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The room was dark.
Only a small ray of light had found its way through a crack in the door. Shadows were moving outside, but no one stopped to wonder why the door had been closed for so many days.

A girl was lying on a mattress placed on the cold concrete floor. She was lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling, listening to the voices outside. She could barely hear them.

They spoke a language she didn’t know.

She had lost track of time, falling in and out of sleep more times than she could count. Sometimes she didn’t even know if she was actually dreaming or if she was awake.
The only thing that kept her from going completely insane was the thought of him.

She prayed that he would find her soon, prayed that this nightmare would end, and that she would get all the answers that had been haunting her thoughts.
She knew he wouldn’t let her down, and that he would look for her until she was found.
But she waited and waited.

And he never came…