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I got there before them. I gave Nick a hug. Nick hugged me back and didn't let go. They walked in a little later and saw Nick holding me. To them, it was so wrong; to them, it was a crime.

"So... Nick," Raye started, "What are your favorite things to do?"

"Either singing and dancing, hanging out with my friends, or being with Jessica," Nick answered.

"He just met her and already one of his faovrite thinkgs to do is to be with her," Jordan whispered to Autumn.

"You have friends?!" Rachel blurted out.

"Rachel!" I screamed.

"Sorry," Rachel replied sarcastically.

"How did you and Jess meet?" Jordan asked.

"I aksed her if she wanted to dance cause she looked lonely; she was sitting all alone. And I thought that after dancing with someone older than her, that she might want to dance with someone her age," Nick answered.

"Those are our brothers, you dimwit!" Rachel excalimed.

"Rachel, stop it!" I yelled.

Then I burst out in tears and Nick put his arm around me.

"What would you give a girl as a present?" Autumn asked.

"I know girls like flowers and jewelry, so I'd give her one of those," Nick answered.

"Have you given Jess any of those things?" Raye asked.

"Yeah," Nick answered, "I gave her a rose, a locket, and a ring."

"Can you tell us a funny joke?" Jordan asked.

Nick then told a funny joke. We all laughed except for Rachel.

"Well, it's been fun, but i have to go to practice," Nick told them, "I'll see all of you later. Bye."

Nick walked to the window and climbed out. He motioned me over to the window. I went over.

"Jessica," Nick said, "Remember, I love you."

Then he kissed me and I kissed back, it was very sentimental.

"I love you, Nick," I replied.

"I love you too."

The he kissed me one more time and left. I waved and Nick waved back. I turned back into my room.

"He passes," Autumn announced, "You were right about him being nice."

"You really love him, don't you?" Jordan asked.

I nodded my head.