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~Chapter 6~

12 Inches Full of Confusion

(aka The Visual Chapter)

~By Mersey~

When Nick opened his eyes, the grin still intact on his face, he found himself in a strange room. The walls are painted deep red, there were scented candles lit everywhere. The bed was made of dark rosewood with four pointed poles (I’m not sure how to describe it, lmao). The bedspread was of black silk with blood red rose petals strewn everywhere. That in itself felt inviting. But he knew something was terribly wrong with this picture.

“Guys?” He called out. Turning around, he noticed that the room was heavily draped in black curtains. He also noticed that he was no longer wearing a uniform, in fact, it had turned into a silky gray button up shirt and black pants. He was barefoot and his hair, even though a little spiky, felt like he had just had a shower. Everything just felt so comfortable, it almost lulled him to sleep.

“Wait a minute, is this a vi-”

He felt a pair of hands hugging him from the back, encompassing his waist. Before he could even turn around, he felt her chin resting on his shoulder, her warm breath sending chills on his neck. He felt her body pressed against his, as if their curves were meant to complete a puzzle.

“Make love to me.” She whispered, before nibbling on his earlobe and then proceeded to kiss the length of his neck. He felt her fingers now brushing through his damp hair, giving it a little massage.

He knew then that this was too good to be true.

It was late into the night when Nick woke up with that sudden urge of excitement. Everyone was asleep, at least he hoped they were, because there was no way in hell he could put this on hold any longer and he surely didn’t want to be caught doing it, especially not in a spaceship where you can’t just up and leave them for a few days and let the matter die down on its own.

Realizing he couldn’t walk out of the room without hiding his ‘problem’, he grabbed his pillow to hide the bulge. Praying one last time that no one heard him and ruined his plans and worst, to be caught in the situation he was currently in.

Tip toeing his way out of the room, he made a beeline to the bathroom, which was thankfully, spacious enough for him. He’d rather do it in the living room and especially while watching something good on television, he found that to be more relaxing and enjoyable at the same time, but this had to do. This also made him missed home. Back there, if he was lucky enough, he might end up bringing a girl home and instead of doing this on his own, he could have just sit back and watch her do it for him. It always feel better anyway.

Locking the bathroom as quietly as he possibly could, he dumped the pillow to the side, and quickly stripped off his pants. The sight of the bulge brought a huge grin to his face. How long had he not done this? It should be a crime. He was a healthy 25 year old man with needs, but the guys always thought he needed to learn some self-control. He figured it wasn’t his fault that he grew up too close with AJ.

Almost too excitedly, he pulled all 12 inches of it out and put his hand firmly around it. He must have been too excited because he realized now he had spilled some, and his pants was wet. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do if someone woke up and found him exiting the bathroom with a wet pants. And bringing a pillow into the bathroom doesn’t help either.

He brushed those thoughts aside, knowing he had to do this first.

“Nick, you in there?”

Nick rolled his eyes. He knew this was coming. He looked up to the ceiling, furious as ever. “You just HAVE to do that, don’t you?”

Writer: Do what?

“Nick? Are you talking to yourself?”

“Can’t a person do his business without being interrupted?” Nick yelled.

“I need to use the bathroom!” Kevin yelled. “And who’s there with you? I heard you talking!”

“You’re hearing things Kevin, I talked to no one!”

Writer: Yeah right.

Now it was Kevin’s turn to look up at the ceiling. “What’s going on?”

Brian appeared from the bedroom, yawning and scratching his head. “Hey, what’s going on?”

Kevin looked annoyed. “How would I know? Nick’s in the bathroom talking to someone and he refused to come out. I really need to pee.”

Nick was panicking. How would he explain himself? He had to get rid of his problem first and think of something else for the pillow and his wet pants. But he knew he couldn’t do it with Kevin and Brian talking just right outside the bathroom door.

“Not to mention you.”

Writer: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Please, don’t let me stop you.

“I can’t do it while you’re watching.”

“Nick, do you have some chick in there with you?” Brian knocked.

“You know I don’t Brian! Now can I get some privacy please?”

Writer: But you definitely have no problems watching while someone else do it.

“That is totally different okay?”

Meanwhile, Howie and AJ had woken up from all the drama that went on outside.

“Actually, I’m all for sleep.” Howie said.

Writer: Well, too bad then.

“Hey, what’s going on out here? It’s freaking late at night, can’t we just go back to sleep?” AJ said.

“Nick’s in there talking to someone.” Brian said.

AJ frowned. “Wait a minute…there’s no one else in this ship except us five.”

“We were also in a cave before we suddenly became some kind of space heroes.” Kevin pointed out.

Now AJ was grinning. He went for the bathroom and started knocking on the door. “Yo Nick, you got a chick in there with you?”

Now Nick was sitting on lid of the toilet bowl with his head on his heads. All he wanted was some privacy.

“Why the heck are you guys hogging his space?” AJ asked. “Let the kid do what he gotta do, jeez guys. You know it’s been awhile since he got some!”

“It’s nice to know you’re talking about me out there!” Nick yelled.

“No problem bro.” AJ replied.

Nick rolled his eyes. “Great.”

“Come on Nick, if there’s suddenly a girl in the bathroom with you, chances are, she’s bad.” Kevin said.

“And why is that so Kevin?” Nick groaned.

“Because you know we’re trapped in some weird fanfic with a writer with all sorts of weird sense.” Brian explained.

Writer: Brian, you’re about *this* close to become extinct.

Howie walked a little closer to where everyone was. “Unwillingly too, if I may add.”

Writer: No you can’t add.


Howie walked closer, clearly annoyed that he was awoken from his beauty sleep for something as trivial as this.

“Nick, Kevin has a point. For all we know, the chick you’re with is an undercover alien.” Howie said.

“Is that you Howie?” Nick called from inside.

“It’s me.”

“Okay, don’t come any closer Howie! Stay where you are!” Nick said, starting to panic. Kevin, Brian and AJ, he could handle, but definitely not Howie. Especially not in this situation!

But Howie just moved closer, now more curious than he had been. Once he was close enough, his sleepy eyes suddenly almost pop out of his sockets.

“Well hell, Nick, I can’t believe you!” Howie yelled.

Kevin frowned. “Hey, relax D, it’s not his fault he ended up in a bathroom with an alien.”

“He’s NOT in there with some chick!” Howie frowned. “Nickolas Gene Carter, you have a 12 inch of-”

“Whoa Howard censor!” Brian cut in. “We really don’t need to know all that!” Brian said and then immediately turned back to face the door. “12 inch Nick? Damn!”

“Must be some kind of dream you got going on there bro.” AJ added.

“What kind of dream did you put my brother into?” Kevin asked the ceiling. Since ceiling don’t talk, Kevin found his question left unanswered.

“Can you please not interrupt me?” Howie groaned. “I was going to say, Nick had all 12 inch of Subway’s Tuna sandwich with him in there and he’s going to eat it all by himself! I know a Subway’s 12 inch Tuna sandwich when I smell one!”

Nick stared at the sandwich still firmly gripped in his hands. “I guess we’re never meant to be, you and I.”

“Okay that’s it! You get out from there Nick Carter! I need to pee and after that, you and I are gonna have a long talk!”

“This is all your fault!” Nick stared at the ceiling. “You made me hold this sandwich only to take it away from me! You’re mean!”

Writer: It’s suppose to be a visual, but whatever.

“Fine, I’m coming out!” Nick yelled. He was about to unlock the door when the entire spaceship trembled and shook uncontrollably. He felt as if he was sucked by a giant vacuum. His head hit the ceiling and before he could fathom what was going on, his body was slammed against the porcelain sink.

“WE’RE CRASHING!” Howie yelled.

Nick desperately tried to get out of the bathroom but the door was jammed. He tried holding on to the sink as everyone else started screaming out there. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Hope you enjoyed! Mare will be back next Friday with the adventure chapter! Til then as always thanks for the awesome reviews!