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~Chapter Four~

The One with Slash and no not that guy in Guns N Roses either…

~By Mare~

Sitting around the fire that Kevin made from scratch, the boys huddled close to each other since the temperature outside seemed to suddenly drop to almost freezing.

“Wasn’t it a beautiful day just a few hours ago?” Brian asked scratching his head in confusion.

“Yes.” Kevin answered without even looking up from the sticks he was throwing into the flames.

“And now it’s almost freezing? I mean I see my breath.”


“Um… don’t you think that’s a little weird?”

All four boys glanced over at Rok and shook their heads but it was Howie who spoke, “Relative to what exactly? Talking trees, random axe murderers dropping from said trees or girls disappearing into thin air?”

Nick let out a sigh to which Kevin was quick to reply, “And don’t even start!”

“Okay but we had a connection you know? I hope you ladies finally get that band together and one day maybe when you suddenly reappear you can open for us.” Nick said glancing up at the cave’s ceiling.

“Why do you guys insist on talking to inanimate objects?” AJ huffed.

“Hey buddy will you come out with me and help me collect firewood?” Nick looked past him to the wall thinking that perhaps Kevin was talking to someone else behind him. Not like anyone could have been behind him but in this story that makes no sense anything was possible right? When he realized that Kevin was giving him that don’t be stupid I’m talking to you look, he responded the only way he knew how.

“Are you talking to me?”

“Don’t be stupid you know I’m talking to you! Now come on let’s go before this one burns out and we all freeze to death.”

“Shh! Kevin let’s not give the writer any ideas okay?” Brian whispered placing his hands just above the flames in hopes of warming them up.

“But I’m injured; I hurt my head twice already.”

“I can really use the help snicker doodle.”

“But I mean there are three other peo…excuse me...did you just call me snicker doodle?”

“What? No I said Nick.”

“No you didn’t you called him snicker doodle, I heard it plain as day.” AJ said tilting his head in amusement.

“You guys are hearing things…anyway are you going to help me or not?”

“Okay fine! Jeez Louise, ask the guy who is injured to help you with stupid fire wood…and if one tree talks to me so help me God!”

So the two men ventured out into the woods, the wind howling as they walked making each breath harder and harder to take. Kevin slowed his pace a bit when he realized that once again Nick was lagging behind.

“You okay my fluffernutter?”

Nick looked up, “Kevin what the hell? Your fluffernutter?”

“Why are you calling me a fluffernutter?”

“I didn’t call you a fluffernutter you called me YOUR fluffernutter just like you called me a snicker doodle before!”

“Nick you are making NO sense…unless… oh my lord is this the chapter where he gets a brain tumor?” Kevin asked the brisk night sky, who rolled its eyes and chose to ignore him.

“Since when do brisk night skies have eyes?” Before the sky could reply Nick suddenly felt his chest tighten as he began wheezing heavily.

Kevin was quick to run to his friend’s side and place his hand on the younger blonde’s back. “Relax Nick; did you bring your inhaler?”

Nick took in as big of a breath as he could manage trying to not grimace as his chest began to burn, “I…don’t…have…one…because…I don’t …have asthma.”

“I guess you do now.”

“Well…doesn’t…that …suck!”

“Take it easy slow breaths in and out...in and out…yeah…that’s it….that’s what I’m talking about…in and out…in and out…ooh baby yeah…hit me harder…yeah….in and out…in and out…”

Nick stopped gasping and gave Kevin a look to which Kevin finally allowed himself to look up, “What?”

“Nothing…you’re just kind of creeping me out.”

“Sounds like you’re breathing better now.”

“Yeah it does…cool beans…so maybe we should press on…it’s cold as a witch’s teat out here.”

As Nick was about to stand Kevin placed a loving hand on his arm, “Wait a minute baby, you are cold, here put this on.” He said taking off his small jacket and wrapping it around Nick’s shoulders.

“Thanks, but what about you?”

“I’m okay…I’m just…all warm right now for some reason.”

“That’s odd.” Nick said looking at his friend quixotically.

“Nick have I ever told you, that you have the nicest eyes I have ever seen?”

“No, can’t say you have but thanks…anyhoo…maybe we should get going.”

“Yeah you’re right.” Kevin stood up and glanced down at Nick’s butt as he was walking away.

“Excuse me?”

“Excuse you what?” Nick asked turning around and giving Kevin another questioning gaze.

“You didn’t hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“The brisk night sky saying that I was glancing at your butt?”

“Uh…no, but were you looking at my butt?”

“No, but it was implied I should be.”

“Okaaay then…let’s go get our firewood and get back to the cave, the rest of the guys are probably worried.”

“Absolutely snookums.”

“Okay that’s it! What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“You just called me snookums!”

“I did?”

“Yeah Kev,”

It was then that Nick realized he had forgotten to thank Kevin for saving his life earlier, so he walked over to his older, muscular and gorgeous friend and embraced him in a hug.

“Was that all necessary? The whole gorgeous, muscular part?”

Once again the writer ignored them.

Nick shrugged the description off and walked over and grabbed Kevin in a hug, “Thanks for saving my life earlier man…you always come to my rescue.”

“That’s what friends do, friends who care deeply for one another.”


“Friends who would do anything for each other because of their undying devotion to one another.”

“Uh huh, I got that the first time.”

“Friends that feel…”

“Kevin, you’re babbling.”

“Sorry. I just am getting such an odd feeling, I’m so hot, I’m burning up…here hold this.” Kevin said taking off his long sleeved shirt to reveal a small black wife beater underneath. His pecks and six pack clearly defined underneath the small layer of cloth hiding his nakedness.

“You going through menopause or something?”

“Guys don’t do that Nick.” Kevin said shaking his head at his friend while he wiped the sweat off his face.

“Are you sick? Should I run for help or something?”

Kevin glanced over at Nick truly taking in his beauty for the first time. The baby face that so many girls had fallen in love with over their time together. The innocent way he stood shifting his weight from one foot to the next as he waited for his answer. Why did Kevin never notice how gorgeous Nick was before? Why didn’t he ever notice how intense his feelings were for the boy?

He felt his loins awaken…

“Okay TIME OUT! This is it I am calling a TIME OUT!” Kevin said standing there with his arms making a T.

“Ewww!” Nick said slowly backing away from Kevin.

“Hello? Anyone there? Yoohoo!!”

Writer: What is it?

“Well hallelujah finally an answer…mind telling me what the hell is going on?’

Writer: It seemed crystal clear to me

“I would NEVER say those things about Nick…that’s just SO SO SO SOOOOO wrong! And I’m a married man.”

Writer: Okay here’s the thing guys, this is what everyone loves to read! Most of your fans tend to think that the two of you would make a great couple.

“Come again?” Nick said sauntering back over towards Kevin.

“I do not saunter!” Nick said trying to walk as manly as possible towards Kevin who couldn’t help but watch Nick’s nether regions as he did.

“Stop that!”

Writer: What? I’m telling you Kevin. This is the way to go; slash is the new white meat.

“What? That made no sense.”

Writer: I know, just couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Maybe I should go back to the cave and get Howie, he’d be better for something like this!” Nick said getting ready to make a run for the cave.

“Now hang on a minute, I’m the married one. Maybe I should go get Howie and YOU should stay here.”

Writer: As much as I’m sure Howie would be thrilled to hear this discussion it’s not Howie that the readers want in this scenario, haven’t I said that before?

Kevin and Nick looked at each other than quickly looked away.

“What about Brian and AJ? I’m sure people would love to see them getting it on.”

Writer: True, but neither of them flipped me off!

“Oh so this is what it’s all about, revenge! That doesn’t seem fair!” Kevin said rather flamboyantly.

“Excuse me?”

Writer: Kevin, it’s not only that but admit it, some of the things you have been wearing lately, those man Capri’s I mean seriously what is that all about? And do I have to bring up the man skirts?

At that Nick started to giggle almost uncontrollably.

“I’m glad you find this so funny Nick, or should I say my little cupcake?” Kevin said raising one eyebrow at him, loaded with sarcasm.

That made Nick stop laughing, “Oh yeah, right…well what now?”

Writer: Well now you get it on…go to it guys.


Writer: Well now is the part where you both profess your undying love to one another followed by an intense sex scene.


Writer: You have used all your time outs.

“Kevin do you have anything in your pocket to make this nightmare go away? I mean can we have the Axe murderer come back?”

Writer: Nope, once again you guys took care of him without my doing.

“So then we can stop this too right?”

Writer: starts playing porn music.

“Okay that’s enough! I do not find Nick or any other man attractive. I am not gay!”

“You don’t find me attractive? I mean I’m not gay but I think you are kind of…hot.”

“Nick, shut the hell up, this isn’t helping.”

Writer: I am telling you guys, there are full fledged Backstreet Boy fans that live for this stuff. So start riding each other like ponies in heat before this song ends okay? I only brought one song and I don’t want to have to trudge all the way home to get another one.

Kevin and Nick looked at one another once again, “Run!” Kevin said grabbing Nick’s hand in his own and skipping back towards the caves like the girly men they were.

“Hey!” Nick said stopping to further argue with the night sky only to be dragged forward by Kevin.

“Nick hush that’s what she wants!”


They made it to the cave and stopped short before walking inside, “Okay Nick, whatever it was that just happened out here stays out here. We are never going to speak of it again.”

“I’m confused about everything but you got that damn right!”

The two men took in a few soothing breaths before entering the cave where they heard the other three singing campfire songs. Upon their arrival Brian walked over, “Where’s the firewood?”

“Oh…the wood, yeah me and Kevin couldn’t find any.”

Brian looked suspicious, “You couldn’t find any wood in the woods?”

Kevin shook his head at Nick, “It was too cold so we came back. Nick had an asthma attack.”

Now AJ joined in the questioning, “If it was so cold out there where is your shirt Kevin? And Nick doesn’t have asthma.”

Kevin and Nick glanced at each other not knowing what to say next as the other three looked at the two of them amused.

“So nothing happened while we were gone right?”

Howie shook his head at Kevin, “Nope everything was totally fine although I have a feeling with the two of you it’s a different story.”

Nick let out a nervous laugh, “Right…like what could have possibly happened with us? Maybe the two of us hooking up or something? Hahahaha that would be ridiculous.”

Everyone gave Nick a look and Kevin placed his hands on his face just as all the lights in the cave went out.

“Excuse me? There are no lights in the cave…it’s like…a cave!”

Writer: Oh fine AJ, that’s when all of the sudden the fire unexpectedly burnt out leaving all the boys in the dark. Nick and Kevin finding comfort in each other’s arms…

“Stop that!” They both yelled in unison.

“Dudes I SO do NOT want to know…” AJ said as they sat and patiently waited for the next thing to happen.

Hope you enjoyed that! lol And as always thanks for the feedback! Next Friday Just Marina shall return with a sci fi chapter ;o)