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Summary: The war is over but 2 years later, they were still battling the scars. For Ron, every single day is a battle with himself. For Hermione, it was a struggle to show him that he didn't have to face it alone. Angsty Ron *not a song fic, lol*
Rated: G
Categories: Fanfiction > Movies > Harry Potter
Characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Death
Series: None
Chapters: 12
Completed: Yes
Word count: 46707
Read: 20219
Published: 06/13/06
Updated: 07/25/06

1. Not All Is Lost by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (6034 words)
My first HP fic and because I lost a bet with mersey and had to write a Ron/Hermione Angst!Ron fic as punishment, lol. Im still a new HP fan, I hope I get all the terms right and this is unedited :p

2. The Cure by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (2493 words)

3. Onion Soup and Memories by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (4202 words)
Hello to my 3 readers! I'm so happy and thankful for your reviews, I hope you keep them coming! I'm open to constructive criticism as well, I really don't mind them. But just so you know, I am aware that this fic is unbeta'd and is full of those tenses, grammar mistakes in them :p I hope this chapter isnt a disappointment for you :D

4. Substitute by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (2910 words)

5. Anything Chocolate by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (4893 words)
Hello again :D Thank you so much to all the reviewers, you've been so kind and giving. I apologise for the lateness of this chapter. I kept writing on it wanting to find a nice place to end this chapter, lol. I hope you like this one as well.

6. Ron Weasley by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (4699 words)
Hey Cam! To answer your question, yes, I've already submitted this fic to Checkmated.com a week ago as well as thequidditchpitch.org but they're both still pending at the moment. I hope it get picked up, I'd be super happy with that, lol. Currently, this fic is posted here as well as FF.net although I'm having trouble uploading this chapter on FF.net today...typical FF.net, such a diva, lol.

7. What Is It About Fate? by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (2602 words)
Hello everyone! If you're reading this and you've reviewed me before, pls take time out to check out the review page, I have left my reply to each of you individually there just to be sure i remember to reply to everyone. Thank you again for the kind reviews, i hope you like this chapter :D

8. Gryffindor's Hooligans by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (2571 words)
As always, thank you for the encouraging reviews and please take time to visit the review page, i left my personal replies to each of you :D

9. Molly's Son by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (4150 words)
As usual, thank you so much for the kind reviews :D I was supposed to have this chapter up last Friday but I couldn't finish it in time, sowwie!

10. Waking Up Ronald by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (3050 words)
Here's the next chapter :D thank you again for the detailed reviews, they make me smile :D

11. What's Left Of Me by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (5415 words)
A/n: Hello! I apologise for the lateness of this chapter! I was supposed to put this up last Friday but I was running and totally forgot about it right after I post it up at another site, lol. Anyhoo, here it is. Just one chapter left and then it?s done!

12. From Here On Now... by sugarquill4ron [ - ] Liked (3688 words)
YAY it's done! :D Thank you to Autumnrosey, Veronica, Beautiful_Mistake,jacque74565 & Cam for taking your time to review, if it hadnt been for you guys, I wouldnt feel so motivated to update here, lol. Hope you like how this one ends...it's kind of open ended.