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I was sitting in my room doing nothing at all and being very bored. My mom and dad occasionally went past, but that was it. I would have been eating dinner if it weren't for my brother and Benevolant. Who is Benevolant, you ask? Benevolant is my brother and four of his friends' band. The members are my brother, Mike, his friend Scott, his other friend Matt, his other friend Ashley, who goes by "Parker," and his other friend Josh. Benevolant is supposed to stand for something, Believers of Effcient Nice Excellent Varied Offers, Lending a hand is Not Tough.... or something like that. Hey, they could be Boenevo or Lahint, on second thought, I like Benevolant better; at least it's a word.

"Hey, little shrimp," my brother called.

"What do you want, Mike?" I asked.

"It's time for dinner, little shrimp," my brother replied.

"Thanks," I replied, "Did the girls leave me any messages?"

"Yeah, Parker's sister told you to call her."

"Okay, so I'll call Jordan."

"His sister's name is Jordan?" he sounded shocked.

"Yeah, Ashley's a guy and Jordan's a girl. Are their parents a little messed up or something?"

"I guess so..." he paused, "We'd better get to dinner before mom kicks our butts."

Then we hurried down to eat dinner.