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After that, my other friends left too, since they had to go home and eat dinner. Around 7:00, they were all sitting at Jordan's kitchen table when a new conversation was taking place.

"I can't believe that Jess didn't tell us!" Jordan put out sounding slightly annoyed, "She shouldn't have waited this long to tell us!"

"Yeah," Raye agreed, "It's not like we're going to tell anyone."

As Raye said this, Ashley walked by. The conversation sounded interesting, so he hung around to listen to it.

"If you ask me, I feel bad for Jess, but not Nick. I mean, blondes are so stupid. And who would name themselves the Backstreet Boys? I can think of lots of names for them, the Bullshit Boys... The Backdoor Boys..." Rachel began to ramble.

"I don't see why you're all being so mean to Nick," Autumn interjected, "I kind of like him."

The other three turned to her.

"What?" Autumn asked, "I think he's nice! It's not like I'm trying to steal him from Jess."

"I just wish Jess wouldn't try to hide it from us," Jordan sighed, "You can tell she loves him. It all comes out through her eyes."

"But what are we going to do if Mike finds out about Nick?" Raye asked, "Cause Jess isn't even supposed to have a boyfriend, let alone one from their rival band the Backstreet Boys."

After Ashley heard that, he quickly went past so he could call Mike.

"Hello?" Mike asked.

"Mike, it's me, Parker," Ashley answered.

"What do you want?" Mike asked.

"I heard the girls say that Jessie has a boyfriend," Ashley answered.


"His name is Nick and he's a part of our rival band, the Backstreet Boys."

"Thanks Parker. I have to go see Jessica now."

Then Mike hung up.