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Anna Weathers sat alone in her apartment. It was February 14, 2003 Valentines Day and she’s alone. She never was confident of herself. She never went on dates much. She had a few boyfriends here and there, but nothing ever seemed right. Anna heard the phone ring.


" Anna are you sitting alone in your apartment again this year?" it was her friend Rachel Green. She was the type of girl who liked to party. Ana usually had to go even though she didn’t want to.

"Yea so?"

"Get dressed you’re coming with me"

"Rachel don’t make me. I’m not like you," she said.

"Anna! You are coming with me weather you like it or not! I hate seeing you alone on this day. Now you will wear that short red skirt and white tang," she demanded. Anna felt like Rachel was being her mom.

"Rach I don’t know."

"Anna! You will look fine okay? Please just trust me you will have fun- I promise" Anna sighed. She knew if she didn’t go she would just end up miserable.

"Yea yea I’ll go,"

"Good I’ll pick you up in 5!"

"Thanks Rach!" she hung up the phone and walked into her room and pulled out the short red skirt and the white tang. She brushed her long black hair and put it into a messy bun. She soon heard the doorbell ring she knew it was Rachel.

"Come in Rachel I’m almost ready!" she yelled from her room. Rachel soon walked in.

"Anna you look beautiful." Anna smiled "oh yea I want you to meet Brent." The young man walked in. He looked to be about 23 he had light brown hair that was slightly spiked and he has brown eyes.

"Nice to meet you"

"This was the guy I was telling you about,"

"Ah okay I thought you were trying to set me up again!" she grinned. Rachel looked at Brent and smirked. "Rachel! How many times do I have to tell you please don’t,"

"Anna I’m sorry. Brent’s friend is alone too and we thought-"

"Me. Yea yea I know. I just hope it doesn’t end me waking up drunk again." Anna remembered it clearly. Rachel took her out last year and the next thing she knew she was drunk and in bed with some guy she didn’t even know.

"Anna I am sorry about that. But please consider?" Rachel started to beg.

"Yea I will do it"

"Yay! We need to get going. We gotta go and get him" Anna quickly grabbed her purse and they all walked out the door.

Brent stopped the car. She figured they were at his friend’s house. It was white and pretty big. It had a gate that was surrounded by a bunch of palm trees- like this person didn’t want to be seen. When they pulled up she saw a tall blonde boy standing there. He was wearing a light blue shirt with black pants nothing too fancy. He turned around and locked the door and then walked down the steps. Anna started to get nervous. She was attracted to some guy she had never even met before. He opened the door and smiled at her as he got in.

"Nick this is Anna Weathers"

"Hi Anna nice to meet you I am Nick Carter" he smiled again. Anna felt like she was going to melt when he smiled.

"Nice to meet you too Nick" How could someone so perfect be attracted to her? She seemed to think it the way he smiled. She wanted to think that she was dreaming. But she knew she wasn’t. She was hoping it would turn out to be a good night.