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As the rays of sunlight streamed through the side windows of the small confinement of her dorm room, Carrie awoke suddenly to her own internal clock. Her eyes met with a white fabric that she could only assume was her pillow but it was the scent of this oddly stiff pillow that made her think differently. As she inhaled deeply she was met with the light cologne that brought back all of the memories of the night before. “So much for keeping a friendly distance,” Carrie thought to herself as the butterflies awakened in her stomach. Trying to shift a little bit to get a bearing of her surroundings, Carrie began to notice just how entangled Nick and she had become overnight. “Some things never change.” Carrie reflected. From her cramped point of view, Carrie noticed that her right leg was resting in between Nick’s legs, while Nick’s left leg was slightly strewn over her left calf to ensure a complete entanglement of their lower bodies. Nick’s large arms were wrapped completely around her body crushing her head to his chest, while her own right arm was wrapped around his lower torso. To her horror, Carrie realized that both their hips were met together; leaving no doubt that Nick was having a good dream. Carrie shivered slightly reminding herself that it was merely a normal male reaction and had nothing to do with herself.

Hoping to untangle their bodies before Nick awoke, Carrie attempted to move her leg from between Nick’s thighs. However, such a task proved to be quite difficult, resulting in more jostling than she wished. Nick sighed in his sleep tightening the hold he had on her. Closing her eyes, Carrie realized it was useless to prevent Nick from seeing their present predicament because they were far too tangled for her to move without going unnoticed. With her eyes remained closed, Carrie tried one more time to withdraw her leg from Nick’s grasp without avail. Surrendering herself to her situation, Carrie sighed and snuggled her body closer into Nick‘s, thinking, “Might as well.”

“Vanilla,” Nick smiled to himself as his dream led him through every curve and caress. Subconsciously, he knew it was a dream but he begged his mind to continue its explorations. It was almost as if he could feel the soft, delicate skin underneath his fingertips and the smooth raven hair brushing against his face and forearms. The scent of vanilla overwhelmed his senses as his fingertips gently moved up and down her spine in an effort to memorize the beauty. He could hear her whisper his name, “Nick,” as his fingers continued its wanderings. He could almost feel her breath on his chest. “Please, don’t wake up,” Nick begged his mind, “it’s just getting good!”


Groaning, Nick could feel the pressure of the light and the outside world pulling him out of his fantasy.


Scrunching his eyes to adjust to the brightness pressing onto his closed lids, Nick slowly opened one eye to survey his surroundings. Immediately he noticed a dark head of hair obstructing his view. His heart clenched as he wondered, “Am I still dreaming?”

“Nick.” Carrie whispered again trying to wake Nick from his slumber.

Raising his eyes upwards, Nick sent a silent prayer of thanks, “Thank you, God!”

“Yeah?” Nick finally replied, his voice gruff for more reasons than one.

“We should get up, otherwise we’ll miss breakfast,” Carrie gently answered. Taking a deep breath she added, “and, um, would you kindly remove your hands from underneath my shirt.”

“What the hell?” Nick questioned as he realized that his hands had indeed made it underneath her tank top. “So this is who I need to thank for my hot dream.” Nick snickered to himself. Extracting his hands from her bare back, Nick smoothed out her tank top and closed his eyes and burying his nose into her vanilla scented hair. He shivered involuntarily thinking how wonderful it felt to feel her bare skin against his hands.

“Sorry,” Nick grunted without any real remorse.

“It’s alright, do you mind moving a bit so I can stretch?” Carrie asked trying not to embarrass him any further.

As Carrie shifted her legs slightly, Nick’s eyes quickly snapped open. “Damn,” Nick thought to himself, “That wasn’t just a hot a dream. That was a fucking hot dream,” as he felt his stiff pride and joy rub against Carrie’s pelvis. “To move or not to move? That is the question.” Nick chuckled to himself.

“Nick?” Carrie questioned.

Trying to milk it for what it was worth, Nick groaned, “Mmmhhh? Don‘t wanna.”

Rolling her eyes, Carrie didn‘t hold back anymore, “Nick, I know at least one part of you is awake,” she smirked, “so I need you to move.”

“So warm and comfy,” Nick mumbled closing his eyes and basking in the warmth and softness of her tiny body, while squeezing her even tighter.

Knowing he was just being stubborn, Carrie attempted to take matters into her own hands. She tried pushing her body away from Nick’s but was only met with a firmer grip. It became a battle of physical strength as Carrie attempted to withdraw from Nick’s grasp while Nick attempted to hold her for even longer. Nick snickered as she hopelessly tried to push him away.

“Your just too puny for my manly strength,” Nick playfully growled.

Deciding that his upper body strength was clearly superior to hers, Carrie attempted to withdraw her right leg from between Nick’s thighs. This only complicated things for it ground her hips into Nick’s groin.

Nick released a groan, feeling her body rub even harder against him. Knowing his self-control was dwindling, Nick reluctantly released Carrie’s legs and loosened his arms around her.

“Finally!” Carrie gasped. “What exactly has made you so clingy this morning?” Carrie gazed up at Nick with a smile.

Nick breathed heavily whilst trying to steady his emotions. Suddenly, a ray of light cut through the window onto Carrie’s face illuminating her already radiant skin and allowing him to see the true depth of her eyes, preventing him from regaining any normal heartbeat. Nick brushed aside a strand of hair that covered her beauty and simply replied, “Do you really have to ask?”

Seeing the intensity in his Caribbean sea-colored eyes, Carrie’s gaze traveled downwards to her hands, which were lying, gently on his rising and falling chest.

“Hey,” Nick softly whispered, “I’m right here,” as his finger brought her chin up to become face to face again.

Carrie’s breathing quickened as she recognized the dark passion growing within Nick’s eyes. It was as if his eyes were drawing her into him and she couldn‘t do anything to prevent it.

The exotic, kohl-rimmed eyes had hypnotized Nick once again as his lips sought out hers. As his hand guided Carrie’s face, Nick’s heart raced as he anticipated the contact of lips.

The loud blare of the alarm abruptly broke them from their near intimacy. Out of surprise, Carrie pushed at Nick’s chest who was too startled to tighten his grip, letting her fall to the tiled floor of the room. Carrie yelped as her butt hit the cold, hard tiles.

“Carrie!” Nick yelled his eyes widening, “Are you okay?” he asked as he peered over the side of the bed down at her.

“Ugh. Yeah I’m alright. Thank God, we weren’t on the top bunk,” Carrie smiled assuredly.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Nick reached his hand down to help Carrie up off the floor.

“Thanks,” Carrie said sincerely as she rubbed her sore butt.

“No problem,” Nick stated, watching her from the bed.

“So,” Carrie said, trying to change the subject, all the while stretching her body of its kinks, “we should go down to IHOPs and I’ll show you around the oh-so-exciting town of Urbana.”

Nick was speechless, “Does she know what she does to me? Let alone that she is trying to change subjects but now she is tempting me by showing me what I can‘t have. It‘s not fair.” Carrie’s hands stretched over her head giving Nick an excellent view of her taut tummy.

Suppressing his frustrated groan, Nick answered hoarsely, “Sure. I’m up for it.”

“Good, cause’ I think I’m in the mood for waffles,” Carrie smiled. “I’m gonna head to the shower. The guys’ bathroom is down the hall to the right.” Carrie grabbed her towel and toothbrush, heading towards the door, “So I’ll meet you back in the room in twenty, okay?”

Nick nodded, not being able to muster anything else. Once Carrie closed the door, Nick sighed plopping back onto the bed, adjusting himself, thinking a cold shower was in order. Running his fingers through his hair, he wondered, “I need to start figuring out how I’ll convince her of the proposition that I need to run past her.” Figuring that he could break it to her over breakfast, Nick pushed his thoughts aside to get ready for the day.