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Author's Chapter Notes:
In suit of TCTC, this is one of two Author's Notes. Enjoy!

I ought to note that this is probably longer than most of the chapters... How sad....
Since TCTC (The CO-Town Club) was so well recieved... I managed to salvage another old one fom my computer before it stated acting stupid. Please enjoy my vey first story. I wrote this in 1999 with a little bit of help fom my dear friend Amy. This is a total May Sue fic from my eleven-year-old idiocy! Enjoy! It's even more naive than TCTC. ^_^


It was back in 1993. The Backstreet Boys got together. So did Benevolant, otherwise known as our brothers. My name is Jessica. All my friends call me Jess, my brother calls me "little shrimp," and my parents call me Jessica (gee, I wonder why), and then there's Nick, he calls me Jessica and Jessie. I'll explain more about Nick later, how about through the course of the story, since that is what it's about. I hope you enjoy it, 'cause believe it or not, this actually happened!

*Author's note: No it didn't.... ^_^;