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And one two three….Action!

By Mare

They all laid on the floor of the umm…spaceship, the crash temporarily knocking them out. It was AJ who opened his eyes first, his back and head ached and his legs were stiff. Sitting up slowly he looked around not knowing where he was. He seemed to be lying in the middle of a flower patch.

“I was what now?”

Writer: hush


At first he thought he was all alone, and then he remembered that all the guys were with him at the time of the bus crash.

“I thought it was a spaceship”

Writer: Yeah, I changed my mind…so shoot me!

“But the bus crash thing is so overdone don’t you think?”

Suddenly a coconut fell from a tree and hit AJ over the head knocking him out again because he was ruining this writer’s flow.

“What the hell? A coconut? That makes next to no sense...ouch!” AJ said rubbing his head then falling to the ground unconscious.

It was Howie who woke up first, Howie the non argumentative and easy going Backstreet Boy. He slowly opened his eyes, his body achy and he had a dull throb in the back of his head, which he rubbed as he sat up.

“Where am I?” He asked himself allowing his eyes to adjust to the daylight. The last thing he remembered was smelling a tuna sandwich, that thought suddenly had his stomach grumbling.

“I’m hungry and confused.” He said before seeing Brian lying further down the field.

“Oh my God Brian!!” He said standing up and trying to steady himself before taking off down the small hill to his friend.

When Brian heard his name he slowly opened his eyes, quickly closing them again when he saw two of everything. He felt a hand on his head, “Brian can you hear me buddy? It’s Howie.”

“D? What happened?” He asked now opening his eyes once again and this time, with the aide of Howie, sitting up.

“I wish I knew, I think we had some kind of crash.”

“Crash? Where’s our car? Weren’t we in a car?”

“I don’t remember.”

“I thought we were in a spaceship.” They both looked over at Kevin who was slowly walking up hill rubbing the back of his head as he made his way over to the other boys. His small limp signaled that he had hurt his foot on the impact.


“I think so, I mean at least I think so or this is some crazy ass dream! Are you both all right?” He asked looking Howie and Brian up and down to make sure everything was okay with them.

“Yeah we’re good…” Brian stopped when he heard a groan coming from the flower patch across the field.

“AJ!” They all said in unison as they slowly made their way to their friend who was waking up with no memory of waking up before.

“I remember everything thank you very much.”

Writer: Do I need another coconut to fall on you?”

“Where did the coconut even fall from there’s not even a single tree anywhere around here.”

“AJ are you okay?” Kevin asked kneeling down to look his younger friend over.

“Yeah Kev, I think so…how is everyone else?”

“We’re okay…J you have a nasty bruise on your forehead there.”

“It’s from the coconut.”

“What coconut?” Kevin asked looking at his friend as if he had five heads.

“Never mind…where’s Nick?”

The four boys looked at each other…that was a good question, where was Nick? They looked all around the field and even went back up the hill but there was no sign of the youngest Backstreet Boy anywhere.

“Guys he has to be here somewhere, I mean he couldn’t just disappear into thin air could he?” Brian asked the other three who shrugged at him.

“Brian, it seems like anything can happen, I mean I was hit in the head with a coconut that fell from the magical sky” AJ put his hands up in quotation marks when he said the word magical to further add to the tinge of sarcasm in his voice.

Writer: Enough about the coconut!

Kevin looked up at the sky, “You!!” He said pointing up, “Where is Nick? What have you done to him?”

“Yeah give him back to us!” Brian said standing behind his cousin.

“Look a bear!” Howie said pointing over the horizon at a huge grisly bear charging at them ferociously.

“Wow that was random!” AJ said looking up at the sky and rolling his eyes.

“Run!” Kevin said, pulling AJ by his shirt to get him to move faster.

The bear was gaining on them very quickly now, his growling almost freezing the boys in their tracks. It swiped at Howie barely missing his head by inches. He could smell the raw meat it had earlier for breakfast as he ran. It smelled rancid like whatever it was had died a horrible, ugly death.

“Well there goes my appetite,” Howie said trying to control his urge to vomit.

Writer: Sorry

The thing was getting closer and angrier as it just kept missing Howie’s head.

“Why my head?”

“Howie shut up and run!” AJ said. He was ahead of everyone now flying through the thick grass and jumping over fallen logs in his way. “I see a cave!” He pointed at a small opening at the end of the clearing, “He’ll never be able to fit in there let’s go!!”

The boys took off towards the cave with Kevin quickly catching up to and then bypassing AJ as the bear still growled behind them as they ran. When they got closer to the cave a burst of lightening shot across the sky accompanied by a boom of thunder so fierce the boys almost fell to the ground.

“Great...just great!! What else can possibly happen to us?” Kevin shouted up as he approached the mouth of the cave. Just as he said that large droplets of rain fell on them.

“I had to ask…”

Kevin stopped momentarily before entering the cave, it was dark and he was afraid of what might be inside.

“Keep running ….keep running, why did you stop running?” AJ chanted as he caught up with Kevin.

“Because we don’t really know what’s in there AJ.”

“No we don’t but we know there’s a huge ass bear out here that will eat us Kevin!”

“Okay good point! But let me go first.”

“Pffft! Like I’d want to go in there first.”

Now Brian and finally Howie, caught up to the other two guys and they all dove into the cave just as the bear lunged at them. He growled at the cave and tried to bang his way into it but fortunately after a few minutes he gave up and walked away.

As they lay in the dark, cold cave trying to slow their heartbeats, Brian finally was the first one to speak, “What the hell was that all about?”

“Good question Rok.” AJ said poking his head out of the cave to see if the bear was gone.

“And lookie we’re back in a cave. Yeah rah!” Kevin said standing up and trying to find something to light the cave with.

“I would still like to know why the bear kept almost eating MY head.” Howie asked the ceiling of the cave.

“I think we should get out of here and go look for Nick before it gets dark.”

“But it’s pouring outside right now and besides we don’t know how far away that thing is.” Kevin answered Brian upon returning with some sticks for firewood.

“Guys you don’t think that the bear…kind of sort of like….ate him do you?”

The boys all looked over at Howie who continued, “I mean we can’t find him anywhere and well he did piss the writer off a bunch.”

“No way! You wouldn’t do that would you?” Kevin asked once again looking up.


Writer: As much as it would have pleased me to do that there is no way I’d kill off Nick, he’s too important and besides it’s only chapter 7.

“Why is Nick so important?” AJ pouted.

Writer: Well he’s the most popular guy in fan fiction, too important to be eaten. Now Howie on the other hand….

“I think I may cry.” Howie said which had AJ go and hug him.

“So if the bear…which I think was a dumb idea to begin with by the way…I mean a BEAR? You could have been a little more original… Anyway, if he wasn’t eaten then where is he? Is he hurt?” Kevin was annoyed and was about to continue his rant when suddenly off in the distance all four boys heard a faint cry for help. It was very faint and distant and was definitely coming from outside of the cave. They all looked up and then said “Nick” at the same time.

“Okay guys I know it’s raining and there is a huge grisly bear out there but we have to go find Nick.” Kevin took the lead once more as he slowly ventured out of the cave. When there was no sign of the bear anywhere, he motioned for the rest of the guys to join him outside.

“elp.” They heard very weakly.

“Nick! Is that you?” Kevin asked walking closer to the sound of distress. Another loud boom of thunder clapped followed by a zigzag of lightening.

As they made their way up the steep hill…

“Wow there sure are a lot of hills in this chapter. We have walked up a hill and down a hill and up another hill and down…”

Writer: Are you finished Brian?

“Nope…and now up again. There now I’m finished.”

As the boys made their way up a very very VERY steep hill…


They had a hard time keeping their balance. The rain was making the rocks beneath their feet very slippery and quite a few times they almost lost their footing. Kevin was maintaining the lead, carefully using his hands to help him anchor the rocks more successfully.

“Nicky! Can you hear me?” He asked once he reached the top.

“Kevin…is that you? Help me please…I’m trapped.”

That got Kevin moving a little faster as he managed to finally look down and see his young friend lying at the bottom of the cliff under a few rocks as a duck paced back and forth beside him.

“A duck?”

Writer: Yes Kevin a duck.

“A pacing duck?”

While Kevin pondered about ducks his poor friend was grimacing in pain…

“Fine okay, I’ll drop the duck thing.”

“Kevin help me!”

“Hang on, I’m coming little man.” He turned to the other three guys who had joined him at the top of the hill.

“Is he okay?” AJ asked trying to get a good view of Nick but the rain pounding down onto the ground was making it next to impossible.

“For now, but we have to get him out of there. I need to find a way to get down to him, anyone have any ideas?”

“Well we can use our belts and socks to make a kind of sort of rope type thing?”

“Howie that was a brilliant idea.”

“Thanks, I saw it on an episode of the Brady Bunch once.”


“Hang on Nick I’m coming down buddy.”

“Kay…but Kevin be careful of the duck.”

AJ leaned into Brian, “Did he just say be careful of the duck?”

“Oh my God, you need to hurry up cousin; I think he may be hallucinating.”

Kevin looked over at his cousin and shook his head, afraid to mention the duck, he motioned for the boys to hurry and take off their belts and socks.

*starts porn music*

“Hey!” Kevin said looking up into the air.

Writer: Kidding….please continue.

Soon Kevin managed to make a long rope entwining socks and belts. It didn’t exactly look sturdy but he hoped it would be good enough.

“Okay Brian go tie this end to that tree over there and make sure it’s sturdy…Nicky I’m coming.”

“Hurry…the duck looks mad.”

What the fu…I mean okay I’ll hurry.” Kevin wisely said.

Howie came running back towards the boys, “Okay I tied it to the tree.”

Kevin nodded and flung the other end of the rope down the hill, “You guys are going to have to pull us up once I get him okay?”

“Okay just be careful Kevin.”

“Thanks AJ.”

Kevin grabbed the rope and slowly made his way down the steep hill. “Careful Kev…” He heard his cousin say when he got about half way down. It wasn’t that hard, not as hard as he thought it would be so he managed to get down to the bottom rather quickly. The rope wasn’t long enough so he had to jump about 3 feet from the bottom, and in so doing he landed on his back and rolled right to Nick.

“Hey there I thought I’d drop in and see if you needed anything.”

Nick tried to smile but the pain running up his back and his head hurt too much, “I’m glad you found me.”

Kevin walked closer to Nick now and crouched down beside him, “Me too buddy although I have no idea how you got here. I mean we were way over that way…” Kevin said standing up and pointing westward. “That must have been some horrible crash…”

“Can you get these rocks off me Kev, and try not to move too quickly,” Nick motioned over to the duck that seemed to be watching the two men carefully.

“It’s just a duck Nick.”

“It’s mean Kev, just don’t move to quickly.”

“Okay buddy whatever you say…” He placed a hand on Nick’s forehead to make sure he didn’t have a fever and then slowly moved away the rocks that were restricting his movement.

“How’s it going down there?” Howie called from the top of the hill.

“We’re doing okay we’re almost ready for you to hoist us up,” He said as he grabbed Nick in his arms and tried helping him stand. This agitated the duck which moved closer and started ferociously quacking at them.

“Okay hold up a minute…I’ve been patient, I didn’t say anything when out of nowhere a bear came to chase us and I kept my mouth shut when we ended up finding Nick in a completely out there location too far away for him to have just fallen here, but the ferocious duck? Come on now…give me a break.”

“Uh…Kev maybe you should just…”

“No Nick, let me finish, I mean this has got to be the stupidest chapter you have written so far don’t you think?”

“Kev...I really think you should…”

“I mean I understand that action is kind of like that. One wrong move and something good can turn stupid but a duck? I mean…OW…AHHHH!” Kevin stopped mid sentence when the duck bit his ass. He jumped and once again Nick fell to the ground, grunting as he did.

“QUACK QUACK QUACK!” The duck growled as he kept pecking at Kevin. Who tried kicking at it to get it to stop.

The sudden screaming and commotion alarmed the other Backstreet Boys who were waiting for the all clear to hoist Nick and Kevin back up the hill.

“What’s going on down there? Is that a duck attacking Kevin?” Howie asked AJ who seemed amused by the entire scene.

“Why yes I do think that’s a duck.”

“AHHH get this thing off of me!” Kevin howled as the duck continued biting at his butt and his legs.

“He thinks I’m his mommy.” Nick said trying to sit himself up.

“Well then do something dammit! Do ducks carry rabies?”

“Quack quack quack.” Nick said in a baby duck voice which had the duck stop mid bite and waddle over to Nick.

It calmly lay down next to him giving Kevin a look.

“Guys what the hell is going on down there?” Brian asked ready to climb down the rope himself.

“Wait, you need to stay to hoist us up.”

“Kevin that is a retarded idea, I mean this isn’t a hole. Why can’t we all just come down and then keep going?”

“Okay good point, guys come down here.” He yelled up to the other guys who made their way down the rope.

“Slow and steady guys we don’t want him to attack anyone else.”

“Are you okay cousin?” Brian asked slowly making his way toward Kevin as he bled from all the duck bites.

“Do ducks even have teeth?” Brian asked looking up at the sky.

Writer: You know… I have no idea.

“Well can I make a suggestion then?”

Writer: What?

“Just quit while you’re ahead I mean no offense but damn…”

Writer: Okay well…hrmm

“Uh can you figure out something fast please? I don’t like the way the duck is looking at me.” Nick said as the duck continued to coo next to him.

That’s when Nick awoke with a start. The tuna sandwich he was eating lying on the floor next to him as the other boys frantically were banging on the door to make sure he was okay.

“Hey good recovery…the ‘it was all just a bad dream’ thing. Me likes.”

Writer: Thanks Nick.

Nick slowly and shakily stood up and walked over to the door totally shocked when he saw what was on the other side…

“Oh great another cliff hanger…”

Writer: Oh hush!

Thanks for reading and reviewing everyone! (Just) Marina will be back next week with the good old fashioned drama chapter lol see ya then!