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Kevin walked into his high school for the first time since the last day of school the following school year. Kevin was now he rule of the school he was anxiously awaiting to get the year over with so he could go onto college with his football scholorship to the University Of Oregon to play for the Ducks. Then just maybe his dreams of becoming a pro-football player would come true. Kevin walked to his locker and saw a young blonde haired girl standing there waiting for him. It was his girlfriend Britney who just got head cheerleader for the year.

"Hey babe"

"Hi honey....how are you doing? You seem to be in a good mood"

"I guess I am just happy because this is my last year in this school. We get to graduate I get to go into a great school I get to play football. Why wouldnt I be happy?" Kevin questioned leaning in to give his girlfriend a kiss.

"I wouldnt know. Are you ready for the big game on Friday?"

"You betcha I am"

"You know I will be cheering you on babe what do you have first period?"

"History....boring but I am just looking forward to our dinner date tonight though" Kevin replied as he have her yet another kiss.

"I am looking forward to it too. I will see you later I got choir this morning..love you Kev"

"I love you too Brit" Kevin watched his girlfriend walk down the hall," How could I have been so lucky to find someone like her?" Kevin thought to himself as he walked into his first periods classroom.


As first period went on with ther ever so boring rules, regulations, school policy, and all of that first day of school shit. Kevin heard the intercom beep into the classroom.

"Mr. Uban...may we have Kevin Richardson to the office he has an early realase from school"

"Okay thank you....well Kevin it looks like you are already going home for the day your homework is the usual get this signed and bring it back tomorrow" Kevin got out of his seat and picked up his bookbag, grabbed the peice of paper and was on his way home.

"This was the shortest day ever...I wonder why I am going home so early?I just started school," Kevin got home just minutes later he walked in through the door," Dad? Dad? Where are you?" Kevin walked into the living room where he saw his dad sitting on the couch with his face burried in his hands," Dad what's wrong? Where's mom?" his dad looked up at him with tears still strolling down his face," Dad please tell me where is mom?"

"She's gone son, she died this morning...in...in a car crash on the way to work...a car went through a red light. She tried her best to swerve out of the way but instead hit a tree she died instantly." Kevin couldnt speak no words could describe his emotions at the moment.

"Mom's gone? No this cant be happening? He is lying...he's just playing a joke on me...thats right just a joke. Kevin who are you kiddng you just lost your mother," Kevin thought as the tears soon started to trickle down his cheeks.