planning while Kevin took a sheet from a music stand and read the title of the song.

"'We are the World'? Why this song?"

"It’s the perfect song for a big group of people. Not only has it proven to work marvelous for several types of voices but it allows to show love and... Who am I kidding? The truth is I just thought it would be funny."

"Do we want to know who are joining us?"

As if on cue the door opened that minute and every single character from the story entered the room one after the other. The TeEnybOper Girlz with Nicole in front, the chinchilla, the three ghetto pigs, Lord Nohajevian, the little dead girl, the axe man, Justin Timberlake, a gremlin...

"Gizmo!" Nick yelled running to hug the friendly gremlin.

Next came Harry Potter, the doctors, a nurse, the cowboy that challenged Kevin to a duel, Poster Girl, the wolf, Gus, Randy, who the boys didn't recognize at first because they had never seen him before, Jason, the gnomes, the howl crawlers, two hobbits and... okay, you get the picture... every single character from this story.

"I am going to sing, right?" Howie asked thinking that with so many people the chances wouldn't be too many.

"Of course you are Howie," Maria assured him. "Now please welcome the most important guests of this chapter." The door opened one final time and Mare and Mersey entered the room.

"Bravo!!!!" Every secondary character applauded. "Go mare!" the duck whistled. "That's ma gurl Mers!" one of the pigs cheered.

"Come one guys, assume your positions, you will find a music sheet in front of each place." Maria explained while everyone took their place in the gallery. "To make it clear, lets do a test. Just read your lines when you see your name. Nick you will start with "There comes a time" and then you and Brian can sing together the second line."

Nick and Brian decided to sing their part instead of read it. They where smiling and their arms were resting on each other's shoulders.

"Just read it boys, we will sing it for the great ending. AJ you will be next."

AJ read his line getting a little nervous by the proximity of the chinchilla who read the next line, followed by the duck.

"Did they always talk?" AJ asked staring at the chinchilla.

"Just for the purpose of this chapter AJ. After the duck, Lord Nohajevian and the pigs will join; each of them will sing a line and then will be time for the chorus. I want everyone singing, so gnomes don't disappoint me, I know you have great voices." Maria saw the gnomes nod so she continued. "Kevin will be next. Kevin, can you read the next line please?"

Kevin kept silent and everyone looked at him. The duck gave him the sternest look.

"Kevin please." Maria pleaded.

"Oh what the heck," he said throwing his hands up surrendering himself to the moment and hugging Brian and Nick before singing his part.

"Wow Kevin, that was great!" Maria blew him a kiss. "Then it will be my turn. I'll sing the next line and then you and I will have a duet, Kevin. And stop looking at me people; you knew I had to have a duet with him."

Laughs were heard in the gallery.

"Then it will be time for another duet but this time it will be Nick and Nicole."

"Wait a minute." Mare exclaimed. "Why are you singing with Kevin but I'm not singing with Nick?"

"Or me!" Mers looked annoyed.

"Well, exactly because of that. I didn't want to decide between the two of you but you will have a little surprise later. Trust me."

Mare and Mers looked at each other and decided to wait so they nodded to Maria who nodded back.

"After that our great tenor, the axe man will sing, then Mare, then Mersey and then Kevin again."

"Which part?" Kevin asked looking for it on his sheet. "The 'its true' line?"

"Yes, 'it's true we'll make a better place, just you and me'."

"Wait!" Howie interrupted her. "Kevin has lots of lines and I haven't sung so far. How fair is that?"

"Yes" Pipo supported him. "That's not fair at all. I don't have a solo either."

"And who the heck are you?" Howie asked him.

"I'm a howl crawler. Normally known as howl crawler number 1. Nice to meet you." Pipo offered him a hand.

"Okay if you give him a solo and don't give me one I'm making a big scene." Howie said pointing out to Pipo. "No offense to you man," he added shaking Pipo's hand. "You are probably a great singer."

"No offense taken." Pipo shrugged. "And I know my voice is not the best."

"You will have a solo Howie. And Pipo, you do have a great voice but I thought we have discussed this already. You are singing the chorus, which is really important. We need good harmonies there."

Pipo nodded.

"Frodo and Sam, you are next and then..."

"Well, well, well lets realize" Gus sang. "That was my part right?"

"Wow Gus, great Cindy Lauper impersonation."

"Thanks AJ."

"Yes nice work Gus, and yes it was your turn. You do the whole Cindy Lauper part and then Nick, Mers and Mare will have the next part," Maria said winking at Mare and Mersey.

"Yay!" Mers and Mare applauded and ran to stand next to Nick who hugged them.

"Happy girls?"

"Of course we are," they replied hugging Nick back and receiving a kiss on the cheek. Mers of course tried the old trick of turning around the moment he was kissing her, so the kiss landed on her lips. "Thank you Maria," both said kissing and hugging Nick non stop.

"And we are out of lines." Howie mumbled "Where I am?"

"You will sing alone the last part of the chorus, Howie. We will sing the chorus just one more time at the end of the song but it will be all of us singing the first part and then you will sing the last lines alone." Maria gave him the news.

"I will?" he asked not really believing it.

"Of course. Let’s try reading it."

Everyone minus Howie (and minus Mare and Mersey who were still too busy kissing and hugging Nick) read the first part of the chorus and Howie read the last part. When he finished everyone was clapping and cheering.

"Yay! We got it!" Quincy congratulated them. "I know you will do a fantastic job guys. Now to sing it for the great finale."

"Yes, but before doing that, remember that when the song ends the boys will be leaving" Maria pointed out. "So let’s give them another round of applause." Everyone clapped and cheered as loud as possible. "Guys," she went on when the applause finally stopped. “When the song ends you can leave through that door which will take you to your normal lives. It was a pleasure to have you in this story."

"Believe it or not girls, the pleasure was ours," Kevin told them and the other guys nodded.

"So Quincy whenever you are ready" Maria told the famous producer wiping the tears that were coming to her eyes. All the characters hugged and hand in hand started to sing.

'We Are the world' by the characters of '5 Backstreet Boys in Search of a Plot'

Nick: There comes a time, when we need a certain call

Nick and Brian: When the world must come together as one.

AJ (feeling the love and hugging the chinchilla): There are people dying.

Chinchilla (hugging AJ back): And it's time to lend a hand to life.

Chinchilla and duck: The greatest gift of all.

Lord Nohajevian: We can't go on pretending day by day.

Pig 1: That someone, somehow will soon make a change.

Pig 2: We are all a part of God's great family

Pig 3: And the truth

Pig 1 and 2: You know love is all we need.

Kevin: We are the world, we are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving.

Maria: There's a choice we're making. We are saving our own lives

Kevin and Maria (looking into each others' eyes in love... yes, I said in love because this is my chapter and I rule): It's true, we'll make a better day, just you and me.

Nicole: Well, send them your heart. So they know that someone cares

Nicole and Nick (with Mare and Mersey still glued to him and not allowing him to look at Nicole): And their lives we'll be stronger and free

Nick: As God has shown us by turning stone to bread

Axe man: And so we all must lend a helping hand.

All: We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving. There's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives. It's true we'll make a better place, just you and me.

Mare: We are the world, We are the children

Mersey: We are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving

Kevin (hugging the duck): There's a choice we are making. We are saving our own lives. It's true will make a better day, just you and me

Frodo: When you are down and out, there seems no hope at all

Sam: But if you believe, there's no way we can fall

Gus: Well, well, well lets us realize, that one change can only come

Nick: When we

Nick, Mare and Mersey: Stand together as one.

All: We are the world, we are the children, we are the one who make a brighter day so lets start giving.

Mare, Maria, and Mersey (while Howie was tapping his microphone because it wasn't working): There's a choice we are making. (Howie was now hitting his microphone which still wasn't working) We are saving our own lives. It's true we'll make a better day just you and me.


Everyone was clapping and all the characters were still exchanging hugs. Howie, on the other hand, having a fit, was stepping on his broken microphone.

"Great job people" Quincy cheered.

"Hey. You three stole my lines" Howie pointed out to Mare, Mersey and Maria.

"Sorry Howie but since this was our story, I thought it would be the right thing to do to sing the end of the song."

"Besides that joke never gets old," Nick said laughing but he stopped when he noticed the door was open.

Everyone was laughing at Howie's face of disappointment but they were patting his back too, showing him that it was a simple joke.

"Good bye boys, we will miss you," Maria said after following Nick's gaze to the door.

The five backstreet boys exchanged some looks and nodded. Immediately, after saying goodbye to the secondary characters and kissing the writers, they walked to the door feeling extremely sad for leaving this incredible story behind. Nevertheless, not wanting to make the writers unhappy, they kept smiling in their way through the door, all except Howie, of course, who was still a little pissed off by the singing joke, but when he was about to exit the room, he turned around and gave everyone a cute wink and the most beautiful smile of all.


Author's note:

When I posted my first fan fiction I remember mentioning that meeting Mare and Mersey was the best example of the great things BSB music brings. I keep thinking the same... You girls rock! Especially for bearing with my late updates (Sorry again lol). It was a real pleasure to write this story with you. Love you both!

And again, thanks to all the readers for the reviews and comments :)

be back later with door number three lol